"Come on! A cafe would be fun!" Anna complained. She had been spending the last ten minutes trying to get her team to quit practicing and just skip it for today. Since she had failed miserably Wednesday.

"We need to practice the routine Red." Merida told her.

Anna groaned. "It's ONE damn practice! It's a Disney Cafe with little shows and shit! Why would you not want to see that!?"

Rapunzel popped her hip and stood with her arms crossed. "It's true. I like it, I just hope Jack's there today." She sighed.

"Jack? As in Jack Frost?" Jasmine raised an eyebrow.

Rapunzel nodded smugly. "Elsa Frost, his sister, works there daily. He visits her everyday." That, both Anna and her knew was a lie. Jack barely EVER neared the cafe. Luckily, the girls didn't know that. Besides, Rapunzel was going to make Anna ask Elsa to get her brother there. Easy right?

Cinderella looked at Belle. They did everything together, if one wasn't in, neither was the other. Belle shrugged and nodded slightly. Not in the mood to practice anyways. "We're in." Cinderella told Anna.

Anna grinned. Finally getting somewhere with the group. "Merida? Jasmine?" She almost pleaded.

Merdia rolled her eyes. "Oh alright! But if we get caught it's your fault!" Her accent thickened in a way.

Jasmine clapped her hands together. "You lost me at Jack."

"Hold up. The boy is mine!" Rapunzel defended.

"Don't you have Flynn?"

"Things can be arranged sweetheart."

Anna ignored the two and looked at the rest of her squad. This included, a brunette name Ella, a black haired chick named Snow and a bright haired red head named Ariel.

Ariel grinned and nodded. "I heard Dartin hangs there a lot." She mused.

Snow rolled her eyes. "Look! It's Eric flying out of Ariel's window if care!" She exclaimed fakely. She paused and made a face of disgust. "Ew. but doesn't that mean that little bitch Sonya is going to be there?"

Rapunzel rolled her eyes. "She's nice Snow! You just don't like her because she beat you in the guys' vote for prettiest chick in the school. Deal with it Snow! She beat us too!"

Snow huffed and began playing with her nails.

Ella just smiled warmly. "I've been there before. I think it's magical. I would love to go there again." She said in a dreamy tone. Ella was like the sunshine of the group. Little arguments like that didn't bother her.

Anna smiled at Rapunzel. "So it's settled, we're going?" She grinned. The squad nodded back at them.

This was great! Now Elsa could see the real Anna Arendelle!

That's a good thing right?

"KRISTOFF!" Elsa hollered from the kitchen, hidden behind the counter. The boy came running in.

"What happened!?" Elsa pointed to the back exit door where most of their deliveries were brought in. "What about it?" Elsa simply stomped her foot and continued to point at the open door. Kristoff looked at her funny and looked outside the door frame. There wasn't anyone there.

"Hello." A tiny voice said. Kristoff jumped and looked down. There was a little girl. She had a big smile and sparkling eyes. "I'm looking for Jane." She said simply.

Kristoff blinked and stared at the girl for a second. He put his head back in the kitchen.

He pointed outside.

Elsa threw her hands up in the air and let them drop with a smack at her side.

He popped his out again. "Um, yeah, Kid. I don't know who Jane is...sooo goodbye."

Elsa stopped the door from closing and pushed him away from it, giving the girl a weak smile before turning back to him. "I said help. not shut the poor girl out!" Elsa exclaimed.

Kristoff threw one arm in the air and started to walk away. "You never said anything! Forget it! I'm wearing a suit, I shouldn't be in the kitchen."

"I am too but OH well!" She yelled. She sighed and rubbed one temple before turning around again. "Sweetie, we don't know any Janes... Do you know her number?" Elsa asked.

The little girl frowned slightly and shook her head. "No... She just told me to wait for her in front and-"

"In front? In front of where?"

"Dul...sit...Dulsit! I think..."

Elsa smiled. "Well, that's right here! Come here." Elsa bent down and picked up the girl. "Lets go see if she's up front okay?" She said.

The girl nodded. Before leaving Elsa grabbed a cupcake and handed it to the girl. She enjoyed watching her eyes light up.

As soon as Elsa emerged from the kitchen she could see Kristoff trying to relax a costumer.

"Ma'am, we haven't seen any kids!" He lied. Elsa put the kid on the floor and let her walk by herself. She was so small her head didn't make it over the counter.

