Cyborgs armour was beginning to glow read as the extreme heat battered his systems. Robin, Starfire and Raven were practically swimming in a river of their own sweat as they made their way towards the crime scene, Beast Boy on the other hand seemed absolutely fine as he raced ahead of the others.

Upon reaching the butchers the green teen couldn't help but wonder why any super villain would attack something as mundane as a butchers shop… unless they were vegan like Beast Boy then he could kind of see why they'd do it… heck he might even forgive them for it.

He slowly made his way inside just as the others caught up with him. Cautiously he continued to the back of the shop followed closely by his teammates. At the back of the shop was a giant meat freezer, and it was at the end of the path of destruction that the idiotic villain had left. Acting fast Beast Boy opened the door and prepared himself to dive in but he stopped as the freezing cold air attacked his body, he shivered as he entered the freezer but the other Titans scrambled inside as fast as they could, all sighing in relief as the cooling air touched their sweat soaked skin.

"Err… Adonis?" Beast Boy called, his voice echoing throughout the freezer.

"What?" Came the disgruntled voice of the villain as he came into view.

The Titans looked at him, confused. He looked suited up and ready for battle but at the same time he looked as if he was about to pass out.

"You ok man?" Cyborg asked the man in the red metal suit. Adonis only shook his head.

"You've got to be kidding me." Beast Boy groaned as he slapped his face. "The idiot has heatstroke."

Raven couldn't help but giggle, a giggle that didn't go unnoticed by the disorientated villain.

"Hey foxy lady, you came to see Adonis." He said flexing. Raven cocked an eyebrow in response; she did also notice her new husband clench his fist in anger. But Adonis continued. "You know you want a piece of this action."

"Drop it dude." Beast Boy warned.

"You know you want Adonis, all the ladies want Adonis!" The villain continued, apparently Beast Boys warnings falling on deaf ears. "Come on feisty mumma, come to Adonis!"

In seconds Beast Boy was a green gorilla, a second after that he had Adonis by the throat and a second later he had thrown the offending villain out of the freezer and through the shop wall and out into the open again.

"Whoa…" Cyborg and Robin breathed in complete unison.

Beast Boy returned to his human form. "Someone should go arrest that guy before he hits on my wife again." The green teen stated confidently, a smirk on his face throughout his speech.

The other four Titans looked at each other for a second, the reality was that none of them wanted to go out into the sun again, it seemed that Beast Boy was the only one who felt comfortable in the heat but it probably wasn't a good idea to send him out to arrest Adonis… Adonis could have ended up in a few extra pieces if he wasn't careful.

"Shotgun not it!" Cyborg wailed loudly.

"I'm the leader, so I'm not doing it!" Robin yelled in response.

"You send me out there and I'll send you to another dimension that makes this city seem cold." Raven intoned.

"Boyfriend Robin I assure you that you will regret your actions if you send me out there." Starfire added playfully, but Robin wasn't going to risk it.

Beast Boy chuckled to himself as his 'fearless' leader left the cool confines of the freezer and went about rescuing/arresting the fallen Adonis.


Thankfully, by the time the Titans returned to the tower the temperature had dropped significantly as the sun began to set far behind the bay.

Cyborg was working on a few of his latest projects in his workshop, some project ideas included his own personal air conditioner unit and that robot dog idea he had for 'replacing' Beast Boy now that he was a married man.

Robin was filling out police reports in his office now that the temperature was a lot less 'I'm-going-to-cook-you-alive!' and Starfire was with him as usual.

Beast Boy and Raven were finally enjoying some time to themselves in the common room. Snuggled up closely together the newlyweds were contently watching 'Waterworld' with Kevin Costner, a great movie full of water which was quite refreshing on a day as hot as this one had been.

They were interrupted about three quarters of the way through the movie when the screen started flashing the incredibly ominous 'Incoming call from The Doom Patrol'.

