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Chapter 1: My Worst Distraction

What would I do without your smart mouth?
Drawing me in, and you kicking me out
You've got my head spinning, no kidding, I can't pin you down
What's going on in that beautiful mind
I'm on your magical mystery ride
And I'm so dizzy, don't know what hit me, but I'll be alright...

"Is it wrong that I feel - ?"


"Sad," Caroline corrected.

Tyler furrowed his brows as he glanced over at her, waiting.

"I know that Katherine is a horrible person, but…" Caroline paused, searching her mind for the words to say.

"But you see the good in people." Tyler quickly concluded. There was an off-putting tone to his voice that Caroline couldn't miss even if she tried.

She glowered back over at him for a moment before turning away and slowly nodding. "You mean Klaus. Because I saw the good in Klaus."

Tyler peered down at the ground before meeting her eyes again. "Your words, not mine." He lifted himself off the car's hood and stepped away.

Caroline sighed, walking over in Tyler's direction. She couldn't believe that he was bringing this up again. He didn't have to say it, but his attitude and body language gave everything away. She had known him for too long to not see the obvious signs. Growing furious, Caroline decided she had enough. He needed to know how this was affecting her also.

"Your hybrid bite just killed someone and no one even batted an eye. I sleep with the wrong guy weeks ago and I don't hear the end of it! How is that fair?" She sharply asked.

Tyler turned around to face her. "I don't know, Care. Maybe people just expect more from you."

"Why?" She asked, voice rising. "Because being good comes so easy to me? Well guess what, Tyler, it doesn't. I am a vampire. I have the same impulses as you, so I'm allowed to make some mistakes along the way. Yes, I slept with Klaus, but after you walked away from me. That was my choice and I am living with it. And I don't need to be hearing about it every five seconds, so just get over it or get out of my life. But – " She paused, voice falling flat. "I'm done feeling guilty." Caroline forced her eyes away from Tyler's baffled expression and hurried off to her car. She couldn't face him anymore.

Tyler was left speechless. He watched Caroline as she quickly disappeared into the night. He, too, left the Salvatore boarding house minutes later after recollecting his thoughts. He still could not believe Caroline, or her betrayal - even if it had been weeks ago. Klaus, the man who had killed his mother, who slaughtered dozens of his friends, and who had Tyler sired like his little slave… and Caroline went and slept with the man?

Tyler slammed his hand down against the steering wheel.

"Bastard!" Tyler yelled. It frustrated Tyler how absolutely powerless he was against Klaus. He thought back to his little run in with the hybrid in New Orleans, and how Klaus effortlessly, and embarrassingly, defeated him and any hope of taking his life. It was after his run-in with Klaus that Tyler returned to Mystic Falls, abandoning his unavailing quest to finally be with Caroline again. Except, he soon learned what she had done with the bastard. Even then, Klaus had managed to rip away more of the little life Tyler had left.

With these agonizing thoughts, Tyler continued to drive.

In no time, Caroline had made it back to her college's dorm hall. She was still fuming. Tyler didn't deserve a say in her affairs after turning his back on her when she gave him the choice between her or his blinded rage of revenge. She knew the consequences of sleeping with Klaus, but she didn't have any regrets. She was fed up on being everyone's second choice, when she had always been Klaus's first. For once in her life, it had felt right.

Caroline quickly changed into shorts and a tank, and crawled into bed. She grabbed her phone off the end table and brought it above her face. She was expecting a furious message or voicemail from Tyler, but instead found a text from Stefan.

"We have a problem." Stefan's message read.

Caroline sighed. She already had enough problems of her own, she thought.

"What's going on?" She typed back. She waited a few minutes, but there was no response. She thought about calling Stefan, but she didn't think she could deal with anything else tonight. All she could think about was Tyler and his relentless accusations, atop of Nadia and Katherine's death only hours before.

She was about to call it a night, but her phone buzzed as she reached out to set it down.

"It's about Elena - I'll fill you in tomorrow. Get some rest," Stefan said.

Caroline had almost forgotten Elena had just claimed her body back after Katherine's creepy possession that no one seemed to notice, especially her or Stefan. Stefan's message was beginning to worry Caroline, though. If it had anything in the slightest to do with Katherine, she would be taking back her words from earlier.

"Sounds good." Caroline responded, placing the phone down and turning the lamp off. She was determined to get a good night's rest before this problem with Elena was dealt with. She rolled on to her side, placing her hands under her cheek as she closed her eyes. However, Tyler's voice echoed around her mind. It annoyed her, and she wanted nothing more than to rid herself from his words. The tears began to sting her eyes, but she refused to cry and willed her mind to think of anything else.

In that moment, Caroline thought about her time in the woods with Klaus. She often fought against the memory, yet it was simply one of the most exhilarating moments she's ever experienced. She remembered his dark eyes on her after their fervent kiss, so full of lust and urgency to have her for the first and last time. The way he quickly had her melting to the touch of his skilled hands. How violent yet equally gentle he was with her fledgling vampire body.

And his words, as he delicately spoke to her. "I will walk away and never come back. I promise."

How could he make such a promise? Caroline wondered, finding herself becoming more aggravated as she thought about it. It still didn't make sense to her. And, at the end of their day, they had one final exchange that countered his first agreement.

"It's quite a shame. For you, though, I shall keep my word. However -" Klaus spoke, eyeing her features as she elegantly dressed herself, fidgeting among the leaves. He certainly despised his terms with her, however, it was the only way he knew she would come forward with her feelings.

"There's always a chance for you to come to me. Just say the word," He said in a low voice.