The brunette ran a hand through her hair in frustration. "You don't understand! I just left her outside for bit while I made a phone call at the pay phone! I need her!"

"I'm sure you do but-"

"Kristoff." Elsa says firmly while flatting out her suit. She was actually extremely happy that today was her last day with the dreadful garment, no matter how many times Olaf had called her "fetching".

Kristoff swallowed. "We are here to please. We are no in position to be arguing with the Princess." Elsa continued. The brunette stared at Elsa, who now turned to her. Elsa smiled. "Are you Princess Jane?" She asked.

Jane had to stop for two things. One, recognize her name was Jane and two by the blonde's voice. What a sweet sound it carried. "Y-yes. It is, I mean I am!" Jane replied.

Elsa smiled and picked up the girl and handed her to Jane from across the counter. "Wendy! Thank goodness you're all right! Thank you! Thank you!" Jane repeated.

Elsa lifted her gloved hand to stop the girl. "It is our pleasure." Kristoff hated how good the woman was at this.

Jane smiled and said one last thank you before leaving with the child.

"Never do that again?" Kristoff said staring at the door.

Elsa nodded. "Agreed." She said quickly. She then left the counter and went back to work.

Not a lot of time passed before a group of girls came into the cafe. Laughing and chatting loudly. The trio's heads all turned to the group and counted. Once everyone had the number, they looked at each other. Someone had to serve them. Kristoff shook his head rapidly and Olaf just shrugged.. Elsa sighed and made a hand gesture to Olaf telling them they could both do it. It was a big enough group to be split in half anyways.

Elsa and Olaf bowed at the girls before smiling and greeting.

"Welcome to Dulcet, Princesses. Would you like to be seated in two separate groups?" Olaf asked. The girls looked at each other and grabbed who ever they wanted to sit with and parted slightly. Rapunzel, Anna, Ella and Jasmine were in a ball while Snow, Merdia and Ariel sat a few ways away from them. Elsa leading Anna's group to their usual booth by the window. Elsa smiled at the girls and Anna felt like melting in her seat. But she couldn't allow that. Not in front of her girls.

"Me and Rapunzel would like the usual please." Anna said rather smoothly. Anna hoped this would at least spark some surprise in the blonde. But the beauty only smiled and took the other two girl's orders.

The redhead pouted as Rapunzel snickered. The brunette leaned over slightly and whispered in her cousin's ear. "Rejection!" Her tone teasing.

Anna didn't bother catching that though. She was busy watching Jasmine being more than nice to Elsa. Giggling and swatting Elsa's arm. Didn't she come her for Jack? Not his sister?!

Anna rolled her eyes and watched her favorite person walk away once the order was done. This wasn't exactly going as planned. After all, wasn't this so Elsa would notice her more? Now she had to worry about damn Jasmine!?

Elsa did notice a lot things though. Like how Anna seemed A lot more confident than before. Or how the girl with long black hair happened to be flirting with her. She simply knew not to act upon either of them. In fact, the blonde was rather shocked by the changes. Not in a bad way that is.

Elsa shook her head and continued making the orders. After a while she heard a tap on the counter behind her. She capped the drinks and turned around.

Rapunzel's nails dug into Anna's wrist. Trying to contain her cousin from marching up to Jasmine and killing her. Or smacking some sense into her. Rapunzel knew it was bad idea bringing Jasmine here because not only is she going to fight over Jack, but she's pulling too many of Anna's patience cords out.

She also knew none of the girls knew that Anna had a crush on Blondie or else they wouldn't be as stupid as to flirt with the damn chick! But Anna was red as hell with anger and Rapunzel prayed Jasmine would step away from the counter!

Luckily the girl waved to Elsa before walking back to the booth with swaying hips.

Rapunzel now had to grab Anna's arm with both hands when she felt the girl tense. The cousins stared at each other for a long while having an inner conversation with each other. It roughly went like this.

She is going to die. Now.

Anna, relax, lets be rational.


She doesn't know!

She will soon enough!




Anna sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. She sent secret daggers to Jasmine with her eyes.

"The chick's kind of hot..." Jasmine hummed. Anna tensed again. She kept her lips closed tightly together.

Rapunzel swallowed. "Um...I guess, You know what! I should go see when Jack is coming." The brunette slowly started to get up.

The Jasmine stood up as well. "No need. I can't wait to see the boy either. I'll go ask."

