Takes place during Excalibur #125 ~Last issue and Meggan and Brian's Wedding~
none of the characters are mine, mind you, they belong to Marvel.

Of Bouquets And Garters
By Hika-chan
Chapter 1- Damn Flowers

"Oh Meggan you look absolutely gorgeous!" I am so happy for her. Her smile is completely infectious and she hasn't stopped smiling yet. Of course why shouldn't she be smiling? She's been waiting for this day forever, just like every other woman on the face of the earth. Today is Meggan's wedding day.

My name is Katherine Pryde and I am one of her bride's maids. Not a bad place to be considering I was only beat out by the groom's sister for Maid of honor. Nah I'm pulling you leg I'm too happy for Meggan to even think about titles. "Oh Kitty I'm so happy, I can't believe this is finally happening. Are you sure I look ok?"

I laugh, "For the last time you're beautiful!"

"Yes," Besty says, taking her place as the maid of honor to calm the bride's nerves. "Trust me my brother won't be able to speak or even think once he sees how beautiful you are."

"I dinnae know why ye would even hafta ask that Meggan. Don' your powers make ye appearance change wit yuir emotions. An' wit how happy ye are now how canna ye even think ye look anything short o' radiant."

"Rhane's right. In fact...I think radiant is the perfect word." I grin, gesturing to the little bits of light surrounding her.

The door opens slowly, it's Kurt "Excuse me ladies, but I believe it's time for everyone to take their places.

"Och I think I better git to me seat then." Moira smiles. With one last supportive girl group hug we all head out of the room. Piotr and Kurt are out there but I notice there's a certain techno-organic groom's man missing.

Rhane nearly shouts "Where's Dougie!?" Apparently I'm not the only one who's noticed. "Dinnae worry I'll find 'im." and with that she runs of down the hall. I try not to laugh when I realize that the wolfgirl isn't wearing any shoes. She comes back about a minute later with him thrown over her shoulder. There seems something off about him as she brushes him off but there isn't enough time for me to figure it out as the two head into the chapel followed by a chorus of little girls with candels. They all sing some lovey OtherWorld song ending in "Amen." Then it's me and Piotr's turn to go.

"Can you believe it, Piotr? Brian and Meggan are finally tying the knot! I'm so happy for them! I always said they were meant for each other."

"Like we were, once upon a time, eh Katya?"

"Not funny Rasputin." Very not funny. I've grown up allot in the recent months and even before Pete, though he was a major part of that. I changed enough to know that Piotr is no longer what I want in a man. "You okay, Piotr? You look like you just lost your best friend."

"I fear I have already lost two friends, Kitty."

What the hell is he talking about? "Cheer up, big guy. You've still got me!" Ok so that might sound contradictory to what I just said but Piotr will always be my friend. There is no changing that. I hear Moira say something about me and him following Meggan and Brian's example. Christ! I haven't even been single a month and already she's trying to pair me off. and with Piotr no less? I seriously hope I don't have to put up with stuff like that all night or I'll likely kill someone.

Next down the aisle is Besty and Kurt. I must say that the fuzzy elf looks quite nice in the tux. Of course he always has been the charming and dashing cavalier, those types always know how to pull off formal wear.

Then it's Meggan's turn and yep, she's still radiant, quite literally in fact. Her and Brian's smiles are completely infectious. There are murmurs among the crowd, barely audible over the music. It's odd looking over the crowd, various Captain Britains from different earths. There's even another Kurt here (not as easily spotted as one might think, what with all the colors of people here) and I wonder if somewhere in the crowd there's another me.

Well not another me me, but an alternate Katherine Pryde. Like the ones I saw in Belasco's little test. Suddenly I wonder if any of them got to keep Pete, if they were just as lucky to meet him and love him like I was.... well am. Even if we didn't stay together I will never ever regret the time we spent together. I will always look upon our time fondly. I just wish it hadn't ended like that, or at all even. I shake those thoughts from my head, this is Meggan and Brian's wedding, I don't want to jinx it or something with my self pitious thoughts.

