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Chapter 12: The Darkness of the Moons… pt 2…

Two months later…

"Otto, are you sure you want to go back?" Nanoha asked as she held one of her twins.

"I do." Otto replied looking off to the side blushing. "I will visit time to time… But there are questions I need answered and only that place can give them to me."

"Do you have permission?" Nanoha asked as a pair of arms removed the baby and put another one in her arms. "Thanks Vesta."

"Stinky." Vesta muttered.

"I do. I know I'm doing the right thing." Otto replied.

"Sis, be careful." Deed stated as she held a baby in her arms.

"I will." Otto replied before smiling.

After Otto left…

"Couldn't make her stay?" Fate asked getting a sigh from Nanoha.

"She was blushing… why was she blushing about that place… there is another reason she wanted to go back." Nanoha muttered as she started to laugh. "She found a boyfriend."

"I see you are taking that well." Fate stated as she placed her hand on her face. "Saki, Yuki, Asuna, and Mai will miss their sister."

"She will visit… she said she will." Nanoha stated before sighing. "Just when things stopped getting hectic she wants to go back."

"Well she does have a good reason." Fate stated as she looked to the moons. "Besides the boyfriend idea you realized, there is the fact that this Diabound person told her that place was never to be found."

"And she wants to know why." Nanoha replied shaking her head. "All I want to know is why I feel like my energy drops when she is on a mission."

"That's something else that bothers her." Fate stated.

In an unmarked location…

"So Gregory, what have you found about this Otto Takamachi?" Diabound asked as he sat in a recliner.

"Not much my lord. She is a cyborg from a set called the Numbers, created, surprisingly, by Jail." Gregory replied.

"Jail, funny. I thought I killed him." Diabound stated as he looked at Gregory.

"I kid you not. Was involved in a fight with the TSAB that was later called the JS incident." Gregory continued.

"And she now works for them, this TSAB is interesting." Diabound stated getting a nervous chuckle.

"It was this incident that allowed access to the Cradle." Gregory stated as he waited for a hit.

"I figured that." Diabound revealed as he looked at the imp. "Continue."

"Was defeated in battle by the Dragon Summoner in Riot Force." Gregory continued as ordered. "Joined the TSAB after the Mirage battles and has served ever since. Though was assigned after part of her team was accidentally transported to the Sealed world, as a diplomat."

"I see, so that is how she got it." Diabound stated as he looked annoyed. "It all makes sense… What about her family?"

"Six siblings, and two nieces, four of the siblings were recently born as was her nieces. Her twin and is more suited for close combat and has two kids with one of the other numbers. Her other sister that wasn't born recently is the pilot of the Cradle."

"The Saint Kaiser." Diabound stated with a smirk. "Which makes sense."

"Why is that?" Gregory asked before dodging a blast.

"Never you mind." Diabound replied as he smiled. "I might want to talk to her again… she might not be what I thought."

"A Blue Maiden?" Gregory asked this time not getting a blast but was sent to the other side of the room with nothing that hit him. "Sorry my lord."

"I want to speak with Hel." Diabound stated with a cruel smirk.

"She never wants to talk to you." Gregory stated while shivering.

"Tell her I might know where her mother is." Diabound stated before frowning. "And don't appear on her world again, I rather not have to trade for you back."

"I'll send it through the Astral Plain." Gregory stated as he vanished.

"Two hundred more years… Two hundred years for your nap to end… and hopefully you are in a good mood." Diabound muttered as he leaned into his chair. "The last…"

Inside a floating prison between dimensions several months later…

"I'll make everyone see… Tom Riddle never died… he just took the form of Harry Potter." Albus stated from his cell.

"Put a sock in it." Jail chided. "Riddle is dead, no one can act that long and fool the friends that long."

"Quit poking holes in my theory!" Albus retorted. "I never make mistakes."

"And yet you have." Jail rebated as he sighed. "Say where's dinner?"

"Your right it is late?" Albus replied as the lights dimmed in the hall.

"There you are." A malevolent voice chided as the light continued to dim. "I've been looking for you for quite some time, Albus."

"Me?" Albus asked surprised.

"Yes, you." The voice replied as the fields around both cells vanished. "Jail you can come with…"

"Crimson Stream!" Jail shouted as a jet of flames billowed out of the cell nailing the shadowy figure.

"I guess you didn't get the memo." The voice stated as black and purple bolts slammed into Jail's cell and a cry of pain was heard. "I guess he isn't coming with us."

"What is in it for me?" Albus asked as he walked to the shadowy form.


Several minutes later…

"Is the patient stable?" Chrono asked.

"He can answer some questions but…" A doctor started to say.

~Nice to see you…~ Jail stated.

"What did this to you and where is Albus?" Chrono asked.

~The thing that took Albus did this to me, I have no idea what it is or even who it is.~ Jail replied.

"Why did it want Albus?" Chrono asked as Jail chuckled.

"Sir, please don't laugh." The doctor stated getting Jail to stop.

~Revenge is what I heard, why… I'm not sure.~ Jail replied sighing.

A/N: Now this is interesting who broke Albus out... will this have repercussions in Riot Force... Why didn't Jail escape... why did he attack this person... What will be happening next... Also when will Otto and Diabound have their talk... Find out most of these answers in Darkness of Al-Hazard...