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Chapter 1

I open my eyes to see the sun streaming through Greg's window. I groan loudly, turning my head and closing my eyes again...


I sat up abruptly and my eyes immediately darted to the calendar on Greg's wall. It's the last day of school! My eyes scanned the room, but Greg was nowhere to be found. I spotted the tray of waffles and orange juice making my stomach grumbled in delight. There was a single red rose with a note attached to it.

'I just took a shower in the hallway so I didn't disturb you. Although, you were snoring pretty loudly... I'm just kidding. :)

Love you, babe. xx

PS: I made breakfast for you.' It said.

He is the best boyfriend ever! This was a routine of ours now eversince the Feders moved here to New England ten months ago and it has been a total bliss. Living with them has been fun and truly a privelege. All has been good with the occasional fire alarm incidents when Roxanne would cook, but other than that, it rocks!

I finished my breakfast, which was delicious. Greg learned how to cook since his mom couldn't and it has been a hobby of his, but I'm not suppose to tell anyone that cause he said and I quote 'ruin his reputation' or whatever. I got up and showered.

I was drying my hair when loud clambering footsteps sounded outside the door. What the hell was that?

I open the door to see a flash of brown fur. I peeked my head out of the door to see a deer's bum. How did a deer get into the hou- Becky's name flashed in my head in big red bold letters before the sentence was done. Becky was still her nature loving self. All in all, she had saved a dog, two cats and five lizards in the months that they have been here. All of them went to either a pet store or a loving home.

"No way! Can I ride him?" Keithie's voice sounded behind me.

The deer ran straight to the bathroom by the end of the hall ruining the door. Suddenly, I heard Greg's screams. Greg!

I ran towards the bathroom and saw Greg... Naked as a new born baby... I stared open mouthed because honestly, this is the first time I've ever seen Greg naked. Yes, I've seen him without a shirt or with just a towel hanging on his hips, but not entirely naked! I couldn't stop my eyes traveling down south to his... Woah... My eyes widened. Roxanne screamed behind me, snapping me out of my funk, while pointing at Greg's package. Greg saw us, screaming back loudly and covering his you-know-what.

The deer looked at us, startled. Roxanne screamed before running away and I just dunked into the hall.

"A deer!" Becky exclaimed when she opened her door.

Lenny and Keithie came out of the master bedroom with the hampers and threw the clothes at the deer. The deer then bolted downstairs.

"What the hell is a deer doin' in our house?" Greg said, a towel hanging low on his hips. I shrugged and took his hand to follow the Feders downstairs.

"Becky must've left the door open again..." I murmur while we trailed down the stairs.

"Greg, I'm gonna need a bat!" Lenny screamed.

"Daddy, no!" I heard Becky protest.

"-He's eating Bowzer's food." We saw the deer looked up and I clutched onto Greg's arms, squeezing his biceps. Woah, has he been working out?

"Shhh.. He knows we're here now. Stay..." He motioned at us. The deer was still staring into our direction. It was creepy as hell. "What is he staring at? Move your doll towards me." Lenny ordered to Becky, who was holding Mr. Gigglesworth, "Back to you... Towards me... Back to you... Three times fast."

Becky did what she was told and the deer followed the doll like it was some kind of magnet, Roxanne's bra and, is that MY bra on the other side of the antler? Yes, it was. It was my favorite, too. It jostled as the deer followed the doll. There is no way I am going to get that bra back. It was from Victoria's Secret and was a gift from my mom.

"Give me that doll." Lenny snapped his fingers at Becky.

"Mr. Gigglesworth?" Becky cried. Oh no, I know she can't sleep without that monkey... What is Lenny planning to do?

"No, no.. It's okay. Just give it to me." Lenny persuaded. "Roxanne, take the kids over there."

We moved back and watched as Lenny interact with the deer. Lenny was coaching the deer to come out slowly, but he moved way too fast and the deer was more than eager for Mr. Gigglesworth. They both ran towards the main entrance and the mailman was there, who screamed bloody murder when he saw the deer, jumping towards the side while throwing the mail into the air. We all followed them and the next thing I see is that Mr. Giggles worth is on the lawn.

"Problem solved."

"Mr. Gigglesworth! Daddy, he's killing him!" Becky cried as the deer tore the stuffed monkey apart.

"New problem begins."

"Is that your bras, Mrs. Feder?"

"The other one is Mia's" Roxanne sighed heavily.

The mailman raised his hand towards Lenny for a high five.

"Easy." Lenny warned as Roxanne covered up her breasts.

"Ew." Keithie said, looking disgustedly at him. Greg wrapped a protective arm around me and sent glares at him.

"It is nice." Lenny chuckled and high fived the mailman after exchaging glances with Roxanne.

