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First Contact

Light filtered in through the blinds, entering a once dark bedroom. The light crept across the room before conveniently stopping on a bed. The bed Sheets looked crumpled and wild. From within the tangled mess sounded a groan. Apparently, the light had woken the bed's occupant.

With a groan, the bed's occupant sat up slowly as he rubbed the sleep out of his reddish-brown eyes. His hair was brown and unruly, something he blamed on the ever present battle against the forces of evil: bed head. The brunette was named Takuya Kanbara. The 17 year old who is the Legendary Warrior of Flame and the leader of the Legendary Warriors yawned and brought his hand to his dresser. He searched around for his alarm clock, but ended up grabbing his D-Tector instead. It was a black and red device and as he looked at it fond memories of his time spent in the digital world floated through his mind.

It had already been a good few years since his adventures in the digital world with his friends, but there wasn't a day that went by Takuya didn't think about it. After the final battle with Lucemon he and his friends returned to the real world to find that it hadn't even been an hour since the moment they went to the digital world despite having spent six months there. They were happy they hadn't been reported missing or something since they left. Despite how happy they were to be home, the six of them always wished they could return to the digital and see the friends they made there again.

The six of them found that their D-Tector's never returned to being normal cell phones. They had a hard time making up lies about why they needed new phones to their parents, but it all worked out in the end. As for their D-Tector's, despite their best efforts the six of them could never use their D-Tector's as digivices again – not yet anyway. Even so, it was always worth checking for a change every day. With that in mind, Takuya clicked one of the buttons on the red and black device, but much like the last time he tried, nothing happened.

Sighing to himself, Takuya set the D-Tector on his bed and brought his hand back to his dresser. Deciding to actually look this time, he grabbed hold of his alarm clock and checked the time. It read 8:50. He sat there for a moment, narrowing his eyes in tired scrutiny before they widened and he jumped out of bed. He was supposed to meet his friends in ten minutes.

"Crap!" he yelled as he ran to his closet. He almost tripped as he tried to pull on his black jeans and his socks. From there Takuya grabbed a white shirt and pulled it over his head as he slipped his feet into his red and black sneakers. Racing to the other side of his room, Takuya grabbed his crimson jacket and slipped it on before pulling his black cap over his hair, his red goggles going on top of the cap, holding it in place on his head. He went back to his bed, grabbing his D-Tector and then his phone from his dresser before he ran out.

Takuya skipped stairs as he ran down. The smell of eggs caught his attention as he landed at the bottom of the stairs with a thud. He was tempted to eat, but if he did he knew his friends would get on his case, especially considering he was already going to be late – again.

"Takuya, breakfast is ready!" called his mother from the kitchen. The warrior of flames ran past the kitchen's entrance, telling his mom that he was late and not eating. Before his mother, Yuriko, could get a response in he was already out the door, closing it with a careless slam. Yuriko sighed as she set the table, wondering all the while, what she would do with her overly energetic son.

Takuya ran down the street in a panic, his goggles keeping his cap in place on his head. Groaning, Takuya rounded a corner and ran down a gravel path, wondering why he could never wake up when his alarm went off. He'd set it last night, he remembered setting it. So why could he never wake up on time? He was positive everyone was waiting for him – and that Koji and Zoe were going to be angry.

With the angered face of Zoe infiltrating his thoughts, he picked up speed and rounded another corner. If he'd looked where he was going he might have been able to prevent what happened next. Takuya slammed into something smaller and lighter than him, sending that something to the ground with a feminine grunt. His momentum brought him down too, his D-Tector falling from his jacket pocket. As Takuya rubbed the sore spot on his head he looked to see what he'd hit. Takuya quickly realized he hadn't hit something, but instead someone.

The girl in front of him was a brunette like himself except her hair was a lighter shade. It was shoulder length and her bangs parted, showing off her forehead. A red hairclip kept the bangs on her left in place. She was wearing a pink shirt and white skirt. On her feet were sandals and around her neck hung what looked to be a camera. Her eyes, which were filled with surprise and some other look he couldn't place as she stared back at him, were vibrant and a light shade of brown. All in all, Takuya thought this girl was something else – and he meant that in the best way.


Her voice brought Takuya out of his thoughts and just as he was about to apologize his phone started ringing. His face tensed at the sound – it was the ringtone he'd assigned Zoe. His mind back on his original objective, Takuya scrambled to his feet, grabbing his fallen D-Tector without giving it any thought.

"I'm really sorry about that, but I gotta go. See ya'!" With that, Takuya took off again, missing the moment the girl got to her feet and called after him. Even if he had heard, he was too focused on not being skinned alive by Zoe to care.

