Ch. 1

Coming Back

Sarah had left with Cole Baker on vacation to Fiji. She wasn't planning on going at all but the more Cole talk about finding someone who cared about you the more she thought about Chuck and the life she wanted with him, and that scared her. She was a spy for havens sakes she wasn't suppose to fall in love with Chuck but she did, and she doesn't know what to do about it. The opportunity presented it's self and she jumped at the opportunity hoping the time away from Chuck would do her some good. Sarah had left without tell Chuck goodbye, because she knew if she looked into those beautiful brown eyes she wouldn't have the heart to go.

Pasted 6 Months

Sarah was in Fiji trying to forget about Chuck, but it was harder than she thought. Her heart longed for Chuck, for Chuck to hold her in his arms, to feel his lips on hers. She knew he made a mistake coming her with Cole, but how was she suppose to go back to Chuck knowing that she hurt him. Would he forgive her? Would he still love her? All these thoughts were going through her mind, but she decided she needed Chuck and would fight till her very last breath to be with him.

Chuck on the other hand, was hurt. How could Sarah do that to me? Doesn't she know I love her, and I would do anything for her? I guess I'm just not her type. I mean look at me. I'm to tall and skinny. I'm out of shape, and have no muscle definition.

A week after Sarah left

Chuck woke up, laid in bed longer than he should have, feeling sorry for himself. "What are you doing with you life man", Chuck thought, "no wonder she left you without saying goodbye, look how pathetic you look just laying here feeling sorry for yourself". He suddenly jumped out of bed, "I am Chuck Bartowski, and today my life is going to change", he told himself.

Chuck got dressed really quick and headed over to Awesome and Ellie's house. He knocked on the door, Awesome answered, "hey Chuck how are you doing man".

"Fine, I need to ask you for a favor" Chuck said.

"Anything what's up, bro"

"I decided to make some changes in my life, and I wanted to know if you would get me in shape?"

"Of course, I'm about to head out for my morning run care to join me?"

Chuck was be skeptical but decided to say yes anyway. It took awhile but Chuck was starting to keep up with Awesome. Two weeks had passed, and Chuck was running 8 miles a day. Devon had suggest that Chuck join the gym to build up some muscle. Chuck agreed, the first week at the gym was rough, his muscles were so sore he thought he wouldn't be able to get out of bed. But, by week two his muscle had little soreness and he was hitting it hard at the gym.

A month had passed, and Chucks muscle were starting to show. His biceps, chest and shoulders had grown, even his abs were forming nicely, even his legs were becoming more defined. This was the best he had ever felt, he had more confidence than he had ever had.

Chuck walked into castle trying to find Casey, he needed to ask him something. Once Chuck spotted Casey he walked quickly toward him. "Casey" Chuck said, "I need to ask you something". Casey just grunted and Chuck continued, "will you train me in hand to hand combat, and with weapons training". Casey was taken back with Chucks question he was not expecting that to come out of his mouth.

Casey grunts.. "Sure Chuck, are you sure this is what you want"

"Yes, as you can see I have make some changes into my life, and I thinks it's time I pull my own weight with this team. Also I know you are getting tired of always having to watch my back"

"Okay, we will start training today meet me at the dojo in an hour"

Two months have passed, Chuck was getting stronger by the day, he was so quick with the hand to hand combat that Casey had a hard time taking him down, he also had picked up the weapons training vary quickly. He was almost as good with the gun as Casey, and he had the same skills as Sarah did with the knife. Chuck also made other life changes besides working out everyday, Chuck traded in his nerd herder for a Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS. Chuck was changing and everyone around him could see it was for the better, he still was same guy on the inside who cared and would do anything for his friends and family. The missions him and Casey would go on we're always successful and it made it even better that Casey didn't have to watch over Chuck every step of the way. His only down was the amount of attention he got from all the women, they were always all over him no matter were he went. Chuck was still shy that's one thing that won't change.

Present Day

Sarah had made up her mind she was going back to Burbank to get Chuck back, and she would stop at nothing to make it happen! She just hoped Chuck would forgive her for leaving without saying goodbye or giving him the reason as to why she left. She loved him and she hoped he still loved her. All she could do on the flight back to Burbank was think about how much she loved Chuck and what a mistake she had made leave and if she got the chance to be with Chuck she would not make the same mistake.

Back in Burbank

Chuck had just got done with is morning workout, and was headed the muscle beach for some weight training. Casey was in castle cleaning his guns, when he saw his phone ring it was Walker. "Hey, Walker what can I do for you?"

"Hey, Casey I'm back in town and was wondering if we can talk?"

"Sure meet me back at my place, Chucks gonna be out for awhile so you don't have don't have to worry about running into him"

"Thanks Casey see in thirty"

Sarah arrived at Echo Parked about five minutes early, to her surprise Casey was already there. She went up and knocked on his door. Casey answered the door, "Hey Walker, what can I do for you?"

Sarah entered his apartment. "Hey Casey, I wanted to talk to you about coming back to Team Bartowski"

Casey gave her a grunt. "Is that the only reason you came back?"

"Well no" Sarah replied looking down. "I'm also here...I'm here for Chuck, I made a mistake when I left six months ago..I should have never left I was running from my feelings, but I'm back now because I love him. I love Chuck Bartowski"

"Damn lady feeling" Casey grunted. "Chuck was a mess when you left, I had to pick up the peaces you left him in. I agree though you should come back to Team Bartowski it just isn't the same without you, but Chuck on the other hand was hurt bad and when you left something changed in him" when she heard Casey's last words she could help the tears in her eyes as they fell down her cheeks. "When you left he decided to change the way he looked, don't get me wrong he still the same guy we have come to care about, but...well let's just say you will be in shock when you see him".

Sarah was relieved when she heard Chuck was still the same guy she has come to love but she was a little concerned about the changes Casey had mentioned. "Let's set up a meeting with Beckman, also another thing don't say anything to Chuck about me being here"

Casey set up the meeting with Beckman with just Sarah and him. Beckman appeared on the screen surprised to see Sarah. "Agent Walker I'm surprised to see you hear I assume you need to ask me something".

"Yes General, I am actually here to request to be put back on Team Bartowski"

The General look at Casey then to Walker, "I see, and how do you feel about the Cornel Casey?"

"I believe the Walker would be a great addition to the team and our record has proven that. It would be an honor to work with her again".

"Very well" the General looks back at Agent Walker, "Agent Walker, welcome back to the team", and just like that the screen went black.

Casey stood up and walked to the door Sarah was right behind him, "well Walker it's good to have you back, see you tomorrow at castle"

"It's good to be back, and Casey please don't saying anything to Chuck", Casey nodded and gave her a grunt and shut the door as she left his apartment.