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A Meeting at the Park

T.K. opened his eyes with a groan. He was stuck beneath a fallen tree and some chunks of earth. He wasn't in pain and he could feel all his limbs. T.K. was lucky to have survived nearly being crushed. Patamon was flying overhead, the small orange and white digimon that flew with its ears was in a state of euphoria to see that his partner had finally woken up. T.K. looked around after giving Patamon a reassuring smile; seeing the sun setting in the distance, he frowned.

How much time has passed? He wondered, groggily.

"T.K." came the high pitched voice of Patamon. T.K. groaned.


"Do you think you can make me digivolve like that? So I can help get all that off?"

T.K. felt around for his digivice, hoping it wasn't far away since he couldn't move his arms very far. All the while he was wondering what exactly had happened. One moment he was looking for Davis and Ken – and the next, everything went to hell.

Takuya sighed as he, Zoe, and Koji boarded a train to Odaiba. He'd just gotten through with his Soccer practice and now he was severely nervous. He didn't really think the people he was about to meet knew about his D-Tector, but he couldn't calm down. It didn't help that the sun would be setting soon. Takuya wasn't afraid of the dark or anything. That was impossible, especially considering all the time he spent in the digital world, but he wasn't a stranger to the whole "hide in the dark then ambush" tactic. That was one of the reasons he brought Koji and Zoe with him.

While Zoe used to be the weakest member on the team, after taking up martial arts, she proved to be stronger than even Koichi. This bumped her up to being second strongest, right beneath Takuya and Koji who shared the title of strongest. He trusted her with his life in a fight, so just in case things went downhill, he knew the two of them would have his back. The other reason he brought the two of them was simple – mental support. They were his closest friends, almost like family (though he'd never admit such a thing to Koji. The light warrior would never let him live it down).

As for the other members of their team, Koichi stayed home; he wanted to spend some time with his mother that day. Aside from that, depending on how late his brother was out with Takuya and Zoe, he needed to be able to give him an alibi. J.P. said he had a project he needed to work on for a class tomorrow. It was important for his grade so he couldn't come with them. As for Tommy – well – that was obvious. There was no way his parents were letting him go to Odaiba with Takuya and company.

"It's going to be fine, Taku," said Zoe, hoping to reassure her usually fiery leader. He'd been so worried and stressed for the past two days. "They'll be oblivious to all things digimon, we'll make the swap, go home, and then keep working on a way to get in contact with Lady Ophanimon," smiled Zoe. Takuya immediately jumped into a rant of what ifs. The one he was worried about most being a scenario where Lady Ophanimon needed their help and contacted him. She would be met with fearful and confused humans she did not know, leading to her defeat and or the destruction of the digital world since she hadn't made contact with him. To top it all off, the people Takuya would meet would rat him out to the government or something.

Zoe had sat there and listened to his ranting and gave him a funny look when he was finished. She was clearly beginning to question his sanity – and he knew it.

"Shut up, you baby," interjected Koji. The ever stoic warrior of light was still looking out the window of the speeding train in boredom. He wished he was riding a Trailmon. Not that he would say he found the scenery of the digital world any more interesting than that of the real world (which he did, for the record), but because, at the very least, it would mean he was in the digital world and that was something he definitely wanted.

Takuya glared at his best friend and was about to retort when Zoe put a calming hand on his shoulder. From there she explained how impossible his theory was. If Ophanimon revealed herself to other humans through his D-Tector, he could pass it off as part of the game. Furthermore, it's not like he was the only warrior on earth. She could get in touch with the six of them by contacting any of them, not just him. Zoe swears Takuya forgets that sometimes.

"Really, Taku. Your imagination is far too overactive…"

Takuya laughed awkwardly and scratched his head. When he thought about it again, he really had been over reacting. There was no way what he thought could happen. Besides, Lady Ophanimon was strong. She'd only grown in strength since Lucemon's defeat as well. Who could possibly defeat her? With such thoughts occupying his mind, Takuya began to calm and the rest of the train ride passed in casual conversation.

Kari, Tai, Mimi, and Izzy were waiting at the park for Takuya to arrive. After they'd all gathered at Tai's place a little earlier that day, they called up the other Digidestined. Now the remaining members of their team were "hiding" in plain sight at the park. They were all close enough to see the meeting, but far off enough not to be noticed – at least that's what they all hoped.

