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Title: Dream Stranger
Fandom: Naruto, AU
Pairing: KibaHinata
Rating: M for mature scenes, complete with graphic and explicit descriptions of certain scenarios. Please heed rating.

Dream Stranger


The first time he saw her, she was clad in one of those white dresses that somehow straddled the thin divide between virginal innocence, classiness and wicked allure. It was a halter dress with a low cut, V-shaped neckline that molded nicely to the gentle curves of her swollen breasts and tapered in narrowly at the waist, the relatively tight material skimming curvy hips before extending past her knees and stopping mid-calf. Dangly, gold leaf earrings brushed her cheeks softly, tangled up in the ebony curls of her hair. Kiba had never really taken note of a woman's shoulders, but the sight of long, inky curls brushing against the dark haired woman's pale, bared skin did something strange to his insides.

Modest as the dress's hemline was, Kiba Inuzuka decided that the top half of the dress was not innocent enough to convince him the white-eyed beauty was just having a drink at the bar. The tight material stretched over her breasts and revealed a cleavage that would have tempted the devil himself. It made her look sexy and classy all at the same time, like some precious virgin out to soil herself.

His hot, lazy gaze wandered further northwards and he drank in the sight of her face - a little too round and lacking in sharp features, but gawd, her snow-white eyes were gorgeous. He stared, transfixed at soft, ruby lips that had turned up in a generous smile at a man who'd apologized after knocking into her arm. It was a wonder she hadn't fell, especially since she was wearing a pair of high, gold strappy heels that made him think of how good her legs would look, wrapped about his hips as he took her on any horizontal surface. She didn't have a slender body but boy, did she have curves, and Kiba was definitely a curves man - the sort of generous curves a man could fill with his palms and mold against his body without having to worry about breaking her.

"Damn," A guy walking past Kiba muttered to his friend as he glanced at the newcomer. "Look at that."

Kiba didn't need to look twice to understand what 'that' meant. Even under the dim lighting of the end of the bar where he was seated at, he had managed to catch a glimpse of those generous, creamy swells of her breasts as she walked, beckoning to him shyly from afar. Those Victoria's Secret models had nothing on them, he thought, half-grinning darkly.

And just like that, good ol' John Henry sat up at once, as though asking 'where?! where?!'. He shifted slightly.

Fortunately, Kiba had plonked himself down on a barstool facing the entrance of The Wolf & the Moon, a classy bar that creatively meshed sleek minimalism with ancient Greek characters as part of its decor. As such, it was turning out to be very convenient for him to watch the dark-haired woman as she wandered to the other end of bar, perched her delectable rear on the edge of a barstool and crossed her legs before ordering a drink. Kiba watched with interest as she took a sip and tried to hide her displeasure.

"Hello," A coy, feminine voice spoke, his line of sight suddenly blocked by a pair of pretty, heavily made up olive green eyes.

A pretty brunette clad in a short, slutty gold dress with a plunging neckline slid onto the stool next to him, her eyes doing a quick once over down his entire length. She was wearing a thin necklace with a silver arrow dangling southwards, pointing straight into her cleavage.


"Hey." Kiba replied, shooting her a smile, albeit a little annoyed by how she had obstructed his perfect view of Ms Moon-Eyes.

"Are you with friends?"

"Nope." He said, leaning tanned forearms against the bartop and taking a gulp of his lager.

"Ah," She said, crossing her legs and leaning toward him, looking pleased. "You must be in need of some company. I'm Koumi." She extended one perfectly manicured hand dangling off the bartop.

"Kiba." He replied, shaking it and inclining his head respectfully.

"Are you with the police force?" She asked, tilting her head to one side, a small, knowing smile playing on her lips.

"How d'you know?" Kiba asked. From his peripheral vision, he could see a blond dude chatting Ms Moon-Eyes up.

"Oh, I'd figured it out," Boldly, she placed one fair hand on his bicep. "You have this very take charge attitude and its the way you observed the bar here... not to mention, you have a really, really good body." Koumi squeezed his hard bicep suggestively, her gold fingernails digging gently into the dark material of his black dress shirt, which were rolled up at the elbows. She bit her lip suggestively and smiled at him. "To be honest, you look better than an A&F model."

"Thanks," He said politely. The comment was flattering and Koumi was pretty, but Kiba had no interest in her. Not when there she was just a few steps away.

Over Koumi's head, he saw the white-eyed lady glance at him, as though she had detected his gaze from across the bar. Their eyes locked once briefly, dark brown and milky white, before she glanced away. He persisted in glancing at her and was rewarded when her orbs came back to him again when she thought he wasn't looking.

