Ginny's POV

I woke to a nagging feeling. Something was missing. I sat up in bed and looked around. Harry was fast asleep besides me. Teddy's basket lay empty. I knew he was with mum but why did I get the feeling that something was still wrong. I got up and gently padded to mums room. I could hear teddy crying and mum trying to soothe him. I knocked gently before entering. Mum smiled and looked up.

Mum:"he just woke up. Is everything ok dear?"

Me:"yes mum I just thought something was wrong so I woke up. I guess this was it." Mum smiled.

Mum:"you already love him as if he were your own."

Me:"he is my own mum. I feel for him as if I'd given birth to him. I felt something was wrong with him and that's what woke me. I will protect him with my life and let no harm come to him. He will never feel the absence of professor Lupin or Tonks. I'll give him so much love he will only know me and Harry as his parents, and our future children as his siblings. He will be our oldest son. He will only know his real parents as heroes."

Harry:"I'm so happy to hear that gin." I turned and smiled a slight blush creeping on to my cheeks.

Me:"you heard that?"

Harry:"every word." he smiled.

Mum:"I'm so proud of you two."

Teddy was still whimpering in mums arms. I walked up to mum and as soon as he saw me he held his arms out for me to take. I picked him up and held him close.

Me:"shush baby. Mummy's here now. It's ok." I kissed his head. Teddy quietened down immediately. "I'll take him back to our room mum. You catch another hour or so of sleep."

Mum nodded and me and harry headed back to our room. I lay teddy between the both us. I gently patted him back to sleep. Harry placed a protective arm over the both of us as we also drifted off. I woke an hour later to see both teddy and harry gone. I heard noises coming from the bathroom. I got up and slowly opened the door. I had to hold back a giggle. Harry was trying to give Teddy a bath.

Harry:"Teddy, stop splashing you're making me all wet. Your mum is going to think you gave me a bath instead." Harry laughed. I stood there watching a moment smiling to myself. Teddy saw me and reached his hands out for me to take him and gurgled. Harry looked back surprised. I walked in to the bathroom smiling and sat beside him.

Harry:"how long have you been here?"

Me:"long enough." Poor Harry blushed.

Harry:"I was trying to get him ready so you could sleep in."

Me:"I know dear but its ok I'll do it." Harry wore a determined look.

Harry:"no I will do this you go change." As soon as he said this teddy splashed so hard that Harry became drenched. Water was dripping off his hair and face.

Harry:"how do you manage?"

Me:"still want to do this." I laughed

Harry:"yes!" He replied stubbornly, scowling. I left the bathroom laughing to go change.

A few minutes later just as I was pulling on my skirt Harry walked into the room with teddy wrapped in a blanket and he himself was sopping wet.

Me:"here I'll change him you go change."

Harry:"no it's ok I'll change him first."

Me:"Harry I know your trying to help ok. You bathed him now I'll change him. You need to change yourself. Come on."

He nodded and handing teddy over he walked back into the bathroom. He emerged just as I buttoned up Teddy's last button. He was wearing denim shorts with a blue I love daddy t-shirt a little cap and cute denim trainers under white socks. Harry was wearing 3 quarter length khaki shorts and a light blue t-shirt. I was wearing a long skirt with a sleeveless floral top.

We walked down to mum cooking breakfast. It smelled delicious. Fred and George took teddy off me.

Me:"he needs to eat."

F/G:"we're capable of feeding him." I rolled my eyes not knowing whether to believe them but they were already placing teddy in his chair and taking out his food. I sat at the table besides harry.

Harry:"mum what are we doing today?" he asked as we began to eat.

Mum:"well dear we have to move out for a while. At least two weeks maybe 3 just trying to sort that out." She said in a worried tone.

Me:"why mum." I asked confused.

Mum:"well they need to finish the house and the upstairs so we can't be in the house for that it's too dangerous. Your father is trying to figure something out."

