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Italics are thoughts, extra information and flashbacks.

In the beginning, humans originally had four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces. As always, humans became greedy because of their great strength, and threatened to conquer the gods. At first, the gods had originally wanted to destroy the human race for its audacity, but they reconsidered. If they annihilated humanity, they'd lose their worshippers and all offerings they received from humans.

Their solution was to weaken the human race by splitting them in half as punishment for humanity's pride and doubling the number of humans who would worship them. One of the gods, taking pity on the humans' sadness after they had been split, gave them a gift in the form of a mark. This mark was a brand on their skin, unique to that person and the person that they belonged with.

Obviously, this was only a story. One of the many stories children grew up listening to as way to explain the soul mate phenomenon. Although science had clearly advanced, they never uncovered said mystery. It was one of those things people had to accept as part of human nature without further explanation.

It was common knowledge that everyone had a soul mate. A soul mate was someone who was supposed to be the right fit for you, the person that made you a complete being.

Like the story told, each human would find the other half of its soul through the brand on his or her skin. It was a small but distinct mark that seemed to be burned onto the skin in a specific place on their body. It meant that the person destined for you would carry exactly the same mark in the same place as you.

There was no way to predict the moment the mark would appear on your skin, although it was known that the mark only showed up when both parts of the soul existed at the same time. It was common that people had to wait a few years before the mark appeared, just like some people were already born with it.

The bonding process in which the soul mates are bound together permanently, allows a profound connection. The moment the soul-bond is acknowledged by both parts, it starts developing slowly. In the initial stages, the couple becomes aware of each other, sensing their presence is in close proximity. As their feelings deepen, the affinity becomes refined and enhanced. Yet, the empathic connection is only settled after the first sexual encounter between them. After the physical consummation of their relationship, the pair is in tune with each other. They become affected by each other's emotions, moods and, in intense situations, pain.

The soul marks don't assure the fulfillment of the bonding. Unfortunately, sometimes even before the soul mate pair meet, the bond was gone due the death of one of the parts. The indication of a broken bond happened when the brand startedbleeding, and when it is healing, the mark will fade away, until the only thing that remains is a thin white line instead of an intense dark trace. Fortunately, these sad cases are few and far between. Eventually, people would find their soul mate and would be paired up until the day they died. It could take years sometimes, but they are always bound to meet.

After all, that is destiny playing its game.

Felicity was one of these lucky people who were born with their mark.

She never had to wait patiently for the brand to appear on her skin, indicating that her other half was finally born. She also didn't have to wonder the shape of it as she grew up looking at the arrow on the small of her back, a little above her waistline.

As a kid, Felicity would spend hours in front of her bedroom mirror staring at it. She'd trace its outlines with her fingertips, trying to imagine what kind of person had ended up with the same mark she had.

Sometimes, she'd imagined a blonde girl with green eyes that would help Felicity find a cute outfit and dance for hours to Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys.

Other times, she figured it'd be a ginger boy with freckles covering his nose and cheeks and bright blue eyes and he'd share her passion for computers.

"It doesn't matter how they look or their interests," her mother said every time she vocalized what she expected from her soul mate. "The only important thing is that whoever they are, they'll love and accept you as the wonderful person you are."

She was seventeen when she realized that more than half of her high school classroom was already paired up with their other halves. The others were enjoying their 'freedom'; the term they had loved assigning to the period before they found their soul mate. And then there was Felicity, in a constant state of waiting for her right fit to appear and sweep her off her feet.

Her group of friends was all paired up, except for her. Chris and Daniel had been together for years, Lisa and Kate just recently found each other when Kate's parents moved to their town. Jessica, the only single girl aside Felicity, wasn't really single as she just found her soul mate through a site called 'Find your mark' that was supposed to find your match. Felicity felt tempted to subscribe to said site, but her mother was right about one thing: soul mates were supposed to find each other at the right time and not because of technology. Her parents had waited; she could do it too. Although it was hard to hear the plans her friends made as they chose the university they'd attend together. She yearned to build a future with her soul mate just like them. Sometimes, her desire was so strong she could feel it in her bones.