Chaos was over and we went back to our morning routines, but I was running a bit late because I didn't get to curl my hair yet. Since, it was the last day of summer, I figured I could dress up a bit. I wore a polka dotted mint green dress that stops at mid-thigh. I paired it with my white wedges, since I didn't have Physical Education today, and Greg's grey bag that he gave me on our second anniversary. It was simple and very much like Greg's style. I don't like make up, but I did put on a bit of mascara and lipgloss.

I was closing the main door when I heard Lenny and Roxanne's conversations.

"How woud you feel about expanding?" Roxanne asked. What does she mean about expanding? Expanding the house? It's already big enough...

"Having another kid? Oh, but it's perfect right now and we have Mia in our house too. You know. If I buy one large pizza Greg and Mia share their two pieces, Keith gets two, Becky gets one, you get one, I get four. You know.. It's kinda perfect... I don't want to buy another pie.." Lenny reasoned. A Kid? Oh, that would be so cute! Another little cute Feder running around the house.

"Why don't you go on a diet, Fat Gordo Este." Roxanne snapped.

I tuned them out as I searched for my phone which I dropped in my bag.

Nancy Arbuckle, my best friend, messaged me.

Hey, chika! It's our final day as a junior, can you believe it? OMG we survied another year. BTW, need an update about u and Greggie boy! I need deets. Lots of it. xoxo -Nancy

I rolled my eyes at her. She has been my best friend ever since high school began when she and her family moved here. We have been attached to the hip. She's supportive in every decision I make and I to her. She's very Team Greg on me.

Hola, chika! :* Good morning to u too. And yes, I'd say we did a pretty good job in surpassing the horrors of being a junior. FABULOUSLY if I may add. Why are u so riled up over MY relationship? Get your own, hun. See you at school. ;) -Mia

I was already at the driveway when I sent that message and Greg was with Keithie while Becky rode her bike.

Roxanne's car passed us as she screamed through the window, "Have the best last day of school, my gorgeous children. I love you all!"

"Bye, mom!" Her kids said in chorus.

"Bye, Roxanne." I waved.

"Last day of school, Greg. Last chance to capture a certain girl's heart or did you prefer your long showers instead?"

My face flushed.

"A girl, huh? Is that why you're taking them long showers now?" Lenny smirked in my directiom while still bouncing a ball on Becky's helmet.

Greg glanced nervously at me. "No! I'm conditioning my hair. That's all I do in the shower. Condition my hair."

"That's not what the deer told me."

"That deer is a liar!"

"I heard too much conditioning can make you go blind." Becky piped in.

"What? Where'd you hear that?"


Lenny laughed. "I should kill him."

"Well, let's face it, dad. Mia is the hottest girl in school and Greg landed her when he was only thirteen. Plus, Greg is fugly." Keithie said.

Wait, I'm the hottest girl in school? Pfft. I doubt it. He's probably just saying that because I'm just standing here.

"Hello? I'm right here, ya know." I cocked an eyebrow at them.

"So, what if Greg is fugly? All the guys in our family are fugly. That don't stop us from getting the hot chicks. I mean, look at me and look at your mother, and now look at Greg and Mia, that makes no sense. Only in a hollywood movie or something." Lenny said, completely ignoring me.

Greg pouted. "But every guy in school likes her, dad." Wrapping his arms around me.

I turned in his arms and cupped his face in my hands. "And you are the one I chose. From the beginning when we were thirteen and until now when we're sixteen. There is no competition, Greg." I assured. I don't get why he's so insecure about what I feel about him. He gets jealous easily, which is cute as hell, but it worries me that he'll be so insecure that he'll think he's not good enough and he'll leave me for my own benefit.

Greg's face lits up when those words came out of my mouth.

"Exactly! Feders aren't afraid of women, buddy. That's not how I'm raising you."

"Oh, by the way, dad, did you ask mom if I could play foorball?"

"No, I was scared! I'm afraid she's gonna yell at me with that accent that no one understands." Lenny said while I roll my eyes at them.

"C'mon, Becky. It's eight o'clock, school starts at 8:15. That means we only have 25 minutes." Bean said while rolling up in his bike. What?

Greg, Keithie and I shared a dubious look and then shook our heads.

"Daddy, you promise Mr. Gigglesworth will be better by bed time?" Becky murmurs in a small voice.

"Will you stop worrying. He'll be fine. Don't worry. I love you. Have the best last day, okay?"

"Okay. Bye, Daddy. Love you." And then Becky and Bean were off.

"You read the street signs, don't let Bean!" Lenny yelled after them.

"My God.. Riding their bikes to school, couldn't do that in LA with all the nuts out there."

"Yeah. Cause thank God there's no crazy people out here." Keithie said, sarcastically, as our school bus came screeching towards us. Well, speaking of crazy people.

The door opened to reveal Nick, our school bus driver.

"How you doin', Nick?" Lenny greets.

"My wife's leaving me. After three weeks." Nick blurts out. Keithie and Greg began to snicker beside me. I jab an elbow at Greg while chuckling as well.

