~ Ten Years to You ~

By, SunsetBreeze7x

Prologue: Before the Ten

Two children stood astound one day, watching the stillness of the environments around them. They stood at the exact same points of latitude, just an ocean closing the distance between them.

One hero boy, and one ordinary girl that had no prior connection, yet their hearts could feel the other stranger from across the way.

They sat alone, watching differing scenes of the same sunset. Effulgence emerged from each and every angle of the sky as the sun brutally attacked the girl's mind; it pushed her away, yet somehow made itself appear ever so alluring to the hero. He tried to chase it, but was left empty handed watching the push and pull of the monotonous waves in front of him. The cyclic waves struck him with fear, and blocked his path.

The girl though, had jumped into that same ocean that the boy feared; they were just an ocean apart, yet they were polar opposites. She swam with elegant strokes, calculated perfectly so that she was swimming as quickly as she could, perplexed at her own movements. Never had she felt so frantic to swim, swim, swim for all that she was made of as she tried to drown out the light bored into her head by the sun.

And similarly, the boy found himself running the length of the coast of his home, desperately trying to follow his own instincts.

Even then, fifteen years before, their hearts were connected, and their longing for the other had begun.

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