"Have patience," her mother whispered into Felicity's ear as she held her daughter while she broke down in tears. Felicity had just gotten the invitation for Chris and Daniel's engagement party and it hit her hard that she didn't have what she wanted most. "They'll find you when it's the right time and they'll love you."

"Focus on finding your purpose in life," her father suggested when he found Felicity crying in her mother's arms. "I know you already take your education seriously, but your head can't be just focused on computers and finding your soul mate. You need to live your life, Felicity."

The next day, when Charlie Michaelson asked her to be his date for their prom, she said yes.

Felicity had been living with her grandparents for one month when she got the call about her parents insurance. She decided to not touch the money until she knew what she wanted to do with her life.

Her parents died in a terrible car accident while she was at MIT. Her loss left her so devastated that she developed depression. Her precarious mental state forced her grandparents to fly to Massachusetts and get her out of university to put her into treatment.

In the beginning it was hard, but with the help of her grief counselor and her meds, she got better. Undoubtedly, her grandparents' support was the key to her recovery as they understood the grief Felicity was feeling. Just like Felicity, they'd lost someone in that accident. Their daughter died and Felicity couldn't even picture the type of pain they were dealing with. As the three of them were coming to terms from their loss, they could always rely on each other.

"I told you it'd be good for you to see Dr. Williams," her grandmother told her when Felicity said that her grief counselor congratulated her on her progress.

"How did you know that?" she asked, curious of her grandma's foresight.

"We're family, Felicity," she explained. "We always know," she said before she kissed Felicity's forehead.

That made Felicity genuinely smile for the first time in months.

Two weeks after her 23th birthday, Felicity went back to Starling City.

Almost four years had passed since her parents' deaths and only then had she had the courage to go back home. After the year she lived with her grandparents recovering from her depression, she went back to MIT and finished her degree. As soon as she graduated, she managed to get a job in the IT department of Queen Consolidated. Although her dream job would be in the Applied Science department, she was satisfied enough with her accomplishments.

Even though she was back to her city, she knew she couldn't move back to her childhood home. Too many memories and unfulfilled dreams surrounded that place and Felicity knew she'd end up relapsing if she tried to live there by herself. So, she made the best out of that situation: she sold her family's house with everything inside, saving some personal items. With the money she got from the sale, she bought a small apartment close to the company's building and a car.

Felicity understood it was time to find a new purpose for her life, something that had nothing to do with studying or grieving.

She had a job, a place to live and a cute car. The mark on the small of her back was still intense as always and, if she felt alone, her grandparents were a call away.

It wasn't the life she pictured she'd have as a kid, but it was good enough.

When she met Oliver Queen he wasn't what she expected him to be.

Obviously, she never actually expected their paths to ever cross. After all, he was a Queen and she was an IT tech; her job usually didn't cover the executive suites for her to have a chance to meet him. But in the unlikelihood of meeting him, he wouldn't be like the man she talked to.

Of course, she expected a gorgeous billionaire like Oliver to be very charming. But these weren't the things that drew her attention to him. First of all, he didn't seem annoyed by her propensity to babble. He didn't interrupt her when she was babbling about his father death. Actually, she swore she even saw a hint of smile while she was embarrassing herself in front of him. And she noticed he didn't demand things from her just because she was an employee of QC. She basically called him on his bullshit about spilling a latte on his laptop, and instead of just telling her to do it because it was his name on the building, he tried to he give her an explanation. She was aware it was the worst lie she'd ever heard in her life and almost an offense to her intellect, but she appreciated he didn't use his position to make her do something for him.

I like him, Felicity decided, nodding in agreement to Oliver's request.

Oliver Queen was the vigilante and he wanted her to be part of his team.


Of course, she declined his offer to become a permanent fixture on his personal crusade.

It had been one year since she moved back to Starling City and she managed to establish a good life for herself. She didn't take meds anymore and didn't need therapy. She had a few friends from work that she went out to have a few drinks on Friday night and she spent a lot of her time working with computers and coding. In her spare time, she'd watch good television and every two weeks she'd go see her grandparents. She was a boring IT girl and that was all she wanted after the trials and tribulations she's gone through. Working for the city's vigilante would go against the peaceful life she wanted to lead. However, she agreed to work with him until they found Mr. Steele. After all, it was because of her research he was kidnapped.

