The Overlooked Prodigy

CH 28: Team Naruto

"Naruto" - Person Talking

'Naruto' - Person Thinking

"Naruto" - Summons/Biju talking

"Naruto" - Summons/Biju thinking

"Shadow Clone Jutsu" - Jutsu

(Author's Note)



Naruto and Yakumo stood in front of a large class of 6 year olds. Yakumo had a large smile on her face, while Naruto had a large frown. Yakumo looked over, and elbowed him in the side, "Give a smile, or else you're going to scare them off."

Naruto looked at Yakumo without a flicker of emotion in his face, "Or what?"

Yakumo grinned, "I'll have you teach History."

Naruto suddenly gave a big smile, but he spoke in a monotone voice, "Hello class my name's Naruto Uzumaki, and I'll be filling in for Sarutobi-sensei for the next four weeks."


"After years of fighting and rivalry, the Senju and Uchiha managed to come to equal terms. Thus forming this very same village we live in today." spoke Yakumo as she begun to draw key points on the board.

Yakumo was about to continue, when suddenly the sound of snoring brought her to a stop. Her ears twitched in annoyance, and she quickly turned around. Her eyes quickly scanned the room, searching for the delinquent that dared to sleep in her class!

Yakumo was too busy searching for someone to be asleep to notice the smiles on everyone's face. It wasn't until one of the students begun to giggle, that she became aware of the situation. With an angry scowl on her face, she turned to her desk.

Yakumo quickly put her hands on her hip, just like a mother would do when scolding a child, "Uzumaki-sensei!"

"The answer is Will of Fire!" shouted Naruto as he suddenly awoke from his sleep.

Naruto blinked a few times, and only then did he notice Yakumo's angry face.

Naruto gulped and in the most professional voice he could muster. He replied, "Is there something I can help you with, Yakumo-sensei?"

Yakumi gave a devilish grin, "I was wondering if you could sum up everything we learned in class. You know, as review?"

Naruto begun to sweat, and finally took a look at the class. He watched as smiles were visible on every single child in the room. Naruto looked at Yakumo, "Don't you believe it would be better if we had the kids do it instead? It would be a great to see if they understood the material or not."

Yakumo shook her head, "I insist."

Naruto scratched the back of his head, and looked at the board, "Oh man….ummm"


Naruto let out a deep breath, and smiled, "I guess it's going to have to wait for after lunch. You're all dismissed!"

Yakumo silently cursed the clock, as the kids happily filed out of the room. After the last kid left, Naruto let out sigh and sat in his chair, "Was that really necessary, Yakumo?"

Before Naruto could blink, Yakumo had a meter stick to Naruto's neck, "Necessary? You know what I do to kids that sleep in my class?"

Naruto shrug his shoulders, "I don't know….give them a reward?"

"NO!" shouted Yakumo as she smacked Naruto on the head.

Naruto winced in pain, and he quickly brought his hands up to rub his head. Yakumo continued to glare at Naruto. Then out of nowhere she used her meter stick to break the legs of Naruto's chair. Naruto didn't react, and allowed gravity to pull him to the 's back slammed into the ground, and he ended up lying down on the floor.

Yakumo crossed her arms, "I usually have them stand up, and I send a disciplinary report to their parents."

Naruto stared at the ceiling, "But I'm not your student…."

"Exactly you're suppose to be my co-worker!" replied Yakumo as she pinched her nose.

Naruto picked himself up, and looked at Yakumo, "I'm sorry Yakumo, but history is so boring…."

Yakumo looked away from Naruto, "I don't care, its just a bad example you're showing to the kids."

Naruto rolled his eyes, "Am I? I've been here a week, and they all seem to love me."

"That's because you're always messing around during my lessons!" replied Yakumo in frustration. "For crying out loud, you're a Jonin!:

Naruto's lip gave a slight pout, "Its not like its in every aspect of class….just history. "

Yakumo put her hands to her hair, "Fine, just don't do it again."

