The phone rings and as he pulls it out of his pocket he sees its Kate. No its Beckett now, he thinks to himself, It never was Kate, only Beckett the serious, cold detective. He miserably rejects the call and turns off the phone. He slowly walks towards his digital board and turns it on, their she is beautiful, exquisite. Sadly he presses one one more time bringing up all of the evidence that he has gathered since her shooting. He sadly drags the file towards the trash can icon, it asks him, Are you sure you would like to delete the file Kate Beckett? He clicks yes and a part of him suddenly drains away, gone forever.

He hears a knock; he slowly drudges over to the door and swings it open. A soaked woman is standing on his doormat, shivering, and freezing. Obviously cold, he was about to ask her to come in when he looked at her face, her hazel eyes immediately recognizable. His heart quickens and his stomach tightens. Angrily he looks her in the eyes and says, "Beckett, what do you want?"

"You." He stares at her warm eyes, shocked as she grabs his face and kisses him. Her lips are as cold as ice and all he can think about is warming her up. The back of his mind is trying to organize a resistance to this foreign presence that he no longer wants to be a part of. Trying to stop himself from falling into her trap. Then she pulls away.

An emptiness envelopes him when she pulls away from that kiss, the kiss that he has been waiting for, the kiss he has been wishing, wanting, begging to happen for four long years. As she leans her head against his forehead the only thing he can think about is warming her up. She then whispers into his ear "I'm so sorry, Castle. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry." Her voice breaks as she says this desperately hoping for his forgiveness, needing his forgiveness.

"What happened?" Castle says not trusting his voice to say anymore. He needed to act tough, independent. He needed to stand by his decision, she chose the job over him, revenge over him. But, Oh God! Her eyes so warm, so hopeful yet so scared and timid as well. His resistance was crumbling he couldn't do this much longer. He needed her.

"He got away, and I didn't care. I almost died, and all I could think about was you. I just want you." She said hopefully, desperately wanting to go back to the way it was before this. No, wanting more, more than the way it was. All she wanted was to be with him, to touch him. To talk to him. She needed Castle. She leaned in for another sensual kiss but pulled back as he started to break away.

Oh no. He thought, She is getting to me, I have to hold out. I can't let her just walk into my life like nothing happened. She didn't choose me, she doesn't really want this… Oh Hell. He pushes her against the door, leaning in kissing her.

She responded in kind kissing back fiercely, their lips meshing into one. His lips meet her neck, kissing, searching, his mouth roaming over her face, her neck. She wants him now, she needs him now. His mouth latches to the pulse point on her neck, sucking. A low moan escapes from her mouth, pleasure running through her veins. All she can think about is him. Castle. Richard Alexander Edgar Castle.

He tenderly put kisses on her neck, thinking of ways to pleasure her, to make her happy. All he wants is her, All he's wanted for four years is her. Kissing her neck over and over, his mouth roaming across her upper body. All he wants is Beckett, Katherine Houghton Beckett. His hands slowly unbutton the top of her shirt, coming to the scar he hesitates, unsure. Worried about what might happen he is about to pull away, not wanting to upset her, not wanting to hurt her.

She grabs his hand and gently sets it on her scar, the scar that caused so much pain, suffering, and strife. The scar that changed her life, her mind flashing back to the only thing she remembers from that day, that wonderfully horrible day. Oh, Kate. Shh. Kate, please. Stay with me, Kate. Don't leave me, please. Stay with me, okay? Kate, I love you. I love you, Kate. Those words, the only ones she could remember were the things that ran through her mind as he touched the scar, electricity ran up her spine as he gently brushed the scar.

She grabbed his hand and slowly pulled him towards his bedroom. She is excited, so very anxious, nervous. As she enters the room with Castle in tow she turns around. He is just closing the door with his foot, not taking his eyes off her, staring at her, Kate Beckett. Staring at her of all people, lustfully, hungrily. He pushes her up against the wall, melding his lips to hers once again. The sensations running through her body are overwhelming.