The only people not present were Davis, Ken, and T.K. Shortly after Izzy had ended his talk with Gennai the other day, he informed Tai of what happened. Tai, who'd become more cautious in his years as a leader sent Davis and Ken to check up on Gennai two days ago – they hadn't returned. Still, the two of them hadn't called in to report a problem so Tai assumed they were fine. Just in case though, he'd sent T.K. to make sure everything was alright yesterday night. Now that T.K. hadn't called in either, he was concerned, but believed it was best to wait until the meeting with the new Digidestined was over. At least then, they might have a new friend to help them search for their companions and or fight whatever was keeping them.

"I'm so excited," squealed Mimi from her spot on Tai's right. The beautiful brunette was beaming. Tai smiled at her. She was always so happy and it often brightened his mood as well.

"Yeah," he said, "this could be a really great day, y'know?"

Mimi nodded and Kari did the same. She was pretty excited too, but she didn't want to bring attention to herself right now. Her brother was overprotective and she really didn't want him mixing up her reason for being excited with the boy himself and not his status as a Digidestined. She didn't think anyone could make such an assumption, but she learned long ago never to underestimate her brother's protectiveness of her and what it could make him think – or do. Besides, she'd be lying if she said she wasn't interested in seeing him – he was very handsome. Who doesn't like a little eye candy?

"I hope he is interested in computers. Hopefully he knows a thing or two about his digivices programming. I would love to jump into a conversation about it. It is so fascinating," piped in Izzy as he continued to type something or other on his laptop. According to him, he'd been updating and improving it since his main one got fried the other day. He didn't want it to happen again so he was putting his all into making this one even more high end than the last.

Tai chuckled at Izzy's hopes – not that he found them funny in the bad way, but he kind of doubted the kid was a computer genius. He just didn't sound that way over the phone – not that Izzy would notice. His tech obsessed friend had gotten better at reading people and getting to know them, but he was by no means perfect at it.

"This will definitely be interesting," said Tai.

Takuya took a deep breath as he looked at the entrance to the park.

This is it, he thought. The train ride had ended just a little bit ago and he really wished it had been longer. It wasn't exactly short, but it was far shorter than he'd hoped. His nervousness was starting to come back and Zoe was already giving him a calming smile. It seems the wind warrior had predicted something like this.

"Want me to hold your hand, Taku?" giggled Zoe, jokingly. She was hoping to ease his anxiety with a bit of humor. Takuya looked at her, anxiousness apparent in his gaze.

"I honestly don't think it would be too bad right about now," he replied, seriously. Zoe blinked, smothering a laugh soon after. Shaking her head, she simply patted his shoulder.

"Stop being silly, Taku. Come on, let's go," she replied, grabbing his wrist and pulling him along. He followed reluctantly and Koji brought up the rear, smirking at his friends discomfort. Takuya was way off today; if he didn't think it would make the situation with retrieving his friends D-Tector worse, he'd be poking fun at him in the way he knew best.

As the three of them walked deeper into the park, they chatted a bit. It revolved around trivial things: What they'd be having for dinner later tonight, Takuya's next soccer game, Koji's budding relationship with his mother, and Zoe's intentions to take a trip to America for the summer. The three quickly found themselves at the meeting place and they might not have noticed if a feminine voice hadn't called out to their fiery leader.


Takuya blinked, taking in his surroundings again and remembering what they were here for. His anxiety flared in his gut, but when Zoe squeezed his hand he calmed. Takuya was glad to have her around. She could be a pretty great sister when she wanted to be. She almost tried to act like an older one, but there were times when she would do something that prevented him from thinking of her as such – that and the fact they were the same age.

Takuya turned to the voice and saw the girl from the park. He noted she was wearing blue jeans instead of a skirt today and her clothing seemed to be a little different. Aside from that he found her to be the same – yet refreshing, probably because she was someone he didn't know (such as his friends) and really pretty.

"Uh – hey," stammered Takuya, offering a smile as he scanned the surrounding area. Behind her were two boys and a girl. The taller looking boy, with brown hair, he assumed was her brother. As for the other two he didn't know who they were – nor was he that concerned. He just wanted his D-Tector back. Aside from them he just saw a few people around their age chatting here and there.

"I'm Hikari Kamiya," said the girl. Takuya nodded, giving his name again even though he knew she knew it. "Would you like to sit down?" asked Kari politely, motioning towards some tables. Takuya was about to agree when he got the nagging feeling that he was being watched. He glanced around again, noting this time that all the people around them seemed to be keeping an eye on him.

Takuya wasn't completely sure if they were looking, or if his paranoia was getting to him though. He didn't think the looks he was receiving was anything malicious either. Nonetheless, he didn't like the vibe, but since he wasn't sure about it, he couldn't really voice it. He heard a cough from behind him then. It was a cough from Koji; a warning. Looks like Koji was getting the same vibe as him.