Naruto leaned back on his desk. He then watched as Yakumo moved to the board, and begun to erase everything. All the time Naruto observed Yakumo closely, "So, why are you so stressed out?"

Yakumo gave Naruto a confused look, "What are you talking about?"

"You've been a little out of focus lately….." Naruto hesitated for a moment, "...and a bit aggressive."

Is something going on?" asked Naruto with concern in his voice.

Yakumo took a deep breath, "I've been having some money problems…."

Naruto gave her a confused look, "Money problems? Why would you have money problems? Aren't you the clan heir of the Kurama clan?"

Yakumo closed her eyes in frustration, "The clan elders didn't really appreciate me teaching at the academy They wanted me to do something better with my time."

Naruto narrowed his eyes, "So, they most likely cut you from the clan's fund."

Yakumo nodded, "I usually won't have a problem with that, but I needed that money."

"What for?" asked Naruto.

Yakumo looked at the floor a bit embarrassed, "I paid to have my old parent's house rebuilt, and have everything replaced."

Naruto let out a whistle, "That must of been very costly."

Yakumo agreed, "It was, but with the monthly allowance I got, and my job at the academy. I would of been able to cover it easily…but now I'm not too sure.."

Naruto rose an eyebrow, "That is an issue….so how much do you owe?"

Yakumo let out a nervous chuckle, "Um….500,000 yen?"

Naruto's eyes widen, "500,000 yen? How are you suppose to pay that with a teacher's salary?"

"I know...that's why I've been debating to sell it off or not." spoke Yakumo with a sad look on her face. Naruto took one glance at Yakumo's face, and quickly took a deep breath He debated with himself for a second before he came to a final conclusion.

. "I could help you pay it off, ya know…." replied Naruto as his eyes wandered across the room..

Yakumo looked at Naruto in surprise, "No, no! I'm not asking you for money."

Naruto shook his head, "Don't worry about it, I have more than enough. As well you can just pay me off later."

Yakumo bit her lip, and looked at Naruto, "I'm not sure…

Naruto pulled out a checkbook, and looked at Yakumo, "Don't stress about it Yakumo."

Yakumo watched as Naruto wrote into his checkbook, and ripped out a check. He then gave Yakumo a smile, and handed the check to her. Yakumo looked at the piece of paper mortified, but at the same time with a glint of relief in her eyes.

"Naruto…." Lingered off Yakumo,as she held the piece of paper in her hand "T-this is a lot of mo-money!"

Naruto shrug his shoulders, "I have 10 million yen in the bank, this really isn't nothing.

"Still, this is your money not mine!" yelled Yakumo as her eyes looked up at Naruto's. "I can't accept this!"

Naruto's eye twitched in annoyance, "I told you its alright… take it!"

Yakumo shook her head, I-I can't!"

Naruto gritted his teeth, "Fine! Then just give me back the check!

There was a moment silence, and Yakumo didn't budge. Naruto looked at her in annoyance, and stretched out his hand, "Well?"

Yakumo gave Naruto a sheepish look.


The sun was high in the sky, and it's intense rays illuminated the day. Naruto was walking down the street with a bag in his hand. He walked aimlessly, and was in deep thought.

"Yakumo seems to have moved on with her life, while I was gone." thought Naruto as he passed merchants, shops, carts, and people down the street.

"Yakumo has rebuilt her childhood home, and is living on her own now." thought Naruto as he looked down at his grocery bag, "And I'm still here buying groceries for mom."

Naruto sighed as he stopped walking for a brief second, "Maybe I should get a place for myself as well?"

Then all of a sudden, Naruto heard a piercing scream. Naruto turned around, and his attention fell on a mother and a small child. Naruto watched as the mother scolded a young child. Naruto eyed the two for a minute, and then he turned around and continued to walk. "But the biggest problem would be my mom. I've already been gone for a year and a half…."

