Chapter 1: Accepted

Elsa held the envelope in her hands and waited for Anna to get hers. Her parents gathered with the two girls and looked eagerly as they both tore the tops off their envelopes. The girls screamed as soon as they opened the paper;

"I got in" cried Elsa

"Chocolate fountains and marshmallows, so did I" cried Anna

Mr. and Ms. Arendale looked with pride at the two girls. It has been their dream for both the girls to get into this school, and now at such a young age, it was amazing. Mr. Arendale always said that he didn't want them to turn like the other rich girls, snobbish and hell bent on getting what they wanted. No, they were never going to be the stereotypical rich girls, and now he had his proof. His girls both got into PHD. Epidemiology (the study of diseases) at ages 16 (Anna) and 18 (Elsa) which would be a feat at even age 28. No amount of pride could possibly express the feeling in Mr. Arendale's heart.

/Somewhere Else/

Jack jumped in joy and his head almost hit the ceiling of the small apartment his sister and his mom were in. He never would have guessed his average grades (but dazzling personality) would have been enough to get into the highly prestigious school. His mother came and hugged him and gave him some home baked chocolate cake, his favourite. He could not wait to pull his mum and sister out of the small and dirty hellhole where they both lived now. With a degree in this university, it was bound to change his life forever.

/ Elsewhere /

Flynn Rider, the infamous thief (in his town at least) had made it into one of the most prestigious university in the entire would. He was going to be on full scholarship with a super private class (seven people only, the brochure boasted) and with the Nobel Prize winner Nick North. It was his dream to get in, he thought. The University only accepted the cream of the crop, the best of the best, this was truly out of his league, but he was happy to take it anyways. He also grinned. He would be getting a chance to see some of the richest and smartest girls America had to offer, that as not a bad deal right?

/another Place/

Cliff and Bulda (Kristoff's parents) ran to Kristoff with the letter that he had so eagerly awaited for in their hands.

"Kristoff! Stop dragging your weird pear – shaped feet"

"We have something for you! It's the letter from the University, and you got in" the trolls cried out to Kristoff

Kristoff buried his face in his hands. He was happy, but it also meant meeting new people, something he has never done before. He was intelligent beyond is years though so he hoped that it was not going to be that bad. Hopefully the other people that made it in (there were seven apparently) were approachable and friendly. Of course, Sven would be there if he got too lonely, he thought. He quickly gathered up his thoughts to tell Sven about their upcoming adventure.

/Far, Far away/

Merida and her cousin Rapunzel called each other to confirm if the rumours were correct.

"Mer, so tell me" Rapunzel gasped excitedly, "did you get in?"

"Ye, of course I did, didn't expect a highly intelligent lass like me to not make it into the list no?" Merida replied, almost haughtily.

"NO WAY! Oh my gosh we will have so much fun at Uni" giggled Rapunzel, toying with annoyed Pascal while gushing on her phone

"Yup, I cannot wait, hopefully there other lasses and lads will be just as kind as we are" Merida replied

"I KNOW I can't wait" Rapunzel cried and started to mumble about what she wanted to do as soon as she arrived, and how her parents were so proud of her, they were going to release lanterns into the sky, and most excitedly, she nearly hyperventilated as she dreamed of a particular guy she just might meet when she arrived.

Mer laughed, her cousin was the same, no matter whatever got into the way.

/Final Place/

Hans boringly plucked the letter out of the envelope and read it, excitement building up in him. Then he deflated like a balloon

"Thank you so much for expressing interest in Disney University's Epidemiology course, (PHD. Level, private training with Professor North) but this year's limit of seven students has been reached. Due to the techniques and the curriculum of this course, we cannot have you join this year, but we wish you luck for all the other opportunities that lay ahead of you"

He ripped it into two. 'What future opportunities' he thought, with this not in my life, I will never be able to measure up to all my brothers and get a job after school.

He knew what he needed to do. He needed to take one of the seven students place. It did not matter what he needed to do, but he needed to get a spot in that course. 'After all' he thought, 'all my brothers, all 12 of them were with professor North. Why wasn't he?' He needed to make an impression, and he was going to do that even if it as the last thing he ever did.

/Disney university (this is a popular university name, or so I've heard)/

Nick North paced his private study with Prof. Tooth and Prof. Bunny hot on his heels trying to tell him to calm down. He could not be calm he thought,

"How could you be calm at a time like this!?" he cried out.

Tooth and Bunny looked slightly bored and a little nervous.

"It's not a big leak, and we don't even know if the substance was that dangerous yet" cried Tooth, while Bunny snorted loudly. Tooth continued, wringing her hands, "and you have seven of the countries brightest minds coming here to help solve the problem"

North could still not stop worrying. Seven days ago, strange goo had started to leak out of an old nuclear power plant near the Gulf of Mexico. It was dark, black and seemed to be like liquid sand and it has destructive powers over everything living in its path. Flowers and animals, when it came into contact with it, started to grow in size, and get aggressive, fast. It was such a strange phenomenon that Tooth and Bunny first laughed when the first report came to the university about this, even North had trouble believing this as well until a poisoned rat was brought in, and with its enlarged head and brain, it managed to escape its cage and lockup facility and destroyed all their notes and even managed to make one of their brightest professors, Prof. Sandee mute. It was a huge tragedy, and it was happening in the south in record breaking speed. The government as doing the best to 'get the situation under control' but it was dangerous, especially since the contamination spot was so close to the water. North shuddered. If the substance spread there, it would be a nightmare. Unfortunately, the big government people said it might just be a regular chemical reaction and left, more worried about the economy than a huge public health disaster that was brewing (literally). That's when North decided to take matters into his own hands.

He needed to recruit seven of the most intelligent individuals for this, and the requests were staggering. Requests came from all over the world, but he managed to just choose seven people, Elsa Arendale, her sister Anna Arendale, Jack Frost, a small town boy, Flynn Rider, a 'thief' he heard the people call him, Kristoff a mountain boy with strange parents, and a set of cousins, Merida Arch and Rapunzel Corthel. They were all different, something he liked, so hopefully, these young Einsteins will be able to shed some light on this topic that the government was arrogant to discuss.

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