"Not really," replied Takuya. If Koji was getting the same vibe, Takuya knew he wasn't paranoid. "I'd really like to get home, you know? My mom's making some western food today and after soccer practice, I'm really hungry," he said, hoping he gave a good enough reason to get his D-Tector and get gone. "So… think I could get my game back?" he added.

"Bu-" started Kari, hoping to persuade him. She was cut off by the harsh interjection of the boy behind him on his right.

"He said no," growled Koji, "just give us his game so we can leave."

"Koji!" exclaimed Zoe, "That was rude!" she scolded, though she had to admit, she was thinking along the same lines. She too, could feel eyes on them and wanted nothing more than to leave. She was starting to think all of Takuya's worrying had some merit. It was almost ironic; the one time Takuya was more paranoid than Koji and he turns out to be right.

Izzy glanced at Tai to see his leader balling his fists. The tech genius sighed; he wasn't surprised. He couldn't recall anyone getting away with speaking to his sister that way – and Izzy didn't think it would start now. Tai growled and took a step forward.

The chosen child of courage was ready to give the black haired boy a piece of his mind, but before he could speak, Mimi latched onto his arm. Tai stopped, almost falling at the sudden resistance. He looked back to see Mimi's smiling face. The smile she was giving him made him uncomfortable; it was very unsettling and for some reason he knew it would be in his best interest to listen to whatever she might say next.

"Calm down, Tai," she whispered, "You can't recruit any new Digidestined to our cause if you fly off the handle, can you?" Mimi paused here, watching the boy deflate. "I understand your feelings. You don't want anything to happen to Kari, but be calm."

Tai took a deep breath and looked to the sky. He noted it was getting darker now, filling his mind with something aside from the rude boy who'd snapped at his sister. Exhaling loudly, Tai looked back to Mimi and thanked her. Izzy watched the with a smile.

Turning away from his companions, Izzy studied Takuya and his friends closely. He was no genius at human interaction and body language, be he could at least see they were tense. Smart as he was, he had to wonder only briefly as to why before his eyes widened, comprehension washing over him. Now that his leader as calm, Izzy got Tai's attention.

"Tai," he said quietly, so as not to draw any attention, "cut to the chase." Tai raised a brow at his friend for a moment then shrugged. Offering Izzy a nod, he started walking forward, Izzy and Mimi following behind him. He hoped Izzy was right about getting this over with.

Koji's eyes narrowed when he saw Kari's friends approaching. He didn't think getting Takuya's D-Tector back was going to be so easy anymore.

"Let's stop beating around the bush," said Tai, immediately grabbing the attention of the three warriors. He felt them tense up even more and when Koji's hands balled, Tai got the message that he needed to take this situation slowly. Holding up his hands to show he meant no harm, Tai continued.

"Whoa there… Just chill; no ill intentions here. We just figured we could cut to the chase." Kari looked at her brother oddly. Takuya's friends were right there after all. If they wanted to talk about Digimon, they needed to get him to talk alone. Tai stood there for a moment, trying to think of the best way to get things out in the open. Izzy was faster than their leader though, and he was far more blunt.

"You three are Digidestined," he said. Mimi, Tai, and Kari snapped to attention. Their eyes fell upon the people with Takuya as they took in Izzy's words. There were three new Digidestined? Not just one? Tai remembered saying this would be interesting earlier – boy was he right.

While the chosen children were processing this information, Takuya and company were confused. They had no idea what this boy was talking about.

"Digi-what now?" asked Takuya. He'd certainly never heard the word before.

"Digidestined," replied Izzy, "Like us. You know about Digimon and you're supposed to defend the worlds." At this, the three warriors understood exactly what was going on. These guys were claiming to be the same as them.

"You – you know about Digimon?" inquired Zoe, slowly. Mimi beamed at her, nodding her head. Koji's response was almost a polar opposite to Zoe's. While he was also happy to find that they weren't the only people to know of Digimon to a degree, his thoughts quickly shifted. He knew there were only ten spirits, all of which should be linked to them unless Lady Ophanimon used the ones that had no human counterparts and gave them to these four. That didn't make sense to Koji though. Why call in a bunch of rookies to receive spirits when she already belonged with them?

"But – why would Lady Ophani-" Koji interrupted Takuya, putting his hand in front of his friend. Takuya looked to him, receiving a shake of the head. Before there could be any further talk or a question as to what Takuya was saying, Koji stepped forward, being ever cautious or "paranoid about everything" as Takuya often said he was.