Beast Boy paled dramatically as Raven froze solid. They had both been dreading this moment since it had been brought up earlier that day.

Rising to their feet slowly, both of the Titans tried to stand firm before answering the call… but that didn't look like it was going to go that way. Summoning what tiny fragments of his nerves he had left Beast Boy pressed the 'answer' button.

"Garfield!" Rita shouted happily down the phone. "It's so good to see you!"

Something was wrong. Beast Boy knew when Rita was happy and in some ways she was at that very moment, but he could also tell when she was teasing him. And then there was Mento. He hardly ever smiled… so why was he smiling like the fucking Cheshire Cat?

"Hey mum, hey dad." He managed to squeak out. "What's up?"

"We're calling on business I'm afraid." Mento answered, something was up with his voice.

"What sort of business?" Beast Boy asked carefully.

"We're tracking a group of criminals who are trying to force America into submission by creating these ridiculous weather phenomenon's." Mento explained. "I believe that you are facing some sort of record breaking heat wave correct?"

"That's correct." Beast Boy answered.

"Well we believe you took down a member of that crew of criminals earlier today." Rita added. "Some knuckle head called Adonis?"

"Yeah we took him down." Beast Boy answered proudly.

"Not 'us'. You did it all by yourself." Raven corrected with a small smirk.

"That's right." Mento stated happily, the happiness of Beast Boys foster father was really starting to unnerve him now… Mento doesn't do 'happy'.

"We need to interrogate him so we'll be in Jump in a few days." Rita stated merrily. The newlyweds blanched horribly but tried to carry on.

"We look forward to seeing you." Beast Boy somehow managed to croak out, although in his mind the same two words kept repeating over and over again. 'I'm fucked. I'm fucked. I'm fucked.'

"Well we'd better sign off now." Mento began. "Keep my son in check ok Raven?"

"Always do sir." Raven responded politely.

"Raven, we're family now. No need for the whole 'sir' business." Mento stated with a victorious and mockingly vicious smile. "Good bye now." And with that hey were gone.

Beast Boy and Raven were silent for a few seconds.

"They knew." Beast boy whispered in amazement.

"They were playing with us through the whole call." Raven added.

"Those sneaky bastards." Beast Boy said with a smirk.

Raven giggled. "So are we off the hook now?" she asked.

"Probably not."


Those few days past by in a blur and now the five Titans were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Doom Patrol.

Robin, Cyborg and Starfire were quite anxious to meet the black and purple clad heroes again, they were legends after all. As for the newlyweds… well… not so much.

Raven had showered three times already that day in attempt to keep herself looking presentable which seemed to be more difficult than usual as a result of her tense nerves and the searing heat. Beast Boy had single headedly cleaned the entire tower including his old room; even though he was married now he still wasn't sure how to explain to his foster parents that he now lived in the same room as a girl, even if that girl was actually his wife.

The audible rumbling of a high tech jet began to seep through the tower and into the common room where the five Titans were waiting. Beast Boy recognised the sound almost instantly.

"They're here…" He croaked. Next to him Raven gently took his hand for one last confidence boost before her new in-laws appeared.

A moment later and there they were.

"Good afternoon everyone." Mento announced smugly as he entered the common room with the rest of his team following closely. "And how are we today?" He added mischievously.

"Hey dad." Beast Boy squeaked awkwardly.

"Garfield!" Rita squealed as she clutched her adopted son close to her chest. "I'm so proud of you!"

"So I'm guessing you both know huh?" Beast Boy asked awkwardly after Rita had released him. She just smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

"Hitting a bit above the bar aren't you squirt?" Robotman teased. Turning to Raven he continued. "You do realise that you are way out of his league right?"

Raven pouted in response as Rita slapped him around the head. "Don't talk about my baby boy like that Cliff.

"The truth hurts." Negative Man added sarcastically.

"It's good to see you to." Beast Boy stated with mock hurt.

"Enough squabbling!" Rita demanded. "Now tell me everything!"


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