I'm back with a new story! It takes place in the Naruto Universe and contains a bit of supernatural. In this story Sasuke's back and everything is all good, well in my mind lol. Anyway, I will twist things to fit my story if necessary this includes characters that are not a part of the Naruto universe.

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Full Summary: His nephew snorted. "The Haruno clan? Why are you wasting your time with them? That pink haired girl is the only strong one among those weaklings." "You naive, little fool!" his uncle snapped. "That clan holds a power far greater than you know."

"My lady," the green Kappa started. "The waters are greatly disturbed."

"It has begun my child, the search for the jewel," Ame-No-Mi Kumari stated as she watched the roaring waves thrash against everything in sight. "Bring Yoshie to me."

"Yes, my Lady."

Pairings: Sasuke+Sakura (Main), Naruto+Hinata



"My lady," the green Kappa started. "The waters are greatly disturbed."

"It has begun my child, the search for the jewel," Ame-No-Mi Kumari stated as she watched the roaring waves thrash against everything in sight. "Bring Yoshie to me."

"Yes, my Lady."

'So after all these years, he is finally making a move to try to seize the jewel once again.'


Sakura's hand glowed green against Sasuke's chest and he watched her eyes lit up in concentration. She was so close to him, practically almost sitting in his lap as she healed his open wounds. One hand rested on his shoulder to steady her as she checked for any other injuries. Her bangs were slightly brushing against his and he took the time to fully examine her face. The crinkling of her brow, the occasional biting of her lip, and the way her eyes sparkled all entranced him. He had the strong feeling to and wanted to inch his face closer to hers, but refrained from doing so.

"There you go Sasuke-kun. All fixed," she said pulling back slightly. She blushed once she noticed how close they really were and pulled away quickly.

"Fix me next!" Naruto said a few feet away from Sasuke.

"Your wounds are already healed because of Kurama," the pinkette stated and Naruto pouted. "Well, let's have another round of training." Sakura rolled her eyes but agreed. "HEY SAI COME TRAIN WITH US!" the blonde yelled.

"I'll just go get him," Sakura said while standing up. She walked over to the boy who was busy sketching under the tree.

"You like her. No wait, correction! You love her!" Naruto sang as he looked at Sasuke who was watching Sakura. Sasuke's head spun away from the girl so fast, Naruto thought it might fall off. "You love her, you wanna kiss her, you wanna marry her, and have babies. Don't forget to name one after me!"

"I will never name our kid after you," Sasuke said thoughtlessly, not even wanting to entertain the thought.

"Haha," Naruto said pointing his finger at him. "I knew it! I knew you loved her! I knew it! I knew it!"

"Shut up Dobe," Sasuke said, pushing Naruto's face into the ground as he walked by to get to the training field. Naruto laughed as he noticed the red on Sasuke's cheeks as the boy walked away from him.


'Damn, what is it? Gang up on Sakura day?' the pinkette thought as she swung herself up onto a tree branch. She spotted Sai a distance off, getting ready to send ink beasts her way and she heard Sasuke summoning his Chidori from about twenty feet behind her. 'One, two, where's three?' She listened closely, trying to pinpoint where Naruto would be and what direction he would be coming from.

"Shit," she cursed, hearing the ink beasts roar loudly near her. She was so preoccupied with finding the blonde that she failed to notice Sai summoning his beasts. The shrill of birds could be heard closing in on her too and she cursed again about to dodge, but the skies overhead darkened and thunder boomed loudly in the background before a downpour of heavy rain fell, washing away Sai's ink summons. Sakura managed to avoid Sasuke's attack at the last minute by quickly sidestepping, plastering herself against the tree trunk.

She grabbed his wrist and was about to throw him, but a kunai was pressed against her throat. She looked behind her to see Naruto coming out from the tree trunk behind her. Moving quickly, her free hand grabbed Naruto's and pulled it away before delivering a hard kick backwards, causing the tree trunk to crack all the way through. Letting the blonde's hand go, she launched off the falling tree and using the momentum, flung Sasuke across the field.

'Good, everyone's in the open.' Sakura was about to release an earth-shattering punch, but the rain overhead poured harder, covering the area in white and soaking her to the bone. The droplets felt like pin pricks and was ice cold.

"Let's call it a day," Naruto hollered, his bright orange suit barely visible.

"Sounds good to me," Sakura yelled back. "What is this? A storm?" the pinkette asked once everyone managed to huddle up under a tree.

"I can't see anything!" Naruto yelled over the downpour. Even Sasuke's grunt of agreement was louder than usual. "Who's house is the closest?"

"Sakura's," Sasuke replied.

"Let's go!"

"How are we suppose to get to my house if we can't even see three feet in front of us?" the pinkette asked but the blonde ignored her.

"It can't be that hard to find."