"How do we know you're trying to protect the worlds?" spat Koji. Though slightly stunned at his accusation, Kari was the first to respond. She retrieved her D-3 from her pocket and showed it to him.

"This is my digivice," she said, "The D-3."

"And this," added Izzy as he retrieved his own digivice, hoping to convince him even more if there was even slight doubt, "is my digivice." Koji's eyes scrutinized the two pieces of tech. He could tell they weren't human made, but as far as he was concerned, that wasn't enough to make him believe they were telling the truth.

"That's not enough for us to believe you're on our side," replied Koji, ever stubborn. Kari frowned and quickly took Takuya's D-Tector from her pocket. When the flaming leader of the warriors saw it, he nearly jumped in excitement.

"Here," said Kari, handing the D-Tector out to Takuya.

"Kari!" shouted Tai. He didn't think it was such a good idea to return it yet if they wouldn't even listen to them. If they gave it back, the three of them had no reason to stay and listen. Kari ignored her brother though and continued.

"Take your digivice, but please, at least listen to us." Takuya stared at the girl before him. She sure was trusting, her show of good faith was something he doubted even he would do. Smiling in response, Takuya took his D-Tector and returned her phone. Turning his head, he told Koji that they should at least listen. His best friend shrugged. He supposed they could at least listen.

Takuya looked to Zoe. She gave him a smile; her agreement. She was much more open to suggestions and the like than Koji, so he didn't think she'd refuse. Besides, Takuya kind of assumed she wouldn't pass up the potential prospect of two new girls who knew about the Digital World. Though she loved her boys, Zoe often complained that they just couldn't understand girl stuff. Even if they turned out to be baddies, she couldn't let this chance pass. Besides, if they tried anything she had no doubt that she, Koji, and Takuya could show them thoroughly why they should never mess with them ever again.

"Looks like you've got yourself a deal, Hikari," smiled Takuya. Kari smiled back.

"That's great!" exclaimed Tai, "You guys are good now," he added, raising his voice. Takuya gave him a look until the people that they'd thought were just a bunch of bystanders started to walk towards them. Takuya was tempted to go back on what he'd said for a moment, thinking this was an ambush, but upon catching Kari's eyes he found himself deciding to ride this out. She looked far to earnest to be trying something.

"These are our friends," said Mimi, speaking to the three warriors for the first time, "and they're Digidestined too. We all wanted to meet you when we found out there was a new Digidestined! And now we have!"

Koji raised a brow at the girl's proclamation. He hoped she wasn't as – animated all the time. If so, he knew he'd find himself very annoyed with her very quickly.

"So, let's talk," said Sora.

"It's getting late though," replied Zoe, looking up. She was able to see a few starts now and the moon was becoming more prominent.

"That's fine," said Tai, "we can walk to my place. It's not far from here. You guys can tell your parents you're staying at a friend's house for a while? This is kind of important after all." The warriors hesitated for only a moment before agreeing. They knew that even if this did go bad, the three of them were still more than capable of handling a bunch of people who looked to have no training – well most of them anyway. One of them, a kid around Tommy's age, looked as if he was receiving some sort of training. Still, they weren't concerned.

The 12 of them walked to Tai's house. They chatted about meaningless things on the way. It can't be said that the chosen children didn't try to learn of the Warriors' past experiences, but the three of them were staying pretty tight lipped. The Digidestined could tell they weren't going to be spilling a thing until they thought the Digidestined were trustworthy.

After arriving at Tai's house and getting comfortable despite the lack of space with so many people, Tai and Kari passed out some drinks and snacks. After a little more idle chit-chat, Tai felt it was time to get started. He quieted everyone down and just when he was going to begin, there was a banging in Tai's room.

The leader could only think it was Davis, Ken, and T.K. returning from the Digital World. He was right, but he'd soon realize that he should have sent some of the others to help them long ago. T.K. stumbled into the living room, looking worse for wear. Davis and Ken were slung over his shoulders, unconscious. Their clothes were just as tattered as his were, if not worse.

Those in the room who knew who they were jumped into a triad of questions and got to their feet to make sure they were alright. Takuya and his friends looked on in concern and curiosity.

"What happened to you guys?!" asked Matt, taking Davis off his little brother's shoulders as Tai did the sane for Ken. T.K. quickly sunk to his knees. He looked up to his brother, his eyes almost glazed. Matt could tell his little brother wasn't doing too great and right before T.K. passed out, falling to the floor he tried to speak, trailing off into unconsciousness.


To Be Continued…