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Chapter 5: The Car Sex

Eren's eyes could not remain still. Scurrying this way and that way, up and down while a particularly jittery left leg bounced with every involuntary and agitated jerk of his knee. Red and blue lights rotated in his peripheral and shined against his face. A police car with a rather brawny officer in a terrifying blue uniform sat inside, running information through the city's criminal system. The parking lot couldn't be more vacant from the sudden rain that forced civilians to leave and made the sultry air smell of fresh asphalt.

Levi stood to his right. Smoking a cigarette with indifference, leaning coolly against the Jeep like all of karma's thrown curve balls would never intimidate him. His legs did not falter. Neither did his silence. Eren cautiously scooted his feet closer to his boyfriend, his unfocused stare forever enduring.

"I think it's safe to say that this was a bad idea?" he murmured under an anxious breath.

Levi's reply was not immediate. Instead, he slowly placed the tarred end of the smoke filter in his mouth – those stone cold eyes squinting in contemplation as he took a long drag. Where they were stationed was so quiet that Eren could hear the cherry sizzle when the man inhaled and embraced the tobacco into his hardened lungs. Levi took a brief second to trace the tip of his tongue against his dry upper lip.

"Yep," he said plainly with a slight pop.

And then on the next beat, Levi exhaled a toxic haze.

A little over an hour earlier, life was nothing more than a peaceful Sunday at Westbrook; a community park bursting with nature trails located on the eastern alcove of the metropolitan area. Mostly littered with upstanding families or elders. The occasional lot of teenagers sneaking off into dark corners to get high. Eren didn't come for the standard public attractions, but more for a personal fancy for the natural world. He possessed this certain captivation for the Earth's geography – the vastness of the oceans, the black jagged cliffs along coastal Norway, mile-deep tundra icelands and how volcanoes were fiery abysses to the core of the planet. Where the fascination began, Eren couldn't say. One day as a child he must have woken up and realized what a beautiful and scientific anomaly humans lived in.

Carla encouraged him to be a geologist or an archeologist, but Eren didn't want to study physical environments as much as he wished to capture them. On film, in the raw cut. Photojournalism was his major once upon a time in college. A state university of nearly thirty thousand strong. By his first year he was half the school's population in debt and by the second – after countless nights of beer pong and fucking identity confused frat boys with undomesticated sexual appetites – he left. The institution slammed a red void stamp on his paperwork and labeled him a dropout. Eren could go on about the technicalities, but the truth in all truths was that he never took higher education seriously and screwed himself hard.

After the lowly fall from grace, he landed in Levi's toughened lap and sunk deep into the maelstrom of romance. Photography became something of a rare occurrence. Largely sporadic episodes when time allowed it to be. Today was one of those instances. No one worked on the last day of the week. Weather was overcast which made the summer leaves on the oaks a darker shade of green as two lovers ambled through the forest, twigs cracking beneath the soles of their shoes. A Nikon was strapped securely around Eren's neck as he hiked up the steep incline ahead. He grabbed low-hanging branches and dug his heels in the dirt to help aid him against the forces of gravity until he breeched flat ground.

With a fatigued huff, he glanced over his shoulder and down to catch the sight of Levi ten feet away and fighting more to hide his struggles than the hill itself. "Didn't your daddy ever teach you the ways of the great outdoors?" Eren called and the sound waves of his voice carried into a small echo. Veiling his twisted smirk was difficult when beholding a man so blatantly out of his element, slipping on moistened soil and cursing like a drunken sailor when an exposed patch of skin nicked a bundle of thorns. Eventually, he got his shit together and joined Eren at the top of the world and only then did he speak.

"My father was a lousy alcoholic and my mother was a whore," Levi retorted, tone unsurprisingly collected. Strenuous circumstances be damned, "I thought I told you that."

"Whores and drunks can't appreciate nature?" Eren inquired flippantly.

"They appreciate the bleaker things in life."

His partner took the comment heedlessly as he pinched his left eye shut and positioned the camera lens in his grasps to his right, craning his head upwards to peer at the crests of the trees above and how they bowed inwards like an awning. A finger eagerly pressed a black button. Snap! "Yeah, that's real sad," Eren remarked with disinterest.

"Devastating." Levi sauntered towards the boy and casually brushed his shoulder against his arm to catch his diverted attention, speaking easily in the tranquil seclusion of the woods, "I couldn't imagine your dad bothering with the formalities of fatherhood either, smartass."