Naruto frowned and he finally looked up, and noticed where he was, "Crap, I almost missed the turn to go home."

Turning around at the next corner, his attention was caught by a green butterfly on a electric post. Naruto smiled at the bug. The green color, and the bug itself reminded Naruto of a certain jinchuuriki, "I wonder how Fū's been? I haven't talked to her in months…"

Naruto watched as the butterfly spread it's wings, and begin to fly off. Naruto watched as it hovered in the air for a moment, before it took off. Naruto watched carefully as the butterfly flew away.

Taking a deep breath he turned back to face the electric post. On the post was a flyer, and Naruto read the headline out loud, "Apartments for rent or sale…."

A grin crossed Naruto's face. Naruto peeked around the corner, and turned around to make sure no one was watching. He then yanked the flyer off the post, and placed it in his pocket, "I doubt anyone will notice…."

Naruto walked down the street, and unknowingly passed the same green butterfly from before. But now the butterfly was stuck in a spider's web. It's beautiful green wings, were now entangled in the sticky white web. A black spider, with a red hourglass on it's back, slowly crawled to it's spider, no longer than a paperclip, continued to close onto it's prey. This spider, the Black Widow Spider, finally reached it's prey, and begun to slowly cover its prey with it's sticky inescapable silk.


Naruto was leaning against a wooden wall with his eyes closed. His upper face hidden in the room's shadow. He was dressed in the normal jounin attire, and wore the a black head protector on his forehead. His red spiky hair spilled over the head protector, and almost reached his eyes.

Naruto suddenly opened his eyes. His bright blue eyes gazed around the room until they met another pair brown eyes. He stared into those brown eyes for a moment, then his gaze moved to person behind the set of brown eyes. A woman with jet black hair and eyes stood behind her. The women was fair skinned, average height, and had quite a slender figure. She wore a black-bluish kimono with white trimmings. Naruto gave the woman a slight nod, and the woman returned it back. Naruto's head suddenly moved out of the shadow, and into the light. "Any word?"

The woman with the brown eyes looked up at Naruto. "Word on who? Mito or the Akatsuki?"

Naruto paused for a moment. He debated with himself for a moment before answering, "Both….I want to know about both of them, Granny Tsunade."

Tsunade gave a unlady-like snort, "You know that when a person wants a favor they usually ask politely."

Naruto rolled his eyes, and sighed. He then looked up to the woman behind Tsunade, and watched her share a silent chuckle, "Shizune? Can you tell Tsunade to stop being such a stubborn hag?"

Tsunade glared at Naruto. Shizune shook her head, and looked down at the young jounin, "I don't know, Naruto. Sounds like some manners might do you some good."

Naruto rolled his eyes, and finally gave in, "Lady Tsunade, can you please tell me about the whereabouts of Mito, and any information about the Akatsuki?"

Tsunade snickered at Naruto's attempt of using manners. She then pulled out a sake bottle, which caused Shizune to give Tsunade a threatening glare. Tsunade waved her off as she poured herself a drink, "Shizune, one drink won't hurt."

Shizune suddenly lashed out at the Sake bottle, and pulled it away from Tsunade, "Then you won't be needing this. If you're only taking one drink. "

Shizune took the bottle, and quickly walked out of the room Tsunade looked down at the small cup in her hand. She then shot down the glass, and looked at Naruto, "Manners don't suit you brat."

Tsunade suddenly cleared her throat, "Mito? Well, she's off with Jiraiya, and honestly I couldn't tell you where they are. The less people who know the better."

For a moment Naruto believed that Tsunade was not trusting him, then he looked outside, "So, what you're saying is that you have no idea where they are…"

Tsunade smirked, "I guess you could put it that way…."

"And the Akatsuki?" asked Naruto, "What about that Tobi fella? Any connections?"

Tsunade shook her head, "We haven't been able to gather much information….everything you know is all we have."

