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Alright now down to business- I know that I've got stories galore but this one just sort of took root in my head and I can't get it out. Think of it like Melt. Only there are two OC characters and one of them will be paired up with Gaara since our favorite red head needs a little more lovin.


The first time it happened was the day that she and her twin brother had buried their parents. Having both been killed in a freak accident while visiting a neighboring town where a lot of construction was being done so that the people would have more places to live and work so that no one would suffer needlessly. That had been her parent's one true wish as the rulers of the small nation that her mother's bloodline had protected and overseen for the past fifteen hundred years.

She remembered being as emotionally distant as always- like she had been since she had first discovered that she would inherit her late great, great, great grandmother/ grandmother/mother's gift. Something called the Demon's Eye.

A supernatural ability that ran through most of the females of her family. Allowing them to see through time and space, to spy on veiled dimentions, to see and hear and speak with the dead...

It was a powerful ability. Truly it was.

But like all powerful abilities, it was nothing more than a double edged sword for those who inherited it.

Mainly because it used so much of a person's life force just to tap into it, shortening that person's life. But there were other reasons that it was so dangerous as well- like any power- this one too could be abused. Though many who had possessed it in the past hadn't lived long enough to cause lasting damage to the country or it's people. But then there was also the fact that no matter how far one could see into the future, one could not see their own destiny. Or how it ended.

It simply wasn't possible to cheat your fate in such a way.

You were given only the smallest minute details to work with and that was it. Everything else had to happen accordingly.

She remembered she had been in her parents bedroom, going through some things that had been left behind. Antique, books, statues, coins, jewelry...ect. And opened up a medium sized gold and ruby studded jewelry box with velvet lining that had belonged to her great, great, great, great...something or other- and stared down at the contents.

It was nothing but ten gold bars, and a bunch of coins. Hn. She thought as she scratched her head. Well her mother and father had always told her that her grandmother had been a collector. Sighing she pushed the box aside and picked up another. This one was solid copper with little roses etched into it in various places. Unlatching the lock on it she opened it up to reveal... Nothing but a mass of flawless white diamonds of all shapes and sizes.

"Jesus Christ," She muttered to herself as she pushed some of her shoulder length blond hair back away from her face as the bedroom door opened and her brother peeked in to see what she was doing.

"Hey Kay, what ya doing?" The seven year old said as he slipped into the room. Kay looked away from the pile of stuff she had managed to go through so far and looked up at him. With the dark hair and pale blue eyes of their father, one would never really think that Dan was her twin. Especially since she had the coloring of their mother. All blond hair and jade green eyes.

"Going through all of this stuff mom and dad left behind and wondering-" Kay said as her little brother paused to stand next to her. He was wearing his PJ's and his dark brown hair was damp from his bath and still up in a ponytail- no doubt he had forgotten to take it down because he had been trying to relax after their hard day of receiving hundreds upon hundreds of people in their home and at the funeral service. Kay had been so aggravated earlier with having to 'grin and bear it' that her face still felt numb from all of her fake smiling.

"Wondering what?" Dan asked curiously as he knelt down next to her and looked over some of the stuff that she had found. His pale blue eyes narrowing slightly at the sight of all the gold, silver and diamonds before he made a noncommittal sound. "Nevermind. Stupid question." He muttered as he sat down beside her and folded his arms over his chest as he regarded the gold, diamonds and antique coins for a moment.

Good grief, ha the women folk of their family at one point been pirates?

Seriously, what was up with all the silver, gold and jewels?

"Maybe mom and grandma were part dragon..." Kay muttered to herself in an half hopeful tone as Dan turned his head to look at her. "God knew they certainly acted like dragons during one week of each-" Dan's eyes widened and he quickly put his hands over his ears and started to sing,

"La-la! I can't hear you- la, la!" Kay glared at her brother for a moment and then sighed and started to look back at the diamonds and felt a strange lightheaded sensation followed by a peculiar sort of throbbing behind her eyes and the diamonds suddenly looked like shimmering jewel-like white sand.