Chapter 6

With Greg's hands guiding my waist to the beat, my hands tangled in his curls and the steamy eye contact we both share, I can tell there was a lot of sexual tension going on here. Staring through those brown eyes, we were (yet again) trapped in our little bubble. It sounds so cliched, but it felt like we were the only two people on this lawn, dancing to this one song and just be us.

But, of course, our bubble didn't last long. A commotion was happening near the center of the crowd.

"-are fighting, right now! Let's go! Let's get it over with!" Lenny's voice drifted through the crowd as it began to make a wide open space almost like an arena of some sorts.

"Uh oh." Greg mutters.

"Lenny, what's going on? I'm calling the police!" Roxanne's panicked voice from the other side screamed.

"We're already here!" Officer Dante waddled in.

"Hold my hair, woman!" Mr. Cavanaugh ordered while flinging his wig to his wife.

"You ready for this?" Mr. Cavanaugh asked, holding up in his fight stance.

"I don't know if I'm ready for this, but I'm gonna do this because I have to show my son what's right." Lenny and Keithie shared a brief glance at each other.

Oh no...

Mr. Cavanaugh and Lenny began circling each other, like the ones in boxing, they were sharing a few words with each other that I couldn't hear over the crowd.

"My dad is gonna die, isn't he?" Greg mumbled. I jabbed my elbow to his side and he cringed.

"Sucker punch him, Feder!" Officer Dante encouraged. What the hell, isn't he a cop?

"Lick his biceps, lick it, bite it, lick the tan off!" My uncle hopped at the other side of the crowd.

"Seriously, babe, but I think your uncle is gay."

"You wouldn't be saying that if you stayed with him for a whole summer with very thin walls." Greg looked disgusted as I laughed.

"Let's get busy, Hollywood!" Mr. Cavanaugh taunted as the crowd got excited.

Lenny raised his fist, but what I couldn't believe is that Mr. Cavanaugh cringed and stumbled back.

"No, please don't hit me! I'm sorry please! You would tear me limb from limb. Open this. The only reason I picked on you because I was afraid of you. Please, please.."

Wait. what just happened?

The crowd seemed to be thinking the same thing as they all whispered around us.

"Cavanaugh is crying!" Officer Dante laughed and the others laughed with him.

Lenny raised his fist and finger and Mr. Cavanaugh flinches everytime.

"Okay, get up. Straighten up. I'm not gonna hit you." Lenny says. "But if you EVER disrespect me or anybody, I will hunt you down and I will slap you into a pile of tattoos, bad breath and back zits. Do you understand me?"

Mr. Cavanaugh replied, but Lenny wasn't satisfied.

"Do you understand me?" Lenny yelled into his face.

"Yes, I understand you!" Mr. Cavanaugh yelled back.

"Then walk away before I change my mind." Lenny turned back to the crowd as they all cheer. I on the other hand was not fooled by their little act, but I still congratulated Lenny anyway.

And the party was back on...

Whooping noises started to get louder. It was those college people again, along with the ones who tried to flirt with me from their car.

I spoke too soon.

"I can't believe it, we hit the moron jackpot! Everybody who needs a beating conveniently together on one lawn!" Guy number 1 says. You know what, let's just call him A-hole numero uno.

Who the hell is this guy anyway?

"S'cuse me, why are you here? What's the matter?" Roxanne demands.

"I tell you what is the matter." A-hole number 2 mimicks her accent. "These old townies trashed our frat house! And nobody treats our headquarters with disrespect!" Their crowd yells in agreement.

"They didn't do it, me do it." Braden steps up.

"Don't try and cover for them Z-dog!" A-hole number 3 yells.


"We know they're trying to get back at us for making them do the naked plunge in our swimming hole."

"Your swimming hole? I've been swimming in the quarry since I was eight years old!" Deanne yells.

"Apparently everybody in this crap town has been swimming there since they were eight years old. I guess nobody wants to leave this dump because they're too busy sucking!" A-hole 1 and 2 began to do this hand shake but then they stopped. "We'll finish this later."

"You promise?" A-hole 2 asks, touching the other guy's face. Ew. What is this bromance or gay shit?

"I promise." He cups the other guy's cheek as well.

Definitely gay.

"Hey, smart guy, Lenny Feder left this town, moved to Hollywood, made big bucks, probably made more money than you brainiacs put all together ever will. But guess what, he came back here, because this beautiful town is his home and it will always be his home." Dickie Bailey said.

Who knew that he would be the one to speak up like that about Lenny?

"Well, that was just a moving testament to this community, bro. But we didn't come here to hear any lame speeches. We came here to kick some old, smelly ass!" They all cheered as A-hole#2 turns around, bends over as A-hole#1 slaps his butt.

"Fellas, we may be old." Lenny starts.

"We may be smelly." My uncle continues.

"We may have a penis!" Deanne butts in then her, Sally and Roxannes points to Beefcake over there.

Greg and I laughed silently at that.

"But the only ones getting their ass kicked around here is gonna be you spoiled, privilege, uppity preppy d-bags!" Eric taunts.