A haughty laugh quickly spurt from Eren's mouth. With the ushering in of adulthood, he learned two very pertinent lessons: you cannot alter the past and you cannot dwell on it. Grisha defaulting on his existence in his only son's life was his own gutless decision. Evidently, a dead wife and two kids to raise broke his backbone. The signal to tighten up on your obligations and responsibilities as a father just never rang with him. Not that it ever did before. Even when the man was present at dinner or social functions it was as if he came as a ghost. Couple months after Carla's passing, Grisha dropped a bag full of cash on their doorstep, got into his station wagon and kept on driving. No arrival point, no return point. Eren was fifteen and merely shed one tear for a parent he scarcely knew – a parent who genuinely did not want children in the first place. It was a reality that took years to accept.

"He did once," the boy confessed and proceeded to meander further along the frayed footpath of overgrown roots and wildflowers. Behind his back Levi indignantly rolled his eyes and followed. The shit he does for this brat. "Took me out hunting on his friend's property when I was ten," Eren continued as he surveyed the forest's lush vegetation with candor. "Not because he wanted to. I could tell by the look in his eyes. He let me use my grandfather's old 20 gauge single shot. We got up at the ass crack of dawn and sat in a blind for four hours."

"Seem exhilarating," Levi noted with disregard. He fought to keep his balance while walking on unstable rocks. "Did you shoot anything that wasn't tied to a tree?"

The insult was duly ignored on Eren's part. Perhaps it didn't even register. "I did actually," he said, a little liveliness in his tenor as he stepped over a large and obstructing log. "A young buck came running through the thicket right after the sun rose. I was so fascinated by it that I couldn't imagine killing it. That is until my dad yelled at me to put my ass in gear." He halted suddenly in his movements to bend his elbows and raised his arms – like he was steadily holding a rifle against his clavicle and aiming it somewhere off in the distance, "Held it tight, pulled back the hammer and squeezed my eyes shut as I pulled the trigger. Bang!" Eren jerked his shoulder back from the imaginary kick of gunfire for added theatrics and then tapped his middle and forefinger against his jugular, "Got him right through the windpipe."

"Killer shot, Al Capone," Levi quipped with a subtle chuckle.

A peculiar emotion that the man couldn't quite distinguish reflected in those emerald eyes as Eren spoke, "You should have seen it. The whole thing flipped mid-jump and landed on its side. Then the poor guy just kinda convulsed there for a while. My dad told me to finish it off – put a slug in his heart so I wouldn't ruin the mount, but I couldn't do that to an animal that's already down. Even out of mercy." There was a loaded pause for several moments, shadowed by a halfhearted shrug, "So, my dad ripped the gun from my hands and walked over and shot him dead like it was nothing at all."

Levi's reply was frank, "I'm not even going to pretend that story wasn't disturbing."

"Grisha was, uh…" Eren ponderously scratched the back of his scalp and nodded absentmindedly to himself when he stumbled upon the politically correct term, "different, but I fell in love with the scenery. Puts your mind at ease."

"I beg to differ," Levi grumbled as he pulled a hindering branch away from his face.

"Wait! Stay there."

He froze like a block of ice. Ceasing all action, muscles abruptly stiffening and immobilizing, "I swear to God if there's anything on me I'm going to fucking lose my mind."

A tiny laughed bubbled in Eren's chest and leaked from his light smile, "No, no, just…" he took a speedy moment to analyze the current settings, how specific facets would harmonize with Levi's characteristics and he started piecing it together in his brain like a puzzle. "Kinda put that branch back by your face, but only cover your left side like you're looking around the leaves."

The man moved by degrees – almost calculating. As much as he feigned displeasure for all these unnecessary methods in order get a fucking picture, deep in the core of his soul he found Eren's passion alone to be endearing. Seeing his expression brighten like the midday sun when he spotted a vibrant yellow dandelion in a spread of dying moss inspired a very distinct kind of love in Levi. Not the type that drives your body, but your heart. Any other ruined individual who would have come across that same dandelion would saw it as a goddamn weed and nothing more. That was the difference between Eren and everyone else – why Levi held him at night instead of a stranger, why he shifted the thin stretch of coarse tree bark and olive leaves to prickle his cheek.

The camera couldn't be in Eren's hands quick enough. It was close to flawless. "Relax your fingers a bit."

Instructions were minded accordingly so without much of a protest. Except one crossly saying of the Lord's name in vain.

Eren promptly leveled his Nikon, his fingers delicately turning the focus to make the quality sharper than the naked eye. It heightened every aspect of Levi's appearance; like how the jet black strands of his hair seemed darker than midnight and how the pale green shrouded against his porcelain skin did well in complimenting his incredibly prismatic blue irises that stared directly ahead. Body language was so artlessly poised. Those slender hips and sturdy legs naturally leaned with the Earth's gradient, making him look eased in Mother Nature's fruitful aura and radiant sunshine. A smile sprouted on Eren's lips as he trapped the scene with a white flash. Then another and then another.

