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The Perfect Night

"Reservation name please?" the hostess asked. "Oh, yes it should be under Tom." Chloe replied, anxious to see if Tom was already in the restaurant. He was supposed to meet her out front but he wasn't there. Tom and Chloe hadn't seen each other in days because of the redheads busy schedule teaching at the high school, while Tom with his job at a major company. They were meeting for their eighth month anniversary at this beautiful restaurant in LA. It apparently had the best Italian food, Chloe's favorite.

The hostess led to a table in the back where only a few other couples where dinning. The hostess left Chloe with a menu and told her that their waitress would be with her in a moment. The redhead reached for her phone and texted Tom, telling him that she was already in the restaurant, and to just come in when he got there. When she put her phone up, a small woman with dark brown hair and navy blue eyes approached her. "Hello, my names Beca, I'll be your server for this evening, what can I get you to drink?" Her voice sounds like silk and wow, she's gorgeous thought Chloe. She was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Beca clear her throat.

"Oh, I'll have a glass of water and go ahead and get one for my date too, he'll be here shortly."

"Alright well I'll be back with the drinks then."

Chloe watched as the brunette walked off. She seemed different than the other waiters in the restaurant. Maybe it was her earrings or the sarcastic tone she had when she replied, but all Chloe could think about was how she stood out from everyone else in the restaurant. Chloe's thoughts were shaken when she looked across the table and realized Tom still hadn't arrived. She pulled out her phone to check if left her any messages but there was none. Maybe he was held up at the office, or maybe he's getting me a surprise, or maybe he couldn't catch a cab, or maybe he lost the directions to the restaurant. Yea probably one of those. Her thoughts came to a halt when the Beca came back with the two drinks, along with some bread, and set them down on the table.

"Alright, would you like an appetizer to start off or do you want to go ahead and order your food?"

"Actually I'd like the cheese stick appetizer to start off with please. Oh, and make it for two people my date should be here soon, thanks."

"Ok cheese for two. I'll be back" she stated, walking back to the kitchen.

Chloe was now having a minor, wait no a MAJOR, freak out. Where was Tom? Of course he was usually late to dates but made up for it with gifts and 'I love you'-s but he had never been this late before. Chloe was starting to wonder if something had happened to him. She reached for her phone once again to check to see if he left her a message explaining to why he wasn't there, but there was none. The redhead quickly dialed his number, but he didn't pick up, so left him a message. Putting her phone back, she sighed. She was sure he had a good reason to miss their anniversary. But even with her worrying about Tom, her thoughts went back to the smaller woman. Why does she work here? Is that a tattoo on her wrist? Does she have more than one tattoo? Why is she so sarcastic? Does she know she's that attractive? Wait, what? Did I just think she was attractive? Well she does have a killer body….. wait! You are on your anniversary date don't think about other people, even though they're extremely attractive.

"Here's the cheese sticks. Do you know what you'd like to eat tonight?" the brunette asked, interrupting Chloe's thoughts once again as she set down the food.

"I think I'd like to wait a bit longer if you don't mind. My date should be here soon, so when he arrives we'll both order."

"Ok well I'll get you a refill on your water while you wait for this 'date' of yours" Beca replied sarcastically as she walked off.

Chloe took out her phone once again and checked for messages. She had one, but not from whom she wanted it to be from. It was her best friend Aubrey. She was asking how the date was going. Not wanting to have to explain how her boyfriend hadn't shown up to the restaurant for their anniversary, she didn't reply to Aubrey.

30 minutes later, with no sign that Tom was going to show up, pitying looks from other tables, and a rumbling stomach, she finally decided to wave down Beca and order.

"Finally decide to order? 'Cause if you didn't I was about to just bring you some food, you're probably starving right now huh?" the smaller woman asked. Chloe's stomach growled in reply, causing both the women to laugh.

"Yea what do recommend? I've never been to this restaurant before and I can hardly pronounce any of these things on the menu so…"

Laughing, Beca replied, "I recommend the spaghetti. Now I know it sounds lame but trust me, it's to die for. We have the best sauce. It has the perfect amount of garlic and different spices added to it, oh and the noodles? Don't even get me started on those. They are perfectly cooked with right amount of olive oil and butter….. well now I'm rambling on about spaghetti"

Chloe couldn't help but giggle at Beca, she was so adorable when she was rambling.

