Feral Bird: The Rewrite

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Summary: The Kumo-nin was successful in kidnapping Hinata Hyuga however, both he and Hinata disappeared in the Konoha wilds. Two years later Naruto almost dies due to beating, he goes through a strange transformation and secrets are uncovered. Years later on the way back from assisting with the Wave mission, a feral girl is found in the forests, heavily injured.

Prologue: The Hyuga affair and the Transformation of Naruto Uzumaki

Sato, the Head Ninja of Kumo, races as fast as he can. Despite being miles away from Konoha, the ninja doesn't stop running. Instead, he takes a chakra pill and pumps more chakra into his legs to make him travel even faster. He has to reach the safety of the border, before he's caught by Konoha ninja.

Sato adjusts a sack that he carries on his sweaty back. Inside the sack is the three year old heiress of the Hyuga clan, Hinata Hyuga. Sato had abducted her hours ago. The kidnapping went by smoothly due to the fact that Sato had found some branch members of the Hyuga clan who wanted to get back at the main branch and what better way to do that than get rid of the main branch heiress, Hinata Hyuga. Hopefully, the branch members are keeping their end of the bargain are leading any possible pursuers away from him.

Once the chakra pill wears off, Sato quickly finds a nearby cave and decides to hide in the cave to catch his breath. Sato sets Hinata on the ground for a minute. He wipes the nervous sweat off his face and takes a drink of water from his canteen. Sato hears the girl crying in his sack. He lets out an annoyed groan.

"Shut it you!" Sato growls.

Sato doesn't mean to be harsh but the adrenalin and emotions that are pumping through him are making him edgy. Sato hears a howl in the distance. He curses his luck and thinks that either the branch members didn't keep their end of the bargain or they failed. Either way, Sato thinks that Konoha is now sending Inuzuka after him along with Hyuga. There's also a possibility that Konoha sent someone worse and far more dangerous, like one of the Sanin or their Jinchuriki if they still have one. Reports say that there is a high chance of Konoha having a jinchuriki after all. What Sato doesn't realize is that Hinata's cries are attracting a local wolf pack.

Sato grabs the sack and starts running again. Four legged shadows leap through the trees and rush along the ground as they follow Sato. Sato reaches a clearing. He hears several footsteps surrounding him. The ninja instinctively draws his Tanto. An abnormally large wolf and his pack enters the clearing. The big alpha snarls at Sato as he gets into an aggressive stance. His pack starts barking and growling at Sato in response. The pack doesn't normally go after humans but the cries coming from the sack that the Kumo-nin is carrying are sending the Alpha and the pack into a killing frenzy. They all think that it's one of the Alpha's pups that's crying. The Alpha sent two pack members back to his mate to check on her.

"So do the doggies want to play? Then let's play you mutts!" The Kumo-nin taunts and channels lighting chakra into his Tanto.

Within minutes five wolves of the twenty member pack are dead, three are injured, and the rest of the pack are ripping Sato apart in an insane, overprotective frenzy. The wolves don't leave anything to waste as they devour Sato's remains.

The Alpha rips open the sack and sees the crying girl. Hinata freezes at the site of the wolves. Tears run down her face, but she doesn't make a sound out of fear. The Alpha lets out a reassuring chirp and licks Hinata on the cheeks. Hinata lets out a light giggle followed by a sniffle. The other wolves look at Hinata and then look at their Alpha. Several of the smaller wolves whine and sniff the girl. The Alpha snarls at them to back them off as he contemplates on what to do. He could leave her and hope humans find her but there's a good chance she'll die. He could return her to the village but there's a good chance that he and his pack would get creamed and the girl could get caught in the crossfire. Or the Alpha could adopt her and raise her that way if humans don't find her, the girl has a good chance of survival.

After a few seconds of pondering the Alpha decides on the third option. He nips the girl on the shoulder to give her his power so she can survive better in the wild. A pentagram forms under the bite mark. The girl whines in pain for a couple seconds and then slips into unconsciousness as the venom from the bite begins to change her body. The Alpha picks up the girl by her yukata and returns to the den site while the rest of the pack continues its daily hunt for prey.

Back in Konoha the Branch members were able to lead the search parties into the wrong direction by making it seem like a missing-ninja had abducted her to sell her on the black market to either one of the villages or maybe even a foreign country that's outside the Elemental nations. The Branch members conspired with Danzo into fabricating a death scene. Using Hinata's DNA Danzo creates a clone and fabricates a death. In return Danzo gets several Hyuga to experiment on. The death scene works and weeks later Hinata is declared dead.

