Aomine Daiki stared unseeingly at the ceiling of his room, tracing unseen patterns with his eyes. He really messed up. Big time. He washed his palm down his face as he recalled their last conversation almost a week ago. In the heat of the moment, he said things that he didn't really mean and pushed away the only person that really matters to him. Now after a week of turning their conversation over and over inside his head, he realized that he really is an idiot. He closed his eyes, one arm covering his eyes. But all he can see is her face and those big, innocent blue eyes. He missed her smile, the one smile that melts his heart and makes his heart twinge with something he can't identify.

He really wants to see her. So bad.

And with that he abruptly leapt off the bed with the intent to see her. Aomine dashed out of his house in full speed. Kuroko lives only two blocks away from his and with the pace he is going he'd be there in no time. But as he passed one house upon another, he's pace slowed from a run to a jog until he is now only taking one step at a time. He turned round the corner and his eyes are greeted with the familiar sight of the tree-lined sidewalk. The same sidewalk they walked on every afternoon, the same cracks on the pavement that the blue head would playfully avoid. Everything looks the same. Except what he felt inside. He wants her back; even though he knew it is stupid because he is the one at fault in the first place.

He took each step in a painfully slow manner; each step seemed to be stealing his resolve. As he passed the last house, it was already dusk. As he reached that one familiar window, the light of each houses are already lit up. As he near the porch of the bluenette's house, he stopped in his tracks. From the outside he can see the bluenette, standing in a table, smiling merrily, dancing in a tune that he can't hear. She twirled around, her blue locks following her motion and as she teetered on the edge, unbalanced by the sudden motion, a hand shot out to grab and steady her. She smiled brightly at the owner of the hands. Seeing her smile brightly like that toward someone else made Aomine's heart clench painfully. He suddenly found it hard to breathe.

As the dark finally descended and engulf the surrounding, he remained there standing, watching as the bluenette is pulled in an embrace by a tall redhead. How he wished that he is the one holding Kuroko right now. How he wished that it was to him that that bright smile was directed to. How he wished that the bluehead is still by his side. Now all he can do is stand there in the outside and watch them through the window. He watched them dance in a tune that only them can hear and as they move around the room, the redhead's hand reached out and soon the room is engulfed in darkness.

Aomine can only stare at the darkened window, frozen. Even if he wanted to, he can't make his limbs move. When the light died inside the room, he felt like his heart also died with it.

So he missed his chance, huh?

And now he can only stand there in the dark and wallow in regret.


Just a quick one. I hope I did the song justice. :P