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Elsa wiped down the counter as Olaf and Kristoff attended to people at tables or booths. Even though a lot of people would go up front just to see Elsa make the coffee. She had a unique way doing it.

"How's it going back here?" Olaf asked while starting to make an order. Elsa didn't even notice the boy come behind the counter. She ran a hand through her platinum blonde hair before turning back to the brown haired boy.

"Pretty good. Kinda boring." She admitted. Olaf chuckled lightly before taking a straw out of his dark green apron and putting it in the drink. He turned back to her and smiled, then went to give the customer their latte.

Elsa played with her loose braid and watched Kristoff take orders. The short-haired blonde boy seemed to be having difficulty making his customer smile. It wasn't that they had to make customers smile, it was just something the 3 did. They made jokes and had a good time. Kristoff frowned after failing and walked over to the counter.

"Tough crowd?" Elsa asked.

Kristoff half smiled and huffed then nodded. "No kidding." He told her. He went around to make an order and Elsa decided to daydream. She didn't get far into the dream when the cafe bell rang. Elsa looked up from the counter to see a redheaded girl coming into the cafe with a brunette. Kristoff had turned around as well and hit Elsa's back lightly. "You see that brunette? The one with green eyes and short hair? That's Rapunzel, Flynn's girlfriend." He whispered.

"Eugene has a girlfriend?" She asked.

Kristoff shook his head madly. "Don't use that name in the same room as the girl." He said.

Elsa rolled her eyes but nodded. "What about her friend?" She asked. They were new to the shop but Elsa had seen them before. But only for a year since Elsa already graduated. Krist and Olaf still had two more years of High school.

Kristoff shrugged his shoulders and capped a latte and an espresso. "Dunno. Probably a cousin anyways, they look a like and are always together." Kristoff picked up the drinks and walked around the counter to the front of it. "Look, it's my turn to be behind the counter anyways, I'll tell Olaf you got those two okay?" Elsa nodded and put on her green cap. On the front it had fancy gold letters that spelled Dulcet. She grabbed her notepad and put straws in her apron pockets. Once Kristoff got behind the counter, he high-5ed Elsa on her way out.

Elsa took her blue pen out of her back pocket as she approached the booth. "Welcome to Dulcet, would you like anything?" Elsa asked. The redhead smiled up at Elsa. Elsa noticed the freckles that danced on the girl's face. She was so cute!

The freckled-faced girl glanced at Rapunzel before speaking. "Do you have anything sweet?" She asked. Even her voice was nice.

"Nothing sweeter than you." Elsa replied. The two girls giggled and the redhead turned away blushing.

Rapunzel rested her head in her hand and smirked at the blushing girl. "Anna, it says it on the door. 'Dulcet, where everything is sweet.'"

Anna stuck her tongue out at Rapunzel before turning back to Elsa. "Anything chocolate?" She asked.

Elsa tapped her chin with her pen, pretending to think. "I have got just the thing." She said with a smile. Rapunzel ordered tea and a cupacake. Elsa nodded then looked back at Anna. "Anything else Sundrop?" She asked. Anna blushed and shook her head. Elsa flashed her famous smile before leaving to do the order. Elsa may not know it, but she's charming. Charming as hell in fact. She just never tried, it came naturally. Far too naturally.

Once Elsa was behind the counter again, Rapunzel whacked Anna in the arm.

"Ow! What did I do?" Anna exclaimed.

Rapunzel grinned. "Do you not know who that is?" She asked. Anna shook her head, she did know who it was, she just hoped if she lied Rapunzel wouldn't bring the past up. "Elsa Frost. Remember? Jack Frost's sister. The one you had a crush on!" Rapunzel sorta whispered.

Anna groaned and buried her face in her arms. "Damnit Rapunzel! Couldn't you just forget that already?" She asked.

Rapunzel shook her head. "She was flirting with you!"

"Was not."

"Was too! You might have a chance with her Anna! We'll just hang here after school instead of the mall!" Rapunzel told her. Anna rolled her eyes. No matter how much she wanted that, it would be wrong. So what she had a crush on a senior that hadn't known she existed until today. Suddenly a thought hit her.

