Hi everyone,

As you know, Beautiful Here is completed, but I've been working on the sequel for the last few weeks. Hopefully, it excites you to find out that I've just posted the first chapter of the sequel, titled Every Beautiful Thing.

The summary is as follows: Fort Pulaski became their home; they have clean water, a limited but fulfilling food supply, and a lighthouse that Beth sees as her personal beacon of hope. But Beth's bored with the babysitter routine, and sharing a bedroom with Carol is beginning to concern her. Can Daryl provide her the escape she needs? Can love save you when you're lost?

Please have a read! I look forward to sharing the new story with all of you, and hope that you enjoy it as well. Note: while Carol is involved in the sequel, I'm not about Carol bashing, and there won't be any in the story. She's a human being, and deserves as much respect as everyone else.

Thanks for all of your support with Beautiful Here. I hope to see you in the sequel!