"Perfect," the boy praised as he attained a final shot. Lowering his camera, he pressed his fingertips to his puckered mouth and elegantly kissed them, "Wee, monsieur you are a natural."

Levi's eyes narrowed, "You making fun of me because I'm French?"

"Perhaps," Eren playfully replied. "I always thought that the stereotype that all the French were grumpy was horseshit and then I met you and it all makes sense."

"What about you, huh? German and Spanish."

A nonchalant shrug, "One half of my blood fucked up in two world wars and the other half makes terrible drama series." Eren offhandedly observed Levi dipping beneath the tree branch in his grip and stepping out into approachable space – free of restricting foliage. The young man smirked in a cunning manner as a thought crossed his mind. As soon as Levi's awareness was uninhibited by distraction, Eren began to walk forward, his legs bringing themselves upwards and fluently down in a series of fiery struts. He snappishly rolled his head back, intimidating a sassy hair flip as he hotly articulated in eloquent Spanish, "Carlos, hijo de punta. Yo sabia que tenia un romance con Senora Salvador." Palms were angrily thrown flat against his chest as his voice flourished – heated and furious, "Por que? Por que haces esto a mi?"

Levi watched that swaying body draw nearer and nearer. The base of his jaw twitched like he wanted so desperately to smile, but wouldn't permit himself too. He opened his mouth to verbalize a brisk remark as substitute, but the brat moved intimately close and placed an elusive finger softly upon his lips.

"Silencio," Eren whispered like an enchantment, his eyes formidable. "No parcecen ser. No me importa que usted ha tenido contacto con siempre que usted me ama. Dices que me amas, Carlos!" The last of his speech came as a passionate shout before he slipped his eyelids shut and seized a fistful of Levi's shirt in his grasps, moaning deliciously, "Oh, Carlos! Carlos! Aye, Papi! Si, si! Joder mi cono!"

The words were foreign, but the language of sex was universal. Levi didn't need to have a basic foundation of high school Spanish to get the obvious gist. Eren's lewd cries for pleasure could make his cock hard in any dialect. Oddly, he didn't want it to stop. However, the sound of foolhardy laughter broke Eren's erotic character and indicated that the melodramatic soap opera charade was over. The boy just couldn't take himself seriously. Levi had to repress a disappointed groan and bury it in his testicles for later.

"God, you're so sexy when your Latino comes out," he uttered with a growl rippling deep in his throat.

"No, that's my mother coming out," Eren corrected. He lightly touched three right fingers to his forehead, then heart and finally across both shoulders in respect for his deceased mother; the religious gesture for The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Carla was a devout Catholic. Dragged Eren and Mikasa's asses to church every week for mass in their Sunday best, "Rest in peace, Mom."

Levi never felt a sense of discomfort when Eren brought up the subject of his mom. It was commending that he still held her so dear to his soul even though the man wouldn't know her in this life. Yet, the way her son carried her spiritual presence made Levi feel as though he had at one point. In spite of that, whenever the topic of her ill-fated death arose into discussion, a meditative silence would overwhelm Eren's entire being. It was neither sad nor enraged, but more so wistful and reflective. He always said he was too old to be mad at God anymore. Either way, Levi didn't take joy in the boy's sorrows. He acted impulsively to salvage their sensual mood by expertly whisking away Eren's camera from around his neck by the thick strap without the brat detecting its absence until it was already carried from his clutches.

Levi forged a look of introspection as the costly piece of equipment dangled from the fastenings. He scrutinized Eren with frigid eyes – eyes that could chill anyone's bones in the most pleasant of ways. The phantom of conversation lingered tensely in the air as their gazes concentrated on one another. They were quiet, but not restrained as they considered one another. Levi became the first to speak.

"Take your clothes off."

Eren cocked a bemused eyebrow, "Excuse me?"

"I want to take my own photos of nature," Levi candidly professed. "And what's more primitive than the naked body of man?"

"I can't take my clothes off here!" Eren affirmed with a fervent yell. "What if someone sees me?"

"We're far off from the original trail. You think I'm not aware of that?"

A smile matured in the shrewdest of fashions alongside obscuring eyes that darkened much like the shade of a freshwater lake when howling winds channeled in a storm. The guise undisputedly told Levi that Eren was waiting for him to notice. "Brilliant observation," the kid applauded and then everything about his disposition began to breed a lecherous charisma. He sighed in a way that sounded regretful as his hands grabbed the bottom hem of his gray fitted long-sleeved shirt and gently uplifted the fabric, revealing a minor share of the beautifully bronzed skin of his abdomen that lay beneath.

