Hey! Here's just a little something that I decided to write because I realized that I don't know that much about Bakura. Hope you guys like it! ^_^

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"Many years ago,

The Ring was given to me,

Freely, a gift,

Yet, if I had known,

What that simple gift,

From a loving father,

Would do to my life,

I never would have accepted."

Bakura gazed around the room, eyes threatening to spill over with unshed tears. He took a deep breath, swaying slightly.

"As soon as the ring,

A pretty ornate gold,

Was slipped over my neck,

I felt him.

A dark, evil presence filled my mind,

I knew he was waiting,

For me."

Small sniffles interrupted Bakura. He would keep going, not let his own weakness defeat him.

"I do not know what happened that night,

But I remember feeling myself falling,

Down, down, forever more,

Never, never stopping,

Always, always dropping,

Eternal, unforgiving darkness.

I had discovered Hell,

And finally met the Devil himself."

Swallowing hard, Bakura blinked fitfully. No, not yet! he had to tell them.

"A mirror image,

One I knew well,

Silver hair, brown eyes,

Filled with cruelty,

Beyond imagination.

As I drew closer,

To the being who could not,

Should not be,

I knew,

I knew,

That nothing good would come,

Of this evil twin."

Bakura shivered. Something inside him turned cold, chilling him to the bone. Something had to be done, he would continue.

"A flash of light,

Blinding pain,

Then silence that screamed,

Inside my head.

I could not see,

I could not move,

But I could still think,

Trapped in a motionless void,

It was sheer agony,

Knowing I could do nothing,

Knowing I was trapped."

Someone gasped, he wasn't sure who. There was only one thing he could do, before he lost the only chance he had.

"One fateful day,

It happened.

Light filled my world,

No longer shrouded in darkness,

I could see.


I saw,

Terrified me beyond all reason.

He had done an unforgivable deed,

There you were,

On a playing field,

A card game,

A game!

We were pawns,

In a sick, twisted game,

Filled with malevolence,

And cruelty,

We were trapped.

No way out,

No way to stop,

My body from obeying,

Malicious commands,

Nothing I could do."

Bakura began shaking uncontrollably. When they rose to help him, he shook them off. No, he had to tell them everything. His breathing coming in huge, gasping sobs, he fought to spill the words which could make all the difference.

"Even in death, I could not escape,

For you cannot avoid demons,


The I had it.

The only way out.

I called for the Other,

For great power beamed from that being,

To end it as,

I surrounded and held him,

Prisoner, against my bonds.

He struggled, furious,

Against my strong will,

But I know,

This was my way out.

Another flash of light,

This one warm,

Filled with comfort,

A gentle caress,

I felt as if,

Something from me was torn,

Then it was over.

Knowing he was gone,

My spirits soared,

Like the birds in the sky.


I felt it.

An anguish filled cry,

Full of anguish and despair,

But the cold rage,

Frightened me,

I knew,

He was coming back."

Bakura's eyes rolled back into his head. Yugi, Tea, Joey and Tristan had been listening to the sorrow filled tale of this boys life. They rushed to catch him, but pulled up short as he rose unassisted.

The air around him turned cold, freezing them to the spot. A cruel smirk lit up his pale features, a look of horrified recognition stamped upon their faces. As his eyes surveyed them, they lit up with malicious glee. The two words he whispered made their blood run cold.

"I'm back!"