Both relatives stood up rapidly and straight. Anna had to slam her palms onto the table.

"No!" They said in unison. Ella and Jasmine jumped and she sat down again.

"Oh alright..."

Rapunzel ran a hand through her hair. "Jack mine. Elsa hers. Clear enough?" Rapunzel stated. Jasmine's eyes widened and she didn't dare to look at Anna. The redhead in turn was satisfied and went over to the counter.

Suddenly her pride was fading as she neared the blonde. What the hell was she going to say!? Rapunzel on the other hand seemed determined. She was cursing in her head at the moment anyways. Anna felt the heat raising to her face with each second.

The heat was too much for Anna, she suddenly spun on her heel and marched back to the table.

"Anna!" Rapunzel exclaimed. The redhead couldn't make it to her table before Rapunzel grabbed her arm and pushed her to the counter. "Go on! Ask your wife for her brother."

"My what!?" Anna exclaimed back.

Elsa turned to them both. "Your... wife...?" Elsa asked. She was flattered but this of course. Just a little stunned.

Anna knew her face was as red as Ariel's hair. "Nonononono! Rapunzel's crazy! She just wanted to know if Jack could come here cause she likes him. We like you guys. Not in a that way! Well it depends on which way you're talking about but..." Anna words died and she buried her face in her hands. God there goes her plan.

Her spirits only lifted upon hearing Elsa's sweet girly giggle.

"Now that's the Princess I know." Elsa chimed. Anna smiled back her. Screw the plan! Elsa waved her hand and Dartin trotted over to them. "Can you get my brother to come? Tell him I'll give him something cold with vanilla on me. But only if he comes." She said forgetting to act like butler. Shoot, it was her last day anyways!

Dartin grinned and nodded. "you got it boss!" He saluted before leaving.

Elsa and Anna smiled at each other before Rapunzel started to pull her blushing friend away.

"Well thank you! See you with that order!" She said walking away. Anna bit her lower lip and followed the brunette silently.

Elsa finished the order and went to give it to them. She noticed the one flirting with her didn't look at her any more. She didn't honestly care anyways.

Elsa smiled at her princess before leaving again.

She started to wipe down the counter when Sonya appeared randomly on top of a stool. "You're welcome." She chirped.

Elsa looked at her funny. "Explain to me why I am thanking you?" She asked.

Sonya rolled her eyes. "I haven't seen you since that dance on Monday, so are you and Anna dating?" She explained.

"Well, to Rapunzel we're married but no. And why should I thank you for that? I just met the girl!" Elsa said.

Sonya pouted. "Alright... What about the song I sang? You can thank me for that."

"No. No I can't."

"Why not?!" Sonya whined.

"Because it wasn't even a Disney song!" Elsa exclaimed teasingly.

Sonya furrowed her eyebrows together. "Yes it! It's from... Um...Ana...Ana..."



"That's from fox."

"Shut up and be grateful to me for something!" Sonya told her.

Elsa laughed and shook her head. "I'm grateful that you're my friend. So thank you."

Sonya smiled. "Right back at ya!" Sonya looked around. "What was today's song again? No wait! I remember!"

Elsa looked at the clock. "Speaking of today's song. I think it's time to perform it. I'll get Kristoff and Olaf, I just hope Dartin gets here in time." Elsa told her.

Sonya rolled her eyes. "You know Dartin. He's NEVER been late. Have some faith in my bro."

Elsa laughed. "I have faith in Dartin being on time. Not Jack. You should go and get ready alright?"

Sonya nodded, slipped off the stool and went to her spot.

Elsa wrangled her crew together and got them to take their place.

Kristoff stood on the stage in front of the mic. "Hello, We were wondering if any princesses or princes would like to sing today?" He stated. The cafe smiled and shook their heads. Kristoff sighed and shook his own head. "Well, since know one would like to, I would like to invite all of you, to... Be our guest, be our guest!"

Kristoff walked off the stage with a jump in his step and continued singing. "Put our service to the test! Tie a napkin around your neck Cherie! And we provide the rest!" Olaf had tied a loose napkin around someone's neck as Kristoff sang that line. Though his accent wasn't the best he handed it off swiftly to Olaf who's accent was actually spot on.

