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Chloe's POV

Shit, shit! Tom is back and he is going to be really pissed with me and Beca. I looked at Beca who was frowning as she watched him go sit with his friends. "Why didn't he come over and say something to us," she asked quietly? Stacie shrugged. "Maybe he knows it won't do anyone any good for him to bother you guys so he might leave you alone," Aubrey said confidently. Beca snorted at her words. "There is no need to panic until he tries something okay guys," Jesse said and Beca nodded.

Later that day after classes I was waiting by Beca's truck for her. "Hey Chloe," said my least favorite person ever. "Go away Tom… I don't want to see you at all," I said coldly. He came closer and leaned against Beca's truck as well. I folded my arms and I heard him sigh from next to me. "Chloe… I fucked up I shouldn't have beat her up… but you shouldn't be with her, you like guys not girls especially not that girl," he said quietly. I looked at him in shock. "You actually think that don't you… do you ever wonder why I never put out for you," I asked him coolly.

Beca's POV

I grabbed my bag and started to head outside from my locker. I was running a little late and I really hope Chloe hasn't been waiting for me for too long. I froze when I got outside and saw she was talking to Tom by my truck. He didn't look like he was going to hurt her but I still don't trust him so I hurried over. "Chlo, hey sorry I took so long," I said as I came over and she smiled at me."Its okay, Tom was just leaving," she said and he stood up straight.

"Mitchell… I am sorry I put you in the hospital, things got out of hand and I should not have let my jealousy get the better of me," he said stiffly. I froze and looked at him. "Fuck off, you don't feel bad, you are just saying that to try and get back in Chloe's good books," I told him as I reached out to lace my fingers together with Chloe's. Chloe looked at me in surprise. "Let's go Chloe," I said and opened the passenger door for her. Tom walked away but not before shooting me a dirty look.

I got into my truck and drove to my house without saying much. "Beca are you mad at me for talking to him," Chloe asked worriedly? I shook my head. "Chlo, no I promise I'm not mad at you at all, I could never be mad at you," I assured her and pulled her hand into mine and kissed the back of it. We got to my house and went inside and up to my bedroom. Chloe flopped down onto my bed and reached her arms out towards me. "Come lay in bed with me baby," she said with a smile. I smirked at her and headed over towards her.

I leaned over and wrapped my arms around her and connected my lips with hers. She responded eagerly and pulled me onto the bed. "Can I just stay here with you all night please," she asked me in between kisses. I rolled over and hovered over top of her. "Only if you promise to not wear much to bed," I said teasingly and moved to kiss and suck on her neck. She moaned loudly and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Fuck Beca," she moaned again. She reached up and tugged my shirt over my head. "Have I ever told you that your tattoos are sexy as fuck," she mumbled as she kissed my shoulder. I pulled her up and unbuttoned her shirt and tossed it aside. "Hmm no but you can tell me that anytime," I told her as I reached down and started to unbutton her jeans.

Just then I heard the front door open and groaned, knowing it was my mother coming home. "Fucking hell, you've gotta be kidding me," Chloe groaned and grabbed her shirt. I stood up and put mine back on as well just as my mom came into the room. "Hello girls, how was your day," she asked us. It was going great till you showed up I thought as I looked at Chloe. "Today was pretty good," Chloe told her simply. "Can Chloe stay here for the night please, we won't do anything it'd just be better for her to stay here," I asked quietly. "What happened," mom asked?

"I came out to my parents yesterday and my dad really wasn't happy with it," Chloe said. "Oh sweetheart," mom said and went over to hug Chloe. I smiled when Chloe hugged her back. I am so freaking in love with her. Just as I was about to go over to them I heard a knock at the front door. "I'll get it," I said and went down to the door. I opened it and saw Aubrey standing there with Stacie. "Um, hi… what are you two doing here," I asked quietly? "We came to see Chloe, and I know she's here there is no way she went home," Aubrey stated. I motioned for them to follow me up to my room.

Chloe was still there laying on my bed, but my mom must have left and gone to her room or something. "Baby, can we continue from where we lef… oh… hey guys," Chloe said when she saw Aubrey and Stacie come in after me. "Okay so now that all of us are together, I have some news," Aubrey said excitedly. I looked at Stacie who just shrugged and sat down next to me. "Jesse and I are going on a date Friday night," Aubrey said! Chloe and I looked at Stacie who looked as if Aubrey had just punched her in the face. "You're going on a date with Jesse," she stated quietly.

"Yes, isn't it great, he was so sweet when he asked," Aubrey said. Stacie looks like a lost little puppy dog.

Chloe's POV

"Why isn't anyone saying anything," Aubrey asked? Stacie stood up and stepped closer to Aubrey. "Do you actually like him… like want to be with him," Stacie asked? "He's sweet, so why not go on a date with him," she said. Stacie looked at us. "Sorry in advance you guys," she told us. I looked at Beca who just shrugged. Stacie grabbed Aubrey and pulled her into a heated kiss. My jaw dropped and I looked at Beca whose mouth was wide open in shock. "I want you Bree… as more than just a friend," Stacie said breathlessly once she pulled away.

Aubrey looked at her in shock. "Stacie… you just kissed me," she said weakly. "Bree, I like you and more than just a one night stand kind of like, I want you, I want to take you out on dates and kiss you at your front door, and make you happy, and I cannot believe I am doing this in front of Beca and Chloe," she said. Beca laughed and I elbowed her in the ribs. "Stacie, are you serious," Aubrey said. Stacie nodded and reached out and brushed some hair away from Bree's face. "You're amazing Bree, I just want to make you happy," she said softly. I turned away from their conversation and looked at Beca. I moved over and crawled into her lap. "Hey there, are you comfy," Beca asked me?

"I need to go," Aubrey said and ran out the door. Stacie practically deflated as she watched her run out the door. "Stace, she just needs time to think, don't overreact yet okay," I said soothingly. "I should go home then and wait I guess," Stacie said quietly. "Stacie, you can stay here and hang out with us if you want," Beca offered. "Thanks, but I'll just go home, hope you guys have a good night," she said and walked out the door. "Wow, totally did not see that coming," Beca said and kissed my shoulder. "Poor Stacie, she put herself out there and Bree just left," I said sadly. Beca nodded and laid her head on my shoulder. "They're going to have to figure this out on their own though, Chloe, don't try to get involved," Beca told me softly.