She blushed and looked away skittishly, as though afraid of looking at him.

"... you dance?"

Switching his attention back to Koumi, he laughed quietly. "That guy behind has been eyeing you since you sat at the bar. Maybe he's keen."

She looked a little startled by his answer. Parting her red lips, she tried to say something, but a familiar voice beat her to it.

"Damn it, Inuzuka! What the hell are you doing here alone?"

Shit. He knew that voice anywhere. It had haunted him while they went on patrols and missions.

Inwardly groaning, Kiba turned and met the familiar visage of Shiranui Genma, a tall, fit, officer with chin-length chestnut brown hair and a bandanna. Genma was previously Kiba's colleague when they'd done their stint at Special Operations Command. The douchebag was talkative as hell, but Kiba trusted Genma with protecting his ass and vice versa.

Koumi, who had looked indignant, and then perturbed, now glanced at Genma with renewed interest.

"For Christ's sake, Shiranui." Kiba growled. He felt like strangling and chopping the smart-aleck up into pieces. Of all people!

"I am so gonna tell Hinata this." Genma said, crossing his arms and rocking on his heels back and forth with a swagger, his sparkling dark eyes glancing briefly at Koumi before looking to Kiba again.

"You are gonna be in so much hot shit buddy. You're gonna have to grovel at your wife's feet, begging her for mercy when I tell her I caught you with a woman at a bar alone. Holy shit, this is gonna be the scandal of the year when I tell the boys back at the station."Genma turned to Koumi and jabbed a thumb at Kiba, quipping casually, "He's married y'know?"

Koumi gasped, shot Kiba a withering look, slid off the stool and disappeared into the crowd, her hips swaying.

Genma took the seat that Koumi had just vacated, leaning back for a better view of her hips. "Damn, those are some hot hips-"

"Will you quit making a fool out of me?" Kiba growled and yanked his buddy's shirt hard, jerking his attention back to him. "And what the hell are you doing here? Huh?"

"Well I'm trying to have a life by chillin' out, getting some drinks and breaking my dry spell of... 27 hours and counting." Genma said, raising a hand to signal the bartender for a drink. "And good thing too, since I'm also making sure you don't cheat. You cheating bastar-" He glanced to the left and his jaw literally fell unhinged.

"Holy shit! What's Hinata doing over there? Why the hell is she talking to some other dude while you're sitting here?"

Before Kiba could say a word, Genma's eyes grew large and round. "Fuck it Inuzuka, I knew you were into kinky stuff, but not this kind of-"

"Will you shut the hell up?" Kiba demanded, grabbing Genma's neck and twisting it till the officer was staring straight into his face instead of ogling Hinata. "We're trying something out okay?"

"What the fuck!"

"We're pretending to be strangers, goddamn it."

Genma stared at him, his mouth sliding open

"Holy. Shit. So what's this, role playing scenario number 55-"

"Do me a favour," Kiba said through gritted teeth, shoving a 10 dollar bill into Genma's jacket, "And get the hell out of this bar okay?"

"But-" Genma protested, looking rather appalled at having to miss out on all the action between the couple.

"Do you want me to tell the K-9 boys about your fear of needles?"

He sucked in a breath. "You bastard, Inuzuka-"

Kiba gave him a predatory smile and patted Genma's jacket-covered chest to remind him of the note, knowing that the 10 dollar bill was tucked neatly in the inner lining.

"Fine, fine, fine." He grumbled, sending Kiba an annoyed look. "You win this time round. I'll scram. And thanks for the free drinks." He said grudgingly. The man sauntered away in the opposite direction of the bar, his tall frame weaving through the crush of partygoers. He sent Kiba a wink and a salute before disappearing in the throng.

"Jesus," Kiba muttered.

Glancing back to the spot where Hinata was previously seated, Kiba realised it was now empty.

"See where the lady in white went?" He asked the bartender casually when he came over with a wet cloth. "The one with white eyes."

"To the Ladies, I believe." The bartender said, nodding at the door to the restroom tucked away in a dim corridor to adjacent to the bar.


Jealousy was indeed insecurity's shadow, Hyuuga-Inuzuka Hinata thought ruefully as she turned on the tap in the restroom, thrusting her hands beneath the gushing tap.

