(My Eyes Chapter 1)

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"Where is he" shouted the Hokage as he burst into the council room eyes moving from person to person trying to find the man that he was about to throttle. When his eyes landed on Hiashi Hyuga, the man's face paled even more knowing the Hokage was probably about to kill him.

"What in kami's name HAPPENED TODAY" shouted the Hokage his killing intent wasn't leaking it; it was coming out in floods causing the civilians to pass out instantly. The clan heads, the hidden ANBU, and even the elders were backing away from the Hokage in fear, though they hid it well.

Hiashi took a deep breath. He hadn't ever seen the Hokage this mad in his entire life, and something was telling him that the Hokage hadn't ever been this mad. His clan was in danger that was for sure. The Hokage was erratic, angry, and was ready to kill. Unfortunately all of this was aimed at Hiashi directly, though it was also being aimed at his clan for what had happened.

"Earlier today a head family member went walking through the village along with four branch members of our clan. As they were walking through the village they came in contact with Naruto Uzumaki who was walking down the street intent on seeing something that was for sale at one of the local shops" spoke Hiashi bracing himself for what was about to happen.

"I found that out on my own Hiashi, I am not stupid" shouted the Hokage his eyes flaring, tired of the Hyuga in general. They were arrogant, petty, who enslaved their own clan members and looked down on everyone else. Saritobi had to deal with Hiashi's predecessor and now Hiashi's slow talk as they were both very good at blurring what had happened and making the Hyuga look better than they were. Hiashi wasn't about to do that, even if he had to torture a clan head to get it out of him.

"I am sorry Hokage-sama I will continue" spoke Hiashi feeling the pressure now more than ever. Saritobi's eyes got much sharper when Hiashi said 'Hokage-sama' in such a respectful tone. He and his father were known for trying to use anyone's title with the least amount of respect while demanding everyone else use as much respect when speaking with them as possible.

"These two groups eventually ran into one another while walking through the streets. Apparently the Hyuga who was walking had expected Naruto to move aside for him, but it seemed that it did not happen and they ran into one another." The pause was definite. The council room had never been this quite, even when nobody was in it, the clan heads were looking at him with curious and expecting eyes, the elders eyes were filled with disgust and a look that said this wasn't worth their time, probably referring to Naruto getting hurt, but the Hokage's eyes were full of murder, Hiashi was sure he would do something rash.

"After they ran into one another the Hyuga from the main branch family demanded Naruto apologize to him and went on to insult the boy for being stupid and short sighted" spoke Hiashi feeling the killing intent coming off of the Hokage double.

"That apparently did not happen. What I am led to believe is that the boy insulted the main branch member by calling him a cross dressing, pale eyed, freak" spoke Hiashi, not feeling anger at all because all he could feel was the fear of death from the look the Hokage was giving him.

"What happened next" spoke the Hokage, this time though his voice was slow and drawn out, like a nurse who seemed to take pleasure in watching the pain filled face of a child who she just given a shot to, and was now removing the needle as slowly as possible.

"The Hyuga took great offence to this insult and decided that since Naruto thought his eyes were freakish, then his own eyes must not work very well" spoke Hiashi truly dreading the next part. All of the people in the room were waiting with baited breath, not even daring to breath for fear of the Hokage turning his ire upon them.

"What did he do" asked the Hokage, his voice sounding much deeper than it usually did. In the large yet silent room it seemed to echo causing it to seem like it was coming from all directions. This made it all the more ominous for Hiashi.

"He used the Gentle Fist Tiajutsu Style to poke Naruto in the right eye and destroyed it from the inside out leaving absolutely no possibility for the boy's eye to ever work again. I believe that he would have done the same to the other eye if Itachi Uchiha had not shown up with Shisui Uchiha when they did" spoke Hiashi feeling three things. The first was fear. Not even when the Kyuubi had attacked had he been this scared of it yet their 70+ year old Hokage made him feel fear like no other.

The second was two part embarrassment. He couldn't believe a Hyuga had done something like this, especially in broad day light, in front of people to a citizen of Konoha, regardless of his standing in the village. The other part of his embarrassment came at the fact that it was two Uchiha who had saved the boy from the Hyuga clan member. The Uchiha and Hyuga had been having a long time rivalry, which had been further increased after all of the Senju, except Tsunade Senju, had been exterminated. Now the Uchiha would be seen in a better light, although not that much since it was the Kyuubi's Jinchuriki, but that didn't mean the thought wouldn't help them while already wild rumors were running through the village about the way the Hyuga abused their children and others.