"You're going the wrong way Dobe," Sasuke said.

"Ehehehe, I knew that. I was just testing you guys."

"Just come on," Sasuke said leading the way.

"Shouldn't I be the one leading us to my house?" Sakura muttered to herself. Sasuke managed to hear the girl's thoughts from beside him and smirked.

"Woah, you can't even see the houses good!" Naruto exclaimed once they stepped foot into town. "Hey guys, wait up!" The blonde hurried to catch up to them and accidentally bumped into Sakura who bumped into Sasuke.

"Sorry," she apologized. "Naruto! You made me bump into Sasuke-kun."

"Sorry Sakura-chan," Naruto said sheepishly. "I couldn't see you guys clearly. Besides, mister grumpy pants probably didn't mind."

Sakura rolled her eyes at him, ignoring his wiggling eyebrows and suggestive smiles. "Stop doing that," she said.

"Are we there yet?"

"How am I supposed to know?"

"You're supposed to know where your house is."

"Yeah, well, do you even know where we are right now?" she shot back.

"Uhhhh, no."

"Then shut up."

Sasuke was glad for the silence. He calculated that in the next five or so minutes they should be right in front of Sakura's house.

"Yo Teme, I have a question for you," Naruto began. Hearing no response from the dark haired boy made him continue. "How do you know where to find Sakura's house in all this mess even when she can't?"

The pinkette perked up at this, curious to hear the answer. Really, how is it that he knew exactly where to go in this weather even without activating his Sharingan. Sakura squinted up at his face, trying to get a good look and noticed the color red on the raven head's cheeks, but she disregarded it as the marks left behind by the constant onslaught of the harsh raindrops.


"Ohoho, are you not telling me because Sakura's right here?" the blonde asked teasingly.

"C'mon," Sasuke said, grabbing Sakura's arm and pulling her farther away from Naruto.


"Naruto, is that what you call liking someone?" Sai asked from beside Naruto.

"Sai!" Naruto exclaimed. "I totally forgot you were there."

"Don't you always?"

"Noooo, and the answer to your question will have to wait. We can't lose Teme and Sakura-chan."

-Huff huff huff-

"How can you just leave us like that? Don't you care? You're such a heartless bastard Teme!" Naruto yelled now standing on the doorstep of Sakura' house.

"It seems like he cares only for Sakura. He led her all the way here while holding her hand," Sai stated.

"Sai, that is not hand holding," Naruto explained. "And secondly,-Hey! Sakura-chan, don't close the door on us! Hey open up! How come Teme gets to go inside?! SAKURA-CHAAAANNNN."

"Will you answer my question now?" the inky haired boy asked.

"YES SAI!" Naruto answered before banging on the door.

"Yes you will answer it or yes is the answer?"

Naruto banged his head against the door. "I meant that the answer to your question is yes but in this case it runs much deeper."

Sai pondered over this for a little while before taking out a book entitled 'When a Guy Loves a Girl'.

"Sakura, I demand you open this door young lady. You better not be having sex with Sasuke in there!"

"What did you say?" she asked furiously as the door flung open. She pulled up her sleeve and was about to punch him. "Narutooooo!"

"Wait, wait, I was just kidding. If you punch me away, how am I suppose to find the house?"

" I could send you to Hinata's," she said sickeningly sweet.

"Really?" the blonde asked excitedly.

"Her house is in that direction." Sakura pointed out into the distance, her arm still ready to launch the boy.

"Never mind. Please let me inside Sakura-chan," Naruto begged, dropping down on his knees and wrapping his arms around her legs. He looked up at her and his chin rested against her knee. "I'm sowwy. It was just a liwwle joke."

Sakura felt herself being pulled back out of Naruto's grip, her back softly hitting against something solid.

"What d'ya do that for Teme?" Naruto asked, looking up from the floor.

"Hn," the raven-head said, narrowing his eyes at Naruto in warning.

"All right, all right, I get it, I get it," the blonde said while standing up. "You don't want me touching her," he muttered. "Can we come in now?" he asked.

Sakura allowed him to enter and Sai followed behind with his nose in his book.

"Just wait right here," she said. "I don't want water all over the house."

"But how come Teme gets to sit all comfortable on the couch?"

"Because he already changed out of his wet clothes. Now just stay here." Sakura disappeared and came back a few minutes later with two towels and extra clothing. "I hope they fit. They use to be my dad's when he was around our age."

"Thanks Sakura-chan!" Naruto accepted the clothes and Sakura let him go to the bathroom to change.

Once he emerged, he plopped down on the couch next to his best friend while Sai disappeared into the bathroom.

"How long do you think this is gonna last for?" He asked watching lightning light up the sky.

"I don't know," Sakura replied as Sasuke shoved Naruto away from him.

The lights above flickered and Sakura got up immediately. "I'll go get some candles and lamps ready just in case."

