Title: A Distracting Fondness (1/?)
Author: slacker_d
Pairing/Characters: Sara Lance/Felicity Smoak, Sara Lance/Oliver Queen, John Diggle, Roy Harper/Thea Queen
Summary: While Felicity tries to find some answers for an old friend, she also begins falling for Sara.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
A/N: Takes place after 2x14, ignoring Slade's appearance at the end.
2nd A/N: I wanted to try and write a longer Smoaking Canary and was hoping to post it as a long one shot. But since I write slow and also wanted to at least start posting before 2x16, I'm posting part one now. I've got about 5 parts written so far, so hopefully I can actually finish within a reasonable amount of time.

Part One

The ringing of her cell phone jolts Felicity out of the work haze she's in. Because of this, she answers it without checking the ID.


"Felicity?" a hesitant voice asks.

"This is she. Who is this?"

"It's, uh, Trevor. Trevor Mitchell?"

Felicity hasn't spoken to her high school boyfriend since the summer after graduation. It was an amicable break up; they were heading in two very different directions and even though they wanted to try and stay friends, it just wasn't meant to be.

"I, um, I kind of need your help," he continues.

Felicity listens as Trevor explains that his boyfriend, Kevin is missing and that Trevor fears that he's dead. A computer programmer who likes to hack corporate security systems just to prove he can, Kevin recently received a mysterious email offering him a job as a hacker. Despite Trevor's protests and concerns, Kevin decided to accept. The last time Trevor saw him was over a week ago when he left to meet his new employer.

"Did you file a missing person's report?" Felicity asks.

"Of course," Trevor replies. "But the police were less than receptive. They said that this is probably just his way of breaking up with me. I think they threw it in the round file."


"We've been together for five years, Felicity," Trevor continues. "We've lived together for two. There's no way he would just leave." He takes a deep breath and Felicity can tell he's trying not to cry. "I... I think he's dead."


"The offer was just too good to be true," he explains. "But also so shady. Like when they terminate your employment, they do it by terminating you."

"I get it, Trev, I do," Felicity replies. "But I'm not sure what you want me to do."

"You work for Oliver Queen," Trevor explains. "He's gotta have some influence. Maybe you could ask him to like, I don't know... something."

Felicity sighs. This is actually something she could look into and she knows it's partly what Trevor is implying. Her ex has a type, super smart computer nerds. He knows she could maybe find something out for him. She's just not sure what he expects her to do after that. It's not like he knows that she works with the Vigilante.

"Can you send me all the info you have?" she asks.

"You're the best Felicity," he exclaims. "I'll owe you big for this."

"Great, I can't wait to take advantage of a lifetime of free hockey equipment."

"The shop's actually doing really well at the moment."

Felicity rolls her eyes, but simply says, "I'm sure it is."

"Felicity," he says, voice solemn. "Thank you. Really."

"I haven't found out anything yet," she reminds him.

"It doesn't matter," he replies. "It means a lot to me that you're even going to try. You'll have all the info by the end of the day. Thanks again."

"Talk to you soon."

Felicity's a bit surprised to receive a thick envelope delivered by courier a few hours later. Everything she will need is inside and distracts her from wondering why Trevor wouldn't just email everything. But then upon further reflection, she realizes he's probably feeling a bit paranoid.

A series of emails are paper clipped together with a post-it stating Kevin's email and password on top. Flipping through them, Felicity agrees with Trevor that the whole thing seems a bit shady, but she also understands why Kevin decided to take a chance. Besides, the major ego boost the first email is giving, the prospect of tons of cash is definitely nice. Still, she's not sure if those two things would be enough to convince her to meet a random stranger at a seedy bar. Then again, she knows exactly who and what lurks in the shadows of Starling City.

She now knows way too much personal info about her ex boyfriend's current boyfriend. Felicity takes a moment and tries to separate the personal aspect from it and begins trying to find Kevin. She starts with anyone listed as a John Doe at the hospitals and unidentified bodies in the morgue. She has access to Kevin's medical file and uses it to compare his blood type and dental records to those unclaimed in the morgue.

There are a total of four unclaimed bodies in the morgue. Unfortunately, the third coroner's report she reads seems like it's talking about Kevin. An apparent mugging victim that was stabbed, he bled out and because his ID was missing, they had no way of knowing who he is. Oddly, they couldn't match his fingerprints or DNA in the system, so he's just MG-0142312.

Even though she's never met Kevin Hearlmen, Felicity finds herself tearing up a bit. She has the answer she was looking for, but it's not enough.

Since Felicity already spends way too much time in the Foundry, she decides to combine her usual Team Arrow (and she's still going to refer to them as that no matter how much Oliver wishes otherwise) duties with trying to track down Kevin's mysterious employer. It's easy enough to do. Just to be on the safe side, the system is built to stand up to three times as many things than she's usually running, so she's not worried about being able to do both.

Her real concern is keeping it a secret; even if she's not sure why she wants to. The others would understand her need to help out an old friend. It's probably because her instincts are screaming that she's stumbled onto something much bigger than her ex realizes and she needs a lot more details before she involves the team. She tells herself it's because she doesn't want to leave Trevor with more questions than answers (which is definitely true), but it's also about stopping someone who is obviously scheming towards something big.

And honestly, there really are too many unanswered questions about the situation. The problem is that she's not entirely sure where to start. Looking over everything Trevor sent her, she tries looking for any sort of clue. But whoever the employer is, he's covered his tracks well. It makes Felicity wonder if this is because he has computer skills himself or has found some really good people to help him get started.

Felicity has a feeling that Kevin isn't the first victim and so she decides to look into the background of people who have been reported missing. It takes running everyone through several filters, characteristics similar to Kevin, but she eventually finds five other possibilities. She's able to narrow the list down to just two candidates and begins to delve into their lives.

Dani Johnstone is an obvious one. An IT specialist with a lot of debt, Felicity imagines that an offer of easy money would be something she'd consider. Looking over her work history, Felicity thinks that she definitely fits the profile and wouldn't be surprised if she finds a history of hacking.

The hacking is the key. While the five she find all seem to have a natural aptitude for computers, akin to her own skills, it's whether or not they seem capable and/or willing to take that next step. It's what makes Felicity put Dani on her list as well as a Paul Launders. He, like Dani, has significant debt, but it's the numerous red flags surrounding him that really makes him stand out. He's been investigated numerous times for possible hacking, six times in college for grade tampering. But impressively, no one's been able to prove anything.

These two are a good starting point, but Felicity knows she's going to have dig deeper.

Once Sara's decided she's staying, her dad tells her that she can stay with him. She accepts knowing she has limited options and that she and Laurel are definitely not at that point yet. Plus, there's not having to explain the whole night gig thing to him; Sara knows he still worries (he is her dad, after all), but at least he knows she can take care of herself.

Not to mention, the number of times, they've ended up at scenes together.

It's funny, growing up, Sara looked up to her dad, but she never wanted to be a cop. And yet now, she and he are both trying to do some good; albeit in two very different ways. Too much has happened to Sara for her not to try. The fact that she has others that feel the same way just makes it a bit easier. She doesn't have to feel so alone anymore.