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The Overlooked Prodigy


"Naruto" - Person Talking

'Naruto' - Person Thinking

"Naruto" - Summons/Biju talking

"Naruto" - Summons/Biju thinking

"Shadow Clone Jutsu" - Jutsu

(Author's Note)


October 10th, the day that would leave a lasting impression among the people of the Hidden Leaf. October 10th, the day the Nine Tails Fox would raise hell among Konoha. Hundreds of lives would be lost that night, but among those losses would be the rise of two new lives.

Though in order to understand this tale, you must first understand what happened on October 10th the day the Kyuubi attacked….

In cave not to far from the village was a group of shinobi. Outside of the cage stood a small group of ANBU, guarding the people inside. Inside the cave was a redheaded woman, who was known as Kushina Namikaze, and to a selected few the Second Jinchuuriki of The Nine Tailed Fox.

Kushina was in complete agony, as she was close to giving birth. To her side stood the Yondaime Hokage, keeping the Nine Tails in check. The Yondaime Hokage, a.k.a Minato Namikaze, looked at his wife with distress.

The woman delivering the babies, Biwako Sarutobi, merely shook her head at Minato's antics.

"Men" thought the wife of the Third Hokage as she concentrated at the task at hand.


The crying of the first baby rang through the room. A small red headed boy was in the arms of Biwako. Biwako passed the boy to the her assistant, and went right back to work. Then a few moments later the sound of the second baby rang through the room.


Minato looked at the children with renewed happiness, and he quickly looked back down to his wife. Minato could see the large smile on his wife's pained face Then in the blink of an eye everything changed…..


The Village Hidden in the Leaf was near complete destruction. An enormous hole was found in the village's outer walls. The place where the Third Hokage had forced the Kyuubi out. The Village itself was practically in shambles, while portions of it were completely the village walls a large portion of the forest was completely gone. In this clearing stood several shinobi, and among those shinobi stood the Third Hokage. His eyes wide, as he just witnessed the Kyuubi disappear, "Where did it go?"

An enormous light that illuminated the night, could be seen in the distance.



Minato finished the last seal, and clapped his hands together "CLAP!"

A giant apparition appeared behind Minato. The apparition wore a long white cloak, and he had long white suddenly MInato's soul appeared at the hands of the apparation. Minato's eye twitched as he muttered the jutsu's name, "Shiki Fūjin"

Minato looked to his left, and looked at his severely injured wife. Kushina was kneeled to a sealing shrine, where their newborn twins lay. Minato narrowed his eyes, as they were quickly filled with determination. Turning forward he glared at the Nine Tails, who was being held down by Kushina's chakra chains.

Minato formed a hand seal, and the Death God struck his hand through Minato's back. The Death God's hand entered Minato, and used his body as a medium. Than suddenly the same hand exploded from Minato's stomach, and latched onto the Nine Tails. Minato gritted his teeth, "I'll see the Yin half into Mito, and then 'll seal the other half into me….no I must seal it into Naruto!"

Minato looked at his two children, "They must be the two to stop Madara…..the Jinchuurikis of the Nine Tailed Fox!"

Minato looked forward, and he directed the Death God's hand to rip away the Yin half of the Nine Tails. In a quick motion the hand of the Death God did exactly that. Minato watched as the Nine Tails shrunk in size, and he quickly moved to seal away the Yin.

"Whaaa!" cried MIto as the Yin was sealed into her. Minato wasted no time, and moved to seal away the second half. He grabbed onto the remaining half of the Nine tails, and proceeded to seal it into Naruto. Than all at once Minato's body froze, and he watched as the hand kept moving,

"What are you doing!" shouted Minato as he managed to tilt his head towards the Shinigami. Kushina had heard MInato's shout, and turned to face him. Kushina's eyes widen in shock as she felt the excruciating pain of having the Nine Tails resealed into her. "GAHH!"

A hole was ripped in the clothes of Kushina, and in that hole her stomach was revealed to the whole world. A 8 sign seal appeared on her stomach, and Kushina's eyes rolled into the back of her head. Minato watched in torment as his wife fell into a state of unconscious. Minato felt himself regain control of his body, and he fell to his knees

Minato looked behind him, and stared at the Shinigami in disbelief, "What's the meaning of this?"

"You are a fortunate mortal, today I've decided to help you scum known as humans." spoke the Death God.

Minato's eyes widen in shock, as he hadn't expected a response, "W-wha-Why?"

The Death God gave him a devilish grin, "The time has drawn near, the Child to complete the Prophecy is near. Though in order for that agenda to occur, things need to occur. I usually don't mess around with mortal affairs, but I'll make this exception."