He watched her carefully, trying to get a glimpse of any reaction upon her face as she took in his final proposal.

She glanced over to him. She was about to yell at him, to remind him that her answer was still 'no.' Yet, at the same time, this was it. He promised to never return to her. For all she knew she would never see him again. And as much as she hated herself, she began to dislike the idea of him disappearing from her life.

Before she could respond, he spoke once again, "You should return to your friends. They may begin to ask of your whereabouts," He said evenly.

She eyed him strangely for a moment before her eyes widened with alarm. It was already past dusk and she had not returned to the Salvatore's home yet. What were the others going to think?

Klaus smirked as he watched the many emotions cross her face. For the briefest of moments, Caroline was sad over the thought of his absence. And this final goodbye felt like a wooden stake inching towards her heart. Klaus approached her, causing her to still her movements. He took her shoulders in either of his hands. He slowly brought his lips to her forehead.

"Goodbye, love." He mouthed against her warm skin before reluctantly letting her go.

When Caroline blinked, he was gone.

Caroline let out another sigh, turning in her bed. He can't just do that to her; having the final word and leaving her to contemplate upon his ridiculous terms.

Caroline, for the first time since their last encounter, pondered what was going on in New Orleans at this moment. What was the big, bad original hybrid up to? If Klaus was so willing to walk away from her and leave the decision up to her, what had been transpiring in that hectic place?

She suddenly chuckled at the trivial thought that had entered her mind and dozed off into a deep sleep. All this questioning and interpreting was what he aspired from her.

"If you're gonna kill me for that, get on with it." Marcel said to Klaus, unafraid of his fate that now rested in the hybrid's hands. Marcel had prepared for this - for the day Klaus would end his life for all his past mistakes. His betrayal. So Marcel stood tall, welcoming death with an open embrace.

Klaus had just driven Rebekah out of town after learning how she revealed him to Mikael years ago. If that wasn't enough, Marcel had also been involved in her little plot who Klaus had trusted greater than any. Marcel should be dead; his crime was unforgivable. However, Klaus couldn't act upon that betrayal now. The hatred and anger he felt before had all but crumpled away. Instead, Klaus was being weighed down with this familiar feeling of deception. He could not kill his sister, so how could he possibly kill Marcel who he also viewed as a son? No further words were to be said. Klaus backed down from Marcel's taunt, giving him victory and the right to his home.

Klaus broke his glare with Marcel. The original hybrid sighed with defeat as he peered down at the ground and began heading for the stairs in the courtyard, giving no particular attention to the anxious, thirsty vampires surrounding him.

By the time Klaus had made it to the top of the stairs, however, there was a frantic shuffling heard from down below. Klaus looked back down the courtyard to see Elijah standing among the vampires, and adjusting his suite, nonetheless. Marcel's body was now across the compound lying at the bottom of a pillar as a result to Elijah's strike.

"Good evening," Elijah said smoothly, having the full attention of every vampire.

A small smile pulled at Klaus's lips. This was going to be good. He leisurely strolled to the center of the railings and awaited his brother's next course of action.

"I trust I need no introduction, after all, this was once my family home. Tonight – " Elijah paused, "I'm taking it back."

Elijah turned around to eye Marcel, who was now standing, and continued. "Your privileges here have been revoked. Marcellus, out of respect for my sister, I will grant you this one mercy. I will allow you to keep your life." Elijah pointed a threatening finger at him. "However, you are here by exiled. If I as so much as find a trace of you in the French Quarter, it will not end will for you. Do you understand?"

Accepting his silence as his agreement, Elijah spun to the other vampires who crowded the compound. "That is all. Run along."

As if being compelled, each of the vampires began to file out of the courtyard without word. Marcel stood against the pillar, taking in this loss at Elijah's hands. He soon disappeared within the crowd of vampires. Not a moment later, the courtyard was empty.

Klaus, who had found the scene entertaining, spoke down to Elijah in a low voice, "Nicely done, brother."

Elijah instantly peered up at Klaus.

"You're beginning to sound like me. I'm impressed." With a diminutive smirk, Klaus left his place against the railing and made way to this room.

Elijah let Klaus's comment sink in. Rebekah no longer required protection from Klaus or anyone else here. It was merely the impeccable time to reclaim their home. After all, Klaus had proved incapable of running this place as he stood idly by, watching it crumble back down to its foundations. Elijah understood that he would have to take matters into his own hands if they were going to accomplish this task. So, yes, maybe he was beginning to sound like his younger half-brother. But his work for the night wasn't done. Elijah left and disappeared from the courtyard without further thought.

Klaus, though, went to sleep. Tomorrow was a new day, and he was certain there was more of his brother where that came from. This side of Elijah was always a sight to see, particularly to him. With little to no sleep in these past few days, Klaus momentarily drifted off.

He abruptly woke, not to the morning sun as he had hoped. His phone was lit up on the nightstand, indicating that someone was trying to contact him once it ceased its maddening buzz.

Klaus sighed and ran a hand threw his hair. If this was Rebekah, she had better prayed she made it halfway across the world by now. He pondered if this was even worth his time or to just return to sleep. For the sake of his curiosity, he reached over to the nightstand.

As Klaus brought the screen into view, he was shocked to see a rather unanticipated, yet familiar name read across the display. In a split second, he rose to properly sit up, completely disregarding how exhausted he felt. For the first time in the past few days, his lips formed a small, yet genuine smile. He opened her message only to find the content much shorter than he'd desired, giving him an alarming sensation in his gut.

"Klaus.." The message read.

Glancing away from the phone, he whispered her name into the night.


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