Hinata, on the other hand, becomes a wolf like creature. She melds easily into the pack. Travelers within Konoha's forests that see her believe that the girl is a forest spirit. Many try to search for the girl and fail. Some travelers disappear altogether. Others believe that she is just a myth to scare children.

-Two Years Later-

A lonely five year old boy with spikey blonde hair runs through the alley ways of Konoha's red light district. Tears stroll from his eyes as an angry drunken mob chases him into a dead end. This is what he has looking forward to every year on his birthday. Despite his please and sobs the same mob that includes ninja keep attacking him and this year they seem especially blood thirsty. Normally ANBU and guards intervene before the mob can catch Naruto but this year there's none to be found. The ANBU and guards that normally protect Naruto are busy due to an emergency situation in the Uchiha district. It'll take hours for them to clean the grisly remains that Itachi left. It'll take hours, if not days, to investigate what happened and snap Sasuke out of the genjutsu that Itatchi had placed on him. The mob snickers with glee and begin to attack Naruto with a higher their higher than usual blood lust.

Two ANBU agents, Yuki Hyuga and Masane Mikoto, rush as fast as they can to the mob before they hurt Konoha's resident Jinchuriki, Naruko Uzumaki.

However, they're too late as they see the mob leaving behind Naruto's semi-lifeless body. There are wounds all over his body and most are huge black and blue bruises and deep gashes along his torso. Some the wounds even hold bits of glass still left after the attack.

"Masane get Naruto to the hospital. I'll deal with the mob." Yuki orders.

"Yes Yuki." says Masane as she holds back her tears.

Konoha's Lightning Cat chases after the mob to kill them once and for all. Her Byakugan blazes with rage. Masane starts CPR on Naruto.

"Come on Naruto-kun, don't do this to us please." Masane begs and then slams on Naruto's chest hard.

Naruto suddenly lets out a deep gasp as his eyes flash crimson. Naruto groans in pain and grabs his stomach as the seal begins to deteriorate.

"Naruto!" Masane exclaims, only to begin to get scared when Naruto starts emitting red chakra. "Shit… Yuki!" Masane shouts.

Yuki comes back after killing the mob and almost craps herself. Red chakra swirls around Naruto as the boy goes into convulsions. Masane cowers in fear. The two kunoichi sense a couple familiar chakra signatures approaching. Hiruzen Sarutobi, Yamato and Wolf Inuzuka soon arrive. They see Naruto screaming as red chakra continues to flood his body and starts repairing the damage done to him. Bits of glass, dirt and other materials gets forced out of the wounds.

"Yuki what happened?" Hiruzen demands.

"A mob attacked Naruto and they managed to damage the seal. Possibly even destroying it." Yuki states.

"Dear Kami!" Hiruzen exclaims "Yamato, quickly." Hiruzen orders.

"I'll try but Naruto doesn't have the first Hokage's necklace so it'll be hard for me to suppress the chakra." Yamato says and uses his Hokage Style Jutsu on Naruto.

Hiruzen assists him by using the Five Elements Seal on Naruto. The chakra recedes slowly. Naruto is quickly brought to the hospital where he's attended to by doctors and examined by Inoichi.

The next morning Sarutobi walks to the hospital. When he woke up this morning he expected to visit Naruto without any problems. He expected to stop by his favorite tobacco shop on the way and get his favorite tobacco. He expected to show off a ninjutsu to inspire children. He wasn't expecting two ANBU rushing up to him with news that the fox's chakra is spiking and Naruto is in a cocoon of its chakra.

When he arrives at the hospital Hiruzen expects chaos, death and destruction. Instead. He sees a freaking out Naruto. Claws shrink into nails slowly. Eyes turn from red to blue. Whisker marks recede along with red chakra. Naruto clings to the nurse as he cries.

"Is it him?" Hiruzen mouths.

"He was in a chakra cocoon for only a few minutes. When the cocoon receded Naruto resembled a mini Kyubi. He started freaking out like we were. Once we realized it was him Masane calmed Naruto down by revealing everything." The nurse answers.

"She what?!" Hiruzen shouts.

Naruto flinches at the shout due to his newly enhanced hearing and starts whining again.

"His hearing is enhanced so lower the voice and yes, Masane revealed everything to him. I just managed to calm him down and he's shifting back to normal but it's painful." The nurse says calmly.

