Booth paced in front of the desk while everyone took a seat, except Spike and Buffy who stood by the door.
Cam was the first to speak "Care to explain why I just handed all the evidence over to these, these watchers?"
Booth sighed, "It's a long story, one I had hoped to forget about" he looked at Bones "I try to be a good man…"
"You are Booth"
"But I'm not…"
"Here we go again, tortured soul, greater good blardy blardy blah" Spike interrupted
Buffy punched spike, hard "don't listen him, you are a good MAN booth, you always were"
"You two had a thing" Daisy almost shouted "it's so obvious now"
"Daisy!" Angela scolded.
"It was a lifetime ago" Buffy said "Booth was literally a different person"
Bones looked shocked, but only for a second "I want the truth"

Booth took a deep breath, even now he could feel, and hear, all the blood pumping around that small office. There was a time when he would have loved it, revelled in it, but not now, not when the people he loved most might run from him.

"Hodges" he smiled "it's pretty obvious by now that you were right, it was a vampire"
Hodges tried to lighten the mood "King of the lab!"
"They stay away from DC most of the time, far too many demons to deal with…"
"…other demons?"
"That's is a very long story Cam" Booth wanted to keep it short "And I'm here, vampires tend not to like me"
"That's what you get when you kill your own kind mate" Spike said almost laughing "you are looking at the scourge of Europe. We had a right good time back in the day" he said draping an arm around Booths shoulder.
"That was until he got his soul back" Buffy said. She could have cut the tension in the room with a knife "Angel, Booth was never like that when I knew him"
"Apart from one little slip"
"Shut up Spike! Will you try to remember your one of the good guys now" Buffy scolded him
"Can't even let me reminisce in peace now"
"I was everything that Spike just said" Booth threw Spikes arm from his shoulder "but it all changed when I got cursed. I fed on a gypsy girl, and her clan cursed me with a soul. When you become a Vampire you have all the memories of the person you once were, but you lose your soul. You have no remorse, no guilt."
"So you just kill people, for fun?" Daisy said looking a little green.
Spike moved closer to Daisy "And oh what fun we had!"
"Yes, so imagine what it was like having a soul thrust upon you again, after hundreds of years."
"It must have felt like hell" Bones spoke for the first time in what seemed like forever "I can imagine it was not easy"
"It was, I learnt to life of wild animals, rodents anything that wasn't human" Both shivered at the memories "then a friend showed me Buffy"
"That's me!" she bounced "I was 15 living in LA and overnight my life changed. 'Into every generation a Slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a Chosen One. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers. She is the Slayer' and that's me, was me"
"One girl? That's seem very unfair" Daisy said
"That's the deal though. After a blew up my school in LA my Mum moved us to California, turns out we were living on a Hellmouth." Buffy could see nothing but blank faces "its like a big neon sign to demons and stuff that's say 'party here'. Anyway that's when I met Angel" she said looking at Booth
"Ready for the tissues" Spike said sarcastically
"I wanted to help Buffy, I wanted to protect this little girl. I had a soul and I was trying to make up for my past"
Spike was getting angsty "get to the good stuff mate" he said becoming very animated "Mr Goody Goody here was having 'fun' with the Buffy and the Scoobies when what do you know, the curse gets broken. Turns out there was a loop hole 'one moment of pure happiness'"
Buffy and Booth both blushed, Booth looked at Bones "I'm sorry"
"There is nothing to be sorry about, I had many sexual partners before we got together"
It took the rest of the room a few seconds to catch up on the conversation. "oh" said Angela.
"Then Angelus came out to play" Spike continued "we had a lot of catching up to do"
"Willow, Buffy's friend found the spell to re-curse me and I left. I couldn't be around knowing what I had done, so I moved to LA"
"Do you remember everything?" Cam asked
"Yes" It was a simple, yet sad answer "more than I want to"
"That's when it all changed" Buffy said "Back in Sunnydale we found a way to give the slayer powers to all the girls who could become a slayer, there's so many of us now, all over the world, it's pretty cool"
"That's when I died, again" Said spike
"But…." Hodges began
"Don't, you'll get a headache. Basically, we've all died at least twice" Buffy said shrugging it off like it was nothing.
"Back in LA things went from bad to worse, The Ancient Demons wanted the world back and we didn't really stand a chance"
"We would have heard about something like that, wouldn't we?" Cam was getting confused.
"Remember the earthquake? That was us, we did so much damage and lost so many good people…" Booth left the sentence hanging in the air.
"But they won" said Buffy "I don't know how, but they did and here we all are"
"They?" asked Bones "you were not alone?"
"There were 6 of us, against pretty much everything from hell. I called in a pretty big favour that day" Booth said, he turned to Buffy "The Powers That Be owed me one"
"Gotta love The Power That Be, not" she said.
"The who?" Angela asked.
"The force that controls everything" Hodges said "I knew there had to be something"
"It's more complicated than that, they're not good or bad, but they do keep the balance. If the Demons had won then the powers of darkness would be greater, so good had to win, the only down side was that I would be sacrificed"

"As far as we knew he was dead" Spike said "Angel, protector of the innocent, died in the Big Battle"
"Me and my sister moved to Rome, Spike joined us later"
"Don't say it like that Pet, you love having me around" he tried to sound seductive "and against, and under"
"Spike!" Buffy scolded him again
"What can I say" Spike address the whole room "she likes a little monster in her man"
Buffy threw a stake at Spike chest, missing his heart.
"Now now pet, don't me like that" he said "we can play later"
"Aaargh, one of these day Spike"
"Promises promises"

"Anyway" Booth said, he didn't need to or want to think about Spike with Buffy "After the battle I woke up as a Ranger in hospital, I knew who I was, who I had been, but there were all these new memories as well."

"So are you Booth or Angel?" Daisy asked. All eyes turned to her "What? I want to know"
"I'm both. I remember everything, from when I was born as Liam in 18th century Ireland to waking up in hospital as Seely Booth"
"Do you still drink blood?" Daisy was getting curious.
"Daisy!" Angela scolded.
"It's okay Angela" Both said, resting on the edge of the desk "I'll answer what I can, I'm glad you know. No I don't need blood anymore"
"Do you have super vampire skills" asked Hodges "like in the movies?"
"Bloody movies" he mutters under his breath "just the normal things faster, stronger and better hearing, but without the blood I'm not as fast as, say Spike, not unless I have blood"
"You just said you don't need blood" even Cam was starting to look pale now.
"I don't need it, but, my body wouldn't reject it either"
"Can you still put the game face on?" Spike said vamping out and stopping Booth from answering. He dives at Bones, causing a change reaction around the room. Some were horrified, some fascinated and one almost fainted. Without thinking, Booth grabbed Spike and slammed him to the floor "leave her alone" he growled.
"That's my boy" Spike said.

Booth stood up and realised his face had changed, Bones stood up and walked over to him, he tried to move his head, he didn't want Bones to see him like this.
"Fascinating" she said, as she ran a hand down the side of his face "structure change, brow ridges, elongated canines, but…" she said looking him in the eyes "it's still you"

Booths changed his face back and took Bones in his arms, "I love you, both" he whispered in her ear.
Bones pulled back and look at him, "how?"
Booths smile said it all "I can hear the heartbeat"