"Hn," Sasuke grunted, getting up as well.

"Naruto go and get Sai."

"But Sakura-chaaaaan."

The pinkette glared at the boy. "Fine," he whined out, sluggishly dragging himself to the bathroom to retrieve Sai. Sakura rolled her eyes at his childish behavior.

The lights flickered again and Sakura hurried into the kitchen with Sasuke following calmly behind her. The girl opened a drawer near the refrigerator and reached in with her right hand to grab a box of matches, only to quickly pull her hand back. "Itai," she muttered, watching the blood seep out freely from the cut on her index finger. The girl briefly ignored her finger and looked in the drawer for the cause of her cut. She glared at the four sided grater that was shining brightly at her.

As she was reaching in with her other hand to grab the matches, Sasuke took hold of her right hand and brought it up to his face to inspect the cut. The pinkette blushed at his actions and tried to pull her hand out of his grasp, but he looked at her in warning. She looked away from him and retrieved the box of matches, setting it on the counter.

"It's just a small cut-" she began to say but abruptly stopped talking when she felt his thumb glide over the wound. She looked at him curiously with a light pink dusting her cheeks. She wanted to ask him what he was doing but bit her lip instead. "I could just heal this and we could just finish getting the-" she cut herself off in shock as she watched him enclose her finger with his mouth. She felt him sucking at the wound for a couple of seconds and then it was over like nothing ever happened. Like he didn't suck on her finger, like he didn't make her blush, and like he didn't turn her insides into goo.

Recovering from what he did to her, the pinkette walked to the opposite side of the kitchen to retrieve the candles from the bottom cabinet. The lamps were high out of her reach and would require her to either use a stepping ladder or to climb on top of the counter to get them, and she definitely was not going to climb on top of the counter in front of Sasuke. Instead, she settled on staring up at them from where she stood.

Warmth engulfed her suddenly as Sasuke came to stand behind her, his chest slightly touching her back. The girl tensed slightly, but watched as his arms stretched above her to grab two kerosene lamps. She thanked him as he set them down in front of her and he 'hn-ed' in response.

Abruptly, the lights went out and a loud boom of thunder was heard. Lightning lit up the sky, illuminating the room briefly. Sakura lit one of the lamps before lighting all the candles she had grabbed earlier. "Let's go put these around the house," she told Sasuke. Naruto's sudden cry and quick footsteps heading in the direction of the kitchen stopped Sakura in her tracks and made her raise one of her eyebrows in curiosity.

"Sakura-chaaaan," Naruto whined, jumping onto the girl. "Sai is scaring me!"

"Dobe." Sasuke's voice was dark and menacing. He hit the boy on the head hard, causing the blonde to let go of Sakura and sink to the floor while nursing the new lump on his head.

"But Sai was telling me about this really freaky ghost!" Naruto complained to Sasuke who glared at him. The blonde pouted and held his hands up in surrender.

"Naruto, get off the floor," Sakura said, leaving the room with all the candles, only leaving behind the lit lamp on the countertop.

"It's Teme's fault." Naruto heard his bestfriend growl at him. "Ok, ok, me no touchy Sakura-chan. Sheesh, possessive much."

The raven-haired boy stopped his growling and stepped over Naruto.

"Guys don't leave me alone! Sai said she comes when it's dark!"



"Yes, my Lady?" the green Kappa answered.

"Has Yoshie left already?"

"Yes, my Lady," the child size reptilian answered.

"When the time is near, you will go out to retrieve what is suppose to come to me."

"Yes my Lady."

Ame-No-Mi Kumari watched as the beautiful docks and cliffs were battered by the horrible waves.


"Tsunade-sama, Tsunade-sama," Shizune frantically yelled bursting through the doors.

"What? What is it?" the Hokage asked, rubbing the sleep away from her eyes.

"Tsunade-sama," Shizune said in a calmer tone. The Hokage sat up straighter and watched as the black-haired woman moved aside to allow someone to enter.

"Greetings Slug Princess."

"You," the Hokage began. "Shizune! Close the door!"


The flickering lights in the small house finally cut off and the two men were plunged into darkness.

"Kira, bring a light," Nozomu commanded. The brown haired boy retrieved the oil lamp from the shelf in the study and brought it to the table.

"What is this?" the boy asked as he viewed all the papers and scrolls scattered across the table.

"The Haruno clan."

His nephew snorted. "The Haruno clan? Why are you wasting your time with them? That pink haired girl is the only strong one among those weaklings."

"You naive, little fool!" his uncle snapped. "That clan holds a power far greater than you know."

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Ame-No-Mi Kumari - Japanese water goddess

Kappa - A child-size yokai with scaly, reptilian skin.

Yoshie - beautiful river

Rio - river

Nozomu - desire

Kira - dark