When she'd seen the gorgeous brunette flirting with her husband out at the other end of the bar earlier, she had wanted to walk over and remind the Inuzuka that he was married (read: hers). Yet, she had not done so out of self-restraint since their 'operation' was already underway, and one of their rules had been that light flirting was allowed as long as it had been done as part of the plan. It didn't help that the woman who had accosted Kiba was young, nubile and willing, with an ample bosom, flat tummy and longer legs to boot.

In other words, she was more beautiful than Hinata was.

Which brought the whole role-playing idea into perspective. Without any biasness on her part, Hinata had seen many women checking out the darkhaired, rangy Inuzuka at the bar. Flirtatious smiles, greedy hunger in their eyes and roaming fingers, it seemed that few women could resist a tall, dark and handsome man who unconsciously oozed sex appeal and wore it comfortably like a second skin even while nursing a lager.

She on the other hand, wasn't faring as well - few men had approached her except a select few, but none had captured her eye as Kiba would always do.

Perhaps it was the way she looked. Rinsing her hands, Hinata dried them with a paper towel before turning round to check her appearance again. She always looked a little plump from this angle, Hinata couldn't help but think as she turned to her right and gazed critically at her thighs. They weren't toned, like that of the thighs of the model who had worn this dress when she'd seen it in a magazine. Plus, she could see the little pinches of fat peeking out from beneath her arms -

The lock to one of the stalls slid unlock, accompanied by the flushing of the loo.

Hinata promptly stopped staring at her body, pretending to check her make-up to see if it was doing alright (it was).

"Did you see that hottie back there?" A husky, female voice called out from one stall.

"Which one?"

There were several giggles.

"You know which one! The guy with those red tribal tattoos. On his cheeks no less. What a novel tat." There was a dreamy sigh and a green-eyed blond in a neon minidress stepped out from the stall.

Hinata pretended to wash her hands again, just to hear their conversation, deliberately adopting a perfectly neutral expression that told anyone who wasn't blind she wasn't into bathroom gossip.

"Ohh... that one with those beautiful eyes." The blond's companion, who was still in the stall, laughed. "Now he was perfectly hunky. All rough, male and gorgeous body. Mm. I thought they didn't make them like that anymore." She made a slurping noise, as though she was slurping a bowl of hot noodles.

Hinata blinked her eyes and looked down, doing her best to conceal her smile and the slight jealousy that rose. Tearing another piece of paper towel from the holder, she quickly wiped her hands and exited the Ladies, unable to hold the rising gurgle of laughter in her.

Well, it seemed her husband was hot property.

She walked back to the bar, seeking the familiar face with those inverted triangular crimson tattoos, wondering if the brunette flirting with Kiba had already left. Her heart skipped a beat when she found the heated gaze of her supposed tall, dark stranger, thickly lashed eyes the colour of dark malt watching her with an almost predatory like nature.

She remembered the first time she met him, and how she had reckoned quietly to herself that it was all a very seductive combination - those gorgeous eyes women would have died for, that sensual mouth, that hard, angular jaw (cleanly shaven tonight) and sun-tanned skin.

Hinata watched discreetly as Kiba tossed back the remains of his lager, eyes never leaving hers as she resumed her perch on the barstool. Strands of chocolate dark hair fell into his eyes as he set the empty glass down, one broad hand gripping the glass tightly. Because he spent so much time in the sun as a K-9 handler and trainer, strands of his dark hair had taken on a lighter hue, giving the entire thatch of his hair a gorgeous mixed combination of brown, darkbrown and gold.

A warm heat followed the path of his eyes as it raked up and down her body. Delight rose in Hinata as quickly as bubbles in champagne when she recognised the subtle signs of his arousal that she, but nobody knew - the way his jaw hardened, Adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed the remains of his lager, and the way he shifted his big body uncomfortably in the crammed seat.

Hinata felt her gaze roaming greedily, eagerly drinking him in - the bold, black mens' watch she'd bought as his 30th birthday gift snapped smartly on his left wrist, that sexy tanned triangle of taut skin beneath his black shirt, and his hard forearms left bare by the rolled-up sleeves of his dark shirt.

Her mouth watered.

Kiba leaned forward and contemplated her blatant ogling, making the material strain against his broad shoulders and huge biceps. Heat shimmered beneath the surface of her skin, her blood rushing to her cheeks. She felt hot and achy, her dress chafing over her oversensitive skin sensually. She shuddered quietly, unused to this entirely new level of attraction to her husband. Under normal circumstances, she would have never fantasised about him from the perspective of a stranger headed for a one night stand. The novelty of the entire situation was however, mouthwateringly sexy and made Hinata's belly coil unbearably with lust. The fact that she had seen what lay beneath that shirt and a well-worn jeans made it all the more agonising.