The girl in the pink shirt watched the boy run away despite her yelling for him. He seemed to be in a rush, so she figured he didn't hear her, but now they both had a big problem. Her cell fell from her bag when he'd knocked her down and in his haste he'd grabbed it instead of his phone. She never thought a visit to her relatives in Shibuya could result in something like this. Her name was Hikari "Kari" Kamiya. She was 15 and the Digidestined graced with the crest of light. She'd finished her adventures in the digital world with the defeat of Armageddemon just a few years ago and now she was living peacefully with her friends and fellow Digidestined, visiting the digital world every once in a while so they could meet their partner digimon and see each other face to face despite their busy schedules.

Figuring she could just use the boy's cell to call her own and meet up with him, she turned around to pick his up, but that's when she realized something. Kari heard his phone ring, and the noise followed him as he left. If that was the case, what did he drop? Curious, she looked down and her eyes widened in shock. Laying on the ground was a red and black device. More specifically it was a digivice – and it was a model she'd never seen before. She made a quick turn and now she couldn't even see the boy anymore. He was fast, maybe even faster than her brother, Tai.

Kari picked up the boy's digivice and quickly made her way out of the park. That boy was another Digidestined. How he'd managed to stay hidden for so long despite all that's happened, she didn't know, but one thing was for sure, she had to find him again. She and Tai would need to go back to Odaiba as quickly as possible. Thankfully it was their last day visiting; her relatives wouldn't mind if they cut the visit just a little shorter. They could always use the excuse of school on Monday after all. Besides, finding this boy and making sure he got back his digivice was more of a priority right now. She also wondered why there would need to be a new model digivice. Was the digital world in trouble again? If it was, why didn't Gennai call them? It was too much to think about by herself. Shaking away her thoughts, she broke out into a run. She needed to get this digivice to Izzy – as soon as possible.


The yell sent a shiver down Takuya's spine and he wanted to turn tail now that he was nearing his friends. Just like the last few weekends, Takuya was meeting with his friends, the other five Legendary Warriors, in the park. When he was late yesterday, Zoe had given him a super scolding and Koji glared at him for what felt like an eternity. He knew it was going to happen again today.

"H-hey Zoe…" replied the once fearless warrior of flame with a sheepish grin. He wasn't scared of much, but an angered Zoe could frighten even the strongest of men. Izumi "Zoe" Orimoto was his comrade, friend, and sister in all but blood. She's the Legendary Warrior of wind and the only female member of the group. Now 17, she's changed since her shy days before the digital world when she had no friends. Zoe goes to an all-girls school and has plenty of friends now thanks to her confidence boost from her digital adventure. The Wind warrior hadn't only changed in terms of relationships though. She'd grown into a beautiful young lady.

Zoe no longer wore her purple hat, her blond hair was left free, longer than it was the day she'd met the other warriors; her hair was in a high ponytail and her bangs fell over her forehead, some of her hair even dropping as far as her (currently) fierce green eyes. She had a frown gracing her lips that didn't do her looks justice, but even Takuya admitted that Zoe still looked good when she was angry – he just wished she wasn't angry all the time. Zoe was wearing blue skinny jeans and a blue shirt that showed off her midriff. Over the shirt was an unzipped, purple hooded vest. On her feet she wore purple and white sneakers.

"Why are you late? Again?" She asked, putting extra emphasis on the word "again." She loved her leader like a brother, and she'd do anything to protect him, but she absolutely hated his inability to be on time to just about everything.

"Did you manage to not hear your alarm clock again, Takky?" Called the joking voice of Junpei "J.P." Shibayama as a grin spread across his face at Takuya shrinking away from Zoe at his question. J.P. is the Legendary Warrior of Thunder and is the oldest of the group, being 18. Unlike the others, he was already in college and doing very well in his classes; he was majoring in engineering. J.P. had changed a lot since their time in the digital world. After their battles, the six of them decided to stay in fighting form and took up various forms of martial arts to stay sharp. Through the training, J.P. replaced his somewhat flabby exterior with muscle so he didn't look so round anymore.

J.P. had long since gotten rid of his blue and yellow jumpsuit, trading it in for a dark yellow shirt that showed off his muscles (which he took pride in) and Baggy blue jeans. His sneakers were a dark blue. His hair was still as spiky as it was in the digital world and he'd been keeping it trimmed so the style hadn't changed much. His eyes were brown like his hair and held a mischievous glint in them at just about all times.

"Sorry," replied Takuya, sighing. He knew this would happen. Now the only thing left was for Koji to call him stupid and for Zoe to chew him out. He waited for the girl to begin, but was met with a small sigh instead.

"Yeah, yeah," she sighs, "look, just try to wake up on time for now on, okay? Especially when you're the one trying to get us to meet up, Taku." Takuya might have gaped in surprise if he wasn't so thankful that she hadn't chewed him out. He thought that the day might actually be looking up now.