"Three weeks? Not bad for you... What happened?"

"She found me eating a banana. With my butt." Nick said nonchalantly.

"Ah. And she didn't like that?" Why did Lenny have to ask?

"Yeah. She got really bummed out, but you know, I shouldn't have done it at her mom's house." Greg was still shaking with silent laughter next to me.

"You seem to be a little extra out of it today. What's going on?"

"Yeah, I'm a little medicated. I met a very reliable doctor at a Cyrus Hill concert and, uh, he floated me a couple of pills just to feel better, ya know," His voice changed tone, went to deep and creepy, "But you don't feel better, you feel worse!" And then he smiled. What just happened? Talk about major whip flash...

Suddenly, Nick fell down, face first to the school bus floor, snoring loudly. All of us shared a shocked look, but then bursts out laughing. When our laughter died down, the boys took Nick towards the back seats and placed him there. Lenny took over the wheel and we began to go to every school bus sign.

Greg and I sat at the middle part. "I'm sorry about earlier... With my dad and Keithie..." He mumbled.

My face flushed a bright tomato red. "Oh, uh, don't worry about it... I-I believe y-you.."

"No, it's just. They're right! I-I have been thinking about you, a lot lately. And I feel bad because it's like I'm violating you or something." He shook his head. "Just forget about it."

"Hey..." I tilted his head up to look straight into his eyes. "I'm actually turned on that you think about me." My voice was only a whisper, but lower.. Sultry... Sexy...

His breathing became heavier. "You do?" I nodded and bit my lip.

"Babe, don't bite your lip like that." He groaned.

"Sorry." I smiled. He leaned in to me and my lips melted against his. Ah, sweet and minty.

"Yo, love birds! Break it up. You aren't alone you know." Andre came pouncing in front of us.

"Leave them alone, Andre. You're just jealous you don't have a hot ass girlfriend to keep you occupied." Charlie rolled her eyes.

"Speaking of girlfriends. Mia, will you please set me up with one of your cheerleader friends? Puh-lease?" He tried in a small voice, pouting and batting his eyes at me.

"That does not work on me anymore." I laughed.

"C'mon! Just pick one and set up a date for me." Andre said, giving up the baby voice.

"Yeah, babe. So he won't always interrupt us anymore." Greg piped in.

"I don't know... I do have a girl in mind, but I don't want her to get hurt..."

"Me? Hurt her? No way!" He said. "Who is this mystery girl anyway?"

"Okay, I'll set up a date. BUT, I won't tell you who she is. I still have confirm my suspicion and until then, you won't know her yet."

"But-but... Is she hot?" He blurts out.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes. "Seriously?"

"Sorry. Teenage hormones!"

"Well, you better not let your teenage hormones fuck this up 'cause she is most definitely hot." I smirked.

With that being said, Greg and Andre went to video game talking as I went back to reply to Nancy.

Can I ask u somethin? -Mia

Sure. Ask away. BTW where r u? -Nancy

Bus. *rolls eyes* U r so lucky ur mom drives you. Oh, do u still have that small crush on Andre? -Mia

Why do you ask? -Nancy

Just answer my question first. -Mia

Uhm... Yes? No? Maybe... I dont know. He's cute and hot, but I dont think he likes me like that... -Nancy

Well, he's asking me to set up a date for him. WIth a friend. And I know u had a crush on him, I was just wondering if it was still there... -Mia

A DATE? Does he know its with me? -Nancy

Well... not yet.. But do u want to? -Mia

YES! -Nancy

Okay, so tomorrow at 7pm? He'll pick you up. -Mia

THANK YOU. *jumps in joy* -Nancy

"Good news, lover boy. She said yes." I said to Andre, halting their conversation.

He sat up. "Who said yes?" He stared at me, wide-eyed.

"Nancy Arbuckle."

"THE Nancy Arbuckle? As in, the tall, hot, blonde girl that seats two rows away from me and smells like cherries? THAT Nancy Arbuckle?"

"Yeah." I giggled, how did he know how Nancy smells?

"Thank you, Mia! You are a gift from heaven! I could just kiss you right now!"

"Hey, that's my girlfriend, man!" Greg pouts.

"Sorry. Got caught up in the moment, but seriously, thank you."

"You're welcome. But a friendly reminder first, you hurt her, I will crush you balls with my feet, okay?" I said in a sickly sweet voice.

"Yes, ma'am!" He salutes.

I giggled and Greg beamed at me.

"You're the best girlfriend, slash, best friend, a guy could ever dream of, do you know that?"

"I'm aware." I smile. He chuckled and kissed my temple before talking to Andre again.

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BTW, this story will be very mature. Like smutty and all that. As you can see from Greg and Mia's conversation, which was awkward and slightly sweet. :) In other words, LEMONS ahead... *blushes*