Oh, darn it - his mouth had kicked up in a slow, sensuous smile.

Unable to resist it, Hinata smiled back at him, her heart picking speed as he stood up, all six-foot-six of him, the screech of the bar stool lost in the pounding music. And the way he walked might as well have been the sex act itself, all loose-limbed grace with power tightly leashed in that masculine build of his.

"Hey." He said casually, deep voice sinking into her very bones as he eased into the seat next to hers while keeping a polite distance from her, befitting strangers who'd just met.

"Hello," Hinata said, and was surprised to hear how breathy she sounded, partly because of the way his gaze never left hers, even as the bar swarmed with scantily clad women.

"The martini's not to your liking?" Kiba asked, tilting his head to the drink, eyes creasing in a smile that held apparent sexual interest.

She laughed, feeling unusually confident. "You've been watching me."

"I'm sure I'm not the only one." He braced his forearms against the bartop, allowing his gaze to drop to her cleavage and lingering there for at least three seconds. "I was being watched too." He raised an eyebrow at her, smirking when she blushed. "Not that I mind."

Hinata laughed again.

"Kiba Inuzuka."

"I'm Hinata Hyuuga." She said, smiling and taking his proffered hand, unprepared for the sharp pang of lust that jolted through her body at the mere contact of her hand against his rough, callused palm. She hadn't forgotten how rough and comforting it could be, but the situation of it all just made everything sexier. She tried to hide the hitch in her breath, but from the way his dark brows lowered, it seemed he'd notice. She had come to learn that Kiba noticed everything about her and it was comforting to know he hadn't change even after their marriage. "A pleasure."

A quick scan at his fingers told her his wedding ring was missing (as planned).

But she knew where it was.

He leaned over, mouth almost grazing her ear and close enough for her to smell the intoxicating combination of clean soap, aftershave and the natural outdoorsy scent he always carried with him.

"Trust me, the pleasure's all mine," He said roughly, those eyes looking like hot, sinful chocolate orbs.

Hinata blushed and crossed her legs, fighting the urge to rub her thighs against one another.

"You don't look like you belong here," He murmured. Although he was all cool patience on the surface, he was burning with lust at the possible positions he could take her later. "You're not a regular, are you?"

"How so?" Hinata asked, tilting her head, the momentum bringing one stray curl falling over her shoulder.

"You look too classy for this place. Unused to all the slutty dancing, the dry martinis and the raucousness of it all."

"Maybe I am." She smiled apologetically. "You look like you spend a good amount of time here. I've seen at least three girls chatting you up."

A dark, unholy glint entered his eyes. "Ah. So someone has been watching."

A fetching blush spread over her cheeks, confirming his theory.

"What do you work as, Kiba?" She twisted her napkin.

"I'm a cop," He said.

"You must do alot of uh, frisking then."

"Unless the suspect gives me reason to think that he/she needs to be frisked." His eyes swam with mock seriousness. "I assure you, I do my duty with pride, ma'am, no matter how tough the going gets."

She laughed, the sexual chemistry simmering between them. "I-I'm sure you do."

"I'm actually a K-9 officer." He said, eyes creasing sexily.

"How wonderful," Hinata smiled, attempting to stem the urge to giggle, knowing far too well that Kiba loved his job to bits. "You work with dogs well, I gather." The conversation was hilarious. He didn't just work well with dogs. They just had to listen to him the moment he was there, hanging onto every command, eager to please him. She knew all about him and yet they were talking as though they were strangers. Well in this case, they were.

"I guess my family and I have an affinity with canines. My sister's a vet, my mum's a former K-9 officer."

"That's really nice."

The silence hung thickly over them. It wasn't the kind of uncomfortable silence that naturally came with the awareness of having a boring conversation - rather, it simmered with a thick, edgy, sexual tension that was almost tangible, like a cloud. Hinata had a sense that if she reached up above her head, she could touch it and pull it down over them. Blinking her eyes, her cheeks turned tomato red as she was made aware of the decreasing physical space between their noses. They had been leaning close to one another ever since the conversation started. If Kiba moved forward an inch, she would have touched noses with him.

"Do you dance?" He asked softly, jerking his head to the dance floor.

"Not really. I have two left feet." A wary smile touched her lips and she laughed. Kiba knew that.

The Inuzuka shot her a wicked smile that made desire flare up to life in her tummy. "Wanna learn?"

Hinata hesitated only a moment. "If you'll teach me." She said, touching his forearm lightly.

