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Of Bouquets And Garters
By Hika-chanB
Ch 2 - Just In Time

Ruddy invitation doesn't have the time on it. In a rare moment of sobriety I am actually considering going. Ok so the bein' sober has been more frequent this past week, either I've slowed down on the drinkin' or my tolerance has riddin' impossibly high... I'm assumin' it's the former. At least I hope so, liquor is bloody expensive. It's my last chance to decide. I really did like Meggan and they thought to invite me after all. Well perhaps not that wanker Baddock but... Am I ready to see Kitty again? I look at the new bottle of scotch I bought fer this o-so-special occasion. I'm definitely gettin' pissed tonight if I celebrate this alone...

Alone... I've been alone for 26 days now and the idea ain't exactly all that appealin' anymore. I look at the invitation again.

"Earth 616?" We actually got a number? Maybe I'll try it next time on the lottery. And where the hell is this "Otherworld" place anyway? I don't imagine it's anything like Disney World. If it is I sure as sod ain't goin! I am goin' right? Yes... no... Bloody hell.

I walk over to the closet and look at the suit.. well tuxedo I took out o' storage the day I got the invitation. Should I stay or should I go? And if I go how the bloody hell am I supposed to get there!? One thing at a time Wisdom. Get dressed first and then... and then wot? Just get dressed!

I put the bloody monkey suit on, there's actually color to it unlike most o' me other things. Dark blue with a lighter blue tie and vest. I'm surprised the bugger still fits. I don' bother buttonin' the vest or jacket. I pace a bit and look down at the invitation, the idea is so stupid but I ain't got nothin' else to go on. I pick it up. "Alright I want t' bloody go so how do I get there?"


Ok I feel real stupid right about-

Right about the time I look up and see some metal head (literally) with some energy or somethin' fer a body. Naturally my reaction is "AAAHHHH!!"

"I am Widget. I will take you to the wedding." I'd wonder if I hit my head and I'm seein' things but since I saw 'em before I fell on me bum this thing must be real.

"Wot the?"

"We must hurry it's about to begin!"

Suffice to say the trip was more'n a bit nauseating. Fortunately wherever I was teleported to put me in a chair. I stiffled a yell when I look at the.. umm... I don' know what the sod it was, but it was sittin' next ta me. I was still doin' an inventory of me organs when Rhane and Douglock walked in, the kid looks confused, wonder if it had anything to do with a bachleor party? I kinda grin at the thought, 'e must've been askin' lots of questions last night I'll wager. Don' know what made me sicker though, the song those lit'le blue and white clad kids're singin' or all these bloody Cap'in Britain knockoffs. Hope they're not all like Braddock, if they are I'm likely on a suicide mission

Then she walks in and my breath catches. I haven't seen her in nearly a month but somehow it's like I haven't seen 'er in centuries. Her hair's combed straighter than when I last saw 'er... and that dress. I remember that anything looks good on her but that's not the point. I don' know what the thing is made out of but it clings to her leg when it touches, making enough o' the shape visible. Just enough t' get my memory workin' on the rest o' it. I gotta think of a way ta approach her. I can't just walk up and say "hi." She'd prolly just slug me If I just did that.

I don' really notice most of the weddin' I'll admit. Though I do take notice that Meggan's lookin' quite chique, but well, to me, nothin's more beautiful than Kit right now. Well ok I was distracted by the light show when Meggan and Braddock kissed. I'd have to be blind or drugged to miss that. I'm surprised at a sudden urge of protectiveness I feel and find myself thinking, even as I'm clappin', that Braddock better be good to 'er. Bloody 'eck I've turned into a big brother type. Just as well 'cause it doesn't seem that Meggan has one o' them. As they're walkin' back down the aisle for a split second I think Meggan mighta seen me. She's obviously lookin' at Braddock and I'm on the other side o' him. If she did see me then she ain't made any reaction. I'll have to remember to be careful, don' want anyone tellin' Kitty I'm here till I'm good an' ready.

I use my skills to keep out o' view of those I know. I stay off on the outskirts as the bouquet is thrown but I always keep view of Kitty still tryin' to think of something. She's not actually watchin' fer the boquet I notice. Gotta say though I quite wonder 'bout that feathery bird and that big blue.. woman I guess. Kity's got this odd wistful smile on 'er face as some woman get's thrown through her. It's amazin' cause just as she goes solid again, the damned flowers land right in her arms. Perfect!