But, he stopped about as soon as he started and then emitted a whimsical giggle that was very unlike his nature. Levi was impervious to it for he was wholly prepared to play the fuck out of this coy game that the little piss ant was willing to participate in. Much like a game of chess, it was simply a matter of distinguishing your opponent's strategy. At the present time, Eren had unknowingly made the first move. Levi stole the right to the second.

"Come on, pretty boy," he encouraged. "You're never going to make it in this industry unless you shed some layers."

The pass was now back to Eren – he caught it with certainty and ran. He cowered his blushing face in a timid shoulder. Away from Levi's unbreakable stare, "My goodness," Eren frightfully gasped, adoring his voice in a rather impressive 1940's Southern Belle accent. "But, Mr. Director, my daddy's a faithful Christian. What will he say when he sees these pictures of me? He may rip off my dress and spank me."

Levi was – how you would say – a connoisseur at keeping a cool composure. Even with his budding erection being packed inside his restricting jeans like lunch meat stuffed in a Ziploc bag. "You're grown now, honey," he replied evenly. "All grown into that adult body. Now go on and show it to me."

Eren situated a bashful palm against his cheek as his sight was casted to the ground, "I'm so nervous," he laugh fretfully. "The most immodest a boy has ever seen me back home was when he took me behind a gas station and put a finger in my panties and tickled me in a strange way until I came." Levi could nearly see the underhanded grin in the brat's features after the statement was made and he could undoubtedly hear it in his tone as he persisted on, "But, you're not gonna do anything like that to me, are you mister?"

Levi forfeited his opportunity to retort. Instead, he sunk his teeth into his bottom lip as the tender flesh of his dick condensed harder against his zipper.

"Listen to me speakin' all silly and whatnot. Of course you wouldn't. You seem like quite the gentleman – not like the other boys." At that moment, Eren's expression drastically altered from a humble gem from the Carolinas to one of thirst for erogenous sin. That sly mouth slackened into a diminutive frown and those eyes peeled into a glower as he definitively towed his shirt up and slipped it off his head. His toned chest and finely built arms were left bare to the bitter draft as the article of clothing was dropped to the soil. No shame, no inhibition. "You're a man, aren't you?"

"Jesus Christ, Eren," Levi husked unintelligently.

A sense of triumph coursed through Eren's veins and poisoned his poaching blood that rushed to both his brain and in between his legs, bestowing a baleful smirk on his face that he'd soon atone for. However, in the hot and fuddled cloud of debauchery, there existed no reasoning. Only impulse that roared like ireful thunder in his ears. No time wasted as he began to unclasp his belt buckle. The thunder cracked once more, rolling overhead. Eren felt the wetness of a single raindrop on his chin and went to touch it. Realization knocked then.

It was actual thunder.

Eren glanced upwards to the blackening sky.


Five minutes later the heavens opened wide and the Gods wept copious amounts of fat, chilling tears on the Earth. The torrent came with the absence of wind and the storm barreled straight down from the firmament in a crystalline wall. Eren and Levi sprinted across the parking lot, their rapid footfalls splashing in the crisp water as it dampened their socks. Droplets pelleted against their clothes in the downpour, but the material was soaked before they even broke through the muddy trails and hit the pavement with their shoes. Levi hastily reached deep in his pockets and pressed the unlock control on the key fob. In the blinding rain, off in the distance, they saw Veronica's headlights flicker and heard the double beep of her horn. As they approached the car, their pace did not slow. Eren practically slammed his body into the door as Levi's rounded the front – a miniscule short cut to the driver's side. They both tugged on the handles at once, climbing into the vehicle and plopping their sodden asses on the polished interior.

As soon as the doors were fixed shut, Levi raked his fingers through his hair and scrubbed the moisture out of his black locks. Contrariwise, Eren's consideration was focused on much more vital matters; like the drenched Nikon still wrapped around the man's neckline.

"Fuck, my camera!" he bellowed and desperately pulled it over Levi's head with a violent heave.

"Easy, brat!"

Eren settled the gear in his lap and was quick to swipe the power toggle forward with his thumb then allowed it automatically snapped backwards. A tiny dot off to the right glowed a vivid red and the digital screen flashed white as it became fully functioning and operational. He blew a momentous sigh of relief, "Thank you." Immediately after, Eren switched the camera off. He took a brief second to wipe the lens clean with the end of his shirt sleeve before popping open the glove box and carefully setting it inside before closing it. He turned to Levi in that same moment.

It must have been the precipitation glistening off their skin or how their soggy bangs clung to their foreheads. Something about the way one another looked as their eyes connected sparked a mutual compulsion that had the two simultaneously lurching towards each other and joining in a frenzy of tongues and cheeks. Wet muscles interweaved themselves in a familiar sequence as their mouths compacted firmly together. Levi held the sides of Eren's face with a resilient grip, savoring the sugary taste of the boy's lips on his own. The lull of rainfall cascading against the windshield was the only background noise that drowned out the impassioned sounds of excited breathing; exhaling sharply from their noses and parting merely a touch to gasp for air before devouring each other once more.