Harry:"but mum there is nothing to figure out. We have so many houses we could live in any. But I reckon it's best if we stay at grimmauld place. It's the biggest we'd fit there perfectly."

Mum:"Harry dear we couldn't. That's your place you've already done too much we can't let you do this too."

Harry:"mum what are you trying to say? What's mine is yours or am I no longer your son? I shouldn't have even had to tell you. I've handed over all the keys to you. You should have said we would go there without me saying."

Saying this he dropped his knife and fork and ran upstairs. Dad was stood in the door and had heard everything. I was about to run up after Harry when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked back to see dad and he shook his head at me so I stopped.

Dad:"leave this to your mum and me. We need to sort this." I nodded and sat back. I looked towards teddy who had gone quiet seeing Harry leave. I say besides him next to George and smiled.

Me:"daddy is just a bit upset ok baby. It's ok he'll be fine in a minute." I said tickling his tummy. He began to gurgle once more and Fred put a spoon of food into his mouth.

George:"Harry is too good for us you know. Even I feel like he's doing too much."

Me:"I know that guys but when I talk to him he says he isn't. Us taking him in as our own has been the best thing that's happened to him he told me that. That's why he does this. Because he thinks that no one could or should have given him what we did ands that's love. So he wants to do everything to make us happy and he never wants to see us worried or hurt and that's why he's so open with everything. He thinks of us as his real and only family and this is how a family behaves they share everything. I finally started to understand that."

George:"we do understand gin but we need to get used to it too he did so much for us before we took him in too in his fourth year he gave us his 1000 galleons. To help us with our shop. He made us swear we wouldn't tell a soul."

Me:"I get that guys. But that's just Harry. He has so much love to give even though for so long he got nothing. That's why I love him."

Fred:"and we love him too. That's why he's our little bro. If anyone tries to hurt him they have to get through us."

I smiled at them and nodded. Teddy had finished his food so I picked him up to clean his face before Gred and Forge took him off me once more to take him outside. I started washing the dishes.


Harry had stormed off into his room. He was hurt. He was just trying to be like their real son. But they obviously didn't think of him like that. He sat on the bed and put his head into his hands. Unknowingly he began to cry. He felt a comforting hand on his shoulder moments later and the bed dipped slightly on either side of him as two people sat down.

Arthur:"son we never meant to hurt you."

Molly:"yes dear. We just don't want you or anyone else to think we made you our son for money."

Harry:"mum how could I ever think that. You and dad and this family have given me everything and more you took me in shared your home shared your love shared everything. Without taking a single sickle off me. I just wanted to pretend I'm your real son and behave according to that since now we're a proper family. Or that's what I thought."

Arthur pulled Harry towards himself so Harry's head lay on his chest and Arthur rested his chin on Harry head. Molly was gently stroking his arm trying to calm him.

Arthur:"you are our son Harry never forget that you don't need to pretend. You've always Been our son from the first moment we heard Ron talk about you. And we are a proper family. But other people won't see it that way and you have to understand son that were not used to be able to getting everything on a plate. And I know you've been through that and I know exactly why you do this. You don't want us to feel a need for anything."

Harry:"but dad what does it matter what other people think. People always think and need anything to gossip about. It shouldn't matter what they think as long as we know the truth."

Molly:"your right dear. I'm sorry."

Harry:"I'm sorry too mum." Molly and Harry hugged. "I have one other thing to tell you."

Molly:"what's that dear?"

Harry:"when we went to gringotts that day I had your vault joint to mine. I've had everyone's keys altered so whenever any of you go to take money out you'll be taken to vault 687 and also all the properties papers have had yours and dads names added to them. I'll be picking up the spare keys from gringotts in 2 days."

Mum:"erm I don't know what to say."

Harry:"mum don't say anything just accept this and please love me like your son."

Mum:"always Harry. Always."

They all hugged one last time. Then walked down.

**back downstairs**

I put the last dish to drain just as Harry mum and dad walked down. I smiled at them and Harry smiled back.