Naruto stared at the Hokage monument for a moment. He felt a sense of oddity as he stared at Tsunade's stone face. He then turned back, and faced Tsunade, "I'd like to make a request."

Tsunade rose an eyebrow, "Let me guess….you want to hunt down Tobi."

Naruto paused for a moment. The room was filled with a tense silent. Naruto looked up at Tsunade, "Yeah….I think that I might be able to find some clues if I go back to the Hidden Mist. Then I'll move from there."

Tsunade brought her hands to her chins, and rested her elbows on the table, "And who exactly do you plan to take on this….mission?"

Naruto looked Tsunade in the eye, "I was hoping if you would let me take Yuna and Sai. They both specialize in Stealth and Tracking so they would be very beneficial for the mission. For the fourth member I will let you decide. Hopefully someone with much experience, since this will be boarding an S-rank mission if we encounter Tobi."

Tsunade gave a slight smirk, "Will? You're acting as if I've already authorized the mission."

Not a flicker of emotion appeared on Naruto's face. He kept his calm composure, and asked, "Will you not? This Tobi guy is a major threat, whether he is with the Akatsuki or not."

Out of no where Shizune reentered the room. A small folder in her arms, she trotted across the room, "So, have you debriefed him on his new assignment already?"

Naruto felt a tiny smirk sneak across his lips, "So, she was already planning this? I thought this might of been a bit harder…"

Then to Naruto's confusion Tsunade shook her head, "No….."

Then she looked at Naruto, "Your request is denied."

For a moment Naruto stayed silent. Shizune gave Tsunade a confused look, then suddenly Naruto exploded from his chair, "Why not?! What could possibly be anymore important!"

Shizune nearly dropped the folder in her arms, and watched with worry as Naruto leaned over Tsunade's desk.

Naruto was inches away from Tsunade's face. He could smell the alcohol from her hot breath, "I see no reason for you to deny me without going any further into my request! All I told you were the people I wanted to take along."

Tsunade suddenly grabbed Naruto by the wrist, "I said no….and that's final."

Naruto attempted to smack Tsunade hand away, but her iron grip was too much for Naruto. Naruto glared into Tsunade's eyes, and his sharingan suddenly flared into life, "Why? Do you want to let more people die? Was the Third Hokage not enough?"

Shizune gasped as she heard Naruto mention the Third, "Naruto…."

Tsunade's eyes were suddenly hidden by the shadow of her bangs. Then all at once she threw a lightning fist punch at Naruto. The moment her fist slammed into Naruto he burst into a cloud of crows. Tsunade glared as she looked around the room, and stared at Naruto leaning against the wall.

Shizune gave a small "eep" as Tsunade slammed her desk into the wall. She then stormed over to Naruto, and grabbed him from the shirt collar, "Listen here Naruto, you're nothing but a little brat. I'm the Hokage, and my word is final. Now stop being a little baby because Granny decided not to grant your wish."

Naruto glared into Tsunade's eyes, "Why? Why don't you let me go after them? Since the moment I've returned from the mist. I've done nothing relating to the Akatsuki. You've kept me close to the village, and haven't let me any further than 25 miles from this place."

Tsunade suddenly let go of Naruto, and suddenly turned around, "Do you really have a death wish Naruto?"

Naruto fixed his collar, and gave Tsunade a weak reply, "No…."

"Well, it surely does not seem like that!" yelled Tsunade as she turned around. "As Hokage I'm also in charge of taking care of the well being of my shinobi. As so I've decided that you will no longer be taking part of any missions concerning the Akatsuki."

"What?!" asked Naruto in anger, "Why not?"

Tsunade glared at Naruto, "Not until you prove to me that you've changed. For Kami's sake! 45 A rank missions, and 15 S-Rank missions! Naruto I understand you were once part of my ANBU, but thats high for even a veteran ANBU. You were only in there for a year."

Naruto suddenly looked down to the ground, "But you ordered me to…."

