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Chapter 0: The Moons Glow…

Inside a hospital office…

"I'm telling you Nanoha, I don't make mistakes." Shamal stated as she sighed. "I'm confused as you are about how you…"

"There is no way I'm pregnant!" Nanoha stated as she looked at the medic. "I've only been sleeping with Fate and only Fate, and we are both girls."

"I know that!" Shamal snapped. "But Klarwind also reports the same thing."

"How…" Nanoha asked as she looked down. "If I am, how?"

"That's what I'm wondering?" Shamal stated as she looked at one of the most powerful mages before sighing. "And you do know what I'm going to be saying next."

"Whatever you say it better not be…" Nanoha looked up pleading.

"No more training till I say you can." Shamal stated getting a dejected look. "I know you Nanoha."

"It hasn't been two months since we've been back." Nanoha muttered. "And I have a student to train."

"And I have other people in the waiting room." Shamal stated as she sighed.

"I'll get a second opinion." Nanoha muttered as she left.

"That girl." Shamal muttered as she went to the waiting room and looked at the next name. "SUBARU!?"

"Not so loud, please." The younger mage asked as she looked at the medic.

"Well at least… why here and not your normal clinic?" Shamal asked as she got Subaru into the room.

"I've been throwing up in the morning just like Teana has… she is still at our apartment, I'm able to move about." Subaru stated as she pointed to her eyes, which was amber.

"If you want to see if it is the flu I need you to drop your cyborg mode." Shamal stated as Subaru's eyes returned to normal. "Okay Klarwind."

[Ja.] Klarwind replied and a screen appeared and made Shamal frown.

"Something wrong?" Subaru asked.

"You've been with Teana only right?" Shamal asked getting a nod. "This can't be right… two in a row…" Shamal muttered as she looked at the screen. "Klarwind this is correct?"

[Die Informationen korrekt sind.] Klarwind replied. (The information is correct.)

"I was afraid of that." Shamal stated as she looked at Subaru. "I'll tell you later, just get Teana here."

"Is it life threatening?" Subaru asked.

"Can be, if not taken care of properly, and do be careful yourself." Shamal muttered as Subaru left. "Scan me too."

[Ja.] Klarwind stated as she glowed green for a moment. [Sie schwanger sind.] (You are pregnant.)

"That doesn't add up." Shamal stated as she frowned and a screen popped up. "Master, I need every female member of our division at the right training area."

{Why?} Harry asked as he looked at his knight.

"I'll let you know after I do this. Also, some might say they were not feeling well this morning, I need them there too." Shamal stated as she left her office closing the screen as she did so and stopped by few doctors. "You two are coming with me. You go contact the Naval Hospital and ask for any strange reports. If you do, contact the ground forces hospital and do the same."

"And if that is…" He started to ask.

"Pray it doesn't." Shamal stated as she walked away being trailed by the two she called out to.

Inside Harry's office…

"That was odd." Harry stated as he looked at Reinforce. "How can I do a Diagnostic check on my knights?"

"I'll do it for you." Reinforce replied before closing her eyes for a few moments and frowned. "That can't be… Vita, Signum, and Shamal are suffering the same thing, but Zafira isn't… Oh… How?" Reinforce stated as she looked at her master. "We are going to be needing more members."

"Huh?" Harry stated in mild shock.

"But why… there is now way that two girls can… I know for a fact that Vita only sleeps with Hayate…" Reinforce muttered as she looked at the sky and frowned. "Why haven't they moved?"

"The research station that has been monitoring that phenomenon, have been stumped by it. The fact that the moons are staying like that is odd, but why is it that they are glowing blue is the mystery." Harry replied before frowning. "It is curious." He stated before giving the order that Shamal requested.

At the training area…

"You already checked me." Nanoha muttered as she looked annoyed.

"I know, but that isn't what I was checking." Shamal stated as she did a different scan. "Okay, send in Fate."

"What is this about anyways?" Nanoha asked.

"I'm starting to think that something is making us pregnant and if that is true, I need to find out who isn't." Shamal stated annoyed.

"Okay…" Nanoha stated as she walked out and sent in her wife. "Okay this is just a bad dream…"

After a few minutes…

"I'M WHAT! I CAN'T BE!" Fate shouted as she stormed out of the makeshift office. "I can't believe her, I can't be."