Me:"do you want me to heat your breakfast?"

Harry:"yes please."

Mum and dad walked outside and I placed Harry's now warm breakfast in front of him. He finished eating and I just sat watching him.

Me:"are you ok?"

Harry:"yes. I just talked to mum and dad and I'm ok now."

He flicked his wand and the plate cleaned itself up. Just then everyone walked back into the house. Harry took teddy off Fred and cuddled him close. As we all sat down bill came rushing in.

Bill:"mum dad. What's going on with our gringotts vault. I went to take some money out and I was taken to Harry's vault. I told them this was the wrong vault but they kept insisting that no Harry's vault was mine."

Mum:"well erm..." She began looking at Harry."

Harry:"well I had our vaults joined. your keys were changed to the key of vault 687."

Bill:"why?" He asked confused.

Harry:"we're family. The family vault is together."

Bill:"but..." Dad cut him off.

Dad:"Bill leave it. We've talked to Harry. He understands how we feel but we also understand how he feels. He wants our family to have everything and although it will be hard for us to accept and get used to the idea we have to for the sake of Harry."

Bill:"yes dad."

Harry:"by the way feorge and Gred I've contacted some contractors for that shop expansion. They'll come round in a few days."

F/g:" thanks bro."

Dad:"right boys. We will be moving to grimmauld place for the next couple of weeks. Whilst the house is finished. So we need to pack up everything only furniture remains ok. We need to be out by tonight so hurry up."

Harry:"wait dad."

Dad:"what's up son?"

Harry:"I can do it."

Dad:"do what?"

Harry:"move everything from here to there in one go. You don't have to pack anything."

Dad:"but how?"

Harry:"I don't know I just have a feeling."

Dad:"ok." Dad replied skeptically.

Harry stood up and we all watched him confused. He closed his eyes and he seemed to be concentrating hard. All of a sudden a bright blinding light burst out of Harry. It seemed to cover the whole house, enveloping everything it contained. I felt a warm sensation pass over me and I saw the others experience the same. Then it began to dim and it was as if Harry was sucking all the light back in. Then it was gone. Harry opened his eyes and breathed.

Harry:"did it work?" There was a scurry of people running up and mum and dad looking around then everyone running back down.

WOW! They all explained in sync.

Mum:"Harry how?" He shrugged his shoulders in a no big deal way.

Charlie:"it worked. Everything is gone only the furniture is left."

Dad:"right well I guess we should be off?"

Harry:"everyone stay where you are I want to try something." Saying this he held on tighter to teddy.

No one moved. Again Harry closed his eyes. A dim light emanated and a few moments later a bubble seemed to surround us all. Then pop we vanished. It felt warm and as if we were flying but all to soon the sensation stopped as our feet landed on soft carpet. We were all stood in the living room of grimmauld place. Before we were able to fully comprehend where we were kreacher came rushing in winky tailing after him.

Kreacher:"master Harry master Harry."

Winky:"master Harry you did it."

Harry passed teddy to me as he got down on both knees and pulled the two elves close to him in a tight hug.

Harry:"kreacher winky your both ok. I forgot to even see how you were. I'm so sorry."

The two elves seemed dumbfounded as Harry let them go.

Kreacher:"master it is I who is sorry for treating you badly. Please forgive kreacher. I'm so happy to see you alive and well."

Winky:"and winky is happy too. Dobby is bought winky here and say master Harry is best master. Dobby did not speak enough of your greatness." Harry blushed.

Kreacher:"but master what are you doing here. Why are all weasleys here?"

Harry:"kreacher we have to stay here for a while but I want to ask you and winky something?"

Kreacher:"what is it master?"

Harry:"would you and winky like to be freed?" Kreacher and winky began to weep.

Kreacher:"master have we wronged you? I will never leave your side."

