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Lioness of Azeroth


***** Britannia, Camlann *****

Saber gasped as she felt a powerful pain in her abdomen. For a moment, she was confused as to where she was until she became aware of the trees around her.

"Your Majesty!" The voice came from a handsome figure in front of her with tears in his eyes.

"B-bedivere," Saber said weakly as it came back to her. Her choice. Her love, Shiro., It was over. Her life was over. It was... a nice dream.

"Your Majesty, please hold on! The physician should be here soon," Sir Bedivere of the Knights of the Round Table cried softly for his noble king.

Saber stiffened her resolve. She was a king and would act in a manner befitting of one even on the verge of death. "Bedivere, I have a task for you, my most loyal knight," she said firmly even as her life force bled from her.

"Anything my king," Sir Bedivere kneeled immediately.

"Come here," Saber beckoned to her knight and saw him approach. Taking Excalibur, she placed it in the hand of her very surprised knight. "I, King Arthur, task you with returning this blade to the Lady of the Lake," she said in spite of the pain and the weakness she felt.

Bedivere tearfully accepted the blade and could not help but marvel once more at how strong his king sounded, even as wounded as he was.

"Go," Saber commanded and saw the reluctance in her knight's eyes before he did as she commanded.

Saber did not know how long she stayed there for or how long she was left alone. Contrary to the bloodied battlefield she was sure she was in, the area Bedivere took her to was warm and peaceful.

'Shiro...' Saber thought forlornly at her once and future love. 'I wish for you to be happy in your life…my…Shiro.' That was her last thought as her strength finally left her.

++++ With Bedivere ++++

Bedivere, true to his words, arrived at the lake with Excalibur in hand. Standing before the majestic lake, he could not help but feel the power radiating off of it. Still, he had a task to do.

"My King, Arthur of Camelot, bade me to return this blade to its rightful owner!" Bedivere held out the sword in front of his face before arcing his arm back and hurling it.

When the sword reached its apex above the lake, the daylight darkened into night and a moon beam shone down upon the entire body of water.

"What?!" Bedivere exclaimed as he felt a powerful force swirl all around him.

"Vivian," an angelic voice sounded out. If Bedivere had not known better, he would have said that it was emanating from the sky. Impossibly, a figure cloaked in nothing but stars fluttered down to the lake.

"Elune," a female figure formed of lake water responded.

"The Legion encroachment grows closer on Azeroth. I have need of your champion," the starry figure announced in a soft melodious voice.

The body of the watery figure appeared to fluctuate wildly at the mention of the Legion before it reformed. "Agreed," the Lady of the Lake said as she took Excalibur and handed it to the starry figure. "I want you to take my son as well."

"Agreed," the starry figure, Elune, said and floated back up to the sky with Excalibur in tow.

Bedivere watched as the starry figure left and just like that, night turned back into day. He looked back to the [waters only to see the Lady of the Lake standing in front of him.

"You serve your king well, Sir Bedivere," the Lady of Lake said as her watery form fluctuated. "You have done your duty, Sir Knight. Your king would have been proud." She turned away and started to submerse herself into the waters around her.

"I live ONLY to serve my lord," Bedivere said. The grief in his tone stopped the Fae from blending in with the lake.

"How would you like to serve your lord again?" the Lady of the Lake asked, stopping in mid-way.

Bedivere closed his eyes. "My lord is not long for this world. I shall go to him, to be there in his final moments." He bowed his head as he began to turn away.

"Your lord is no longer on this Earth," the Lady of the Lake said and pointed to the sky where the star being was moments before. "The Moon Goddess of Azeroth, another land, has taken your lord and my son, Lancelot, to be reborn anew."

Bedivere turned back around immediately and jumped off his horse. "What did you say, milady?!" he demanded, not believing his ears.

"Your lord will be reborn on another world to fight a new war. My son's last wish was to follow your lord to the ends of the Earth. Thus, I asked the Moon Goddess of Azeroth that boon," the Lady of the Lake explained softly.

His lord would be alive on another world? His lord would have need of knights like him then! "Milady, please send me with my lord!" He walked to the edge of the lake. "I beg of you, please let me serve my liege once more!"

"I cannot guarantee you will be as you are now," the Lady of the Lake said softly. "However, if you truly want to, I will send you after your lord." She extended that offer with a smile.

"Thank you, milady," Bedivere said, kneeling happily. "As long as I can be with my lord, I care not what happens to me."

"Surely you will not serve our lord alone, Sir Bedivere?" a new firm voice asked. From out of the forest emerged a handsome man with sun-kissed hair.

"Sir Gawain, what are you doing here?" Bedivere asked as he identified the figure. Last he heard, Gawain was still at Camlann, fighting the rearguard action.