"You hear that? So let's get busy!" Kurt screams as the crowd charged forward.

Greg and I shared a quick look at each other before joining the hitting mass of bodies.

Two college girls stopped in front of me and they smirked.

Challenge accepted, I thought.

I took martial arts last summer and I do know how to use it. They're using their nails while I use my fist.

I smirk back and lunged to the one on my right, trips her and elbows her back. She screams and falls.

The other one slaps my face, it stings, but I handed her back an upper cut to the face and a punch on the nose. And a nose job is the only thing that will heal that. They both cry and scream at my face and struts off while holding their injuries.

Oh please, I didn't hit that hard!

Everybody else was fighting around me and I went to help out Nancy.

"God, this is more fun than just dancing!" Nancy exclaims as she kicks the guy in the balls.

I turned around to see Greg kick someone in the balls.

YEAH! That's my man!

A drunk girl approaches him, "You're a traitor, Boomer!" kick him in the balls and he doubles over in pain.

Oh hell no! That is my man!

"His name is Greg, bitch!" I kick her down there and I hope it makes damage or something.

I bent down to see if he was okay. He smiled at me and I can't help but kiss him right now. I am so tempted to say those three words that I have kept a secret for so long. But we still have lots of things to talk about so I will just keep it in for a few more hours, or days, or even weeks. Okay, I know I am just chickening myself out.

I helped him towards a chair, but a girl charge at us. She jumped as I crouched down and punch her in the gut mid-air.

"Are you okay, babe?" I ask.

"I'm fine, but can you kiss me to make it better?" He smiles cheekily. I rolled my eyes but I complied anyway. My knuckles and feet were aching but the pain was covered by the sensation of Greg's lips on mine. I smile into the kiss as we deepen it.

"Seriously? Even during a fight? Get a freaking room, guys!" Andre exclaims.

We raised our heads just in time to see A-hole#1 give a flying kick to Lenny's head.

Is this guy even real?

Becky appeared out of nowhere and gave the guy Mr. Gigglesworth. What is this girl planning? Becky rans back to the stairs with a smirk on her face.

A-hole#1 started to play with the doll, the deer came running through the lawn and tackled the guy, gnawing at his junk where Mr. Gigglesworth was indecently placed.

"Goodnight." Becky waves as she turns back.

The guy is still screaming as the rest retreats back to their cars.

"Have I ever told you that I love you genius little sister?" I told Greg as we stared in awe at the deer.

"Genius.." Andre mumbled as we nodded in agreement.

All of a sudden, Penny pushes Roxanne to the ground kneeling beside Lenny. Roxanne got up and dusted herself off and kicked Penny in the face with her studded shoes.

Everybody was nursing an injury or two as they headed to the door. They were all saying that it was the best party that they have ever been to.

The gang was left on the Feder's lawn. I got the first aid kit from the house and we all got to work on everybody's injuries. Bean was sleeping in Becky's room already.

I dabbed a cotton ball on Greg's eyebrow as he winces.

We picked up a few cups here and there but we were all dead tired so we just retreated back to the house. Eric invited the dads to his mom's house for a snack and the rest just went to their bedrooms. Since this house is big as hell, everyone just went to their respected rooms. Charlie and Donna are staying in my room since I don't really use it.

I took a quick shower to get rid off of sweat and hairspray in my hair and body. After I was done, I just got Greg's shirt that he placed on the bathroom counter. He knows how I love to use his shirts to bed. The shirt stopped mid-thigh and I blow dried my hair so I don't catch a cold and put it in a messy bun.

I got out and Greg was already waiting in bed for me. He pats the space next to him. I shook my head and crawled on the bed towards him and sat on his stretched legs.

We hugged each other in silence.

"I'm sorry." I mumble.

"I'm sorry too. I was a jerk for not thinking about you."

"Yeah, I was a jerk too. I'm sorry I even thought of going with some other guy... But to be honest, it was the worst date of my life!" I faced him.

"Yeah, maybe the universe didn't want you to be with other guys." He cups my lower back.

"Maybe..." I smile. He pressed his lips against mine. I really thought this will lead into a big fight, but no, here we are, kissing like there is no tomorrow.

He broke the kiss, "Let's promise each other something, we will never do anything like that ever again because seeing you with some other guy on a freaking date literally broke my heart into pieces..."

"Pinky swear?" I raised my small finger.

"Pinky swear." We intertwined it and he pulled me into a kiss.

God, I love this guy...

"What?" He asked. He pulled back.


"You said something..."

"Oh, shit. Did I said that out loud?"

He nods, wide eyed.

A few seconds passed when I finally said it. "I do... I love you, Greg."

His lips crashed into mine, teeth clattering and lips smacking kiss. It was deep and passionate, his tongue touched my bottom lip, asking for entrance and I granted it, tongues battling for dominance but I let him win and he explored my mouth. I moaned as he flips us and I am on my back. His mouth left mine but trailed it down my neck.

"Do I take this as an 'I love you too'?" I laughed, still out of breath.

He laughs and faces me. Nose touching, he said, "I love you so much, Mia Evans."

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