"No, I didn't… would tag along with several other teams, whenever they requested extra help. Of course that's perfectly normal, but you tagged along almost every time!" yelled Tsunade.

Naruto looked back, "So?"

"So? Well because of your reckless attitude I'm forbidding you from taking anything higher than B-rank until I decide so!"

"What!? Now you're just being crazy!"

"What did you call me!"

"You heard me you crazy hag!"

"That's enough! Stop bickering you two!" shouted Shizune. Having had enough, a rare moment of anger filled the raven haired woman. She walked over to Naruto, and slammed a file into his chest. She then turned around, and dragged Tsunade back to her chair. Shizune quickly cleared the debris, and pulled out a scroll. Unrolling it, and signing a few hand seals. A new desk quickly appeared.

Naruto sweat dropped at Shizune's rather quick method to replacing the desk, "Probably happens a lot…"

Naruto looked down at the gray folder, and slammed it into Tsunade's desk, "I deny your mission."

Tsunade gave a sudden chuckle, "Mission? This isn't a mission, its an assignment."

Naruto rose an eyebrow, "There's a difference?"

"Yeah, because a Shinobi can decline a mission, but they can't deny a direct assignment from the Hokage."



Naruto stood outside the academy. He watched as many new genins emerged from the building. He studied every little brat, until his gaze fell upon Hanabi Hyuga. He watched as the little heiress moved about the crowd until she reached Hiashi Hyuga. Naruto watched how politely Hanabi moved and acted. Even to her own Father, Naruto could see the strict manners usually drilled into the Hyuga.

For a moment Naruto and Hiashi's gaze met, but they quickly chose to ignore each other. Turning around Naruto watched as Konohamaru Sarutobi appeared from the academy. The boy hoot and hollered about finally becoming a genin. Naruto gave a small smile, and watched as Asuma Sarutobi told him to shush it down.

Naruto was about to call out to Asuma, when he suddenly felt a tug at his shirt. Looking down he gazed into the warmth of Haruka's eyes. Shimmering on her forehead was her new headband. Naruto gave Haruka a smile, and lifted her up. Naruto watched as Haruka blushed, "Don't do that! I'm not a little kid anymore, I'm now a full fledged ninja of the leaf!"

Naruto gave a surprise look, and put her down, "I guess your not my little baby sister anymore, huh?"

"Of course not! I'm now Haruka Uchiha, genin of the Hidden Leaf!" shouted Haruka.

Naruto ruffled her hair, and looked down at Haruka. He could see the pout on the edge of her lip, "Congratulation, Haruka."


Naruto tilted his head to the side, and watched as Ken and Katashi came running out of the academy. They both looked almost the same in Naruto's eyes. The only difference from before he left to the mist, was the fact that they've grown a few inches, "Ken, Katashi, how are you doing?"

"Great, Naruto!" shouted Ken with excitement, as Katashi just gave him a nod.. Ken looked at his closest friend, and shook his head.

"You have to stop being so antisocial, Katashi."

Naruto sighed, as he placed his hand on his face. His eyes looked down at Haruka, who looked quite amused. "Yup, same Katashi and Ken. Always arguing."

Katashi gritted his teeth, "I'm not being antisocial you idiot!"

"Yeah you are. Why don't you actually say hi to Naruto, instead of that ridiculous head nod of yours."

"Just shut up Ken. Naruto understands what I mean by a slight nod. He's a genius unlike your idiot ass!"

"You teme! Want to fight!"

Naruto then watched as Haruka moved in between, "You guys stop fighting! We've just became genins, so act like it!"

Naruto looked at surprise at Haruka. A mixture of happiness and pride crossed his face. He then watched as Katashi and Ken finally stopped fighting. Then all at once that changed. Haruka brought her hand up, and pointed at herself, "If it makes you guys feel any better, you're both stupid compared to me. I mean I did graduate the same year as you guys, and I'm a year younger!"

Haruka gave a boasting smile, which had an immediate effect on Ken and Katashi. Ken and Katashi gave each other a quick look, and then nodded.

