Such a beautiful night.

The moon was full that evening, outlined by a soft pale halo of white. Its magnificent form looked bigger and brighter than usual, standing out in the cloudless sky, dwarfing its little companions. The reflected rays from the sun had nothing in their way, covering every single part of the town with its beautiful entrancing glow.

A young man stood at the cliff of Joshou Mountain. From afar, he looked no more than an ordinary vagabond; dressed in a dark blue kimono with snowflake patterns and brown hakama pants, holding a long shepherd's hook staff in his right hand, and a grey-blue scarf on his neck that was frosted on the edges. He was, by his opinion, a remarkable creature. His most remarkable features of all was his glossy snow white hair reflecting the moonlight that shined above him. A pair cerulean blue eyes glittered with excitement and wonder as he marveled at the flickering lights from the everyday hustles and bustles of the town below him. He shifted his gaze upwards, winking at his master—Tsukuyomi the Moon God—at his prime. The edge of his chapped lips curved to form a smirk, involuntarily tightening his grip on his staff.

Night was their time of day. Their time to come alive.

His time was now.

"Feeling lively tonight, eh Boss?"

Slowly, he took a few steps backwards, the bare soles of his feet crunching against the fresh snow. Taking in a deep breath, he let his spirits rise, beginning to bounce on the balls of his feet. With a running start, he leaped off the cliff, arms spread wide like an eagle, eyes slightly watering from the frigid air as he plummeted down. As an ordinary human, he would have fallen to his death—Great thing he wasn't.

A strong gust of chilling wind rushed up from below him, shooting him upwards towards the sky. He whooped in exhilaration, his bluish grey scarf fluttering wildly as he flew through the night. His altitude gradually dropping as he closed in on the town, he landed on the rooftop of an inn, briefly running across it, quieter than the wind, only to leap once again and continue his flight. Below him, thousands of people wove through the streets, carts rattling through the crowds, lanterns aglow, lighting the way. If he looked closely, he would've have been able to read the many interesting stories of a hundred lives like an open scroll. He could have easily snuck into an inn or two. Scare a couple of folks, have a couple of laughs. But not tonight. He had other plans.

There was only one destination for this young man;

The Toketsu Castle of Otsu.

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Author Notes:

I'm doing a minor revamp on the story. By that it means that I'm correcting some year inaccuracies (such as Jack's age, etc.) and also adding a new Japanese Corner for the readers who wanted to know more about the historical and Japanese references mentioned in the story as I explained them briefly at the end of every chapter (except for the prologue)!

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