Harry cautiously followed his now former friend up the icy road to the home of the king. He observed the various other giants sparring around him and the ones that took notice of him. It was looking less and less like he would get away from here without causing a battle or mayhem. The frost giants here that were noticing him had a strange look in their eyes, one that appeared far more suspicious then he had realized at first.

A couple were even coming up to them and flanking him. Some went to walk alongside his 'friend' and started to chat with him in their language.

Harry sighed inwardly; this was probably a trap. He really should have known better to walk in here without a charm on for cloaking his presence. But maybe this was better. Family didn't have to be blood, after all. His family was the group of men and women he fought with on a daily basis, had meals with, had movie nights with. His family was the druid he had come to meet and the pack of werewolves that came with him.

So he may have mellowed out throughout the years of being human and hiding his own identity.

It's decided. I will close off the portal to Jötunheim in Midgard permanently after I rescue my prince.

Harry had a slight urge to just blast everyone to pieces, run in, scoop Loki up then take off and be done with them then and there. But he was admittedly a little curious about the new king. Maybe he could... No, they were still his species; he wouldn't give any information to Thor. He still didn't really trust any Asgardian, well anyone other than Thor.

As the doors to the castle closed behind them, Harry glanced at them briefly and steadied himself and turned around. There were even more frost giants in here but they were all milling around, like they weren't waiting for one of the last members of King Laufey's reign to come in.

"Nikolaus, it's good to finally see you here."

Harry snorted, feeling ice slither up his horns. His eyes grew a little redder as he heard his two 'bodyguards' close the distance between them. One of them put a hand on Harry's shoulder, restricting his movements as the Jötun king stood up from his throne. There were many pillars of ice around the throne room but then again, the whole building was made from ice.

"My king, it is good to know that you are keeping the runt in place," Harry commented, inwardly wincing. "I had not known that our people had elected a new one after all."

King Dagur stared at him appraisingly for a few minutes then snorted. "Guards."

Harry felt daggers of ice come up to his back, one at his neck. "Well, this escalated quickly."

The king sneered at him then signaled to the guards. "Take him to the dungeons. Throw him in with the runt."

Harry would have said something in defense of the aforementioned runt but he figured it wasn't the time. Plus, they were just playing into his hands; he didn't know his way around here after all. So he allowed the guards to take him down to the dungeons, straight to Loki. He wondered though at why nobody tried to frisk him or really, why they didn't just kill him on the spot.

He could smell the blood all the way from the entrance to the dungeons. And also the tell tale scent of Asgardian flesh, which was rather odd. He would have thought that Loki would have let down his glamours by now but when his jailors took him down and threw him into the cell next to the his prince, he winced.

Loki was definitely not conscious by the looks of it. He was chained to the icy ground, both dried blood and fresh blood in a pool around him and underneath him. There were gashes all over his naked body, bruises in various states of color, ribs that stood out and the list went on. His hair was sticking together, blood coating the different strands of black hair. Harry was glad that when he himself was in his true form, his stomach was much sturdier. If he was human right now, he would have already puked on the ground.

The worst injury by far though was Loki's lips, which were sewed shut with thick wire. It was similar in appearance to barbed wire but luckily, it didn't have barbs sticking out of it. Loki's magic was also close to dying, only a little spark left from whatever Amora and her minions did.

Harry was too focused on Loki to even realize that he had let out a growl. He watched as Loki started to twitch, letting out what could have been a whimper if his vocal cords hadn't been abused. The prince still wasn't awake; he was just responding to the deep growl from a frost giant. But a second later, Loki's breathing began to pick up, shallow and fast.

Harry glanced around the dungeons, at least the parts he could see. There were three guards in the hallway but it was nothing that he couldn't handle himself. Hell, even if he was going to have to carry Loki, it wouldn't be a big deal. And he was going to have to carry to the other man; both his legs were lying in awkward positions that suggested they were broken and had been broken a few times in the past.

Harry sighed, glanced at the icy pillars that formed the bars that separated their cells, stood up and walked over to them. He was lucky enough to not have been chained to something but then again, that wouldn't have stopped him. He held out his hands to touch them and used some of his inherent magic to get them to melt.

It took a few minutes, having to stop once to lay on the ground to fool one of his jailors, but he finally was able to step through into Loki's cell. Now that he was this close to the prince, he reached down to his waist and picked off the small pack that he had brought along with him. It had been charmed to act like one of the Midgardian lizards, to change color to fit the color of his Jӧtun body.

He stepped closer to Loki and crouched before him at his feet, looking him over. Harry would have to either stop on the way back to patch up the more pressing wounds or apparate back to the portal. However, since apparition was found to be hard on an injured person's body, he wasn't going to risk it. He slowly drew out the cloak that Thor had given him; they had both thought that it would get Loki to at least come with him. Loki certainly wasn't going to recognize him in his frost giant body so they had figured that it would be something familiar and warm.


Loki started, twitching becoming slight tremors which grew into shuddering. He opened his beautiful green eyes abruptly and turned toward Harry's voice, only to try to shuffle backwards. The chains stopped him from going too far, jerking him to a hard stop.

"Hey, I'm not going to hurt you," Harry murmured, staying where he was and dropping his shoulders in an attempt to appear smaller. "I'm here to get you out. You know, home?"

Another low, fearful whimper came from Loki's throat then he started to cough. But as his mouth was sewed shut, it came out all garbled.

"Breath through your nose," Harry whispered. "Slowly. And by home, I meant Midgard. Not Asgard. Thor is waiting for you. I don't know why you haven't dropped your Asgardian form."

Harry kept talking quietly for a couple minutes, allowing Loki to calm down a little. "Anyway, the Avengers have decided to let you stay in their home to heal."

Loki raised an eyebrow at him as Harry started to crawl closer towards him. "You remember the wizard that you fought with occasionally a few years ago?"

Harry stared at Loki for a minute before turning to examine the chains. They were rudimentary chains and cuffs that were magic dampening but that was all they did. So Harry just placed a hand on them and let his ice magic 'burn' through them, only stopping when he reached the rubbed raw skin of Loki's ankles.

"Yeah, that was kind of me," Harry continued conversationally. "Little, tiny Midgardian sorcerer actually is a Jӧtun. Yep. I'll tell you the full story later though. Let's just get you out of here, hmm?"