"Can't be what?" Nanoha asked as she walked up.

"She said I was pregnant." Fate stated as she looked at Nanoha. "I can't be, I'm normally late and I've been stressed over the last month because of the missions that built up."

"That is odd." Nanoha muttered as she looked at Fate. "She said the same to me, but you are the only one that I sleep with."

After a long time…

"Ma'am, all the checks that we performed were the same that you got from your device." One of the doctors stated before sighing. "The amount is strange, I can swear a few of them are only with…" He coughed as he blushed. "I mean it is physically impossible right?"

"Correct, but what could be the cause of it." Shamal stated as Harry walked into the area.

"How many?" Harry asked he sighed.

"All but five. And the odd thing is one is reported to be with one that is." Shamal replied before looking odd. "I didn't tell you what the issue was."

"I was contacted by the other branch leaders asking if I had a few members calling in sick like most did today. Then Yuuno called me and told me about what he discovered in the library. We are in for a long fifteen months of a lunar eclipse that can affect the planet with… what he calls a procreation wave. That blue glow the moons have been giving off, well at least we know that it can effect an entire planet." Harry stated getting Nanoha and Fate to walk up.

"Tell Shamal that her tests can't be right." Nanoha stated as she looked annoyed.

"Yeah, there is no way that we can be pregnant." Fate stated as she sighed.

"Actually you both are, you got the other one pregnant, if Yuuno is correct on what that glow does." Harry stated getting disbelieving stares. "Yuuno told me that for some reason that the moons getting aligned like that did something, and it isn't a short time thing. It is going to last fifteen months. With three months have passed since it started."

"I'm what!" Teana shouted as she overheard the leaders with a fainted Subaru. "Though it does beg into consideration, how is she pregnant?"

"Well… I'm going to ask the only one that is the odd one out." Shamal stated as she walked away.

"We can ask Jail." Harry stated.

[Dette er en fail safe som ble plassert på denne planeten under den store utforskning av Al-Hazard folk. I tilfelle denne planeten ble noen gang koloniserte først, som det var tenkt som i en senere generasjon at det kan noen problemer med befolkningsvekst.] Raising Heart stated getting Nanoha to blink then palm her face. (This is a fail safe that was placed on this planet during the Great Exploration of the Al-Hazard People. In case this planet was ever colonized, as it was thought that in a later generation that there might some issues with population growth.)

"This is getting weird, why would they plant something like that in a moon?" Nanoha stated.

[Det er ikke plantet på en måne, er det en av måner.] Raising Heart replied getting Nanoha to gain wider eyes. [Beklager, min herre. Jeg er klar over hvilken måne det er.] (It isn't planted on a moon, it is one of the moons. Sorry, my master. I'm unaware of which moon it is.)

"It isn't your fault." Nanoha muttered as she looked at the sky. "So it is all the moon's fault…" Nanoha stated before frowning. "I knocked up Fate?"

"And I knocked up Nanoha?" Fate asked as she paled.

"Correct." Shamal stated as she sighed. "The odd one out was the dominant partner of the relationship." She stated before sighing. "Just great."

"So we need to make sure to track the course of all three moons and find out when the next event will happen." Harry stated as he then paled as he just realized something. "Is Daphne and Hermione pregnant too?"

"Correct. Your house is full of girls that are all pregnant." Shamal stated getting Harry to walk away.

"I'll be in my office. I need to start on the paperwork for all of this. How many members are still active?" Harry asked.

"The entire Stars team is down, save Otto, who is off world. Lightning team has been dropped to a single member and the same with Sun team. Well if you include the unison devices tied to member of each team than there will be more, but…" Shamal stated as she sighed. "Unison devices are picky when it comes to partners. The reserve members have been dropped in half as well. This entire thing is one giant problem."

"And our guests?" Harry asked.

"They were unaffected." Shamal stated as she sighed. "As they aren't sleeping with anyone."

"This has just been the worst thing to happen." Harry stated as he glared at the sky.

A/N: And now for the weird plot twist of them all... just how does the moons do that to an entire population... and what more how did it make people pregnant that shouldn't be able to, like Nanoha and Fate... And why is there an odd one out... what makes that one different and what makes it happen... Is the end of the world coming... or is something else pulling the strings of this phenomenon, beside me... And why would Al-Hazard put something like that on a planet to begin with...