God look at how happy the two of them are, and it's infected the entire audience... well not everyone. Saturnine doesn't look happy at all, of course that's just fine with me, I never really liked her anyway. A good portion of the audience, and myself, laughs as Kurt teleports off to get the ring he forgot. Nothing like the smell of brimstone and sulfur to add to the incredible uniqueness and specialness of this wedding. Of course I don't think Brian and Meggan even notice the smell as Roma raises her hand over them, pronouncing them man and wife. The glow for a second and then with their kiss pure and visible happiness halos around them in a beautiful display of color and light.

The crowd goes absolutely bonkers.

As we walk into the next room where the reception is being held I can't help but think about how this is my last night with the Excalibur team as a whole. A few days ago Kurt Piotr and I had come to the decision that we would return to the X-men. We need to help them find the Professor.

Unfortunately when I was trying to escape the crowd of women Kurt caught my arm just as I was ready to flee the dance floor, ground zero for the bouquet. "Ready for the ceremonial 'tossing of the bouquet' Kitty? Tradition has it that the lucky girl who catches it is the next to marry! Isn't that sweet?"

I certainly hope he isn't thinking what I think he is. "Ridiculous is more like it. Have you ever seen how catty" No pun intended, "women get when it comes to that stupid bunch of flowers? They're vicious!"

"Lighten up, Katzchen. Live a little." Her says before throwing me into the fray while I shout in obvious protest.

Not even a second in and I am elbowed by Cerise, which pushes me into Saturnine's elbow. "You are so dead, elf!" I am going to kill Kurt, kill him in many colorful nasty ways. Thrusting me into the middle of all these desperate women. That's like throwing a bleeding person into a feeding frenzy of sharks. Knowing my stupid luck (or lack thereof) the dumb bouquet is going to land in my lap and the great bloody russian is going to catch the garter. Oh that's too funny, I can't believe I referred to Piotr the same way Pete... the same way Pete used to. Gee I hope Warren and Kurt are getting the point with how vicious Betsy and Amanda are being. And Gatecrasher.. well she probably needs all the help she can get! I can't help but smile a bit as I watch the fight for the bouquet, but I'm thinking about Pete not the antics infront of me... and that's when it happens. The damn bouquet lands, almost literally, in my lap. I am not at all surprised and my dull and bored expression shows it. "Figures."

The women leave the floor and the guys take it, Kurt dragging Piotr out there like he did me. I prepare a sarcastic statment incase my limited powers of precognition (i.e. my predictable dumb luck) prove true. Basically if he catches it I say, "Like none of you saw this coming?" Obvious, true, but it's just one of those things that needs to be said. Oh yeah, I am as visibly annoyed that I caught it as the other women are.

Warren's almost the first to get it, but Kurt manages to blindside him quite literally, Thug get's tripped, taking several others with him, including Alistaire. Oh yeah I'm annoyed, thinking back to Scott and Jean's wedding when I could overhear the guys who discussed wanting to put the garter on Rogue. I hear no such comments about me... what a surprise. One of those Alice in Wonderland guy's get's it then Kurt pulls a teleport and takes it only for Lockheed to grab it flying right over to Piotr. Great even the dragon's against me. E tu Lockheed?

Suddenly everything slows. From behind I see a man in dark blue practically jump over Piotr like a hurdle. His hand on Piotr's shoulder and the man pulls himself up thrusting his upper half over the russian's other shoulder, grabbing the garter. Unfortunately the move caught Piotr by surprise which causes him to lean forward unintentionally throwing the man over his shoulder who then lies sprawled out on the floor infront of him. Piotr looks down, and I am intrigued, my dumb luck has gotten unpredictable all of a sudden. I don't know who he is since I am behind all the action but I can see that he gets up and brushes himself off.

"Sorry chaps, but ain't no one touchin' the Computer Goddesse's leg but me."

"Oh my god..." I whisper as I see him. I can't believe he's here. And I can't help the grin that spreads across my face as I realize he's wearing a tux.