With hysterical hands, they grabbed at one another – clumsily hauling their bodies through the gap in between the front seats. Knees screwed themselves into the upholstery to gain stability, arms flew outwards in every direction in hopes of grabbing onto anything for leverage; anything that would support their weight as they wedged their limbs through the small opening. Mouths remained locked to each other like positive and negative magnets in the exertion. Their raw, masculine groans rumbled in their throats without promise of escape as they awkwardly slipped passed the crevasse by the power of their legs. Eren tumbled backwards first, bringing Levi down on top of him by the cast-iron hold he had on the man's shirt collar. They made fast work of readjusting their catawampus positions, eagerly scrambling into a horizontal arrangement as they sucked on each other's tongues and relished in the delicious smacking of their lips with every unruly kiss.

Levi impatiently crept his palms down Eren's clothed and sopping thighs and dug his fingernails into his hips, grinding his ripening erection hard between those pretty legs. Instinctively, Eren wrapped his arms around his boyfriend's shoulders and began grating himself against the opposition, creating significant friction and a steadfast momentum. They stimulated each other like this with earnest – teasing their irritable points until weak for desire; Levi biting the junction above Eren's collarbone, making every muscle in that sexy little body tauten while Eren respired warm and shaky pants into Levi's ear. However, foreplay latest shortly for neither were in the mood for such recreational banter. Once again, their mouths caressed each other and amidst every feverish peck, Levi spoke.

"I can't wait."

Eren placed a hand flush on the man's torso, hesitating his advances. The way those green irises glinted behind rich brown eyelashes did not suggest that he wished for this to stop and confirming that notion was the longing in his reply, "Then don't." It was so shamefully obvious that he wanted this to be dirty.

And validation was all Levi needed.

Very suddenly, Eren's world spun rather ferociously. Brutal hands flipped him square on palms and knees and began detaching his belt with promptness. The distinct clinking of his buckle being undone increased this irrefutable anticipation that had Eren virtually moaning before Levi even popped the button of his jeans open and dragged down the zipper; which was accomplished in great haste as well. Faded denim was tugged down those silky thighs and left the brat's magnificent ass and aching member stripped and vulnerable to Levi's uncouth considerations. Eren could fucking smell his lover's vulgar stare dissecting his lower and utterly naked physique. It made him feel so exceptionally naughty that he squirmed as a delightful chill tormented his spine. The suggestive convulsion caused a reactive shift from behind him. Christ, if Eren had a cunt he would be so unbelievably wet.

Levi punctually smoothed his fingers against his lips and brusquely spit into them like an ill-bred mountain man. At least, he thought so. Lack of proper lubrication typically called for such loutish things and when a whiny little whore is trembling before you – ready to please – you don't think twice about soaking your digits and massaging them against that keen entrance. Shit, listening to their mesmeric whimpers was a reward in its own right. It made Eren damn close to irresistible and left Levi encircling his snug cavity flirtatiously, coating the rim with slick saliva. Lustful enthusiasm seemed to scourge the kid's body like a plague by the manner in which his legs shook. Rude sex made him greedy.

"Don't fuck with me," Eren grunted, "I need you now."

With a disdainfully scowl, Levi reared back slightly – just enough to straighten his back – and took his proactive hand along with him. Eren lost his nerve then, panicking that he had said the wrong words with the wrong attitude and an anguished frustration soon came rapping on his chamber door. His shoulder blades pinched together, muscles perceptibly fluctuating under his shirt like plate tectonics, as he declined his head low and pushed his forehead against the leather interior. Such a recoiled position did well in hiding Eren's face while his lips formulated an inaudible curse.

You see, Levi didn't take commands like a bitch. That was Eren's responsibility. Hell, perhaps even his civic duty because he portrayed the part so aptly; the beautiful boy with the guiltless eyes and the wicked body. A secret freak in the sheets. Whatever spell he used to cast on susceptible gentlemen in dive bars didn't quite work on a true professional like Levi. Eren was swift to learn who the real ring leader was – how the scales of balance would everlastingly be tipped against his favor, but after taking that first sip of firewater from the bewitched goblet had Eren fascinated to a new kind of therapy. One he had been addicted to for years. He knew better than to give orders and he did not budge from his still pose even when he heard the ziippp of metal, the sound of some serious shit.

