Feral Bird: The Rewrite

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Summary: The Kumo-nin was successful in kidnapping Hinata Hyuga however, both he and Hinata disappeared in the Konoha wilds. Two years later Naruto almost dies due to beating, he goes through a strange transformation and secrets are uncovered. Years later on the way back from assisting with the Wave mission, a feral girl is found in the forests, heavily injured.

Chapter 7


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In the middle of the night Wolf, Anko and Yuki return to the village and rush to the Hokage as fast as they can. They carry several scrolls that are for the Hokage's eyes only. Hiruzen heads to his private office in the Hokage Mansion after being woken up by his ANBU guards. He sees his two assassins and the top kunoichi in the T&I department standing in his office. Hiruzen also notices several scrolls on his three shinobi quickly bow and then stand up.

"Yuki Hyuga, Anko Mitarashi and Wolf Inuzuka reporting lord Hokage." Yuki says

"What do you have for me?" Hiruzen asks.

Anko gives Hiruzen several pictures she took. Hiruzen looks through them.

"We found the Elemental Templar camp. At first we thought the place was abandoned. However, upon further investigation, the camp totaled and we found the remains of Templers in a pit at the bottom of the pit. There were no survivors. From the looks of things though, they went after Orochimaru." Anko answers.

"I knew they were crazy but to go after Orochimaru is just plain suicide for them." Hiruzen says.

"They weren't planning on going after Orochimaru. Based on the evidence we found. Orochimaru came to them. We also found evidence of several people that the Templars had held captive are missing. Several of their members are also missing. We also found missing supplies." Yuki explains.

"That's not good. I have a bad feeling about this." Hiruzen says.

"I do too which is why I had Wolf send one of his summons to Jiraiya." Anko states.

"I also sent word to his informants." Yuki adds.

"Good. Hopefully Jiraiya can figure out who or what was taken." Hiruzen says. "Anything else?" He asks.

"Yes, the stuff that wasn't taken we are having analyzed. The weapons we found are being confiscated and the bodies are being taken care of." Wolf answers.

"Excellent work you three." Hiruzen congratulates. "I want someone to keep an eye on the hideout just in case. I also want patrols increased in the event Orochimaru is nearby."

"Yes sir."

"Good. You three may leave."

Anko, Yuki and Wolf bow and take their leave. Hiruzen walks to the window and looks up at the night sky with a worried look on his face.

"Orochimaru what are you up to?" The god of Shinobi wonders.

He notices one of his ninja that's been assigned to the Daimyo racing towards his mansion.

"That doesn't seem good." Hiruzen says to no one in particular.

Hiruzen quickly jumps out of his window and meets up with the approaching ninja.

"What's going on?" Hiruzen demands

"Lord Hokage. You have to send help quick. The Daimyo's family has been kidnapped." The ninja says frantically.


"The Daimyo's family was kidnapped by someone claiming to be a former member of the Daimyo's 12 Guardians. But that's not all. The kidnapper has a jinchuriki that resembles a miniature Kyubi."

Hiruzen pauses. His blood runs cold. The first thing he does is send two ANBU to check on Naruto. They find Naruto and Hinata sleeping peacefully on the same bed in Naruto's room. Haku is in the next room asleep as well.

-With Kabuto-

Early the next morning, Kabuto sneaks into his master's Land of Fire base. He sees his lord, Orochimaru looking through some of the scrolls he took from the Elemental Templars. Kimimaro stands guard. He watches Orochimaru muttering to himself. Orochimaru puts the scrolls in several neat piles to organize them.

"Lord Orochimaru, may I ask a question?" Kimimaro asks.

"There's no need to ask for permission. Go ahead and ask." Orochimaru replies.

"Thank you. What is on the scrolls that you took from those mercenaries?"

"Lost jutsu, locations of possible artifacts and such. I'm going to try and recreate some of this Jutsu."

Orochimaru smiles as he comes up with a mission for his top team. Orochimaru grabs several scrolls and steps away from his desk. He walks up to Kimimaro.

"I want you to take your Sound five and find some of these relics. They could prove quite useful to us, Kimimaro." Orochimaru says and hands Kimimaro the scrolls.

"A treasure hunt? That's different then our usual missions. That sounds like fun. I'll begin at once milord." Kimimaro says with a smile as he takes the scrolls and leaves the room to go find his teammates.

Orochimaru looks at the far end of his office and sees Kabuto giving him a smug look.

"Shouldn't you be spying on Konoha?" Orochimaru asks.

"I came to give you my monthly report." Kabuto replies.

"And you couldn't send one of my snakes?"

"I felt like visiting. Don't worry I wasn't followed."

"Fine. So what's with the look?" Orochimaru asks.

"I find it quite odd that you took care of a mercenary group yourself instead of having one of your ninja take care of them." Kabuto replies.

"I was bored and wanted to get rid of a thorn in my side personally. They've caused me to lose a lot of research material and possible subjects."

"I see. Still interesting."

"Just shut up about it and give me the report, Kabuto." Orochimaru orders.

Kabuto smirks as he hands Orochimaru an envelope that contains Kabuto's report. Kabuto takes out the report and looks through it. He smirks.

"A lost Hyuga girl has been found and she's apparently been turned into a werewolf. Most interesting." Orochimaru says.