"Definitely." With one fluid move, Kiba had gotten off the stool, took her hand in his and led her onto the dance floor. In a motion that was as natural as daylight, his long fingers fell between the empty spaces of her own smaller fingers, their palms touching intimately. Hinata fought a delicious shiver that slid down her spine as she eyed the way his well worn jeans hugged his tight rear nicely.

He really was her dream stranger.

Kiba guided her till she fell against his hard chest, laughing. Soft, warm puffs of breath drifted over her bare skin as he brushed his nose against the crook between her neck and shoulder, inhaling the warm, simple vanilla scent that was Hinata. The Inuzuka felt one small hand slip into his thick hair just as the familiar strains of Joan Jett's I Love Rock 'n' Rollfiltered through the bar.

Around them, people cheered and leapt, pounding to the beat of the iconic guitar strains.

Hinata felt the distinct imprint of his smile on her skin and couldn't help but smile too.

She twisted around so that she was chest to chest with him, and looped her arms around his neck, where she clasped her fingers together and massaged his nape. Feeling particularly un-Hinata-like and bold, Hinata placed her lips against one side of his tanned neck and mouthed the first few lyrics of the song, loving the the salty tang of his skin on her lips. A harsh breath escaped his lips, and in a knee-jerk reaction, he circled her waist with big palms at once, anchoring her to him.

"Move," Kiba said, pulling her hips closer against his body with his hot palms. They sank together and moved according to the beat of the song in a torturous, erotic grind, Hinata's soft curves snagging against his hard, stiff body perfectly.

Holy shit, Kiba thought, unable to believe his shy wife had such great coordination. His belly cramping with lust, he watched as the petite dark haired beauty looked up at him, her white eyes heavily lidded with unrestrained attraction.

She suddenly leaned forward and placed a sweet kiss on the exposed area of skin between his collarbone. Kiba's groan and laughter was expelled in a hot rough breath against the shell of her ear as she continued following his body movements in time to the rhythm of the music. Damn. That had been so spontaneously sexy, he was going to combust with lust.

Hinata took a risk and looked up, only to meet shining dark eyes that had turned into lustful twins of black pools, his mouth tilted up in a sexy smile. The Inuzuka gripped her hips tightly as she trailed one fingernail down his flat, solid chest, lingering teasingly over the bulge in his jeans as she rocked her pelvis against him. His male, masculine smell and the strength of his arms surrounding her was all too intoxicating for words, giving her a heady sense of pleasure that clouded her senses.

Around them, gyrating bodies pumped their fists in the air and leapt, sweaty bodies brushing and grinding against one another as intense white and blue strobe lights pulsed in time to the music, creating a layer of purplish blue hue over the entire crowd.

Gripping one of her hands in his, Hinata felt him spin her away from him, only to be pulled back quickly against his big, hard body, a gasp escaping her lips as his large hands roamed upwards, cupping her breasts lightly over the material as their bodies swayed. Her nipples became stiff against his intruding palms, pressing tightly against her brassiere at the friction and pressure. Hinata allowed herself a moan, knowing that people couldn't hear her over the pounding rock music. The sensation of his palms on her breasts, skimming beneath the underside, sent her mind spinning as her nerve endings burned with frenzied pleasure. She closed her eyes and relished in the sensations of this man behind her - his strong chest pressed intimately against her back, the way his long, warm, jean clad legs tangled up in her own legs, and the tickling brush of hair over her skin as she felt him push aside the curtain of ebony curls over one shoulder. As though he couldn't help himself, he placed a warm kiss on her neck, his nose nuzzling the heated skin again. Kiba's movement caused dark silky strands of his hair to brush softly over her left cheek in an intimate gesture, making Hinata want to turn her face into his soft hair.

Licking her lips, the Hyuuga tentatively grinded her hips against his jean-clad package, feeling the stiff length of him against her rear cheeks and thighs. It was thrilling to feel the power coiled tensely within his much bigger body and even more seductive to knowing that she had control over his body too. She arched herself and pressed harder against his chest, her head lolling on his shoulder as he nipped at her neck and peppered more kisses there. The evidence of his arousal spurred her to run her hands lightly up his hard biceps, past his shoulders, and twine them loosely around the back of his neck.

He swore roughly as she grinded against him and sank down in a sinuous S-shape in time to the music, his arousal fitting neatly between the cleft of her rear. Sliding her way up, Hinata twisted around to face him, her fingers gently angling his head down.

"Where d'you learnt to do that?" He rasped.