"Trust me," Levi groused, tone so dangerously depressed in octaves that it vibrated Eren's eardrums. It made his chest cold, but then instantly hot when he perceived that Levi's fly had been opened and his member unmasked over the elastic waistband of his briefs. Rough hands smoothed themselves against the boy's covered skin and crawled. Crawled up his back and down to his tailbone and then curved around his undressed hips with a tender squeeze. That man's threatening voice came again in Eren's augmented awareness, "I wasn't going to give you the courtesy," he finished definitely.

And at that very moment, Levi shoved himself inside and Eren's form was propelled forward with an aggressive jerk. Arms were thrown outwards as an inherent reflex and the brat's hands landed straight on the window ahead with a certified thud, bracing his upper body and saving his nose from cracking against the thick tempered glass. The circumference of Eren's entrance stretched wide around the girth of his boyfriend's searing cock and he cried out in mouthwatering agony, suffocating on his vocals.


Levi's starting thrusts were slow and steady yet mighty in their force. Smack…smack…smack! Went their skin with every stout connection of bone and ass cheek, tiny waves flowing across their flesh. Groans were beginning to discharge from the bottom of Levi's gut and he tucked his lips between his teeth to smother them away. Eren wasn't so diplomatic. He revealed his gritted fangs in remarkable pain while bemoaning his remarkable pleasure as Levi pulled and pushed, pulled and pushed – combing long fingers through that mess of dark russet hair.

"Say my name," the man whispered, twisting his hand tighter in those clammy locks. "Say my fucking name. Scream it for me to hear."

The decree was crystal. However, Levi could be a little shit when he wanted to be. To emphasize his demand he teasingly stroked Eren's prostate with mastered precision by merely the tip of his penis. Fuck, he could fondle this kid's sweet spot with his eyes closed and wrists tied, but he never grew bored of those screams – and boy, did he scream good. Eren's lids broadened and his eyes sparkled with ecstasy. His jaw fell – mouth trying to maneuver before his brain which made his speech incoherent, "L-Le," he choked on the word, but for a second could not remember. Then he swallowed hard, "Levi!"

Listening to his name being shouted from a whore – his whore – was like pouring gasoline on an untamable flame. It had Levi's whole built rolling into every insertion, every arcane plunge into that welcoming passage that was reddened from abrasion and glossy from spit and pre-cum. He was gliding his erection at such a perfect angle that it nearly put Eren in tears. Sobbing for rapture as his palms and fingertips slid down the foggy car window, leaving behind streaks and prints in the condensation caused by their angry sweat and roasting body temperatures. It was at this point that Levi wanted the boy closer than face down in the seat padding. He grabbed a fat wad of Eren's shirt and hoisted him straight on his knees. Subsequently, Eren's back collided squarely against the man's torso and without much delay he felt a devious hand snag the front of his hemline and hike it up underneath his chin – showcasing that fearsome figure.

One rosy nipple was seized upon exposure. Tan legs parted further from one another in response. Levi's lips pressed themselves to Eren's temple.

"Touch yourself," he whispered.

The only comprehensible action Eren could accomplish was a nod and then he grasped his dick and pumped with sincerity. The will to hold his head upright died and he dropped it back to rest on Levi's shoulder, tilting slightly to the right to pant steamy moans into his ear and drive him fucking insane. As if the saturated noises of Eren's fist slapping along his cock as he rubbed himself raw wasn't doing its job already. Shear desire had Levi burying himself so far in the brat's asshole that he was stunned that he hadn't stabbed his heart yet and killed him. The thought of it didn't make him stop, didn't impel him to put on the brakes. It only further proved how much of a sadistic bastard he truly was. How much he really wanted to make this little bitch shriek.

However, Eren's voice was lost. Clogged somewhere in his throat as he gagged for air. The combination of intense perspiration and rain water had the strands of his hair sticking to his neck. Euphoria was making his eyes heavy like he was high off of a potent pill. There was something he wanted to say – something he needed to say and it came out of his gaping mouth like how a fine liquor pours out of a bottle.

"I love you."

Sometimes Levi would return the words of adoration. Sometimes he didn't. Today, he didn't. Instead he hugged Eren more tightly, more fondly and bucked harder. And that was enough. That was just how Levi operated. In love, you learn patience – acceptance. Although Eren's biological framework required constant physical affection, if Levi were to become benevolent then he wouldn't be the man that knocked his socks off three years ago. That detached personality made him an unsolvable mystery to others, but to his lover it was seen as a reflection of his goals, his values, and his soul. That alone got Eren's blood pulsing, his testosterone rising, the itch to orgasm to mount rapidly.

Because Levi was his. Unconditionally.

"Shit, I'm gonna cum," Eren breathed distressingly, massaging his erection while Levi pounded his ass faster and faster and faster. Overwhelming his perception and growing high-pitched in his alarm, "I'm gonna cum."

