He was a monster.

Monsters cannot be loved.

There was a long silence between them.

Carlisle's voice broke through the air.

"You can never know what it is like, for someone like me, to love someone like you."


For as long as Esme Platt could remember, the dark was an old friend.

That shapeless and faceless blanket of nothing was her companion. An empty echo in a cave only she could see.

Though in some instances, she was able to see for a few brief moments. Stolen images of time. The strange floating silhouettes of ghosts in dancing lights was nothing out of the ordinary. But then, something would happen, and the diaphanous images would disappear. The dancing lights - gone. The dark would return again. And all that would be left, were the sounds of their memories.

When Esme was a young child, she lived in England, near the vast British countryside. She lived in a large and beautiful home with her mother and father. She could barely remember the events in her early childhood. But if she really needed to remember, it were as if she was looking through an old mirror of the past. The memories were vague and distant, as if the memories themselves belonged to another person entirely.

She was four years old when she lost her sight.

It was a strange thing to think about. On the last day she could still see, she could remember all the details precisely.

She was wearing a pretty white dress. Her hair in doll-like curls as she stepped outside. She could still remember the wind, blowing in from the east.

Her mother had the most exquisite garden. Esme's mother was a nurturing soul, she loved all forms of life. But the flowers were her particular favorite.

There were flowers of all colors, shapes and sizes. Esme felt like she was walking in a dream as she wandered further into the garden; her eyes taking in the beauty of the lovely Roses, and admiring the scent of Lavenders as they grew on the opposite side of their yard. There were also Pansies and Tulips of every kind.

It was a wonderland. A small piece of heaven on earth, the sun was shining as she looked at the sky.

She was in her own world. A place of beauty and untainted innocence. She easily felt at home in the great outdoors, a curious explorer with searching eyes. On that particular day however, she discovered something, an infinitesimal trespasser who was intruding on her haven. There was a bed of Pink roses, all in full bloom. Their color was so pure and delicate, that any unwanted insect would be visible immediately. Something had caught her eye, and so she walked in the direction of where the roses were for a closer look. The blushing petals were still wet with dew; she could see a strange creature no larger than a pea, crawling on the flower.

It appeared to be a ladybug.

She stared at it in fascination. It looked almost like a creature from a fable, with its red wings and black spots.

It began to move in a hopping motion till it flew from one flower to the next. She tried reaching out with her little hand to touch it, but it eluded her grasp.

Esme kept on following the restless insect, determined that somehow she will catch it one way or another. She was a highly spirited child, and could not be easily deterred.

The ladybug however, was starting to fly away, and Esme was trailing behind it. Somehow she was entranced by its beauty. The insect was flying far ahead; leading her further away from the safety of her home and into the nearby woodlands.

She strayed farther away from her house. She stalked the Ladybug till it landed on a tree branch, just close enough for her to jump and grasp it.

The insect started to take flight again as she prepared to grab it. Esme did not realize she was standing on a small knoll surrounded with rocks. She leapt and raised her hand to the skies in hope of catching it, but failed. The steep slope of the knoll, caused her to slide erratically as her head hit a large stone. She went unconscious instantaneously. Esme laid on the soft grass at the mouth of the forest; her white dress was now stained by the blood that oozed from the gash on her head.

It was her hysterical mother that found her, twenty minutes later.

She could faintly remember being carried by her father back into their house. She could not exactly remember whether she was crying from the pain in her head, or the fact that all she saw was darkness.

She was laid down softly on a bed. She could hear people in the room.

Esme could hear snatches of their conversation.

"There seems to be irreparable damage to her optic nerves." The voice sounded as if it belonged to an older man.

"Irreparable?" Her mother asked, not daring to believe it.

"But Doctor, isn't there a chance my daughter shall see again?" It was her father's voice.

"Yes. But the chances are small to none. The faulty lies with the blunt force her head endured when she fell. I don't want to give you any false hopes for a recovery. But for now we can only hope and pray for the best."

The older man replied.

She felt something cold and wet being placed on her wound.

She screamed.

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