"I accepted working with the Hood. I hope my soul mate is a little less crazy than I am," she muttered, taking another spoonful of mint chip.

"Felicity…" he leaned closer, his hand reaching for hers. He clasped their fingers together in a tight grip; his eyes were locked on hers when he spoke again. "He had you and he was going to hurt you. There was no choice to make," he said in a low voice.

She looked at him with a small smile on her lips. She didn't know how she should answer him properly, so she chose to not say anything at all.

She watched him go, leaving her behind with her thoughts.

When she first learned Oliver was the vigilante and she accepted working with him, that wasn't how she envisioned her life to go.

Not in a million of years had she imagined she'd find purpose in her life with Oliver's help. Working with him allowed her to explore a side of her she never thought even existed. Their work pushed her to improve her skills, which gave her more confidence. Although her life became stressful, she found meaning in what she did. It was very satisfying to finish a night and know she made a difference and the city was safer because of her help.

Oliver helped her find herself and for that she was eternally grateful. The impact he had made in her life usually had her wondering about the future.

She hoped her soul mate would accept the solid friendship she forged with Oliver and Diggle. She couldn't imagine not having them in her life after everything they'd gone through together. Her soul mate would have to accept the whole package of crazy hours, Team Arrow and her tiny crush on Oliver.

She was sure it'd be easier for anyone to accept Diggle than Oliver. Diggle was married to his other half and Oliver was alone and probably would stay like that if their talks were anything to go by.

She knew Oliver told her he knew who his soul mate was and, from the looks of it, he wouldn't do a damn thing about it. It was rage-inducing, the thought of Oliver knowing the woman he was meant to be with and letting her go. She didn't know if his soul mate was aware that Oliver belonged with her, but Felicity hoped he and his soul mate talked and it was a mutual decision and not Oliver making the decision without her consent. If that was the case, she hoped the woman punched Oliver in the face if she ever found out.

She was checking the result of her recent research about the League of Assassins when she got a call from Diggle telling her to prepare everything because Oliver was unconscious and hurt.

"What happened?" Felicity demanded to know as she helped Diggle put Oliver on the cold metal table. Aside the deep wound in his leg, he seemed alright.

"We were attacked on our way here. Someone hit Oliver in the head and he fell on a broken bottle," he explained as he checked Oliver's head for injury. "Someone is targeting Oliver Queen, not the Arrow."

"What you need me to do?"

"Take off his pants," Dig told her.

She grabbed a pair of scissors and started cutting away his very expensive pants. She tried to not look at the cut while she worked carefully on him. She left him on his underwear and turned him to his side to check for any other injury.

Felicity took a sharp intake of breath and felt her throat constrict as she looked at the mark in the shape of an arrow branded on his small back, a little above his waistline.

Just like hers.

"Felicity?" Dig called her, snapping out of her shock. She looked at her friend, feeling the blood leave her face.

"Are you okay?" Dig asked, concerned when he saw her face.

"I don't know," she muttered as she stepped away from the table.

"Why don't you sit there until you feel better," Dig pointed out to the chair close to one of her computers. "And if I need you, I'll call you back, ok?"

She nodded before walking across the room, her legs wobbly as she started shaking from her nerves. She sank into the chair and buried her face in her hands,the memory of her talk with Oliver resurfacing.

"Because of the life that I lead, I just think that it's better to not be with someone that I could really care about." She nodded in understanding, getting up to deliver the files Oliver requested. She almost reached the door when she stopped in mid step, deciding to turn around and tell him what she thought he needed to hear.

"Well I think… I think you deserve to find your soul mate instead of Isabel."

Oliver gave her a pained look, a sad smile forming on his lips. "I already found her," he confessed.

Felicity felt her eyes widen in shock.

"What?" she asked, anger immediately coursing through her veins. "Why are you still doing it, Oliver? She's supposed to be your right fit, how could you…"

"Because," Oliver cut her with a stern voice and a glint in his eyes she never saw before. "She deserves so much better than a damaged jerk like me."

Felicity remembered Oliver going back to his office, leaving her confused and sad in behalf of him and his soul mate.

If she only knew back then.


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