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(Free Prompt) Record

Chimney is sixteen years old now.

She would spend her regular day taking alternate shifts with her grandmother as the train station conductor, and then maybe grocery shopping around Water 7 with her dearly beloved rabbit-for-a-cat, Gonbe, or maybe visit his Uncle Iceburg bringing along homemade macarons and Oreo muffins Kokoro baa-san had prepared, or visit the TD shop by canal number 3, past the Sunday market to get herself new TDs.

Sixteen years old and she no longer listen to the Spice Ladies or M'Sync. Instead, her newfound musical love is for indie bands hailing from the North Blue - Matrix, No No Nos, Marina and The Jewelry, and especially Lana Del Sunray. Primarily, it was because of this handsome boy working in the very own TD store - he had introduced her these bands when she had first visited the store to purchase some (embarrasingly) Woman Gaga TDs.

She had since returned to the store to buy new TDs with her pocket money, either earnings from the train conductor job or balance money from grocery errands Kokoro baa-san gave her, and the handsome boy was always there, suggesting her new bands and songs. Sadly, she never knew his name, though. So she determined to ask him on that very particular Sunday.

"Nick. Nick Jonas," says the handsome boy, his ears blushing cherry red.

Chimney sing-songed his name along her walk home that Sunday, skipping through bridges and kissing the cheeks of everyone she met along the way. Nick Jonas, what a beautiful name.

When her beloved hero, Franky Oni-chan and Robin Nee-chan - and the whole Straw Hat Pirates, really - came to visit them in Water 7 two days after, she was excited. She missed them badly, especially Nami Nee-chan whom she could now consult about beauty and whatever it is you could find in a Seventeen magazine.

But she especially couldn't wait to tell Franky oni-chan about the handsome boy at the TD store she had befriended with.

"Franky oni-chan?" She asked, pillowing her cheek on her arms dreamily over the countertop of their kitchen, while Franky was fixing their vinyl record player on the neighbouring dinning table.

"Hmm?" He replied, with a screwdriver between his teeth.

"How do you know if you're in love?"

Franky nearly choked at this question, and placed the screwdriver on the dining table in order to avoid it from being food. "What are ya getting at, Chimney?"

"Well, how did you know that you're in love, with Robin nee-chan?"

"Eh, are you in love with anyone?" He asked, teasing in his voice.

Chimney burries half her face in her crossed arms, looking at him with much embarassment to the confrontation. "Just curious!"

"Ah, it's done." And what he meant by done was the record player that he was so caught up working on fixing for the past few hours. "How did I know I'm in love with Robin? Easy, knew it as soon as I realized that I'd do anything to make her smile," he added, fiddling around with the record player once more. "Pass me the record next to ya."

Chimney passed him the vinyl, and he placed it carefully one the record player. It began playing a joyful song, something that made her swung her legs back and forth to the bass beats, and made her head sway side to side to the rhythm.

Robin entered the kitchen as soon as the song began, initially for a cup of coffee, though. "Oh, you fixed it!" She said with a smile, and he immediatelly pulled her hand with one mechanical hand of his, and the other wrapped around her tiny waist. He spin her around, she giggled along their failed dance moves, and he nearly lifted her when they turned, arm still around her waist, another holding her hand.

Chimney saw the smile on Robin's face, and immediately realized what love is.

The following Sunday, Chimney dressed up nicely in her white sundress, combed her adorable bangs to one side, and visited the TD store with a small packet of chocolate chip cookies she had baked earlier that day, wrapped and sealed nicely in a lime green packaging. The handsome boy, Nick Jonas was still there, this time, with a customized TD with her name written on it.

It was his last day in the TD shop, for he will have to move uptown for the new job at Galley-La. He made her a mixtape TD of Matrix, No No Nos, Marina and The Jewelry and especially, Lana Del Sunray.

And then he told her, that he like her.

This is the last prompt for the Frobin Fortnight, which I only had started writing last night in bed, in my phone's Evernote. I think this is the sweetest one I have so far, although it's not centered around Robin and Franky, it's still embodies the two's casual, adult-like romance (adult is not at all equivalent to porn, nope). Chimney is my favourite kid-character in OP. So carefree, courageous, curious and casual.

I know that I've promised to change AYH's status to 'complete' once I get the epilogue up, but it's going to take a while... I'm currently in the library with no clue of what to do, to revise my work in a way I don't know how to. On the bright side, my faculty building looks pretty from where I sit.

Thank you for reading this short drabble series, though with so little reviews but eh, my one previous Frobin fic ain't so popular either haha. I enjoyed writing this couple, though, because unlike ZoRobin, where you're challenged by the character of a swordsman who's oblivious to anything romantic, Frobin is actually fun to play with - with them staying in character, too. But anyways, thank you, I really like this pairing too apart from Zorobin being number one.

I'll see you guys later? Later in the future?