LAST – A prompt from 14AmyChan.

Yes, I continued the SLOC series. But this time you guys can tell me what to write! If there was an episode you wanted to see, or you've had an idea you're dying for me to use, tell me! Instructions at the bottom! For now, enjoy!

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She didn't notice it at first.

Maybe her memory was slipping, or she had just gotten used to it. But that's what made her think she should have noticed immediately.

Maybe she was expecting it. It was why she tried every day, after all.

The tingling finally didn't happen. The numbness didn't surround her legs. Her thighs and calves didn't weld together as they once had. The familiar tail she'd had her whole life was gone.

An 80 year old Candace looked up at her husband Jeremy. "That was it hon," she whispered. "That last time…it was the last transformation."

This was interesting. The first thing I thought of when I read that word from 14AmyChan was Candace's last transformation as a mermaid.

If you want to submit a one word prompt, or a more detailed prompt, here are the rules:

A basic plot summary, so I know what I'm writing about.

Main characters (can include Mabel, Dipper, Waddles, Ariel, Jordan, and Jack as well. Anyone who has been a part of the series can be used)

Rating/Genre (Please nothing over T, and let's keep the angst down guys)

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