"I - I don't know," Hinata said breathlessly. Snatches of strobe lights stole over her face and he could see some curls sticking to her neck and cheek. "I just came up with some moves -"

He gave a pained laugh, and sucked in his breath as he succumbed to temptation and pulled her hips against his lower torso, burying his erection in her. He loved the feel of her soft ample curves against his tall frame, all lush and full and womanly. His mouth brushed the shell of her ear, watching at a distant point as he told her how sweet, sexy and dirty she was all at the same time. She let out a little whimper against his neck and braced her hands against his chest as their dance started to mimic the love act itself, Kiba's sex sliding neatly between her thighs and in the crook of her cleft.

"Want to know something?"

The Inuzuka felt her soft lips brushing playfully against his cheek as she tiptoed and whispered to him, a smile playing on her red lips.

"What is it?" He growled, running his palms up and then down her body before cupping her breasts again and moulding them gently.

"I'm not wearing any underwear."

The chorus came on and they pulled away at once, bobbing in time to the music.

She should have been afraid to see the heavy, wild lust that darkened his eyes, the way he gritted his teeth and the primal way he lunged out and tugged her close within the next second, her breasts pressed tightly against his chest as he looped one arm against her back and held her secure.

"Oh," She gasped. Her hand immediately came up to rest on one broad shoulder, soaking in the heat that he radiated through the dark material. He pressed her forehead against his, lips brushing hers.

"You're fucking kidding me." He said, voice gritty with desire, all gravelly and sexy.

"N-no," Hinata murmured, her voice hitching when the Inuzuka lowered his mouth to the side of her neck and pressed a hot kiss there. Flattening her hand against his jaw and neck, she stroked his cheek as their bodies moved to the music, as though unconsciously synced to the song. "I really am not wearing any-"

"Don't say it again." Kiba groaned, looking into her eyes, thick with heat and lust. Darn it, but Hinata's plan was turning out to be really good. He barely remembered his surname now, least of all his name. It had never been so sexy to try and pick up his wife and then do the dirty with her. He felt as though he didn't have control over his body - it felt thick and heavy, as though his legs and muscles were made of rubbery substance. It didn't help that he was also hard, every brush of his jeans against his cock pure torture. Kiba's patience was at its limit, especially since she had just made known her lack of proper undergarments.

She had to know that he would snap.

"Come," He said, the mono syllabic word a guttural command as he tugged her away.

Hinata's eyes widened. "But the song isn't over yet-"

He turned around and kissed her hard, nipping at her lower lip and allowing the pleasure to feel her sweet tongue melding against his own one. Drawing her other hand, he pressed it against his crotch, the searing length of him imprinted in her hand. It was crude and straightforward, but Kiba was never famous for his patience - plus, he already had lost the function of words and his vocal box, and he wanted to be in Hinata. Now.

"Oh," Hinata said dizzily as he took her soft mouth with hungry, greedy kisses that never seemed to stop. She tasted like sweet, dry martini and sugar plums. Her small palm wrapped around him, betraying the knowledge she held of him. A moment later, as though remembering their little charade, she pulled her hand away and blushed crimson.

Kiba knew instinctively that that blush was real - Hinata still hadn't lost her inhibitions no matter how many times he'd made love to her, in the various ways. In moments of frenzy, she could go wild but out in public, she was always polite and well-mannered and would never do something so crude. She was Hyuuga Hiashi's daughter through and through.

The Inuzuka pulled away and kiss her once more. "Wanna do something crazy?" He asked heatedly, tilting his head, his lips inches away from hers, eyes glinting with heavy layers of sexual interest.

"Like?" Hinata asked shyly, one palm laid over his heartbeat, her white eyes expectant. He saw thinly veiled desire swimming in those milky depths and punched an imaginary fist in the air.

"Like leaving with me." His strong mouth grazed her cheek, skimming the smooth skin, down to the corner of her mouth. "And having, wild, hot sex with me all night."

"Oh," She blushed and pretended to look away, unused to the graphicness of it all, but Kiba caught the interest in her eyes - she couldn't deny it. He kissed her full on the mouth even as people jostled around them, their tongues tangling heatedly, pleasure lancing straight to his groin like a white-hot arc. She tugged the silky strands on his head gently, and smiled dazedly after pulling away.

He waited patiently for an answer, knowing it would come.

"Lead the way," She murmured against his sensual mouth, a soft smile in her eyes.

His smile told her that everything he was going to do to her would be wickedly illegal and would have him thrown in jail.

Afterall, she wasn't expecting anything less.

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