Katashi crossed his arms, and looked at Haruka, "So, what? Where's your sharingan?"

Ken gave a boasting smile of his own, and looked at Haruka. His one tomoe sharingan blazing to life, "So, how about it, Haruka? Where's your sharingan?"

Naruto slammed his palm into his face again. He then looked over to Haruka, and could see the pain in her face. To Naruto's knowledge, Haruka was greatly concerned about her sharingan. She had yet to activate, and was starting to believe it would never activate. Naruto watched with growing concern as Haruka started at the grown. Her eyes shut with anger. Naruto being the overprotective brother he was glared at both of Katashi and Ken.

Katashi and Ken suddenly gazed into the eyes of Naruto, and felt a sense of danger roll down their back. For a moment Naruto stopped glaring, at them and let out a sigh.

Then Naruto spoke, "Katashi….Ken….stop boasting about your sharingan. It will only make you arrogant."

Naruto then looked down at Haruka, "As for you, stop concerning yourself over your sharingan. It will activate at the right moment. Trust me."

Naruto watched as Haruka looked up from the ground. Her big onyx eyes stared into Naruto, "What if I never activate it?"

Naruto shook his head, "You'll activate it….because you are Haruka of the Uchiha Clan."

Naruto watched as a bit of confidence rang through Haruka's face. Naruto gave his younger sister a smile, and then turned to the rest of the Uchiha graduates, "I'm tired of all this nonsense. How about we go somewhere else, and you guys tell me about your graduation."

Naruto watched as Ken jumped into the air, "Alright! let's go get something to eat!"

"It better not be any of your crazy dessert places, Ken." threaten Katashi as he looked at Ken. Ken shrug his shoulders, "I was thinking about getting ice-cream…."

"Ice-cream?" asked Haruka as she was suddenly revived from her depressed mood.

Naruto watched as Haruka and Ken argued with Katashi about where to go. Naruto simply sighed, and knew who exactly was going to win. He left behind the three, and begun to walk to the closest Ice-cream parlor.


Naruto leaned against the entrance of the academy. He took a deep breath as he admired the morning sun rise. He looked up to the sky, and silently thought to himself, "Am I really going to become a jounin sensei?"

Naruto clenched his fist, as he recalled his time with Tsunade. He then reached into his jacket, and pulled out a small piece of paper. On it where the three lucky genins that would be assigned to him.

"Haruka Uchiha, Hanabi Hyuga, Konohamaru Sarutobi."

Naruto gritted his teeth as he stared at the three names, "She planned this team perfectly, she made sure I couldn't fail them no matter what."

"Haruka…..Konohamaru….she gave me both of them because she knows I couldn't purposely fail those two." Naruto looked at the two names, and gave a sigh, "Those two were Tsunade's insurance from me possibly just failing them."

"Hanabi Hyuga…." Naruto stared at the name with a bit of confusion in his head. "This is the only one I can't understand. Why would she give me the heiress of the clan, the soon to be head of the Hyuga clan, Hanabi Hyuga?"

Naruto stopped, and pondered for a moment, "Political pressure from failing this team?….."

Naruto bit his lip, and rubbed the back of his head. "Who knows."

Naruto placed the piece of paper into his jacket,and stopped leaning on the door. He then gave a slight stretch, and walked into the academy.


Naruto walked down the hall. He turned a corner, and then came to the door he was looking for, "Room 110"

Without even knocking Naruto walked into the room. He was greeted with a shocked Iruka, who was in the middle of giving his usual graduation speech, "Naruto? What are you doing here?"

Naruto looked around the room, and he quickly met the eyes of Katashi, Ken, and Haruka. They where sitting together in the middle of the classroom. He then look around looking for his two other students. Konohamaru was sitting in the front with two kids Naruto had never seen before. He gave Naruto a wave, but Naruto chose to ignore it.. His eyes moved quickly to the back of the room, and he found Hanabi Hyuga. She was sitting in the corner. Naruto felt a bit of annoyance looking at her perfect posture. "Hyugas…."