"THAT IS IT" shouted the Hokage standing up and pointing a finger at Hiashi who could feel nothing but fear inside of him. "I have tolerated the Hyuga and their ways for too long. All Hyuga are as of now banned from participating in any and all ninja related matters until such times as a court case can be held and an investigation started to make sure that the Hyuga as a whole are obeying all of the rules that they agreed to when they joined Konohagakure. The Hyuga who did this will be executed, but the branch members will be spared as they had no way of stopping this" shouted the Hokage as he stood up and snapped his finger. Two squads of ANBU jumped down from the shadows, bowed to the Hokage, and then set off to inform the Hyuga clan of what was happening, the Hyuga working to go home without pay, and the rest waited to see if the Hokage needed anything else..

Hiashi looked shocked. Without the jobs provided by Konoha the Hyuga would have to resort to using only the money that they had stored up, which was a lot and the money they got from businesses they owned thought the village. They would be comfortable yes, but there would be no more lavish spending like some of the head family had a fetish for.

"Furthermore, the Hyuga who caused this damage will be donating what is needed to fix the problem that he has created" spoke the Hokage with a nasty smirk that none of them, not even his ex-teammates, thought he was capable of making.

Hiashi was confused as to what the Hokage meant. "Hokage-sama I already informed you that the boy's eye sight cannot be fixed. The eye is completely destroyed, no amount of money we donate will be able to change that" spoke Hiashi feeling like he was missing something big.

The look in the Hokage's eyes made everyone in the room feel like they had been cornered by the biggest and baddest predictor in the jungle. "I didn't say you and your clan would be donating money now did I? I said 'the Hyuga who caused this damage will be donating what is needed to fix the problem that he created', that doesn't mean money" spoke the Hokage, his eyes hard, his face stuck in a cruel smirk. This would hurt the Hyuga in ways nothing else ever could.

Hiashi's eyes widened and he stood up acting on instinct. "You can't give that boy a Hyuga clan member's eye! We have worked hard for countless generations to keep our prized bloodline secure you" but that was as far as he got before it seemed the Hokage materialized out of thin air before him and picked him up by his neck with an iron grip that Hiashi couldn't budge.

"I told you Hiashi that there will be changes and that means that you, your father, the head family, and all of the elders of your clan will bow their heads when they see me and show me the respect that I deserve. I led this village through the Second Shinobi World War and the Third one. I am the longest running Kage to ever hold said position, a position I notice no Hyuga has ever held. I mastered every justu in this village, except clan techniques and bloodline abilities. I fought and have defeated other kage alone, so I will get the respect I deserve whether I have to personally teach it to you and your clan or not" shouted the Hokage as he threw Hiashi up against the wall. Hiashi hit the stone wall so hard that his body was left in shock. He slowly started to get control back over his locked up body, but it was slow.

"I didn't just order your clan to give something they held so preciously just because I could, I did it because one of your clan members attacked a citizen of Konohagakure, one of the people I have sworn to protect for the past 50+ years that I have been Hokage. You will fix the damage your clan has done, or I will make you and every member of your clan regret the day that you were ever born" shouted the Hokage, his chakra flaring, his killing intent raging, and his robes billowing in a dramatic, yet terrifying way.

After the Hokage had calmed down he looked back at everyone else in the council room figuring it was about time he laid down the laws. They had been a thorn in his side for far too long.

"As of today I strip the elder of any and all political and military power. The civilian council will be stripped down to half of its numbers, and an investigation will be put into place to make sure there is no siphoning of funds into peoples bank accounts as well as an investigation to make sure there has been no abuse of power. From now on any clan member who is caught attacking Naruto Uzumaki will cause the entire clan to be punished as well. This means fines, jail time, and if the crime is severe enough death or having your chakra sealed permanently. This also goes for if a member of your clan is aware of something that is going to happen to Naruto that will cause him harm and doesn't report it, seeing it happen but not trying to help him or report to me as quickly as he can, or any other indirect or direct way" spoke the Hokage gaining gasps from everyone. They all went to yelling and bickering about how unfair it was, but the Hokage had enough of them and silenced them quickly.

"SILENCE" shouted the Hokage instantly causing the room to fall silent again. "I am the Hokage, I am the one who makes the laws in the village, the ninja follow and do as I say, if you don't like it and think you can take this hat from me, then I dare you to step forward and take it" spoke the Hokage as he pulled off his hat and held it in front of him. Nobody moved, nobody was stupid enough, because they were sure that the Hokage would kill any who attempted to take the hat from him.

"Furthermore there will be no more complaints written to me about Naruto Uzumaki. I don't care if he burns your house down, if I get another letter whoever wrote it will be stripped in front of the village in public and beaten until he or she cannot move" shouted the Hokage feeling like a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. He had just realized all the crap he had been taking and just who he was. He felt ashamed to be honest. If Tobirama could have seen what he had become in his later years he doubted he would have even named him Hokage.