"W-what about Hans?" She asked. They weren't a thing but Anna could tell when guys wanted something.

It was Rapunzel's turn to groan. "You guys aren't together. Therefore, you are allowed to totally crush on hotty coffee over there." She said gesturing to Elsa. Anna had to admit it. Elsa looked hot in her light brown boy shorts. Letting her toned, pale legs show with black converses. Something about how she wore the Dulcet cap just looked amazing. Why haven't they been here before? Anna allowed her eyes to follow the blonde's movements as she made the tea and something else that Anna didn't know what it was. Rapunzel giggled and brought Anna back to the table. "See? This could totally work." She said. Anna rolled her eyes at her as Elsa returned. She placed the tea and cupcake in front of Rapunzel and then a drink in front of Anna.

"This, is what we like to call dulce doble chocolate." Elsa told them. Anna was struck by how amazing her Spanish voice sounded. Her math teacher was right, anything in spanish or french sounded beautiful. "It stands for sweet double chocolate. It's a chocolate Frap with chocolate chunks and whip cream. Olaf and I have added to it." She said proudly. Anna blushed and said thank you to Elsa. But Elsa didn't move, not until she saw her customer's reaction.

Anna took a sip and her eyes closed in pure bliss. It was amazing. "Is that-?"

"Just a dash of cinnamon." Elsa grinned. Anna didn't understand why she kept blushing. As she opened her mouth to say something, someone called Elsa.

"Els! Show time!" Kristoff said.

Elsa's eyes widened. "Oh right!" She said. Then she took off towards the back, leaving the two girls alone.

"How'd she know you liked cinnamon?" Rapunzel asked.

Anna shrugged. "She probably puts it in every one of these she makes." Anna told her.

Rapunzel shrugged it off and turned to look at the stage. "Do you think it's her performing? That's why she left? I didn't know they had little performances here! Why weren't we here sooner?"

You're asking me! Anna thought to herself while taking another sip of her drink. They waited until Elsa stood on the stage and went up to the mic.

"Alright everyone, it's time for 60 seconds of living the dream! Anyone up for it?" She asked. The cafe smiled back at her but no one stood up. Elsa sighed and shook her head in mock hurt. "Plan B?" She asked. The cafe stayed silent, not knowing what was happening. Kristoff stomped on to the stage and marched up to Elsa until they were nose at nose. Then he looked out into the distance.

"I...had a dream onceā€¦" He said in a low voice. Music started playing in the back ground. As he started to sing. "I'm malicious, mean and scary My sneer could curdle dairy, And violence-wise, my hands are not the cleanest! But despite my evil look, and my temper, and my hook! I've always yearned to be a concert pianist!" He smiled and jumped off the stage, dancing around towards booths. "Can'tcha see me on the stage performin' Mozart? Tickling the ivories 'til they gleam? Yep, I'd rather be called deadly; For my killer show-tune medley!" Kristoff spun and open his arms wide when he stopped. "Thank you! 'Cause way down deep inside I've got a dream!" He said disappearing towards the back.

They skipped the chorus but suddenly Olaf was in the middle of the cafe. "I've got scars and lumps and bruises, Plus something here that oozes! And let's not even mention my complexion! But despite my extra toes, And my goiter, and my nose. I really want to make a love connection!" Olaf sang, acting out the lyrics perfectly. He got close to the grinning customers, pointing to his nose or 'Something here that oozes'. He entertained them wonderfully.

Olaf went back onto the stage and grabbed Elsa as he continued to sing. "Can't you see me with a special little lady? Rowin' in a rowboat down the stream? Though I'm one disgusting blighter! I'm a lover, not a fighter - 'Cause way down deep inside I've got a dream I've got a dream!"

Olaf and Elsa grinned at each other as the cafe did the chorus."He's got a dream!" They sang.

"I've got a dream!" Olaf replied. "And I know one day romance will reign supreme! Though my face leaves people screaming, There's a child behind it, dreaming - Like everybody else I've got a dream!"

