So this is my first fanfiction ever. it's just an idea I have had in my head for a while and since I love Bechloe, I figured why not give it a shot. So read and review, and I hope that you all like it!

Fuck I thought as I tried to run even faster through the woods. But then it happened, I tripped. Then one of the guys grabbed me roughly. "Why are you doing this," I yelled frantically? "You are an abomination, not one girl here at our school would ever look at you bitch," Tom Sampson yelled, as another guy with him punched me in the gut. I gasped as he threw me at the ground.

"Stay away from our girlfriends," Tom shouted as he threw me at the ground. I felt myself hit the ground and my ribs hurt really badly. "I don't want your girls," I told him weakly! I was in a lot of pain and rolled onto my back. "Come on guys, Mitchell isn't getting up anytime soon," Tom snickered as he waved his friends over.

When they left I looked up at the sky and felt the pain increase and I truly hated my life at this point. I hissed in pain, as I stood up and felt my stomach and ribs hurt even worse. That is when I heard a voice.

"Hello, is anyone here," a chirpy voice called out! I closed my eyes as I recognized the voice that was yelling out. "Hey… Beca Mitchell," the person said in surprise? It was her, the reason I constantly get the shit kicked out of me. Chloe Beale, Tom's girlfriend and the girl I have been in love with for years.

"Hey, are you okay," she asked in concern when she got close to me? "Do I look okay?" I asked. Her big blue eyes were filled with concern. "Who did this to you," she asked as she touched my arm gently? God, she is so beautiful and her voice is perfect. But she is Tom's girlfriend.

"Like you care, you're probably with them," I muttered angrily. "I don't want you to be hurt," she said sadly. Damn it, I didn't mean to hurt her feelings. "Chloe, I am sorry, I didn't mean to come across so rudely," I said softly. Chloe looked so concerned about me that I knew she was not with Tom and his group of friends. I looked around the woods and saw the trees and everything that surrounded us.

"Tell me where does it hurt," she asked me quietly? "I think that my ribs are broken, but it has happened before," I told her honestly. Her eyes widened and she looked worried. "Beca can you walk any great distance," she asked me? I closed my eyes and focused on how much it hurt to even stand. But I do need to get home and throw out these clothes and prepare for this all over again in a few days unfortunately. "Yeah, I think I can handle walking back to the school," I said quietly.

Chloe came close and wrapped her arms around me and gently pulled me close. My heart started to race and I felt more fireworks being close to her, than I ever have with any other girl. When I winced, she kept a hold of me, but murmured that she was sorry. "Tom did this, didn't he," she said. It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

I didn't answer her, instead I just looked away. "How do you know my name," I asked her curiously? I needed something to focus on other than the pain in my ribs. This time it was her turn to look away from me. "Beca, I'm sorry," she said softly. To my shock she looked really sad. "Why, this is not in any way your fault, and you are here now right," I said with a small smile.

"Lift your shirt, I want to check your ribs," she told me quickly. My eyes widened and she actually smirked at me. ME! The queen of smirking in a sexy way was just shown up by the Disney princess looking Chloe Beale.

"Um… why do you want to check my ribs, I know that they are broken or at the very least bruised," I stated. She sighed and rolled her eyes. "Well at least let me take you to the school nurse," she asked? I shrugged and then gasped from the pain. "Are you going to be okay to actually make it to the school," she asked worriedly?

"Yup, I will be fine," I assured her. As we started walking again, I almost slipped but Chloe caught me. "I'll tell Tom and his friends to leave you alone," she said, just as the school came into sight. "No if you do that, Tom will think I am trying to steal his girlfriend," I muttered. "They hurt you because you're gay," she whispered? "Apparently I want all of their girlfriends," I said simply.

We had finally reached the school and she held the door open for me to walk inside. Chloe stuck close to me as we headed to the nurse.

"Beca, I am not going to ever let them near you again."

I laughed at what she said. "Don't promise what you can't deliver."

We got to the nurses office and Chloe opened the door for me again. "What happened Beca," nurse Jones asked in alarm? "Same thing as always," I muttered.

Chloe's POV

"They've done this before," I asked! She sat down on the cot and ignored what I said. I hate this so much! I may be one of the most popular girls at school, but I have the biggest crush on Beca Mitchell. She has piercing blue eyes, wavy brown hair, and is tiny and sexy as fuck! I have liked her since grade nine, when she saw that I had no food at lunch and gave me hers.

"Beca, I'm so sorry," I said! I sat next to her on the cot carefully. "Look, it's not your fault, your boyfriends just an ass," she said as nurse Jones started to check her ribs out.