"Actually that sounds really good. I think I'll have the spaghetti."

"Excellent, now, will there be another entrée I should be getting or…" Beca asked while gesturing to the empty chair across from where Chloe was sitting.

"Um no, I guess it'll be just me tonight." She finished with a sigh. There was no hope for Tom to show now, not while she had already waited two hours for him.

"Well this person here," the brunette said while gesturing to the empty seat, "is an idiot to stand up a beautiful girl like you." She replied as she went to put the order in. Chloe blushed at the comment. Tom never complemented her like that. Ten minutes later, Beca arrived holding two plates of spaghetti.

"Um I only ordered one plate." stammered Chloe, confused as to why Beca had brought two.

"Yea but since your date didn't show up, I couldn't let all your beauty go to waste. So I decided to join you on this 'date'" replied Beca with a smirk on her face. God I could get used to that smirk.

"But don't you have other tables to wait on?" the redhead asked curious as to why the brunette had joined her.

"My shift just ended 7 minutes ago, so it's all good." Beca said as she started to eat her spaghetti.

Chloe shrugged. How bad could it be to eat with her? I mean she has been super nice to me, and it would be better than sitting here alone. Ehhh what the heck just go with it. Chloe watched Beca eat for a minute before taking a bite out of her own meal.

"Wow!" exclaimed the redhead after her first bite, "This is totes the best spaghetti I've ever had!" Beca laughed as she watched Chloe scarf down the rest of the meal. Conversation throughout dinner flowed easily between the two women. Their conversations ranged from books to TV shows and to music. Chloe had learned that Beca was a DJ, and worked at a local radio station, while also waiting tables because it "pays the bills DJing can't cover". Chloe had also told Beca that she was in an all-female a capella group in college. "Sorry but that sounds kind of lame." Beca said with a smirk. When both women finished their meals, it was time for the restaurant to close. Beca took the plates back to the kitchen while Chloe reached for her wallet. "No." the DJ said, "I got the tab." Beca returned a few minutes later with a white to-go box in her hand.

"What's in the box?" Chloe asked. She was curious as to what the brunette could have now.

"It is dessert to-go, just for you." The brunette smiled as she handed Chloe the box.

Chloe opened the box to reveil a large slice of chocolate cake. "How did you know chocolate is my favorite?" Chloe asked as Beca smiled at her.

"Sweet cake for a sweet gal." Beca replied with an over exaggerated southern accent.

Chloe laughed at the DJ's antics. "Beca, this is too much. There has to be some way to repay you for this" the redhead stated. There was no way she was going to let Beca pay for all this. The restaurant is not exactly cheap.

"How about," Beca replied with a smirk, "you give me your phone number, we do this again sometime, and we'll be even. Sound good?"

"Ok but you do know I have a boyfriend right?" Chloe responded reaching for Beca's phone that was now being pushed toward her.

"I know, but it was fun talking to you and I'd like to do it again, how about next week, 12:15, we meet here for lunch?" Beca asked hoping to get another chance to talk to this girl. Something about the flaming red hair and the bright blue eyes intrigued Beca.

"That sounds great but remember, it's not a date, and here…" she reminded the DJ, "… is your phone. I texted myself so I have your number."

"Great!" Beca said enthusiastically, "let me walk you to your car."

The girls walked to Chloe's car. Once there, Chloe gave Beca a hug and whispered "thank you for not letting me eat alone tonight." Beca whispered back, "well I couldn't let a beautiful red head sit a table alone because her idiot date didn't show up." This made Chloe laugh. As she released Beca, she gave her a kiss on the cheek and hoped into her car. Beca waved, touching her cheek where Chloe's lips and just been. As she watched Chloe drive away, Beca walked back to her apartment and lay down in her bed. She was drifting off to sleep thinking of a certain redhead, when her phone went off. She looked at the text and smiled. The text had read "Good night DJ xoxo-C." The perfect night Beca thought.