This is a little story i have been playing with for a while. Hope you like the way it starts...please R&R

The sun was setting on a particular slow Friday and Doctor Temperance Brenan and Special Agent Seely Booth sat at the counter at The Crown Diner. Booth drank his second cup of coffee and yawned "You know Bones, we don't get many days like today"
Bones looked puzzled "There are many days like today"
"Okay" Booth smiled "Let me be more specific, when was the last time we had a quiet day? No murders, no bodies, just a normal day at work? I even managed to clear my desk of paperwork"
"You may not have had bodies, but I have had some very exciting remains to examine" Bones said with a smile "I have been examining remains from the Cold Case storage"
Booth just smiled "have I told you lately that I love you?"
"You have yes, this morning I believe" Bones said matter of factly

Booth just laughed, he really did love Bones. He hadn't felt like this is a very long time, he still wasn't certain he deserved to feel like this. Seeley Booth had done many bad things in his long life, but he hoped his time with the FBI had started to make amends.

Booth and Brennan were driving home when the phone call came "Booth…okay…we're on our way"
"You know what I said about a slow day? Forget it" He sighed.
"I take it we have a case?"
"That we do, interesting one by the sound of things"
Booth swung the car around and headed for the crime scene, a horrid feeling in his stomach.

"What we got?" Booth said as he approached Cam and Hodges, who were already at the crime scene., arguing as usual
"A mystery" Cam said standing up "male.."
"Clearly" Said Bones as she bent down to examine the body "mid to late 30's…
"33 actually" Cam said handing over his wallet to Booth "the mystery is the lack of blood"
"Look at his neck" Hodges says gently moving the victim head to the side "puncture marks suggest he bleed out, but where's the blood?" He almost sounded exciting.

Seely Booth looked at the body, he knew what it looked like, he knew those marks and he hoped that he was wrong. Not here, not now. Anything but that.

As Booth circled the body he listened to all the squints. They talked about how death had not been pleasant, how the victim had bled out, probably through the neck wound and how the killer must be a monster. How could anyone inflict such torture on another human being? He heard their words and nodded in the correct places, but he knew all this, he had seen all this before.

Out the corner of his eye he saw a young blonde girl. It couldn't be? How could it be her?

"Angel?" She whispered. It was so quiet, not even the people standing near her would have heard it, but she knew he would. If it was him of course, she knew it was him, it had to be him, but how could it be?

He looked directly at her, just briefly and nodded. If you weren't looking for it, you would miss it. But she knew that was for her. It was him, it really was Angel.

"Booth?" Brenan's voice pulled him back to reality.
"Yep" He said like there was nothing wrong, he helped Bones up "Bag and tag boys" he said aloud, taking one more glance at his past before walking with Bones to their car.

He dropped Bones off at the Jeffersonian before heading to the FBI building. It was getting late, it was almost 6pm which was late for a Friday, so the building would be quite, that was what he needed right now. He needed time to think.

Booth took out a cell phone, one he had been given for emergencies, one he hoped he would never have to use. He called the only number saved to the device. "Hello buffy…."