Takuya glared at his best friend (which he was now reconsidering), Koji Minamoto. He avoided being chewed out by Zoe, but it seems Koji would never change. Much like Takuya, Koji was 17 and he was also the Legendary Warrior of Light. He was reserved and quiet and tended to only make mean or indifferent remarks, but deep down everyone knew he cared for them all like family. Now all he needed to do was lighten up. Koji was dressed in blue jeans, a grey shirt, and a blue and white jacket. He wore white sneakers and a white and blue camouflage bandana which covers the black hair he has pulled into a ponytail. His dark blue eyes met Takuya's glare impassively.

Koji went to the same school with Takuya and Koji's brother, Koichi Kimura. Koichi, the older of the twins and in Takuya's opinion, the "fun twin" is the Legendary Warrior of Darkness. Koichi was once reserved and quiet, but after leaving the digital world, with his friends behind him, he was able to overcome his problems and reservations. In terms of personality, he'd changed the most, doing a complete 180. He was now a very happy teen, unafraid to smile and was always up for something fun. It was a long running joke between the warriors that Koji and Koichi should switch elements to better match themselves.

Koichi, like his brother has dark blue eyes and black hair. Unlike his brother, he wears nothing on his head and his hair parts to the sides of his face. He wears black jeans and a dark grey button up shirt with grey sneakers. Speaking of the fun twin, he was currently looking on at the scene unfolding in front of him with obvious amusement.

"I don't think you're stupid, Takuya," said the youngest of the group. Takuya turned to him and gave him a large smile in reply.

"Thanks, Tommy."

13-year-old Tomoki "Tommy" Himi is the last of the warriors and the Legendary Warrior of Ice. He's come a long way from the shy yet spoiled brat he was at the start of his digital adventure. Tommy's become reliable and kept his kind heart. He stopped being protected and now protects others. Tommy even overcame his bullies and now he's friends with them.

Having outgrown his previous outfit, Tommy wears a dark green shirt, blue jeans, and green sneakers. He switched out his large orange hat for something smaller and white. His face matured and it lost some of its childish roundness. He'd put on a bit more muscle thanks to martial arts and his brown hair is a little longer now. His eyes are sea green.

"Well," said Koichi, "Now that Takuya is here, we can finally do something. Let's not waste such a beautiful day," he smiled. The day was, in fact, beautiful. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the weather was perfect; not to warm or too hot. The sun was shining overhead; perfect weather for a day out.

"How about some soccer?" asks Tommy, immediately getting a reaction out of Takuya. Being his school team's striker, Takuya leads them to many victories. He's an ace with a bright future in soccer if he wants to take that road and Tommy seemed to have picked up some of his love for the sport. Unfortunately the same can't be said for all their companions.

"We played that last time, Tommy," replied Zoe, sighing inwardly. She still hadn't gotten the grass stains out of her other pair of jeans from last weekend's soccer game. It was fun, she couldn't deny that, but she wasn't looking to ruin her whole closet. "How about something different? What do you think, Koji?" she asked.

Koji glanced in her direction and shrugged, he wouldn't have minded the soccer, if only to try and beat Takuya, but he wouldn't mind doing something else either. Zoe sighed at his response, she should have known he would only shrug. Still, it was worth a try.

"How about a movie?" inquires J.P. as he messes with his phone, looking for anything good that might be showing.

"I'm up for one. It's gotta be horror though, I heard a really good one just came out," pipes up Koichi excitedly, a smile spreading across his face.

"No way! I hate horror!" argued Zoe, already visibly shaking at the mere thought of having to watch such a film.

"Aw, Come on Zoe," said Takuya, flashing her a bright smile, "We'll even go to the theater in the mall so you can go shopping after; just to cheer you up after the movie." The other four members of the team tensed at his suggestion, knowing that Zoe could literally shop till she dropped or in this case, shop till they dropped. Zoe, for her part, had mixed feelings. She really didn't want to watch that movie, but all the potential clothes she could buy was just so tempting. She even figured she could use a bit of her feminine charm to persuade J.P. into buying her some clothes too. Taking a few more seconds to think it over, Zoe made up her mind. The new outfit's were too much to pass up.

"You've got a deal, Taku," beamed Zoe, already imagining her new clothes.

Takuya walked around the mall with a frown. He had at least three bags in each of his hands and he was starting to regret offering to shop with Zoe. Said warrior of wind was happily walking ahead of him. His discontentment with shopping wasn't the only thing bothering him though. He felt like something was missing, but he couldn't put a finger on what. Sighing, he decided to forget about it for now as he followed Zoe to the food court.