"You are all dismissed, and if you think you are above my laws for whatever reasons then think again. You will be punished whether you are on the council, are a clan head, an elder, or hold any other position. Do not cross me" spoke the Hokage with that final warning he stood up and walked out of the room, and slammed the door so hard that there was hair line fractures in the wood.

Everything was silent until the civilian council got up and started murmuring about how unfair things were and talking about who would be allowed to stay on and who would be removed from the council.

The elders were silent but even they knew to tread carefully, because it seemed that Hiruzen no longer cared if they had been friend, rivals, or had been on the same team. He was willing to kill anyone who crossed his path, and he was still the most powerful ninja in their village, even at his advanced age, so they knew they had better listen well.

The clan heads were not having it easy either. While none of them except maybe now Hiashi, obviously Fugaku, and possibly some of the lesser clan heads hated Naruto, that didn't mean that there weren't members of their clans who didn't want to see the boy die. They couldn't guarantee that they could keep them from attacking the boy, but with these new laws if they didn't then the entire clan will be heavily fined taking money away from them that they needed, or worse the threat of death or having your chakra sealed away permanently. They would all have to have a serious talk with their clan members as soon as possible.

[A Week Later At the Hospital]

Naruto was slowly waking up from his encounter with that girly looking prick that had stabbed him in the eye with his finger. After that Naruto remembered an exploding pain bust in his eye and then it felt like a liquid fire being poured into his head like a cast iron mold.

Naruto slowly opened his eyes, but then he noticed that he was in the hospital. The room was white like always, and they had put him in his own separate room, like always. Many would be happy to be in a room by themselves while at the hospital as to not have to listen to the coughs and cries of pain from the other patients, but Naruto wasn't stupid, he knew why they had put him in here. They didn't want him infecting any of the other residents with his presence.

Naruto sighed a bit and then looked out of the window. He saw the first Hokage's face knowing a bit about the man, then he saw the second Hokage's face who had been the man who gave the title Hokage to the old man, but oddly it seemed like a black line cut off the right side of his vision. Naruto blinked twice trying to get rid up it, but when he realized it wasn't going away he freaked out.

'Oh god what is going on? Did that girly man really blind me' wondered Naruto as he fell out of his bed and ran for the closest bathroom. He ran into the side of the wall not having the right side of his field of view, and only using one eye really messed up his depth perception. When he got to the restroom after falling and running into a few things along the way, he saw that his face was wrapped up in a white bandage.

"Whew, for a second there I thought I was blind" spoke Naruto as he began to unravel the bandages and put them on the sink. When he got done and looked back up into the mirror he started to scream.

"What the hell is going on" shouted Naruto as he looked into the mirror. Staring back at him was a pale, featureless eye that was just like the girly man's and the rest of his clan where a bright blue eye should be. Naruto did know a bit about the clans as he would talk with the Hokage all the time and he would tell him about people who would come in and answer his silly questions like why is that guy's eye red with black dots, or why is that guy's eye white with no pupil.

"I think the Hokage called it the Byakugan" spoke Naruto, but then something freaky happened. The veins on the right side of his face bulged out and then he could instantly see everything around him causing him to freak out even more.

"What is going on with me" shouted Naruto as he ran out of the bathroom, but then ran into something very hard, strong, and obviously unmovable by the way Naruto just bounced off of it.

"It seems you are not causing too much trouble now are you Naruto-kun" spoke a kind warm voice that caused Naruto to jump off of the floor and look at the old man, though oddly enough he had been able to see him even while he was on the ground. He watched the old man's facial movement and heard an audible gasp.

Naruto seeing a bit of fun decided to mess with the Hokage. "Hey old man what is with the long face" joke Naruto seeing the Hokage pull himself back together and then give Naruto a warm smile and a soft chuckle.

"Sorry Naruto-kun you just surprised me is all. How in the world did you ever get the Byakugan to activate, I know you don't know how to use chakra, and you obviously don't know the beginner hand signs to activated the Byakugan, so tell me how you did it" asked the Hokage as he pulled a chair over to himself from beside Naruto's bedside. It was for people coming to visit their loved ones while they were here, but it seemed that wasn't going to happen for Naruto.

Naruto started to flail his hands about foolishly for a moment before saying "I don't know really. I walked over into the bathroom and pulled the bandages off only to find this thing. I remember you telling me it is called the Byakugan, and when I said its name it just turned on. Now everything is weird, and yet it isn't. It is so confusing" spoke Naruto as he looked around. It was weird being able to see nearly everything at once, and he was wondering if his brain could continue to take the wide scale influx of images without going brain dead or something.

