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True, Robin would always love company, every evening, at five-thirty to be precise, with a few slices of cake, lazy chairs on the deck and warm, warm adequately sweet, adequately bitter caffeine. The crew's blond cook had understood Robin's evening routine of this, and much to her delight, he prepared her desserts and coffee before she could even requested to. Of course, the cook would be too busy swooning over their navigator afterwards, before she could even requested him to accompany her. Therefore, she had often made her way up to the Crow's Nest, politely invited their swordsman for a little company, but all she received was a blunt "no, thanks," and the smell of metal - not that she doesn't like it, though.

One particular day - a nice day for coffee and toffees on the deck, I might add - she propped herself onto a lazy chair, with her hair tied up and her sunglasses hovered over her sight, with no book in her hand, only a crumpled piece of green Post-It note with a faint, almost-unreadable scribble of 'no, thanks'. Robin decided it was a nice day to do nothing but sink into the beautiful evening sun and the usually lovely sea breeze. Moreover, she had finished reading the last chapter of The Rainbow Mist, anyway, and she could take a little break from reading - or maybe it's just a little excuse not to bring out the M-preg dark fiction book she had secretly stashed under her pillow.

A certain handsome blue-haired cyborg came by, his purple Hawaiian-motive shirt two sizes too big for his mechanical body, but his hair was 'Cutty Flam'-ized, just the way he liked it, anyway. He sat on the lazy chair beside her, a bottle of Cola in his mechanical hand. He only smiled as he looked up onto the open sky, as if greeting the sun with that smile. Other than that, he remained silent.

Robin raised her sunglasses over her hairline, as she turned her head sideways. "Franky-san, purple is definitely not your colour," she commented, hinting on his attire.

"YOLO, Robin," Franky replied confidently. "YOLO."

Robin chuckled, and kept her glasses back on. "I like your hair, though. Blue is definitely your colour. I find it very... super."

Franky smiled, blushing a little.

I've noticed that this universe is a little lacking on Mama and Papa Strawhat, so here it goes. This fiction will be a series of drabbles of around 100 to 300 words each. Since this is for fluff and humor, there will be plenty of OOC, puns and pop culture reference. Not too dramatic, not too heavy. Just pure Mama and Papa Strawhat's fun.

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