J.P. groaned as he dropped six bags onto the floor and slumped into a chair at the table. The food court around him was bustling with noise as people chatted about their day and nothing in general. The jovial mood around him did nothing to help though. The horror flick was going to give him a bad dream; he could feel it. As for shopping with Zoe, she'd nearly cleaned out his wallet. He hated being wrapped around her delicate little fingers, but he couldn't help it.

"If I ever see another clothing store again," J.P. groaned out, slamming his head on the table, "It'll be too soon."

"Amen to that," sighed Takuya, slipping into the seat Between Zoe and Koichi.

"You guys are a bunch of babies. It wasn't that bad. We were only shopping for two hours." J.P., Koichi, Koji, and Takuya groaned at the mere mention of how long they'd been shopping. Tommy lucked out when his mom called him home for a little family time. Takuya assumed it was something else entirely though. Tommy's parents could never understand why he started hanging out with a group of older kids and none of them had even dared to tell their parents about their adventure in the digital world. His folks were concerned about Tommy getting involved in a bad crowd.

Obviously, Mr. and Mrs. Himi had nothing to worry about, Takuya and the others would never dream of steering their young friend wrong, but for now there was nothing they could do about his parents worrying. They'd just have to wait it out and hope they'd understand at some point down the road.

"Two hours is a long time to shop, Zoe," replied Koji. Zoe simply rolled her eyes and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like "boys."

"I'll go order our food, what do you guys want?" asked Koichi with a smile. The group relayed their food choices and after J.P. offered to help out, he and Koichi walked off.

"So, Taku," started Zoe, grabbing the warrior of flame's attention, "any luck getting in contact with Lady Ophanimon?" At the mention of anything related to the digital world, Takuya heaved a long sigh. He'd tried this morning of course – with no luck. Sliding his hand into his pocket in search of his D-Tector he replied.

"No. I tried but I didn't get any-"

Takuya suddenly stopped. His eyes growing wide as he jerked his hand out of his pocket. His sudden movement startled his two friends.

"What's wrong with you, Takuya?" grunted Koji, rudely.

"My D-Tector… it's gone."

Zoe gasped at his words and Koji raised a worried brow. His best friend lost his D-Tector? He couldn't even imagine how that could occur. Takuya was a lot of things, but he wasn't forgetful, and he definitely wouldn't misplace something so important.

"Do you know how you lost it?" Koji asked, now serious. Takuya didn't respond, instead opting to look down at the piece of technology he'd pulled from his pocket. It was an iPhone in a pink case. Thinking back to everything that happened today, he figured out when he'd lost his D-Tector.

"Yeah… I bumped into this girl on the way to the park this morning. I grabbed her phone by accident…" Koji simply nodded as Zoe took the phone from him. She clicked the home button and the screen lit up, revealing a picture of some scenery Zoe didn't recognize. Sliding her finger across the screen, she hoped the phone wouldn't have a password and she was soon disappointed that it did.

"We may need some help unlocking this, Taku. We've got to get your D-Tector back. Odds are she picked it up thinking it was your cell," said Zoe, her voice laced with worry. Takuya nodded and took the phone from her again and just as he was about to say something, the screen lit up once more as the pink smart phone vibrated. They were getting a call from someone named "Tai."

"Maybe you aren't totally unlucky, Takuya. Convenient to be getting a call now," said the warrior of light, smirking all the while. He'd been teasing, but he was relieved to say the least. Here they were worrying and now Takuya's D-Tector was practically being dropped into their laps. Takuya ignored Koji's insult, but not before throwing him a glare. Answering the phone he put it up to his ear.


Gennai took a sip of tea as he sat in the grass of his garden. The old man was enjoying another peaceful day in the digital world. Little did he know, that peace was about to shattered and the events that followed would lead to the digital world's darkest days. For now though, the old man continued to sip his tea, blissfully unaware of the coming storm.

Across the land and the digital seas, far away from Gennai's home, a dark fog rolled across the ground. The crack of thunder sounded above. A bolt of lightning coursed through the clouds in the skies, striking a massive, winged figure shrouded by the clouds. The winged figure was struck twice more, sending it hurtling down to the digital land below. The ground shook at its impact, a massive crater forming from its fall. The figure broke apart into digital bits soon after.

A smaller figure appeared from the crash site. The figure stood there a moment, it's body turning, seemingly looking back at the large mountain that loomed over them even in the distance. Turning away, the figure ran from the crater, vanishing into the fog. Shortly after the figure's escape, two more figures landed near the crater.

"She's not here," said one figure, an irritated hissing noise coming from somewhere at their side. Their voice sounded cold and feminine.

"It's fine," replied the second figure, their voice booming and deep, "Ceresmon can run if she wants. We will find her… She can't stop us," he added in a dark undertone. Thunder clapped overhead at his words. With that, the two figures walked away, vanishing into the fog near the mountain.

To Be Continued…