"Soup du jour, hot hors d'oeuvres why, we only live to serve! Try the grey stuff it's delicious. Don't believe me? Ask the dishes!" Olaf pointed at Sonya and Elsa who were now on the stage. They stood elegantly doing everything Olaf sang. "They can sing! They can dance! After all Miss this is France! And the dinner here in never second best!" He was singing at a random booth now. Olaf unfolded a woman's menu and pointed at it while he sang. "So unfold your menu, take a glance and then you'll be our guest, oui or guest be our guest!" Olaf sang to different booths while the other three went around showing people pictures of what they refused to make for a simple performance.

"Beef ragout, cheese souffle, pie and pudding "en flambe"! We'll prepare and serve with flair a culinary cabaret! You're alone, and you're scared. But the banquet's all prepared. No one's gloomy or complaining while the flatware's entertaining!" He waved his hand over to Kristoff and Elsa as the flatware.

"We tell jokes!" Elsa and Kristoff were laughing buckets silently. "I do tricks! With my fellow candle sticks!" Olaf juggled spoons.

Almost everyone in the cafe was singing with Olaf, well at least the parts they knew. They sang all the way through a verse and a chorus.

Elsa went around with a duster pretending to dust things. She acted excited and joyful as she sang. "It's a guest! It's a guest! Sakes alive, well I'll be blessed! Wine's been poured and thank the Lord I've had the napkins freshly pressed! With dessert, she'll want tea and my dear that's fine with me!" Elsa had refereed to Rapunzel when she sang the tea part by singing in front of them and pointing at the girl's drink.

"While the cups do their soft-shoein' I'll be bubbling, I'll be brewing!" Elsa jumped up and down cutely as if bubbling.

"I'll get warm, piping hot. Heaven's sakes! Is that a spot?" Elsa gasped at a spot on the window. "Clean it up! We want the company impressed!" She wiped it clean with a napkin.

The cafe sang with her again. Suddenly, Sonya dimmed the lights. Kristoff and Olaf were on the stage. Olaf pretending to pity Kristoff and Kristoff wanting to smack the boy. Like Clocksworth and Lumiere.

"Life is so unnerving, for a servant who's not serving. He's not whole without a soul to wait upon! Ah, those good old days when we were useful...Suddenly those good old days are gone! Ten years we've been rusting! Needing so much more than dusting! Needing exercise, a chance to use our skills!Most days we just lay around the castle..." Elsa was impressed by how dramatic the dude was being. Suddenly he smacked Kristoff up side the head, causing the boy to bend over. "Flabby, fat and lazy!
You walked in and oops-a-daisy!" Olaf kicked Kristoff in the butt and sent him off the stage. Everyone knew the boy was alright. Or at least they hoped.

The entire cafe sang again until the song was over with Olaf sliding on his knees and spreading his arms wide. They had chosen the song just because of the theme and they think it worked out swell.

After a while the cafe went back to it's lively buzz and Dartin busted through the doors. He ran up to Elsa. "Did I miss it?" He asked.

Elsa nodded sadly and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Next time bud." She assured him.

Jack came in after him, panting widly. "The hell! This man dragged me over here as fast as he could! And I mean a literal dragging!" He said pointing at Dartin who rolled his eyes and went to find his sister. "What would you like oh dear sister of mine." Jack said in a nicer more relaxed tone.

Elsa rolled her eyes. "You'll get the drink later. A group of girls just wanted to see you that's all." She gestured to the two tables.

"I'm your eye candy piece?"

"I should start charging huh."

They laughed and went over to the booth. Anna got up so Jack could sit down and stood next to Elsa. (Rapunzel's 'win-win' plan by the way) Anna fiddled with her fingers until she gathered the last of her pride and courage to talk to Elsa. "You were amazing out there." Anna told her.

Elsa smiled at the girl. "Thank you your majesty." Elsa replied. Anna blushed and whispered a small thank you. "Are you returning tomorrow?" Elsa asked.

Anna nodded. "I like seeing you." She snapped her head up and opened her mouth. "I mean! Like you know, performing wise! Yeah! That's works." Anna rushed.

Elsa laughed and bumped shoulders with the smaller girl. "I'm pleased I cause the Princess some happiness."

Most of it actually... Anna said in her mind.

Elsa suddenly bowed and smiled at the redhead. "It has been a pleasure princess, but i must be going." Elsa took Anna's hand and kissed the back one last time before leaving to the backroom. Anna stood there. Holding the kissed hand to her chest.

Tomorrow...It couldn't come fast enough.

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