As he lightly kisses her neck she moans once more, his kisses bring her happiness, pleasure. The endorphins running through her body as he detaches his lips from her skin make separation unbearable. He slowly unbuttons her shirt the rest of the way down, pulling it off and throwing the soaked garment behind them. Kissing her chest, her body, her skin, layering the puckered scar tissue around the bullet wound with light, sensual kisses. She moaned in pleasure as his thumbs gently, carefully brushed against the tips of her nipples through the black laced fabric of her bra.

He moved his head back up to her neck kissing her pulse point while rubbing the hardened tips of her breasts. Trailing kisses up to her lips he continued meshing his lips against hers. His hands left her breasts and slowly snaked around her body reaching the clasp of her bra; he undid it and let it fall to the ground. Still kissing his hands roamed her body, sending shocks against her skin wherever they touched until they once again found her perfectly formed breasts. Slowly kneading them, his hands gliding across them, lovingly and tenderly.

She broke away, and silently pulled off his shirt revealing his toned abs, he was muscular that much was for sure, he obviously worked out and all she could think about was how she wanted to cuddle up against his hardened chest, his blue eyes stared down at her as she traced intricate designs on his chest. Grabbing his hand once more she led him towards the bed. Ripping off his pants to get to his obvious arousal fast, she needed him, he needed her it was as simple as that.

With his pants gone the only thing left between them was the thin layer of green and black Calvin Klein boxers. His dick straining against the confines of the fabric, her own panties already soaked, drenched, completely and utterly wet. She slowly backs off him and toys with the button that is keeping her pants on; slipping it through the loop she then pulls down the zipper. She slips out of the soaked pants and all she has left on is her even more soaked panties. She grinds her arousal against his, the only thing separating them is the thin layers of underwear between them.

Grinding herself against him elicits a deep, long, lasting moan from him. She bites her bottom lip to stop herself from moaning as well. I need to stay in control, she thinks, I need to stay in control, I need to stay in, Oh Hell. Mirroring the thoughts Castle had going through his mind only minutes before. She gave in, bending over kissing him, putting his lips to hers.

He flipped her over and put himself on top of her. Latching his mouth to her left breast, nipping it, suckling it caressing it. Still doing this he erotically slid down her black panties and without her even realizing what was happening slid a finger into her warmth. "Oh Castle!" She moaned as he slowly moved his finger inside of her. Electricity jolted up her spine as he wriggled his finger around taking only seconds to find her clit. He knew he had hit it when she started saying his name over and over, "Castle… Castle… Rick."

There it was his name! Not his last name or a pet name but his real name, Rick. It surprised him how the simple gesture of saying his name could send him head over heels in pleasure. Determined to make her happy he inserted another finger into her causing her to moan in pleasure again as he stretched her. He then whispered, "Just tell me what you want Kate, just tell me what you want me to do. All you have to do is say it. Your wish is my command."

"I want you inside of me, please Castle, please. I need you, I want you." She gasped through stuttered, ragged breaths.

"As you wish." He said with a smile on his face and a mischievous glint in his eyes. He released his dick from the confines of his tight boxers, pulling them all of the way down and throwing them off the king sized bed. He rubbed his cock against her entrance making her moan and writhe under his touch. Then he pushed it in.

She gasped as he filled her, stretched her. Endorphins moving freely throughout her body, Rick slowly moved back and forth rubbing against her clit causing her to gasp and moan, twist and turn, scream and whimper. She was riding the waves of pleasure, her orgasm was approaching. He was thrusting in and out, out and in. Not slowing for a second, never missing a beat. His dick was thrusting into her. His every thrust was met with an involuntary bucking of her own hips.

He again attached his mouth onto her breast, sucking and twirling his tongue around the tips of her hardened nipples causing her to gasp and moan. "Castle," She said breathlessly, "I don't know if I can hold on much longer."

"Kate just wait one moment." Castle said strain evident in his voice as he picked up speed, then deposited his seed deep into her. The extra warmth of his semen seeping into her was enough to send her over the edge, hitting her own orgasm with passion. Her eyes closed as her whole body spasmed and bucked. The intensity of the orgasm was overwhelming, yet fulfilling.

A sudden need to sleep rolled over them both as he exited the warm folds of her inner body. Fatigue suddenly drifted over them as he pulled up the covers. She snuggled up close to him, her head buried in her chest, their naked bodies intertwined as they fell asleep together for the first time.