Minato asked, "Prophecy? Are you talking about the Child of Prophecy?"

The Death God stood still, and Minato watched as his soul was returned into his body, "In order for the prophecy to occur you must live. But do not think you have cheated death, mortal. Your soul will eventually be mine, but do remember my words….."

Minato's eyes closed, and his hearing suddenly became dull. The release of the jutsu had quickly sent him into unconsciousness. Disabling him from hearing the Death God's last words.

"You will become your son's greatest pain…."

The Death God looked over to the boy, and wasn't surprised to meet the boy's eyes, "Even though he's so young, he's unconsciously able to feel me…..could he finally be the one?"

The Death God silently disappeared from the area. His eyes never leaving the small child.

And now our story begins…..


A young redhaired boy could be seen peeking out the window. His gaze remained frozen on a pairof people in his backyard. The boy put himself into a better position, and thus revealing more of his body to the outside world. The boy stood quite tall for his age at a height of 3' 11".He had short spiky red hair, and with the whisker marks on his cheek. It gave the boy a ferocious look. But his bright blue eyes was the real abnormally to his looks. Compared to the rest of his features, his eyes were the things that stood out the most for the boy.

The boy stared intently at the group trying to memorize every little detail he could. Out in his back yard stood the Yondaime Hokage, and a young blond haired girl. The redhead watched as the child attempted to run up the tree, but quickly fell off. A frown was placed on the boy's face, as he watched the man catch her and they both laughed. Naruto shook his head, and turned away from his window. He walked quickly to his dresser, and opened up a drawer. He pulled out a kunai, and slammed the drawer shut. Unintentionally he caused the pictures on top of his dresser to fall over. The boy sighed as he reached out to pick the things out. The first thing he picked up was a wooden block with a name on it.

"Naruto Namikaze"

The boy gave his name a quick glance, and placed it onto his dresser. He picked up a picture, and stared at it. It was a picture of him with a beautiful blond woman. The title under it read,

"Grandma Tsunade"

Naruto moved over, and picked up two more. One picture he was much younger, and was sitting on an old man's lap with the blond girl.

"Old Man Hokage"

Naruto looked at the third picture. A masked shinobi with silver head stood by Naruto. His hand was messing up Naruto's hair, but Naruto was still smiling into the picture.


Naruto picked up the last picture. It was a picture with him and the blond girl. Behind them stood Minato and Kushina.

"Family Pi-"

Naruto didn't read the rest, as he slammed the picture face down onto the drawer. Naruto quietly opened his door, and moved silently through the hall. As he reached the end of it, he stopped to peak around the corner. Naruto glanced into the kitchen to see his mother preparing a meal. Naruto looked down to his kunai, "If I tell her what I'm doing, she won't let me go."

Naruto frowned as he thought back to why all this was happening….

FLASH BACK NO JUTSU - 1 year ago

It was early morning in Konoha, and Naruto sat fully awake at the breakfast table. To his side sat Mito who was sleeping on the table, and Minato was sitting across them. Plates and chopsticks were set for each of them. Naruto took a deep breath as he waited for his mom to enter the room, "Today's the day…. I ask mom and dad to help train me too! They've been training Mito for a month, and I think its time for me too!"

Naruto smiled as he thought about the things he could be learning. He was about to let out a childish giggle, when he saw his mom enter the kitchen. He quickly eyed his father, who was busy reading a straightened himself up, trying to look as mature as possible.

"Um, Dad? Mom?" in an innocent voice.

Minato and Kushina both looked up and looked at each other. One thought ran through their heads, "He wants something"

Kushina gave Naruto a questioning look, "What is it, Naruto?"

Naruto sweated a bit under his mother's look, "She already knows I want something!'

Minato brushed Kushina off, "Kushina lessen that look, you're going to scare him off."

Kushina glared at Minato, "I'm not scaring him off!"

"Mom! Dad! Can I talk?" interrupted Naruto.

Kushina and Minato looked at Naruto. Minato smiled, "What is it Naruto?"

"Well, I was wondering…."

Naruto twirled his fingers a bit, "...if you could start teaching me the ninja arts like Mito."

Mito was suddenly wide awake, and listened to Naruto's conversation. Kushina and Minato both rose an eyebrow. Minato gave Naruto a patient look, "Naruto, we've already told you why I started training Mito early."

Naruto nodded, "It's because she's the Nine Tails Jinchuuriki, and she needs extra help controlling her chakra…."

Naruto looked up with determination, "I know that, but I promise I won't be a burden! You just have to teach me once, and I swear I'll manage to figure things out on my own! You won't even have to waste that much time with me! I promise!"