"Our entire army saw a silver ray of light shine upon our King and spirit him away," Gawain answered. "I rode in after it and found you here."

"Then you heard," Bedivere said.

"Yes, and this time I will not dishonor myself again," Gawain said with steel in his eyes. "When next I meet our lord, he will have my complete and utter devotion."

Bedivere did not know what Gawain was talking about; as far as he knew, Gawain was the best of Arthur's knights, rivaling that of the disgraced Lancelot.

"It matters not, when next I see our king, I will serve him faithfully," Gawain said before looking at the Lady of the Lake and kneeling. "My Lady, please bestow upon me the same grace you have granted to Bedivere. Let me serve my lord again in the next life."

"Your King has many loyal followers," the Lady of the Lake said with a smile. "Then the mortal coils you know are now dead."

Bedivere and Gawain immediately staggered forward as their spirits rose from their body and circled the Lady of the Lake. "Go and serve her well, loyal knights," Vivian said before sending the two souls after Saber.

"Was it wise?" an elderly voice said from the opposite side of the lake.

"Merlin." The Lady of the Lake greeted him cordially. "Better that they stop the Legion on Azeroth then here, wouldn't you say?"

"You are correct, of course, my dear," Merlin said with a grin before looking up at the starry sky. "You were magnificent, Arturia. I will make sure they remember your legend for all ages."

***** Azeroth, Black morass, Stormwind Outer Laying Territory *****

Saber only knew darkness; it was tight and enclosed. One moment, she was surrounded by silvery light that radiated warmth; the next, she was here in complete darkness. Her arms felt weak, and she felt tired. It was like she was drowning. She needed to get out, her pride as a king and a heroic spirit would not let her be drowned here. She felt around for an opening, any opening, and finally found one.

Suddenly and too quickly for her mind to even process, Saber found herself outside in the light. Her arms and body inexplicably weakened, she felt exhausted. That was when a giant man picked her up.

"Well, well, welcome to the world." the giant man said kindly before looking up to face something else. "Congratulations, it's a girl."

Saber was confused. Why was the man talking to her like that and why couldn't she summon any of her strength to strike him? It was then she felt the giant hand her to a gentle looking giantess with brown hair.

"Hello there, little one," the huge woman said softly, her eyes were disturbingly full of affection for some inexplicable reason.

That put Saber on alert. The giantess was treating her like a newborn, but in spite of her suspicions, the woman's eyes were full of warmth.

"My word, she has such beautiful emerald eyes!" a proud male voice boomed from the side, making Saber try to catch a glimpse of the speaker. Where was she?!

To Saber's surprise, it was yet another giant, different from the first one she saw. The giant was handsome as he looked at her with misplaced pride. 'Unhand me Giant!' Saber wanted to shout but found that her voice failed, a sound much like a gurgle made it past her lips.

"Awww!" The giant man and woman cooed at her. "She does not look very pleased at being brought into this world, now does she? Why, I do believe she is glaring at us!" the man stated with a chuckle.

The woman lightly slapped the man's arm before holding Saber to her again. "Oh hush, she's just frightened by all the new sights and sounds! Don't worry, Love, you are home now," the woman said softly to Saber.

It was then that Saber finally made the connection. With great effort and force of will, she extended her arms and held it in front of her face. She had suspected based upon her treatment but seeing the sight of her arm completely shocked her.

"By the Light! Look at how strong she is for a babe!" the man bellowed out loudly while laughing at the same time. For some odd reason, he sounded extremely proud of himself.

"You are so fussy!" the woman chided softly to Saber while putting her face closer to the bundle in her arm.

Saber, however, was still looking at her arm. Gone was the hardened muscle, the firm skin, and all the calluses she had gained throughout her entire life. Instead, all that she saw was a small, pink, and weak looking arm. Like a baby. Like. A. Baby. 'Oh my god. I'm an infant!?' Saber thought, stunned at her own observations.

"Well, what should we name her?" the kindly woman asked looking down at her newborn baby.

"Hmm, my father's name was Arthur, and my mother's name was Victoria," the man said while placing a hand on under his chin. "How about... Arturia?" he asked hesitantly.

"Arturia, huh?" the woman said, looking down at her new bundle of joy. The infant was still holding her hand out before her, looking at it in amazement. She never heard of any baby being able to do that at so young an age, much less a newborn. Her baby was completely captivated by her arm. "I like it, it's a beautiful name."

Saber for her part could not believe what was happening. Then something else happened that shook her out of her thoughts. Something... horrifying. Saber freaked out a bit when she saw a very large breast headed toward her face.


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