Coulson was the first to wake. He scanned the room looking for any sort of evidence of where they all were. He couldn't find anything. The room was plain, nothing on the walls except for peeling, dull grey paint. The only source of light was coming from the top left hand corner of the room. Deciding to give up on finding out their location, he checked on his team instead.

May was to his right lying on the ground. She seemed relatively unharmed, just unconscious. Coulson concluded that she would awake soon.

Lying to his left was Simmons, she seemed uninjured also but had an odd twist in her ankle. Coulson made note to ask Jemma when she woke.

In front of Simmons curled up in a ball was Fitz, he seemed to be okay just had a bruised up wrist.

Ward was next, he was lying flat on his back, his eyes began fluttering.

"Sir?" Ward asked, hesitantly. "Where are we?"

"I don't know, Ward." Coulson replied, silently whispering, hoping their captors could not hear them.

Both Ward and Coulson turned round when they heard a soft whimper. It was coming from behind Ward. Skye. They thought. Ward slowly moved out of the way so they could get a better look at Skye.

She was the worst out of them all, her head was bleeding . Ward suspected a mild concussion. She must have been in pain to make her whimper.

Suddenly, Ward was pulled from his thoughts by May and Simmons waking up. The fear was evident on Jemma's face. May looked confused at first but then composed herself. Coulson asked Simmons about her ankle. Jemma brushed it off saying it was only a mild sprain. She was too worried about Fitz and Skye to be worried about her stupid ankle.

Simmons slowly limped her way over to Fitz and placed his head in her lap. He slowly woke up.

"Jemma? Where are we?" He said, voice raspy.

"I don't know, Fitz." Jemma replied, tears forming in her eyes.

A couple of hours later, May and Coulson were having a hushed discussion in the corner of the room. They were talking about plans to try and escape.

FitzSimmons were keeping an eye on the still unconscious Skye who was resting in Ward's lap. Ward didn't know why but he suddenly felt protective over Skye. He didn't want anybody to hurt the rookie. His Rookie.

A cough erupted from Skye, letting the team know she was finally awake. Ward looked down just as she began to open her eyes. "Hey, Robot."

Simmons quickly made her way over to Skye. "Close your eyes and when I tell you to open them, open them" Skye nodded, painfully. "Open them." Jemma checked Skye's pupils and became concerned, her left one was a little blown. She instructed Ward to do a concussion test to check the severity of it.

"What's my name?" Ward asked.

"Robot the Super Spy." Skye replied.

"Skye, be serious."

"Fine , Grant Ward."

"Okay, good. What day is it?" Ward quickly asked.

"Um.. Sunday?"

She was two days out, this wasn't good. " Skye, its Tuesday." Ward said, quietly.

"Oh." Skye half heartedly replied.

"What's the last thing you can remember?" Ward was thankful that this was the final question.

"Um.. we were leaving the Bus and going to a warehouse to look for evidence on Centipede." Skye started to panic she couldn't remember anything after that. Why couldn't she remember?

"Simmons, I think she has a medium concussion." Ward called, by this stage the whole team had been listening to their conversation.

"Right okay, just make sure she stays awake and we'll check on her every couple of hours." Jemma replied hurriedly, thoughts racing.

Coulson stood up and alerted the team. "I think it's time we try to figure out how we got here and how we're going to get out."

Everyone nodded in agreement.