Helllllo! Here is chapter 2 of this new story. Really, I admit this fan fiction is more for my enjoyment than anything else, but yes. XD Also "Blazing Legend" pointed out about #1 that if Bella and Emma had met over Skype while she was gone and had bonded or something of that sort, it would be more interesting. I would totally read a story like that, so if anyone sees one, PM me! By the way, thank you Blazing Legend for pointing this out!Remember, this is in no particular order.

#6 Don't make a song – fic

Personalty, I like song – fics, but Blazing Legend told me they are extremely against site rules, so that's definitely a no – go.

#7 Don't use "okey" instead of "O.K." , "OK" , "Ok" or "Okay"

If I see this in a story, I automaticly close the page, and read another one. This is one of the worst things you can do for the spelling/grammar aspect of the story.

#8 Be creative

Don't take other people's idea's without permission. Be original, not a copier.

#9 Don't put a random mermaid story in the H2O section that has nothing to do with H2O

That's for fiction press, not fan fiction.

#10 If you do make a next generation fic, don't use names similar the the originals.

Don't put: Raven, Claire, and Emily ; These are WAY to similar too the original names, and not original at all.

#11 Don't co – write a fic, unless the other person is a great writer.

Make sure you know their a great writer first, don't put work you don't like under your name.

#12 Do a mixture of different writing

Don't just do all 20 chapter stories, mix it up with some fun, random, one – shots. Or visa – versa.

#13 Listen to your audience

Ex. Don't write every story as a Wella fanfic, if your viewers only like Clewis.

#14 Don't insert authors notes between your story

This is not only against site rules, but is annoying.

That's the end for chapter 2! I know these seem short, but they take longer to write than you think!:) Review! Thank you to Blazing Legend & IvyLatimer24 for reviewing!:)