She looks so cute when she's like that and I stiffle laugh when I hear her say "figures." Don' want to draw attention to meself just yet.

Well at least now I know what I gotta do. Trouble is if the men are just as bad as the women... I'm just about to get in the crowd when some woman puts a hand on me shoulder. Somethin' tells me I saw 'er during the ceremony.. 'course I was only really lookin' at Kitty so- "You do not really expect to present yourself to her looking like that do you?"

How did she? "Wot?" I look down at my wrinkled tux, it's not near as bad as my usual suits but... "Well I didn' actually have time t' get it pressed or nuttin'."

"Do not worry it is easily fixed." The white robed bird said waving a hand o'er me while sayin' some weird word. I look back down an' blink at me suit. All clean an' such as though it were brand new, an it don' even smell like my fags or booze either. I almost look as sharp as that bloke Wagner if I do say so me'self. I almost thank her but she's gone, oh well I gotta get the garter first, I can find 'er later.

I keep careful to keep my back to Kitty. Don' wanna give myself away 'fore I get the prize. About part way through the choas over the battle fer the lit'le bit o' lace I see Lockheed. Now I've got my target, I head fer Rasputin.

Snikerin' to himself Lockheed drops the garter and I make my move. I grab Rasuptin's shoulder and step on the back o' his leg, mutterin' "S'cuse me mate." It's not my fault he's so bloody tall. I grab the prize then fall over onta my back. O' course the fallin' did keep anyone else from grabbing it. I look up from the ground and grin at a confused russian, a surprised elf an'... well I think Kitty's rat is about to die of shock. The other men jus look mad an' dissapointed. Well Bollocks to them, ain't no one else is gettin' this honor.

"Sorry chaps, but ain't no one touchin' the Computer Goddesse's leg but me." The other's move outta the way an' Kitty finally get's to see who got the prize.

There ain't no word to describe the inital look of shock on her pretty face but adorable. Then as her eyes look me up an' down her lips spread into a pleased grin. I'll have'ta thank that bird fer fixin' my tux to look all nice when I get a chance. "'Allo Pryde," I can't help it I am grinning madly, o' course she is too. "I'm not too late am I?"

I hold my free hand out to 'er and she takes it. She's surprised fer an instant when I turn her before leadin' her out to the chair where I'm ta put the garter on her. "No Wisdom, I think you're just in time."

"Good thing luv." 'Cause that's been worrin' me allot lately.

"Didn't think you were gonna show."

"Neither did I," I admit, "Changed my mind at the last minute."

"Good thing luv," she smiles imitating me.

She sits down and grins at me with a wicked lit'le gleam in 'er eye as she slooowly, hikes up her skirt. The lit'le tease, God I love her. She extends one o' her slim legs out infront o' her.

She bites her lip when I take one o' me hands and touch her ankle, takin' the other to loop the garter on her perfect leg. I slowly push the garter up with me thumbs, letting my other fingers run up her stocking covered legs before them and I see her close her eyes for a moment as she tries to repress a shudder. My grin spreads as I stop with the garter and run my hands back down her leg and stop a moment to kiss the top of her lovely foot. We haven't said a word this whole time, an' we haven't looked away either. All our talkin' done with our eyes. I missed you, I love you, I'm so happy to have you back, to be back together again. I have to worry a bit though. I can't think she just wants to fly back like nothing happened. We are back together right?

There's a whistle from the crowd when I kiss her foot, and she blushes. I stand and take her hand to help her up as some of the crowd, mostly the men, cheer on the good "show" we just put on. I take a moment to look about at the others. Meggan is absolutely beaming, she's happy fer us, just like Rhane and Amanda are. Braddock and Rasputin don't know what to think. Wagner's got a smirk on 'im that reminds me of myself right now. Douglock looks downright confused, (somethin' must be wrong wit' the kid, he hasn't lost that look all night). The flyin' rat is pouting next to Mactaggert, and she... Honestly I can't figure out what that scotts harradin thinks o' this... oh wait I got it. She's got a look that says she's thinkin' "Aboot damn time ye Sassenach."

Yes the "white robed bird" is Roma just for reference.
Might write more on this... probably will but no garuntee as to when that'll happen...