Naruto turned around, and looked at Iruka, "Hows it going, Iruka-sensei?"

Naruto watched as a conflicted look passed over Iruka's face. Naruto assumed that Iruka probably wanted to lecture him on something, but felt it was outplace since Naruto now outranked him. Iruka shook his head, "I was doing good, until you barged into my classroom. I thought I taught you better than that."

Naruto shrug his shoulders, "I was told to report here, by Lady Tsunade. I came to pick up my little minions."

Iruka sighed, as he could already tell Naruto was not taking this seriously, "So, you are. Well, you're going to have to wait a bit."

Naruto shook his head, "Nah, I'll be taking them now. Han-"

"Iruka-sensei! This guy couldn't possibly already be a jounin?" asked a girl. Naruto looked over, and stared at her. He could see her squirm under his gaze, but Naruto didn't care. One thing he hated, besides the Akatsuki, was when people underestimate him. Naruto looked over at the girl, "Why not?"

The girl was a bit surprised, when Naruto answered her. The girl hesitated for a moment, but she quickly gained her confidence, "Because….you're only like three years older than us!"

Naruto then watched as Haruka suddenly stood up. "Shut up, Kiko!"

Ken soon followed behind Haruka, "Naruto us the one that saved our classroom two years ago!"

Naruto then watched as the so called Kiko, suddenly tried to step back, "Wait a minute, that was you?"

Naruto then watched with surprise as the whole classroom, suddenly begun to stand up.

"He's that guy!"

"No wonder he's a jounin! He defeated that bone guy, when not even the chunins couldn't!"

"I hope I get his team!"

"SIT DOWN!" shouted Iruka as his head suddenly grew in size. Naruto watched as everyone quieted down, and sat down. Iruka took a deep breath, and looked at Kiko, "Yes, he is a jouin Kiko. Naruto, is the youngest S-rank ninja we have in Konoha, so don't allow his age deceive you."

Naruto watched in amusement as looks of shock ran through the room. Naruto let out a smile, "Alright, Hanabi Hyuga."

Naruto watched as the Hyuga princess look at Naruto with a calculating look.

"Konohamaru Sarutobi"

"Yahoo! I get Naruto-sensei!" yelled out Konohamaru.

"Haruka Uchiha."

"Yes, yes yes!" yelled out Haruka as she jumped from her chair. Naruto then cleared his throat, "You have two minutes to get to the rooftop. If you don't make it in two minutes you're all being held back. See ya!"

Then they watched as Naruto shimmered out of existence. All of a sudden the class heard a breaking of glass. They turned to the window, and watched as the Hyuga princess broke the window. She then jumped out of the window, and begun climbing up the building.

Haruka and Konohamaru were both confused, and then a lightbulb went off in their head. Haruka suddenly begun to sign a series of hand signs, "I'm not as good as brother…..Shunshin Jutsu"

A cloud of smoke covered Haruka, and once the smoke dispersed she was no longer there. Konohamaru screamed, "What the hell! I can't fail here!"

He suddenly pushed a kid out of the way, and ran out of the room. Iruka sighed as he watched Naruto's little stunt, "Never change Naruto…"

"What the hell! This isn't fair! I wanted to be on Naruto's team!" shouted Ken as anime tears begun to roll down his face.

Iruka was about to say something, when a voice rang through the room.

"Sorry Ken and Katashi, but I was only allowed to take one Uchiha…." lied Naruto as he sat in Iruka's chair, "And honestly I didn't want to ruin the little duo you and Katashi make."

For a moment Ken stared at Naruto in shock, but he quickly understood what had happened earlier. Iruka turned around, and stared at Naruto, "Impressive as always, Naruto. I thought you had used a shunshin earlier, but it was just a genjutsu."