Harry:"kreacher winky please don't cry. You haven't wronged me I'm just asking for you." They both shook their heads to indicate they would never leave. "Ok then. But you can just call me Harry and things are going to change. You will be given clothes according to the weather or occasion you will have good rooms for yourselves you will eat and stay with me and you will be treated like my equal ok?"

Kreacher:"but master."

Harry:"no master kreacher. I lost dobby. I'm going to do right by him and this will make me happy ok."

Kreacher:"yes Harry." He chocked. Harry stood.

Harry:"right. Kreacher winky this is ginny as you remember and we're going to get married. And this is our son teddy. I adopted him as Remus and tonks were killed in the war. But he is never to know. Until I tell him. He will always be my first son. Now we're going to be living here for a couple of weeks so we need to clean." He said looking around. "Mum is boss of the house ok."

K/W:"yes master." They said bowing low." Harry scrunched his face. This would take time.

Winky:"master winky would like to see teddy if you allow winky."

Harry:"of course winky." Harry took teddy of me and sat on the floor once more. Winky took a step closer as did kreacher. Harry gently placed teddy in winky's arms. Kreacher stroked teddys leg as winky looked on wide eyed in awe. She bent her head slightly and placed a noisy kiss on teddy's cheek. Teddy began to wail. Winky looked surprised and kreacher moved back. Then winky started to wail. Harry took teddy and tried to quieten him. So I stepped forward and took teddy rocking him slight till he calmed.

Winky:"master I is so sorry."

Me:"winky it's ok. Don't cry. He's just not used to you yet. Give him a few days and he'll be fine with you ok?" She nodded as she dried her eyes.

Kreacher:"master I have something for you to put master teddy into whilst we work. I'm sure mistress ginny and master teddy would love it."

Harry:"what is it kreacher?"

Kreacher:"master it's the magic baby hammock that belonged to master Sirius when he was a child. If you allow me to use magic I can show it to you."

Harry:"of course Kreacher. And just so you know you and winky can use your magic around the house to help you ok."

Kreacher:"yes master. Thank you."

With that kreacher snapped his fingers. From the roof emerged silk of baby blue. And forming at the height of my waist was a large basket that the silk held in place. The material inside was also baby blue and soft to touch. Above the cradle going round in circles were soft toys. One shaped as a broomstick one as a snitch one as a quaffle and there was also a bludger. And in the middle was a large blue star that sprinkled little star shaped lights out. It sang softly.

Me:"it's beautiful kreacher."

Kreacher:"thank you mistress."

I gently placed teddy into the cradle and it began to rock gently.

Charlie:"I have the perfect thing to complete it?" We all looked at him confused. "Harry I took this from godrics hollow just after you left. I thought teddy might like it."

He handed over a black dog teddy.

Harry:"padfoot." He whispered. He took the dog of Charlie and placed it close to teddy who grabbed it immediately and hugged it close his eyes lulling. He loves it. "Thanks Charlie."

Charlie:"anytime bro."

Mum:"right lets get to work."

Harry's POV

I felt lighter. I could say I was happy. I finally belonged. I looked across at all my family. I was so lucky.

Mum:"right lets get to work." She said clapping her hands. "The curtains are full of doxy's again. I'll go get the doxyicide."

Mum came back with the doxyicide and we spent all morning paralysing them. Kreacher and winky went to the kitchen at around half 11 to cook food. At 12 mum told us to freshen up before we went to eat. We all came down as mum put the salad bowl down. Kreacher and winky had made vegetable soup with chicken legs potato fritters and chocolate cake with ice cream for dessert. By the time we were finished we were all too stuffed to move. Kreacher and winky had taken a good 15 minutes to adjust to the fact they were sat besides me but after plenty of reassurance they finally settled.

Kreacher:"master would you like to take a walk in the garden?"

Me:"garden? I didn't know we had a garden."

Kreacher:"since mistress black passed we have never used it. But kreacher still cares for it. It is very beautiful. There is also a real quidditch pitch as well."

Me:"let's go."