Minato sighed, "That's not how it works Naruto. When teaching young children like you to use chakra, you need a lot of attention. Due to my Hokage duties I don't have much time to teach you. In fact its usually your mother who teaches Mito, and she needs to have all her focus on Mito."

Naruto eyes were slowly beginning to fill up with disappointment, "B-But Dad"

"No, but dad's!" replied Kushina, "You heard your father."

Kushina walked over to Naruto, and placed her hands on his shoulder, "Once you enter the academy, you'll learn how to wield your chakra there."

Naruto eyes suddenly lit up with an idea, "Then why don't you let me join now! They could probably teach me how to use my chakra!"

Kushina sighed, "Cause you don't have to enter until you're 9. Since all they teach you at your age is the basics of reading, writing, and history. We teach you that already."

Naruto finally frowned, "Then why can't I just enter now? I already know all that, I'm sure I could just skip ahead."

Kushina looked over to Minato, and Minato frowned. They knew that already, but Kushina and Minato didn't want their children to grow up so fast. They themselves had seen the horrors of war at their children's age. Kushina's temper finally got the best of her, "I said no, and that's final!"

Naruto shut his eyes in anger, but he did nothing. Kushina and Minato looked at each other, and shared a sigh. Mito merely gazed at her brother not uttering a word.

Flashback No Jutsu Release - 1 year ago

Naruto took a deep breath, and ran to the door, "Mom, I'm going to the park!"

Kushina looked behind her, "What?"

Though before she knew what was happening, Naruto was already out the door. Kushina sighed, "He better not be late for dinner."


Naruto stood in a clearing near the park. The spot was secluded, so no one else could see what he was doing. Naruto stared at the tall thick tree he had picked. "From what I was seeing, Mito was using her chakra to walk up the tree."

Naruto took a deep breath, "If I'm correct, I must direct the flow of chakra to my feet in order to walk up the tree."

Naruto formed a hand seal, and closed his eyes to concentrate. "Gather the chakra to my feet…."

Naruto opened his eyes, and pulled out the kunai he grabbed earlier. Then he swiftly ran up to the tree, and started running up the tree. Naruto took three steps, and he grinned, "I'm doing it!"


Only three feet off the ground, Naruto heard the breaking of bark. Naruto quickly looked down to his feet. Than he suddenly realized he was upside down, and falling to the ground.


Naruto head slammed into the ground, and Naruto fell to his side. He quickly rubbed his head, "I might need to use less chakra."

Naruto took a few steps back, and repeated the earlier process. Than he looked at the tree, and once again ran towards it.


A black haired teen sat in the branches of a high tree. His hair was wild and spiky, and wore a high colored black shirt. His eyes were closed, and he was sleeping silently in the tree. His eyes suddenly cracked open, revealing his black onyx eyes. The teen yawned, and took a good look around. He looked up to the sky, "It'll be sunset soon…."

The teen frowned, "Did I really waste the whole day sleeping?...Oh well, I needed it."

Shisui looked around once more, and he suddenly rose an eyebrow. He looked down at the red haired boy, "He's still at it? That boy has been here since a little past noon."

Shisui looked at the tree he was staring at. Shisui shook his head, "By looking at the marks, he hasn't managed to get past 7 feet."

Shisui watched as Naruto formed a hand seal, and begun gathering chakra to his feet, "Though I'll give him credit, he has determination."

Shisui then watched as he raced up the tree, and then Shisui's eyes widen. He watched as he flew past the 7 feet mark, and smoothly ran up halfway the tree. Where several markings gone unnoticed by Shisui where. Naruto ran a few more steps, before he marked his spot and jumped off. Naruto landed on the ground smoothly, but out of nowhere he stumbled backwards and fell to his knees. Naruto suddenly let out a big grin, as he attempted to catch his breath.

Shisui couldn't help but grin as well. "What an impressive brat, that's better than most genin do in a….week!

Shisui then scratched his chin, "That red hair tho….why does it seem so familiar?"

Shisui was broken from his thoughts, when Naruto suddenly raced up the tree once more. Naruto ran swiftly up the tree, and managed to get a few steps past his mark. Naruto grabbed his kunai, and attempted to mark his spot. The kunai cut deeply into the tree, but it was suddenly caught in it. Naruto eyes widen in shock, and he lost total balance of his body. With no control of his body he plummeted to the ground.

As Naruto fell to the ground Shisui's eyes widen realizing who exactly Naruto was, "The Yondaime's son!"