"Interesting, it is probably due to an influx of adrenaline and you're above average chakra reserves. If you simply calm down and try to pull the chakra away from your eye it will deactivate and we can begin to talk" spoke the Hokage as he looked down at the boy. He nodded his head and the Hokage found it almost inconceivable that people could hate him so much.

Naruto took a deep breath, held it in, and then slowly exhaled, only to do it all again. Slowly he felt himself calming down and all the tense muscles in his body relax. He could actually see a blue substance in his body start to calm down and flow more naturally before his eye lost the ability to see it and went back to normal.

"Better" asked the Hokage seeing that the Byakugan had deactivated. He was proud that the calming exercises that he had taught Naruto were paying off since it would be impractical to try and teach him the amount of chakra control he would need to deactivate it manually.

"Yea, though that was really cool, how did you know that it would go back to normal" asked Naruto looking at the Hokage with interest dancing around his two different eyes.

"I am the Hokage, of course I would know something as simple as that, though I think it would be best to talk about what got you here in the first place" spoke the Hokage in a sad tone that made Naruto drop his head a bit. The Hokage pulled Naruto in and gave him a grandfatherly hug before letting him go and watching Naruto sit on his bed.

"I got bored doing nothing inside of my apartment so I thought that I should walk around the village for a bit and try to find something interesting. I thought that it would be fun to go see all of the ninja weapons or something, but while I was in deep thought this mean guy ran into me and knocked me to the ground. When I looked up I saw it was one of those guys who wore the dresses and he told me that I should apologize to him for getting his dress dirty, but then he called me a filthy street rat. I didn't know what to do so I called him a cross dresser, and said that his eyes were freaky. He didn't like that very much and soon he poked me in the eye. The pain was nearly unbearable, like fire burning everything inside of my eye. He went to strike again, but the Itachi and his friend showed up and stopped him. I was happy that they had helped me, but soon I passed out. After that all I remember is waking up in here" spoke Naruto pointing towards the bed that he was sitting on. He had so many questions to ask the Hokage, but the Hokage cut him off before he could ask him.

"That man was a member of the head family in the Hyuga clan, the clan that you insulted by the way. The head family lead the Hyuga clan which made him very influential in the village" spoke the Hokage. He watched as Naruto's head dropped a bit, but he soon continued his speech "but not as important as me. For attacking a citizen of Konohagakure who was also a minor using an extremely deadly ninja art the man was executed. I also made sure that the rest of the Hyuga clan knew that this will not be tolerated ever again or else the punishment will be spread far and wide" spoke the Hokage as he watched Naruto's ah struck face. He smiled a bit knowing how much Naruto idolized him. He had figured he would have idolized a more hip young Hokage like the other three, but when he ask him Naruto had said 'They only lived to be thirty, you lived long enough to become a fossil.' It was a bit insulting yet also heartwarming at the same time. It was a weird combination in his opinion.

"Another punishment the man had to suffer through was one of my own choosing. What he had done to you would have rendered it impossible for us to ever heal your eye, leaving you blind in that eye permanently. I decided that if he could take away someone's sight in the way that he did, that I could make him give it back in a similar way" spoke the Hokage. It seemed Naruto wasn't catching on to what he was saying.

"So you made him poke me in the eye again which caused me to get an eye like his" asked Naruto with a smile on his face. He noticed the chuckle the Hokage let loose and folded his arms knowing that he had been wrong.

"No Naruto it wasn't that merciful. You see he took your sight using his own eyes, and a special technique known only to the Hyuga. It is something that not even I can do, because I don't have their eyes. No what I did was have his right eye removed while he was still awake with no pain killers and then had the eye transplanted into you, so now you can see again, if not better" spoke the Hokage with a smile on his face. He expected Naruto to freak out about having someone else's eye in his head or about the way he went about getting the eye, but all Naruto said was 'OOHHHH'.

"I get it, so now I can do that technique thing since I have his eye, right" asked Naruto hoping to learn some kind of ninja technique. The Hokage sighed again, but smiled anyways. Naruto would always come to his office for a few hours and talk to him about this or that and try and con a ninja technique or two out of him. He had to admit the boy was smart and had in fact got a few techniques out of him, not that he could use them seeing as he had no chakra control, and didn't even know the hand signs that he spoke of.

"Well it is possible for you to do it, but that doesn't mean you can do it. You see you have to learn how to use those techniques like anyone else, but the only people who know how to do it is the Hyuga, and trust me you want to avoid them as much as possible since they are far from happy with you and I right now" spoke the Hokage as he started to stroke his beard. He saw Naruto nod his head a bit, but he knew the boy wasn't done talking, he never really was.