We all followed kreacher out of a back door. I heard ginny, mum and mione gasp behind me and I couldn't blame them. The door had opened up to a hughmungous garden. It was bigger than the quidditch pitch at hogwarts. The garden was hidden by huge trees. Orchid trees apples and cherries and oranges and beautiful flowers. There was a large swimming pool at one side and at the far end was the pitch with the hoops on either side. There were benches along the sides and the grass was a beautiful green perfect for picnics. This area did not match the state of the inside of the house.

Me:"kreacher how?" I asked amazed.

Kreacher:"mistress black loved spending time outdoors."

Mione:"but can't the muggles see or hear?"

Kreacher:"no this whole area is concealed by powerful magic. You can fly as high as you like and make as much noise as you please."

Ron:"wow. Harry your so lucky."

Me:"we're so lucky Ron. This house is yours too remember."

Ron just went pink. I stepped out properly into the garden and everyone followed.

Kreacher:"master. Do you like it?" He asked hesitatingly.

Me:"like it? I love it kreacher." Kreacher beamed.

Ron:"let's go play."

Mum:"I think not we've plenty to do inside."


Mum:"no. You can play as a treat once you've finished. That'll keep you going. Come on back inside."

We all groaned as we headed inside. I had bought a vacuum cleaner from muggle London so I began doing that as mum, Charlie, bill and Percy put old furniture in the hallway to sell and threw anything away that didn't look as if it would sell. Ron and the twins were getting rid of the doxy's or in Fred and George's case they were stocking up. Fleur, ginny and mione were dusting. Luna and Neville had arrived with Alice and frank and they were helping too. Teddy had woken up once. Ginny had fed bathed and changed him and he was now sat playing in his playpen with his new favourite teddy. It was 7 in the evening when we finally finished the living room. Mum had sent Charlie to get fast drying paint and Bill finished the wall with one last kick of paint. The room was now painted a beige and brown colour. Mum had magicked brown and duck egg coloured fabric over the old sofas so they looked brand new as they were still in good condition. The fire place was sparkling and now held fresh wood ready to be lit. Mum had opened the windows for fresh air. She's mended one of the shelves in the corner of the room which now also looked new and held plenty of books. The rest of the furniture was out in the hallway with the bin bags full of items that could be sold.

Mum told us all to go wash ourselves up a bit whilst she made a start on dinner. Dad had come home too. As we all walked back down my eye caught the room that had used to have the black family tree in it. I walked in to see winky and kreacher straighten out the curtains. But I was too amazed by the rest of the room to really notice. The walls no longer held the black family tree. Instead they were painted a soft olive green. The chandelier hung sparkling. The floor was now made of deep brown coloured wood. There were desks along 2 of the walls with comfy looking chairs behind them. There was one wall that had been fully converted to a shelf from floor to ceiling holding thousands of books. Next to it was a large drawer containing rolls of parchment, ink bottles and quills. Again there was a fireplace which had been scrubbed to perfection. The cream curtains finished the room off beautifully.

Me:"kreacher this is wonderful!" Kreacher beamed.

Kreacher:" me and winky thought maybe master would prefer a study for working."

Me:"it's perfect. Thank you. Come let's go eat."

They followed me into the kitchen. I took teddy of ginny before sitting besides her. Kreacher and winky went to help mum before they sat besides me. We had stuffed chicken sandwiches with ice cream for dessert. We all started laughing as winky and kreacher began jumping in there seats after taking a spoon of ice cream. Hermione and mum scolded us before helping the two elves. Teddy was gurgling happily. It was now 8 in the evening.

Me:"mum the front room is done and kreacher and winky have finished the living room. They've converted that to a study."

Mum:"that's excellent. Tomorrow we can tackle the kitchen and dining room and the hallway and staircase up to the first floor. I think we can all relax for a bit."

Me:"mum I was thinking we could go to diagon alley. We can get rid off all the stuff in the hallway and we can buy some more supplies. I have to get some stuff anyway. And diagon alley will be open till 12 anyway."