Naruto shut his eyes expecting the worst, but it never came. Naruto slowly reopened them, and was surprised to be in Shisui's arms. For a moment Naruto felt a sense of Deja vu. "Just like Dad and Mito….he saved me from hitting the floor."

"Hey, kiddo I'm Shisui. Quite the close shave back there, huh?" spoke Shisui.

Naruto was suddenly brought back to reality, and the situation dawned upon him. Naruto remained frozen for a second, causing Shisui to panic, "Are you alrigh-"

"AGHH!" shouted Shisui as Naruto's fist slammed into his face. Shisui let go of Naruto, and Naruto jumped away. Shisui clenched his nose, and glared at Naruto, "What was that for?!"

Naruto glared at Shisui, "How do I know you're not an enemy ninja? You don't have a forehead protector nor are you wearing any Konoha attire."

Shisui sweatdropped, "Me an enemy shinobi? Don't you see the Uchiha crest on my back?"

Out of no where the kunai from earlier landed in between of Naruto and Shisui. Naruto eyed the kunai, "Why don't you show me?"

Shisui sighed, "Fine."

Shisui turned around revealing his back, "See-"

Shisui eyes widen, as he turned around to see Naruto with the kunai in his hand. Then with the flick of his wrist it was flying at impressive speeds, with deadly accuracy. Shisui was impressed, "Even his throwing is quite refined."

Than Shisui caught the blade with his bare hands. "Let me tell you a few things kid."

Naruto's eyes widen, as he watched Shisui catch his kunai with minimal effort.

"First, if I was actually an enemy shinobi I would of killed you by now."

Shisui walked closer to Naruto.

"Second, you shouldn't attack your enemy with dull blades. That's why it got stuck in the tree earlier."

Shisui suddenly activated his sharingan.

"Finally, I'm a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf village. Just because I don't have my stuff doesn't mean I'm not a shinobi of this village."

Shisui tossed to blade to Naruto, and Naruto caught it. Naruto then rubbed the back of his head, "I'm sorry...Shisui? Its just I'm really tired, and a bit off edge. It's just no one ever comes out here, so I was surprised to see anyone here."

Shisui nodded, "I see...so what are you doing out here? I'm sure your father would allow you to practice in any of the Training Grounds. In fact where is he? This tree climb training is usually hard to do without a teacher, and you've been doing it all day."

Shisui watched as Naruto rubbed the back of his head again, "About that…."

Shisui sighed, and rubbed the back of his head, "Why do I feel like I'm walking into a heap of trouble?"

"Alright, tell me the whole story."


Naruto and Shisui sat at the base of Naruto's training tree. Naruto took a deep breath, "And that's it. I'm out here because my parents refuse to train me, so I've decided to train myself."

Shisui looked over at Naruto, "I don't know whether to be impressed or not."

Naruto rose an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

Shisui rested his head across the tree, "Well, from one's view it looks like you're just being a little whiny brat that doesn't want to wait another year to start playing ninja."

Naruto eyes widen in anger, and he clenched his fists, "Its not that…"

Shisui cut him off, "Or I've stumbled upon some type of prodigy." All the anger in Naruto's eyes were replaced with shock.

"I mean its completely unheard of some….not even academy student to nearly master this exercise in a day! Not to mention you did it by merely seeing someone else do it a few times." praised Shisui, "That's just crazy."

Naruto remained silent at the praise, and Shisui suddenly smiled, "Look here kid, I've been looking for a student for a while, to rival my best friend who's teaching his little brother. So, how about it? You wouldn't mind it if I taught you?"

Shisui closed his eyes expecting some type of loud response, but he opened his eyes at the sound of sobbing. Shisui suddenly panicked, "What are you doing? Why are you crying?"

Naruto wiped away a tear, "I'm sorry...its just I've never been praised so highly by anyone, and...and...I would gladly be your student Shisui-sensei!"

Shisui suddenly understood the situation, and gave Naruto a smile, "I guess I understand the kid….I guess the neglection in his training has made him feel inferior to his sister."

Naruto suddenly hugged Shisui, and Shisui awkwardly hugged him back, "But that doesn't mean I'm going to make him feel better!"

"Hey kid stop hugging me! I'm not some teddy bear!" shouted Shisui.


Shisui deadpanned, "He fell asleep!"

Shisui sighed, "He has been training all day….I guess it's finally caught up to him."

Shisui grabbed Naruto, and tossed him over his back, "I guess I have to take him home now. If I leave him here, the Yondaime won't be too happy."

With Naruto on his back, Shisui jumped to the trees and raced to Naruto's house. Completely unaware of the grin that sneaked onto Naruto's face.

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3rd hokage and elders:63

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