The voice of Lei Kung narrates, "For thousands of years, the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven have been separated from the rest of existence, only coming into contact with the Earthly realm once a cycle...¨

The abyss between worlds. A black void with scattered celestial bodies hinting at strange planes of existence beyond the darkness.

¨... These kingdoms include the ancient city of Kún Lun, a nearly forgotten nation cursed by the dragon, Shou-Lao, The Undying... ¨

Kún Lun hangs in the void, an ancient relic of a long forgotten era of China.

¨... K'un Zi, a city of dark magic..."

A black city of twisted architecture hangs behind it.

"... The Island of Peng Lai..."

A tropical island hovers behind them.

"... The Undercity, the kingdom of the lost... "

A dark city with seemingly empty streets and derelict buildings.

"... The jungle nation of Z'Gambo..."

A jungle village.

"... The Kingdom of Spiders and Tiger Island."

Two more cities fly past. They all swirl into the darkness, gradually moving in allignment until they merge together in a bright ball of light.

"Once every 88 years, the kingdoms allign and the Heart of Heaven appears as each city occupies the same space and time."

The resulting city is massive and has elements from all the kingdoms with a large, circular arena in the middle.

"The rulers of these kingdoms agreed to hold a tournament every cycle, with the winner having the chance to appear on the Earth once every decade while the rest can only appear every fifty years."

Inside the arena, thousands of people are gathered in the stands. Located around the inner-walls of the arena are large stone totems of a cobra, a crane, a wind-shaped totem, a wolf, a spider, and a tiger.

"Each city has a champion. Together, they are known as the Immortal Weapons. There is the Cobra, the Crane, the Mist, the Wolf, the Spider, the Tiger..."

The last totem is of the dragon Shou-Lao.

"... And the Dragon."

Two warriors stand in the arena. One is a man clad in black Chinese armor with a wolf nearby while the other is dressed like Daniel Rand, complete with the dragon tatoo in the center of his chest. They both stand ready, eyeing one another before leaping into battle, throwing a series of kicks and punches at one another while blocking and dodging every blow that comes to them.

"The Immortal Weapons have always fought for the honor of their cities. It is the chance to have a planetary home, if only for a decade."

The Iron Fist finally manages to kick the warrior in the chest, dropping him on his back.

"The City of K'un Lun has won every tournament for the past three cycles due to the power of the Iron Fist."

The man in armor rises and pulls the sword from his side. The Iron Fist summons a ball of chi around his hand and leaps into battle. As he strikes, the flash of energy grows bright, then dissolves.

"There are few who can defend against it."

The city of K'un Lun appears in the mountains of China.

"And because of this, K'un Lun has appeared once every decade for several generations. There may come a day, however, when it will no longer be victorious."

Bangkok, Thailand

A figure walks down a dark, rain-drenched alley. He steps into the light of a neon sign, showing a middle-aged man with greying temples, wearing a long coat. Over his shoulder is an old, beat-up satchel which he holds with one hand. He surveys the area as if expecting someone but it is surprisingly empty for one of the largest cities in Asia. Then again, it looks as if few people come to this part of the city. He moves along and as he does so, a strange green fog rolls behind him. It lowers itself to the ground and swirls back around, clearly following the man. As it gets closer, he stops in his tracks, obviously anticipating something, then turns swiftly to face a bald Asian man in green robes. They say nothing to erach other, but the middle-aged man seems to know he's in for a fight. He tosses the satchel off his shoulder to a nearby wall and takes a fighting stance. The bald man attacks, and the two trade punches and parries, both displaying kung-fu skill as they quickly attack, block, and counter one another, neither fighter gaining an immediate advantage until finally, the middle-aged man throws a punch, which passes straight through the bald man as he turns into a semi-humanoid cloud of green mist and floats to the side before solidifying. The Green Mist attacks next, throwing a single punch, his arm turning into green fog mid-swing; the middle-aged man is thrown off his feet and sent into the wall behind them. The Green Mist advances, floating to him in a green fog with enough force to crack the wall as the middle-aged man ducks and rolls away from him. A moment later, he snatches his bag from across the alley and darts into the street. The Green Mist flies into the air, swirls, and falls into a drop kick as he rematerializes; his opponent is sent into a pile of garbage on the sidewalk. The man leaps to his feet, reaches into his coat, and pulls out twin colt .45's.

He does not attack right away, however. Instead, he runs into another alley with his attacker stopping at the entrance once he sees the alley is blocked off by a brick wall. He closes his eyes and as he runs, one of his hands glows with amber chi energy and the light eventually reaches the gun in his hand. He continues ot sprint toward the wall ahead of him while the gun glows brighter in his hand and as he approaches the wall, he runs verticaly up the side, kicks off, spins around, and fires a single bullet. The bullet flies down the length of the alley and during its flight, it releases chi energy, turning it into a fireball of energy; the bullet explodes in a massive globe of heat. The Green Mist only has a moment to turn back into the green fog before the explosion reaches him. His pained face can briefly be seen in the cloud as it is blasted away, releasing the rest of the energy in a large explosion which blows out the other end of the alley along with smoke and debris. Soon, the middle-aged man emerges from the alley, his bag still slung over his shoulder. He holsters his guns, surveys the area, and quickly continues on his way. Several minutes later, a green fog trails out of the smoke and ruin and solidifies into the Green Mist who falls to his knees. He is stunned but otherwise unharmed as he rises to his feet defiantly, checks the area for any signs of his adversary, then disappears in a green cloud burst.