Mum:"why not dear. Let's go. Alice dear would you like to join us? Stay the night."

Alice:"oh no thanks Molly. We're going to head home. Maybe another time. We've taken up enough of your time. You have plenty to do anyway."

Me:"stay please. It's not any trouble. Stay a few days. I'd really like that." Alice was about to reply when frank cut in.

Frank:"of course we will. Thank you Harry." I smiled at them.

Dad:"chop chop then. Hurry up and grab whatever you need. Harry will you be escorting us?" I grinned at dad and nodded.

Mum had told me to put all the things from the burrow into one room. As she wanted to sort the other rooms out before putting our own things in. She wanted to make it a proper home. Me and ginny got ginny's bag which still had a large pouch of galleons in it. I grabbed teddys holder and ginny packed a few of his things into her own bag. 5 minutes later we were all stood in the hallway.

Dad:"first stop borgin and burkes." I nodded. I closed my eyes to concentrate once more. I felt light leave my body. I opened my eyes to see the bubble of light envelope everyone and the all the furniture in the hallway. POP! The next moment we were stood inside borgin and Burke. Mr Borgin came rushing out.

Borgin:"Mr potter. Welcome. How may I be of service."

Dad:"we'd like to sell these items. They are items from the house of black. We want good money for these borgin."

Borgin:"yes sir." he said as he began examining the items. "2000 galleons I'll offer."

Dad:"3000 is a bargain." Borgin hesitated then looked towards me. I gave him a determined look and he withered.

Borgin:"of course your right. 3000 galleons it is." He grumbled as he walked to the back of the shop. He returned moments later with a big bag. He counted out the money put it in to smaller pouches and handed them to me. I handed a pouch each to everyone and we left the store and walked up the alleyway into diagon alley.

Dad:"right lets split then. Harry Ron ginny teddy hermione Fleur Luna and Neville. Fred George bill Percy and Charlie. Then me your mum Alice and frank. Sorted?"

Mum:"I'd like to keep teddy for a bit if that's ok."

Gin:"sure mum." She said taking teddy of me. She kissed him before passing him over to mum. "Be good for grand mum." With that we all went our separate ways. We didn't have much time so decided to meet by nine at WWW.

I took ginny's hand and we walked towards madam malkin's. We entered and someone rushed over straight away.

Woman:"how can I help you dears?"

Me:"I'd like some ready made clothes for toddlers please. Shorts and t-shirts." She nodded as she lead us to a rack at the back of the shop.

Mione:"Harry who are you shopping for. There's no point buying larger clothes for teddy yet."

Me:"it's not for teddy. They're for winky and kreacher."

Mione:"oh. Right." She mumbled, baffled.

They helped me pick out a large range of clothes. For kreacher we got a few pairs of jeans and tops. Some khaki shorts, t-shirts, jumpers, caps, hats, socks, shoes, a raincoat, a thin jacket, a thick coat, boots, scarf, gloves, tracksuit bottoms and warm tops. For winky we got the same instead from the girls section. And we got skirts and dresses for all occasions. We got them both plenty of different kinds of night suits and nighties. Lastly I booked an appointment for them to come and have fitted dress robes made. I wanted them to be the perfect size for the wedding. They had been in the shop for a good 45 mins. The rest of the family entered just as I finished paying. We left the shop and once we were all out on the street I magicked us home in to the living room.

Me:"last job of the day. We have to give winky and kreacher a bath. I'll do kreacher mum hermione you've got winky. Ron your with me. Kreacher winky." I called. They appeared instantly.

Kreacher:"yes master."

Me:"I bought you and winky some things. Clothes and shoes. We're gonna give you a bath and once the rooms are sorted out then you'll have a room each. Kreacher I was wondering if you would like regulus's room?" Kreacher chocked at the last statement and nodded slightly. Winky was almost about to cry.

"Thank you." They both stammered. I smiled at them.

Winky:"master Harry we has one more surprise for you. We is done it when you went out. We is use our magic like you said." She said excitedly.