"I found it to be interesting as well. Shall I acquire the girl?" Kabuto asks.

"It is interesting but not necessary. Danzo has supplied me with a few branch Hyuga and I've managed to remove the bird cage seal without damage."

"But she's a werewolf and a Hyuga."

"I'm aware but according to your report the girl is nothing more than an animal. She'd be more trouble than what she's worth. If I want an animal I'd capture a jinchuriki. Furthermore, I have several werewolves of my own that I can perform research on." Orochimaru states.

"I see. Then should I at least keep an eye on the girl incase if she improves and becomes a desirable subject?" Kabuto asks.

"I suppose but put it at the bottom of your list of duties for me. I want to be updated on any news in regards to the Chunin exams and Sasuke Uchiha. I'll need another body soon."

"Very well Lord Orochimaru." Kabuto says while bowing and takes his leave.

Kimimaro heads down to the mess hall where his fellow sound five are taking a break. Sakon and Ukon are playing cards. Jirobo and Kidomaru arm wrestle and Tayuya Plays her flute.

"Alright you slackers we have a mission to do." Kimimaro states.

"Cool. What's the mission?" Ukon asks.

"We have to find some relics for lord Orochimaru."

Tayuya sets her flute down. Kidomaru manages to beat Jirobo for once at arm wrestling. Ukon and Sakon drop their cards.

"Repeat that again please?" Sakon asks.

"We're going on a relic hunt." Kimimaro repeats.

"We're Orochimaru's elite bodyguards and ninja. We kill stuff for him not go digging for relics." Tayuya states.

"I'm aware. I thought it would be something different for us for once. It'll be fun."

"Yeah for you. Not for the rest of us."

"Do you dare refuse a mission from our lord?" Kimimaro demands.

"Yes. I don't want to go on a relic hunt." Tayuya states.

"Too bad."

"Let's take a vote on this." Jirobo suggests.

"No votes. I'm our leader of the sound five. We're going on this mission even if I have to drag the lot of you." Kimimaro orders.

"Sakon is he serious?" Ukon asks.

"Yes he his. He's got that twitch to him." Sakon answers.


After packing a few things, the Sound five leaves.

A couple hours later Kabuto sneaks into Hiruzen's office. He looks through the Hokage's files to find anything on the Chunin exams. A while later Kabuto leaves without finding out anything. He heads to the Uchiha District and spies on Sasuke. A few minutes later, Sasuke leaves and heads to training ground 7 unaware of the fact that he's being spied on.

Sasuke arrives at the training ground and sees his teammates. Yota works on a jutsu while Sakura lays on the ground and reads a book. Sasuke sits next to Sakura. Sakura repositions herself so that she's laying on Sasuke. Sasuke fiddles with her hair.

"Not here yet huh?" Sasuke asks.

"Nope." Sakura answers.

"Typical." Sasuke sighs.

Kabuto eyes Sasuke carefully. According to previous reports on the Uchiha he was a moody loner and an avenger. Not someone who would sit around and show affection. What he isn't aware of is the fact the 1.) Sakura was never a fan girl. She only acted like one because Sasuke wanted to keep their relationship private. And 2.) Sakura literally removed some of the stick that was up Sasuke's ass.

"Well seeing we're waiting want to spar?" Yota asks.

"I suppose." Sasuke agrees and looks at his secret girlfriend. "Sakura you up to a spar?" Sasuke asks.

Sakura smiles at Sasuke and sets her book down. She then takes a swipe at Sasuke. Sasuke substitutes with a log. The log is reduced to splinters. Sakura's fist continues and crashes into the ground. The ground fissures around her fist. Sakura and Sasuke begin sparing. Yota generates a bit of electricity. The voltage is high enough so that it'll just sting. He joins the two in their spar. Kabuto smirks and can picture his lord taking over any one of the three.

Kakashi finally shows up with Hinata in tow. His genin notice him and stop sparring.

"Well isn't this lovely. My adorable genin are sparing." Kakashi smiles.

"You're late!" Sakura shouts.

Hinata, Kabuto and the men in team 7 flinch. Somewhere in a small town a blond haired Sanin gets a strange shudder and grins for no reason. It kind of freaks her out.

"Sorry about that but I have a real excuse this time." Kakashi defends as he holds his hands up.

"That's what you said the last time." Sakura points out.

"Yes well this time it was necessary. Team 8 has a mission to go on and I've been asked to watch Hinata. However, along the way here Hinata encountered Tora. It took a while to stop the feral girl from trying to kill the demon cat." Kakashi explains.

"Shame on you Kakashi-sensei, pinning your excuses on poor little Hinata here." Sakura states.

"But it's the truth!"

"Uh huh."

Kakashi lets out a defeated sigh.

"So do we have a mission aside from babysitting Hinata?" Sasuke asks.

"Yes, we have a few D rank missions." Kakashi answers.

"Any C rank?" Yota asks.

"No but watching Hinata is considered at least a B rank."

"Cool let's get started." Sakura smiles.

"Good. There's a long list. I have it all here on this scroll. The first on the list was catching Tora but I already took care of that so instead the first on the list will be cleaning the stables."

Kakashi snickers as he hears his Genin groaning in disgust and annoyance.