"So what does chakra look like" asked Naruto trying to slip in a question that the Hokage wouldn't think too much about. The old man had a weird way of only answering questions that Naruto layered in within other questions or topics.

"You should know better than I, since I haven't ever seen it" spoke the Hokage with a smirk, but he decided not to tease Naruto too much "but from what I have learned it usually looks like a thick blue cloud of smoke when outside of the body, but like liquid in a tube when inside of the chakra network."

Naruto nodded his head and went to ask another question but the Hokage cut him off again. "You will learn all about your new dojutsu soon enough Naruto-kun I promise. I have already asked a friend of yours and his friend to help you get accustomed to your new eye" spoke the Hokage as he stood up. Naruto looked at him funny since as far as he knew he had no friends. The Hokage clapped his hand and two ANBU ninja jumped out of the shadows with their ANBU masks still on.

"It is ok Shisui, Itachi, you two can take off your masks now" spoke the Hokage as he watched Naruto's reaction when Itachi and Shisui pulled off their masks to reveal the two Uchiha's faces.

"Itachi" shouted Naruto as he clung to Itachi's leg. Itachi laughed a bit and patted Naruto on the head in a fond brotherly way. Shisui looked over at Itachi and smirked a bit. Itachi just rolled his eyes and went back to looking down at Naruto.

"What are you doing here" asked Naruto as he let go of Itachi's leg. He was one of the few people who would talk to him and he had eve pushed him on the swings a few times, usually making the day one of the best in his life.

"The Hokage wanted me to make sure you get adjusted to that new eye of yours, and this slacker just wanted any excuse to blow off his clan duties" spoke Itachi as he shoved a finger in the direction of Shisui who got all puffy.

"Hey don't tell him that. He is supposed to think of me as the cool, charming, yet mysterious guy who he idolizes and wishes to grow up as" spoke Shisui having no shame in his voice at all. Itachi just looked at his friend like he was stupid and Naruto just started to laugh.

"I am afraid Naruto may already have someone like that Shisui-kun" spoke the Hokage as he looked at Naruto who was holding onto Itachi's leg and wasn't letting go. Shisui saw this and huffed a bit and looked away childishly. That all ended though as he quickly bounced back.

"Well that doesn't matter right now, because soon when we start training him, he will see just how much better I am then someone as lame as Itachi and quickly start to beg me to train him" spoke Shisui, his vanity showing and he didn't seem to care in the least.

"Lame? I think you mistaken me for you, because I am ten times the ninja you will ever be" spoke Itachi as he looked over at his friend Sharingan blazing.

"Oh, Mr. Bigshot thinks he can hang with the big boys, well then let's see what you got" spoke Shisui as he activated his own Sharingan and then the two of them butted heads.

"Alright boys don't forget the objective while getting caught up in the means" spoke the Hokage in a playful voice as he looked down at Naruto who seemed to be enjoying the two bickering over him. The Hokage could only hope Naruto modeled himself after Itachi and not Shisui.

"Oh yea I nearly forgot about that" spoke Shisui looking back down at Naruto, or more specifically his new eye.

"Of course you would, now Hokage-sama how much do you want us to teach him. I understand chakra control, so I am assuming at least tree walking, but should we teach him anything else" asked Itachi in his business voice making it clear that things were serious. Shisui rolled his eyes which caused Naruto to chuckle, but when Itachi looked down at him he shut up and then straightened up.

"I think him learning water walking would be alright, maybe teach him some of the basics like hand to hand combat, Shurikenjutsu, of course I want you to get him used to using the Byakugan, and anything else you think will help" spoke the Hokage as he leaned down and hugged Naruto before walking off to go back to work.

"Hell yea I will have this boy spitting out fireballs by the end of the year" shouted Shisui as he pumped up his fist, but then he was bonked on the head by Itachi.

"We are not going to be teaching one so young to do something like that" spoke Itachi as he was about to start talking to Naruto again, but then Shisui cut him off again.

"But you started teaching little Sasuke not so long ago and he is about the same age as Naruto" spoke Shisui with a smirk on his face. Itachi's eyebrow twitched a bit, but other than that he didn't say anything.

"Come on Naruto let's leave this ingrate" spoke Itachi as he stretched out his hand. Naruto took it and soon they were gone leaving only a quick flash of fire behind them.

"Ingrate? I will show you ingrate" spoke Shisui quickly following behind them in a smokeless, non-elemental, completely silent Body Flicker Technique that he was so famed for.