Kristoff handed a lady a bunch of flowers. "Tor would like to quit and be a florist." He sung.

Elsa was pretending to paint on a wall as she sang. "Gunther does interior design."

Olaf mimed as Kristoff sang faster, each one ready for their parts. "Ulf is into mime."

"Attila's cupcakes are sublime!" He sang as Elsa handed Anna a cupcake, not to mention a wink.

"Bruiser knits" Olaf was sitting in a chair making knitting gestures.

"Killer sews." Elsa was now on the stage sewing.

"Fang does little puppet shows." Olaf some how managed to be in a completely different spot with puppets.

"And Vladimir collects ceramic unicorns!" Elsa clinked two little horses together.

The 3 paused and looked at each other, as if the show had gone wrong. Kristoff looked around and his eyes stopped on a booth were a boy had been sitting. Kristoff marched up to him and slapped his hand on the table. The brown haired boy looked up and jumped out of the booth in fright.

He backed away from Kristoff singing. "I have dreams, like you - no, really! Just much less touchy-feely. They mainly happen somewhere warm and sunny! On an island that I own, tanned and rested and alone!" He paused and grinned widely. "Surrounded by enormous piles of money" Dartin, one of Elsa's best friend sang.

Dartin went to a table and grabbed a slim brunette's hand. They looked surprisingly alike. Dartin and Sonya are brother and sister, they don't work at Dulcet, but they do perform there. They sit down and then make themselves look like unplanned singers. And this was Sonya's cue.

"with every passing hour I'm so glad I left my tower - Like all you lovely folks, I've got a dream!" The five performers sang the ending while dancing randomly on to the stage until it was the final line.

"Yes way down deep inside I've got a dream! YEAH!" They bowed and left the stage to get back to work as if nothing happened.

The cafe clapped loudly and slowly went back to what they were doing.

"That was random." Rapunzel grinned.

"This is a disney themed cafe." Sonya said, suddenly standing behind Rapunzel. Rapunzel squeaked from surprise. Sonya turned to Anna. Sonya was playing a game she highly enjoyed. It's called Cheshire Cat.

She continued to grin widely at Anna. "By the way she went that way." Sonya said.

"Who did?" Anna asked.

Sonya's grin widened. "Elsa of course."

"She did? I didn't notice." Anna said trying to see behind Sonya.

Sonya kept on grinning. "Didn't notice what?" She asked.

Anna raised an eyebrow at her. "Elsa. You said she went that way."

"What way?" Sonya asked.

Anna was starting to get confused. She pointed behind the weird girl."That way."

"What about it?" Sonya asked. Rapunzel noticed what Sonya was doing but bit her lip to keep herself from laughing as she continued watching Anna struggle.

"She went that way!" Anna exclaimed.

"Who did?"



"Yes Elsa!"

"What about her?" Anna threw her hands in the air and let her face fall on to the table. Rapunzel laughed and Sonya continued grinning.

"Comeon Sonys, leave the girl alone!" Elsa's smooth voice said. Anna lifted her head and smiled without knowing it. Sonya pouted but left to go find her brother. Elsa sighed and smiled at the two girls. "She didn't bug you too much right?" She asked.

Rapunzel shook her head. "It's been wonderful, but I think we should get going." Rapunzel said.

Elsa only continued to smile. "Kristoff will be right with you for that." She said before leaving. Once they paid and they were about to leave, Anna heard Elsa calling to them. "Make sure to come again!" Elsa told them.

Anna waved goodbye and grinned. She would come back. She definitely would.

TADA! I'm guessing your noticing facts about the story now. I made Jack and Elsa brother and sister because thats how I always saw them! They look so a like! I never understood Jelsa because of that! They looked far too much a like to be together! But whtever, thats just me. I hope you guys like this chapter. I tried very hard. The song was I got a dream from Tangled.(I know I skipped parts of the song!) Oh and 60 seconds of living the dream is kinda like 60 seconds of fame, where you go on stage and do whtever you want. It's just a time for anyone to be recognized if they want to. Other than that! if there are any questions feel free to ask, I tried to be as clear as I could be but I can always be confusing:) See you next time!