Naruto smirked, "I guess, so.. I'll see you around Iruka."

Naruto turned to the class, and gave them a slight bow, "See you around kiddos."


Konohamaru ran up the stairs as fast as his legs could carry him. He finally reached the last flight of stairs, and stared down the door to the roof. He burst to through the door, and he raced forward. The sun's rays blinded him momentarily, but then his eyes adjusted. He ended up face to face with a crow, "What the hell!"

He staggered backwards, and fell onto his bottom.

"Konohamaru, stop goofing around!" shouted Haruka. Konohamaru looked to his side, and was annoyed to see Haruka and Hanabi standing side by side.

Konohamaru stood up, and stared at both of them, "That wasn't fair, you both were ready for that."

Hanabi gave Konohamaru a stern look, "A ninja must be ready for anything. Expect the unexpected."

Konohamaru growled at Hanabi, "Stop being so smug Hanabi! It annoys me!"

"Heyyyyy Kidddos!"

Konohamaru fell back, as the crow from earlier begun to talk. "A talking bird?!"

"The name's Crow!' shouted the bird, "I'm Lord Naruto's favorite summon!"

Hanabi eyes the bird suspiciously, as she stared at a seal over the bird's left eye, "Why would his eyes have a seal on it?"

"Hey crow! It's been a long time!" shouted Haruka, as she stared at the crow with a smile. The crow flew around the air a bit, and he suddenly landed on Haruka's shoulders, "Hey there little Haruka! You haven't changed a bit!

"What? But I'm like a lot taller now!" argued Haruka as she looked down at her self. The crow's head twitched a little, and looked at Haruka, "I wouldn't know, you humans look the same to me."

"Where's Naruto-sensei?" asked Hanabi out of no where, "He told us to be here in less than two minutes.

"Oh, Naruto told me you would be an impatient one."

Hanabi rose an eyebrow, but the crow suddenly flew off Haruka's shoulder. It glided in the air for a moment before landing on the edge of the roof, "Naruto wanted me to debrief you on your test."

"Test?" asked Konohmaru, "What test?

The crow gave a crude laugh, "Do you really think you've already become genins?"

"What...are you talking about?" asked Haruka.

The bird got up, and flew around a bit more. Then he landed on Hanabi's shoulders. For a moment Hanabi felt annoyed, but for some reason the bird's presence calmed her nerves. "This test has a 33.3% passing rate. If you fail you will be sent back to the academy."

Hanabi's eyes widen, "What?"

The bird flew off Hanabi''s shoulder,and gave her a gloating glance. "You have until sun down to find Naruto. Once you have found him, as a team you must take away the bell hanging from his waist. Good Luck."

Then all at once the bird poofed out of existence.

For a moment the three genins remained silent, and all at once they shouted in panic.


Naruto sat in a "U" shaped room. He sat in a cushioned orange seat. A book was in one hand, and a brush in the other. Sitting across the room was Sasuke. Naruto looked up from his book, and stared at Sasuke, "So, I heard you will be taking Katashi and Ken."

Sasuke nodded, "Yeah, I am…..I heard you're taking the Hyuga princess."

Naruto stopped writing in his book, and looked up at Sasuke, "Yeah….that's probably my biggest concern with my team."

Sasuke gave his friend a nod, "Yeah, one wrong move, and Lord Hiashi will want your head."

Naruto shrug his shoulders, "Life wouldn't be fun without a bit of risk."

"Well, we should get going.I honestly don't want to do the same thing as Kakashi-sensei." replied Sasuke.

Naruto gave a chuckle, "There's no need, I've already contacted my team."

Sasuke rose an eyebrow, "What are you talking about?"

"Oh nothing Sasuke. Just go along, don't worry about me." replied rolled his eyes, and walked out of the door. Naruto looked out the window, and gave smirk, "Good luck my little minions."


"What do you mean you can't use your byakugan?!"

"That stupid crow! He placed a seal on my shoulder!"