Me:"what is it winky?" Winky grabbed my hand in excitement before realising what she had just done. She let go and cowered in fright.

Winky:"master winky is sorry. Winky didn't mean..." I cut her off.

Me:"winky I told you it's ok. We're equals now." And as if to prove it I got hold of her hand and held it tightly. She smiled an unbelieving smile. "Come on. Show me what the surprise is."

Kreacher and winky led us out to the hallway. It's as if it had been transformed. The hallway had expanded and was no longer dull and boring. The coat hanger that everyone used to trip over was also gone. Instead there were pegs along the wall. The floor was cream coloured marblr and the walls a sky blue. The stairs were no longer daunting. They had been opened up with a balcony between two splits where the staircase broke off and led to opposite sides of the house. It was white and gleaming. The stairs where made of white marble. A large chandelier hung at the top of the balcony and a three piece one hung across the ceiling of the hallway which now shone white. There where pictures against the wall. Lots of teddy of me and ginny the day I proposed. Of all of us sat together of Ron and mione, mum and dad, Gred and Forge, Bill and Fleur, Charlie, Percy all of us and we all looked happy. There was just two missing and there was a perfect gap on the wall for them. I pointed my wand to the place.

Me:"aperio." Light emitted from my wand and as it dimmed two pictures appeared on the wall. One of kreacher and one of winky. It was when they were jumpy after they had eaten the ice-cream. I had conjured it from my memory.

Mione:"Harry where did you get that spell from? I've never heard of it before."

Me:"I didn't get it from anywhere it's my own. It just came to me."

Mione:"WHAT?! That's not possible."

Me:"but it is coz I just used it and it worked."

Mione:"but..." She began flustered.

Ron:"she's just jealous she can't do it."

Mione:"RONALD!" She shouted whacking his arm. He winced in pain.

Dad:"ok ok calm down he said as the twins began to laugh. Hermione was red in the face and still looked angry. Ginny put her arm on my shoulder and I smiled.

Mum:"right lets give these two a bath then everyone to bed."

Gin:"where are we sleeping mum?"

Mum:"we'll sleep downstairs. Your dad and I Alice and frank and Bill Fleur Charlie and Percy will sleep in the living room the rest of you are in the study."

Me:"aperio." I said waving my wand again. Two large basins filled with warm soapy water appeared on the hallway floor with towels and sponges.

Everyone dispersed. Ginny went to change teddy and me, Ron, mum and mione tackled kreacher and winky. We finally rid them off the disgusting pillowcases. We scrubbed and scrubbed until they looked a pale pink colour then wrapped them up in big towels. We picked out night clothes for each of them before taking them into separate rooms to change. A few moments later they came out. Kreacher was wearing pants with a button up top and winky was wearing a long nightie that touched her feet. The clothes hung slightly over their skinny frames but otherwise fit perfectly.

Kreacher:"master these are so warm and comfortable."

Winky:"so soft and smelling nice. Thank you."

Me:"it's ok." I grinned. Mum appeared.

Mum:"right everyone bed."

Me:"I'll set the beds."

Mum:"thank you dear."

I went into both rooms and this time without any incantation mattresses covered both floors with duvets and pillows. Ginny appeared besides me and smiled.

Gin:"I love watching the great magic of the great Harry Potter, Mr. Potter." I scoffed.

Me:"very funny ginny." I said placing my arm around her waist and pulling her and teddy closer to me.

Gin:"we're gonna be happy here but it would be so much better if this house was joint to the burrow." A thought occurred but I just "hmmmmed."

Once everyone was down and tucked in to bed, we talked for a while and started nodding off. I smiled contentedly hearing kreacher's soft snoring and winky moving side to side. I kissed my son and my soon to be wife before falling in to a blissful sleep.

Done. Don't hate me. I've been dying in hospital with no connection and my brain was dead but I've finally finished. Hope you like it. I'm so sorry.