There was an abrupt surge in his balls then. It was like a flare being shot off from his crotch and racing to the top of his head at a hundred miles an hour. Levi heard the boy's loud gasp and felt the prickling sensation of fingernails burrowing into his forearm. "Now, now," Eren bellowed fanatically. "I'm cumming now!" On cue, his muscles flexed as his climax crashed into him like a tidal wave on the shoreline. His vision went as white as the semen that dispensed from his cock in squirts and the knuckles that gripped it. A shudder traveled through Eren's extremities so fiercely that it caused his final, hoarse whimper to shake much like his bones.

Meanwhile, his loosened inner walls caved in around Levi's member with same amount of reprisal and the man inhaled harshly like he was swallowing knives. One concrete thrust, then another. Climbing to the peak of the beguiled crag until the soaring altitude wrecked his fortitude to continue and he descended from the precipice into bliss, releasing his load within Eren's quivering frame. It was the equivalent to angels singing.

Dizziness struck Eren like a bad hangover and he swayed like paper in the breeze, blinking away the stars from his sight. Behind him Levi unleashed a tremendous breath and slumped his forehead in the cleft of the boy's comforting shoulder. Eren mustered the energy to chuckle wearily.

"You're getting too old for this shit."

"Foolish words," Levi grumbled and uncharacteristically nuzzled his nose in the cloth of his lover's top. "You want me to bend you over again?"

"Don't threaten me with a good time," Eren taunted with a crooked and tired smile. Another session of love making was always in the cards. Second bouts made the body filthier and the sex more primal. Levi must have been picturing the same erotic image as well because his arousal remained plump and safely penetrated in Eren's warmth as he began to softly rotate the appendage inside that lurid hole once more, feeling those tantalizing recesses twitch in hunger. A pair of hands ran across those bronzed pecks and delectable abs. Eren's lungs raced erratically.

Levi spoke to him with carnal magnetism oozing from his lips, "I can fuck you better than any punk college boy, sweetheart."

Eren was quick on the offensive. Even with a dick poking around in his ass and his eyes closing in corporeal serenity, "College boys aren't really my scene anymore," he hummed. "Most of them are straight with too many hormones and like to play on the wild side with cute pieces of tail like me."

Somehow the thought of his younger partner getting railed by a group of frat boys reeved Levi's engine in the oddest of ways and he rocked against Eren with a newfound revelation. "You're such a little slut," he purred, kissing the brat's slender and appetizing neck. He immediately felt the little shit turn to gaze at him seductively, tracing the tip of tongue along the back of his teeth with a foul smirk.

"I'm all yours now," he avowed and ended his sentence with a dry and voluptuous murmur, "my sexy, dirty, wonderful man."

A wire snapped in Levi's brain then. He hurled Eren forward in his previously bowed position whom which let out a girlish squeal and broke out into a fit of mischievous giggles as a result. They started fooling around with each other not even a second later; licking, caressing and violating their bodies with glee. Snickering in hushed tones as they planted sugary kisses one another's skin, moaning as they gyrated their attached lower halves together.

Needless to say, things spiced up rather quickly.

And it was feeling like a fucking sauna in the Jeep. Levi reached to pluck off his sticky shirt that clung to him like adhesive. Oblivious he was to the ominous silhouette that skated around the misty back windshield like a poltergeist. It approach the right side door in their blind spot. An obscured black baton was drummed against the dewy glass. Tap! Tap! Tap! The noise was so faint that Levi didn't even flinch – figured he imagined it. Eren was deaf to it completely and gave the man a perplexed look when the vigorous foreplay ceased in all activity. Levi's brows furrowed and he cocked his head over to the window, wiping the vapor away with the razed portion of his elbow to check what was striking the car.

It was soon discovered that it was a police officer with a night stick. Levi's eye widened.


"…shit!" Eren barked and scrabbled up off his knees, furiously wrenching up his jeans around his waist. Levi followed suit instantaneously with inconceivable speed. In one fluid motion he threw his shirt down and drew his pants up to his hips with a zip and a prompt hook of a button – much like magic. While Eren flopped on the seat like a fish out of water trying to keep his fitted denim from getting snagged on his heels. Eventually he succeeded, but without his pride which was draining from his conscience while also draining the color from his face. By the time he got to fixing his disheveled hair, Levi had opened Veronica's door to confront their unwarranted visitor and a dense smog of pheromones and body heat seeped to the outside. As if their indiscretions couldn't be any more transparent.

"Good afternoon, officer," Levi stated formally. Not giving a single fuck.

The gallantry was not reimbursed by law enforcement. The policeman regarded Levi with a stern expression and then that diligent stare wondered beyond him to the flushing lad sitting nervously on the opposite side of the automobile. Levi knew what this guy was assuming solely by the manner in which he frowned.

