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Gibbs morning was off to a great start. It was in the high fifties, not cold and not hot either. Perfect for Gibbs. Gibbs was on his way to work right when the clock changed to read 6:00 AM so Gibbs wasn't running late, not that he could possibly run late at six in the morning when NCIS guidelines say you have to be at the office by eight.

Gibbs navigated his truck to the underpass where his favorite Diner sat, small and welcoming under the shade of an overpass. After parking Gibbs sat at the counter, Elaine the same waitress who worked from five in the morning until one in the afternoon smiled holding a pot of coffee, black, in her one hand a cup in the other.

"You're in a good mood." She observed setting the cup in front of Gibbs. Gibbs was a man of routine and she knew that Gibbs hardly ever missed a breakfast at the diner on a weekday. Not unless his job prevented it, which it often did. Knowing that, Elaine kept a pot of black coffee full awaiting Gibbs arrival just in case.

Gibbs took a drink from the cup, "Ah the weather."

"Always a man of few words. What will it be today?"

Gibbs smiled slightly, "Eggs over easy and toast."

"That's all?" The woman asked.

Gibbs nodded. "That's all."

After eating his breakfast, taking a coffee to go and paying Elaine Gibbs was on the road again. He was only ten minutes from the Navy Yard when his phone rang.

Gibbs expected one of his team, or Vance or even the NCIS dispatcher reporting a body found, but instead the area code was that of Stillwater, Pennsylvania. Gibbs heart rate sped up a little as he answered.

The person on the other line dominated the conversation. Gibbs merely listened and saying "yes," "uh huh," and "yeah" when the other person required Gibbs to acknowledge that he was listening.

"Thank you." Gibbs finally said before hanging up. Gibbs stopped at a red light and made a very last minute decision to make the trip to Stillwater. So when the light turned green, Gibbs drove until he found a place to make a legal U-Turn and then drove to Pennsylvania.


Ellie Bishop sat on her desk Indian Style with her laptop balanced on her knees. She was the first team member at the office this morning, which she felt was odd because Gibbs desk showed no sign that he had been in yet.

After fifteen minutes of silence, Tim McGee came in with his NCIS backpack on his shoulder.

"Good morning, Probie." He said setting his backpack on the floor by his desk.

Ellie glanced at McGee and pulled the earphones from her ears. "Will you ever stop calling me that?" She asked sounding more curious than anything else.

McGee smiled. "Gibbs still gets called Probie now and then." He said matter of factly.

"Who still gets called Probie?" Asked Tony rushing into the squad room breathing at an above normal rate.

McGee looked at Tony. "Did you just get here?"

Tony sat at his desk. "Yes. Why, McCurious?"

Ellie joined in, "You didn't get off the elevator with McGee."

Tony opened his desk drawer and took out a half-finished report from two cases ago. "Took the stairs."

Before Ellie or McGee could reply, the phone on Gibbs desk rang. All three Special Agents stared at it.

"Has Boss been in yet?" Tony asked.

Bishop shook her head no and Tony took it upon himself as Senior Field Agent to answer his boss's phone.

"Special Agent Gibbs' desk." Tony said at his most professional. Tony listened and then said, "Okay" and hung up.

"Dead Admiral. Park Place Motel. Grab your gear."

Ellie looked at McGee. "Who does he think he is? Gibbs?"

McGee shook his head. "He gets this way when Gibbs is gone."

Ellie glanced at her boss's desk once more. "Has Gibbs ever missed a day of work?"

McGee followed Ellie's glance to Gibbs desk. "Well the Boss Man does have a small habit of disappearing without saying anything. Usually it's to Mexico…"

McGee and Ellie were called to the elevator by Tony who was impatiently holding the doors open.

The two Agents had their gear and were half way to the elevator when they were met by Director Vance. He had a stern look on his face as he asked, "Where's Gibbs?"

The three agents looked at each other. Tony was the only one to speak. "Your guess is as good as ours, Director."

On his way to Stillwater, Gibbs made the decision to not to tell his team the news. If they knew they wouldn't leave him alone and Gibbs just wanted to be left alone. He didn't want to hurt the team by pushing them away and he knew that he would, so he didn't answer when every member of the team, plus Vance called him. He knew they were on a case too when he ignored a call from the NCIS Dispatcher.

Gibbs driving cut the usual time to trek from Washington D.C. to Stillwater by 45 minutes so he arrived earlier than he thought. Once he was driving along the Main Street of his place of birth Gibbs turned into the parking lot of the Sherriff's office.

Inside the office he found Ed Gantry sitting at a desk behind a half wall.

The Sheriff's deputy took one look and stood up on the defensive. He never liked Leroy Jethro Gibbs and hated that he was a Federal Agent now.

"Leroy." The deputy said as neutrally as he could. He wanted to see what mood the Fed was in before anything unwanted happened.

Gibbs stopped walking and locked eyes with Ed. "Where's my father?" Gibbs said showing absolutely no emotion.

Ed put his hand on his side, casually. "Ambulance took him to Columbia County General Hospital."

Gibbs locked eyes with the Sheriff's deputy once again and then coolly turned and left the way he came in. Ed let out a sigh. That was way easier than he had expected.

Earlier In D.C…

The crime scene was a motel room, Ellie was secretly glad that they found a simple gunshot wound and an okay amount of blood considering. Either it's from watching too much horror movies or just her imagination running wild but the Probationary Agent had expected a bloodbath.

"You seem surprised." Said Ducky, coming from behind Ellie in the doorway.

Ellie stood aside giving the Medical Examiner space, "Oh it's not what I expected."

Tony came into the room with a camera draped around his neck. "And here I was expecting Psycho!"

Ducky shook his head. "If Gibbs were here he'd smack you, Anthony."

Tony smiled. "Keyword 'if'. Besides as I recall you've smacked me before."

McGee raised an eye brow at that but continued sketching the scene. Ellie looked at Tony. "I suppose you want me to interview the maid?'

Tony forced his expression into his authorative-in-charge look. "Spoken like a true Probie."

Ellie nodded once and left the room in pursuit of the older and crying maid.

After she left, Ducky pulled the liver probe from the body. "Time of death approximately five hours ago."

Tony bent down with his hands on his knees supporting his weight. "Still had his dress uniform on at four in the morning? I'd say that was odd."

Ducky looked at Tony. "Except?"

Tony met eyes with the Scotsman. "Except the motel manager said that he saw our Admiral here with a lady of the night. I'd say that he and she hadn't sealed the deal yet."

"Speaking from experience are we Tony?" Quipped McGee as he still sketched.

"Not nice, Tim." Tony said, taking a picture of Tim causing the flash to blind him.

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