Hey guys! I know this isn't a story, but I hope it helps anyone with their H2O stories. This is what not to do, comment with any ideas, or suggestions. If your fanfiction has these things, don't be offended. This is only for helpful use! Some things might not relate directly to H2O, but yes. Review!

What Not to Do: H2O Fanfictions

#1: Don't use a common topic

Don't use something like H2O Season 4, or Bella and Emma meeting.

#2: Don't make people OOC

Don't make any people in your story Out Of Character, like making Rikki act like Cleo or visa versa.

#3: Don't make a H2O Next Generation

This is much like #1, but is so common, it needs it's own one. This used to be a great story topic, but it's become so overused. Instead, come up with an original idea, or twist on an idea. A great example of a great plot is: The Dark Side of The Moon ; By Honey Jenkins

#4: Don't review with one word

Review with a purpose, don't say 'good' or 'amazing', say something like ' This story was great! My favorite part was...'

#5: Don't have a OC as the entire plot

Don't just put: Blaire, Cleo, Rikki, and Emma have adventures ; If your going to have a OC based story, make it interseting, basicly, the OC should have a purpose.

#6: Don't randomly put a sotry on hold, give warning

I do this myself, but I wish I didn't. It really makes the readers mad, and then don't come back when it's back on.

That's all for chapter 1! Did you guys like this so far? It's fun to do, seeing as there are a billion things to write down, I now I can put them to use!