Warning contains: Mpreg, slight language (which is AWESOME!)

Also they aren't countries in this story they are humans… plain humans… yes.

Chapter 1

"mmm… what happened last night" the English man woke up finding himself in a pair American arms naked "what the fuck!"

The American woke up finding his lover in his arms. "Morning Iggy" the American said wide smile.

"Seriously, why are calling that?" the English man asked in frustration.

"Because you are from England and I just thought that I why don't I make a cute nickname out of it," the obnoxious American smiled.

"Yeah… sure… more like annoying," the Englishmen said with a irritated sigh.

"Be quiet you know you love it," the American said as he pecked his English lovers lips.

With that the American started to go down stairs and to make breakfast.


"Yeah babe?"

"Put some clothes on before you leave, please?"

Alfred looked down and blushed "hahaha sorry," then he went to put on some comfortable clothes before proceeding to the kitchen "hey, Arthur?"


"You coming down?"

"Oh… yeah I'm going to take a shower first, then come down," Arthur said with a smile.

"Don't go and dress up, it's your day off,"

"Fine, fine"

Then he watched his American lover go down stairs. As he got up there was a shock of pain in his hips.

"Ow… bloody hell that hurts," he said trying to keep his voice down so he doesn't make sure the man down stairs doesn't hear him.

He limped over to their master bathroom and opened the cabinet to get pain killers to ease the pain a bit. Then he took a shower after that, he had gotten into some comfy pajamas. He proceeded to the kitchen to find his lover sitting at the table eating breakfast. Arthur had gone to make himself a cup of tea.

"How's the shower?" the American asked with that ridiculous smile that Arthur had adored.

"It was nice, aren't you going to take a shower?" Arthur had asked.

"Yeah, after I finish eating breakfast"

"Okay" Arthur had sat down in his seat drinking his Breakfast English Tea and reading his Sherlock Homes series.

The American had gotten up and took a shower and got into his suit.

"It's been a month already?" the Englishmen looked at his lover with a slight frown.

"Yeah sorry but I'll be back in 3 weeks tops, 'kay?" he said kissing goodbye.




"Love you~" he said with a smile.

"Love you too… git"

"Aww… tough love," he said with a fake frown.

"Just go so you can come back quicker," Arthur said pushing his lover out of the door.

"Okay, okay bye" he said waving goodbye.

When the Alfred drove away to the airport, Arthur was waving goodbye, and sighed and walked back into the house. Sat down and watched some doctor who episodes.

~few hours later~

Arthur fell asleep on the coach. It was quiet, he liked the quietness in the house, but he wished his obnoxious boyfriend was here with him and trying to break the silence.

Then Arthur had shot up with something in his throat forcing itself up. He ran to the bathroom and puked up the breakfast that Alfred had made him. He coughed a few times and sat by the toilet for a few more moments to see if he will puke again.

Once he had gotten up he felt light headed from the puke process so he called it a day and went to bed it was already nine o'clock pm anyways.

~next day~

Let's just say Arthur felt like shit. He was tried from keep on waking up to use the bathroom, or puke. He got out of the bed and walked to the kitchen just to make tea considering he had been puking, he didn't want to eat for a while.

~3 weeks later~

Arthur didn't realize it but he was sleeping on the couch with the television on with BBC channel on. Alfred had opened the door and saw Arthur sleeping on the couch. He chuckled quietly and walked up to his British boy friend.

"Arthur?" he stroked his messy blond hair.

"Alfred?" as he rubbed his eyes trying to wake up.

"Arthur your pale, paler than usual, are you okay?" he asked with concern.

"Hm? Oh… I've been sick for the past three weeks,"

"WHAT! Why didn't you call me if you were sick?" he said with concern.

"Because I didn't want you to worry about me, it will just stress you out more," Arthur said looking at his boy friend.

Alfred sighed at him "you do know what's best, but hey you can tell me so I can check on you, to see how you are doing," giving his sick boyfriend a kiss on the forehead.

~few hours later~

"Artie, where are you going?"

"Just to the store were running out of milk," the Englishmen said while putting on his coat.

"Are you okay going out there?" he asked him.

"Yeah, besides fresh air will do me good" Arthur said smiling at his boyfriend.

"Okay come back safely, okay?" as he stood up kissing his British boyfriend's lips goodbye.

"I will" and he left to the store.

Yeah I love this couple so much c: they are so adorable together

And what does Arthur have in store for his future.

Also damn I love mpreg so no haters.

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