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Summary: The fight w/ Naraku and all that is finally over, however a high price was paid. However when Kagome goes home and wakes up the next morning, it's not exactly the next morning. It's a month before the final battle and the day before she leaves. Can she change the outcome?

Twist of fate
By Hika-Chan

It was over.

That was the only way she could think to describe it. Naraku was dead but the moment was ruined. She knelt next to him, his stained mane and head resting in her lap. "You can't leave me please... you can't go. Not like this." Hot tears ran down her face only to land on his, it's warmth muted by the drizzling rain that had begun. She brushed the silver hair off of his face trying to smile. "You.. you can heal from this right? You're going to be ok aren't you?" Behind her, her friends watched on in morbid shock at the turn of events. "Please please tell me you can heal from this."

The corner of his lips turned up a little. He gazed up at her with slightly hazy golden eyes. "I'm sorry koishii... I don't think I can." He coughed, prompting a trickle of blood to flow from the corner of his mouth, she immediately wiped it away. "Do not worry koishii. I regret nothing." His voice was little more than a forced whisper.

"Don't talk, you.. you're gonna be ok. I.. I know you are."

A half-cough half-laugh escaped his lips, "You never learn do you? My time is soon, you know that as well as I."

"No! you have to stay alive!" She had to think of something that would keep him here. It felt like her beating heart was being ripped from her chest. Only he would do that to her. "If you leave me I'll hate you!" she cried desperately.

"You're lying," he smiled. She couldn't help but laugh slightly and nod her head. "Thank you for our time together koishii. I will always be with you and I will always love you. You know that. Be strong like I know you are." A clawed hand reached up, she took it and put it too her face. "You're fading..." he said frowning slightly his eyes were becoming more glassy.

Tears falling faster she leaned in closer. "I'm here." She touched her lips to his. "Please don't leave me."

"I never will," his voice was fading but she heard it even over the approaching thunder. "I love you Kagome..." He said it, she couldn't believe he said it! But why did he have to say it now!?

"I love you too." She felt something leave him, she felt it go through her and leave just a little of itself behind in her. Her sobs became more uncontrolable. "But how can you leave me like this!?" She screamed his name and threw herself onto his body crying in the rain, her friends could only standby helplessly and watch.

She didn't know how she was going to live after this...

Koishii- "Beloved" I think... dunno really saw it in a few Kenshin Fanfics so... ^_^'