"I see." Hiruzen says.

Hiruzen relaxes a bit and walks up to Naruto. Naruto gets scared of the Hokage and clings to the nurse harder. Hiruzen sighs and rubs Naruto's head.

Later that day Inoichi reports to Hiruzen's office. Inoichi opens Hiruzen's liquor cabinet, grabs a bottle of the strong stuff and plops down into a chair where he proceeds to drink.

"Um… Inoichi, what are you doing?" Hiruzen asks.

"I just had a conversation with the Kyuubi." Inoichi answers.

"You mean what I saw was a trick and we really lost Naruto?"

"Oh no, that is Naruto. With the seal being severely damaged, the Kyubi used her power to repair the seal and heal Naruto."

"Wait…what?" Hiruzen asks.

"Apparently the Kyubi is a girl and instead of freeing, herself, she saved Naruto by altering his body." Inoichi explains.

"Why would the fox do such a thing?"

"I'm not sure but I do know that her changing Naruto isn't what's making me want to get drunk."

"It's not?" Hiruzen asks.

"Oh no. Apparently the Kyubi experienced all 10 months of Kushina's pregnancy and developed a motherly bond with Naruto. Basically she believes herself to be Naruto's mother. As for the whole attack on the village…. 1.) She was controlled and 2.) Once out of the masked man's control she was looking for the masked man to kill him for taking her away from the two people she romantically loved and her son. We just happened to be in the way." Inoichi explains.

"So basically you're telling me that the Kyubi isn't evil, is a girl and views herself as Naruto's mother?"


"And we were in the way of a mother bent on going homicidal on the masked man?" Hiruzen asks.

"Yes." Inoichi answers.

Hiruzen snatches the bottle from Inoichi and dumps it outside. He opens his safe and takes out the sake that the toads from Mt. Myoboku use. He pours himself and Inoichi a drink.

"So tell me about Naruto." Hiruzen says.

"Well, Naruto's DNA was already different than a normal human's due to the fact he's the son of a jinchuriki. However, it seems Kyubi enhanced Naruto's DNA further and turned him into a Kitsune bijuu/Human hybrid. Naruto has the instincts of a kitsune and a human. We'll have to train him how to handle his growing abilities." Inoichi explains.

"How do you plan on doing that?" Hiruzen asks.

"Well, Naruto's always been friends with the Inuzuka and my family. We could adopt him as a ward. Tsume can help him with his instincts along with the Kyubi." Inoichi explains.

"How can the fox be of any help?"

"Being a jinchuriki Naruto can visit the seal in what's called a mindscape. From there Kyubi can train Naruto. As for me, I can monitor the Kyubi's interactions. I can also provide psychological and emotional support."

"That sounds like a sound plan." Hiruzen says.

"Good, now for the bad news." Inoichi says.

"I thought that was the bad news."

"No that wasn't. That was the good news. Like I said I'm only drinking because of what I heard the Kyubi say."

"What's the bad news?" Hiruzen asks nervously.

"Masane killed herself. They just found her body along with a suicide note. I'm sorry lord Hokage." Inoichi answers.

"That's a shame. I was going to pardon her for revealing Naruto's secret because she managed to calm him down." Hiruzen says sadly. "Was it because of my law about being put to death if Naruto is told?"

"Partially. She also felt responsible for what happened to Naruto."

"She wasn't responsible. I told her that." Hiruzen pauses. "I thought she was in therapy?"

"She was but Masane never mentioned anything about suicidal thoughts. She came in and said that she was fine. I even checked her mind." Inoichi answers. "The only possible explanation is that she used a genjutsu on me without me knowing." He adds.

"This is a real tragedy. I'll personally fund the funeral. Keep me informed on Naruto."

"Yes lord Hokage."

The two men continue drinking their sorrows away. A sudden thunderstorm erupts outside minutes later. The two men look out the window.

"That's either Yuki finding out her best friend died or Yota finding out that his best friend is in the hospital." Hiruzen states.

The storm suddenly intensifies as purple lighting mixes with natural lighting meaning that both Yuki and Yota found out about the news of their friends. The two men let out sigh.

After calming down Yota and Yuki, Inoichi and Hiruzen immediately begin helping Naruto recover from his attack, his revelation and his transformation into a bijuu hybrid. Yota and Yuki also help as well as the Inuzuka and Yamanaka clan. Over the next few years, Naruto is taught how to control his instincts and his growing abilities.