He thought Eren was a minor.

And after determining that possibility, the officer cleared the shit out of his throat. "Can you two gentlemen step out of the vehicle for me?"

Levi had officially chain smoked his third Marlboro down to the nub. The sweltering butt was flicked off into a puddle that had served as his ashtray for the past fifteen minutes and the ember was extinguished with a hiss. He folded his arms laxly and huffed out a peevish sigh. This was taking too long and it didn't help that the brunette spazz beside him was fidgeting like he was a pitiful tweaker searching for meth. It earned him a glare and a well-deserved punch in the thigh that made him yelp. Eren's rebuttal was silent, but his livid scowl spoke volumes. Levi paid him no mind. He wasn't the one being targeted for statutory rape.

About a minute or so later after standing for nearly twenty, the man in blue came strolling from his cruiser with a small notepad in his grasps and his patent military boots clomping along the pavement with every hefty step. Levi snorted. Those are fag shoes. He knew because he got fucked in a pair five Halloweens ago and that observation caused a lift in his mood.

"Alright, boys," the policeman boomed as he came within proximity and offered Levi his driver's license like an outstretched invitation which was accepted with irrelevance. "You're record is clean."

No shit, asshole was what Levi wanted to say, but opted instead to stow his photo identification back into his pocket without giving into temptation. Next, the cop handed off the second laminated card in his possession to Eren with a quirked eyebrow, "Misdemeanor theft?" he questioned with curiosity.

Levi sniped a very pointed look in the brat's direction, "Are you fucking serious?" Shockingly enough, he wasn't bowled over by this.

Eren snatched his ID with mild embarrassment, muttering, "I was fifteen. I stole a pack of cigarettes." That merited an impudent scoff from his boyfriend. Predictably.

Ignoring the couple's tiny squabble, the officer kept himself in his bureaucratic disposition and resumed speaking of legalities. "Well, gentlemen, you know performing sexual activity in a private lot is grounds for public indecency, correct? I could technically arrest you for this."

With that being said, Eren's terror returned and he bobbed on the balls of his feet as his glossy eyes looked up to the gray sky in prayer, "Fuck…"

"However," the cop stressed, flipping his scratchpad in his breast pocket, "You caught me in a pleasant mood today. We'll save the paperwork and say that this never happened. I think being found with your pants down is punishment enough."

Levi wanted to spit in this fucker's face.

"Thank you, officer," he expressed gratefully, but if this man in uniform was as vigilant as he led himself on to be then he should have picked up on the hint of sarcasm.

He did not.

"Not a problem," he replied with an empty smile and then said with empty humor, "Just keep it in the bedroom next time."

Both of them nodded curtly in understanding. Levi was fearful that if he opened his mouth that it would have him thrown in county. Eren just felt so relieved that he couldn't talk. Either way, it worked in their favor. The policeman tipped his chin to them in acknowledgement and raised a hand in a blunt wave. Or perhaps it was his pardon for their inappropriate transgressions. Kind of like the Pope.

"You folks enjoy the rest of your Sunday."

And just like that, he got in his squad car and coasted away. Off to inconvenience more civilians rather than upholding justice. This city's police department was so shambolic. Levi couldn't believe that his taxes went towards their coffee dependences and donut feedings. All he could do about it now was kick the peddles beneath his feet and turn to Eren who watched him with a hooded expression. Poor baby, he looked like a shamed whore.

"So," Levi droned. "A pack of cigarettes?"

"Jesus Christ, I was fifteen!"

I'm here to say that no – I have never been arrested or was threatened with being arrested from fucking in a car. But, I have fucked in a car. And it's awesome.

Two aspects I'm loving about Eren right now as I develop him in these stories is 1.) his Spanish heritage – very glad I added that. 2.) he was the town pump in college but in the most savvy way possible. Like this motherfucker knew how to market his body and play the fuck out of boys. Even the straight frat ones. He's THAT in tune with his inner slut. He's not mindless about it. He's a sly little shit. And you know what, go you Eren. You got street smarts. While Levi's got book and street smarts. You compliment each other so well. So, if Eren acts like a helpless prostitute in chapters please note that it's not because he's incapable or weak-minded. He does it on purpose. I think I've made that clear.

Oh and that Spanish snippet. I Google translated that so it's most likely incorrect if anyone here speaks it. I took Japanese is high school. The English for it was something like "Carlos, you son of a bitch, I know you had an affair with Mrs. Salvador. Why? Why would you do this to me? Silence! I don't care who you've had contact with so long as you love me. Say you love me, Carlos. Oh, Carlos, Carlos! Yes, Yes! Fuck my little cunt!" So, yeah. If you were curious. Tis was very sexual.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy yourselves. And as always – stay tuned.